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A Collection of Honda’s – CBR 900RR, CBR 919RR, CBR 929RR and a CBR 954RR!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid ad.

4 of a kind, four 9’s or four bad ass machines?

When I first spotted these on eBay I had illusions (or delusions) of writing up a spectacular post and spewing all of the micro differences between the four machines, but as I started hammering on the keyboard, I found myself using the “delete” button and getting confused with all of the tabs I had open for the different models. So, I decided to take a CL sellers approach and simply write-

“If you’re looking at these you already know they’re special”.

I took the liberty and did some of your homework for you.
-All four bikes are located at a dealer in South Florida.
-All were purchased individually by the dealer. They were not together prior to being at the dealer.
-They are only being sold on eBay and wouldn’t accept my over the phone offer. I suppose if you had more cash than me you could probably throw enough money at them to pick however many you want.

At the time of writing- eBay action has been spot on with my thinking on order of collectable demand.
1. The “OG” 93 leads the way in price and number of bids
2. The 01′ Erion is 50% of the price, but is hanging tough with the 93 on number of bids
3. The 02′ 954 is a distant 3rd
4. The 98′ 919 is holding down last place in price and number of bids

All in all, I think it’s pretty cool to see low mileage examples of each model represented from one seller. If you want a sure bet you better jump in on the 93 action, but if you’re a gambler and have a hunch on one of the others going up in collectable value, I suspect you can’t go wrong with any of the other three.

The “OG” 1993 Honda CBR 900 For Sale on eBay!

1998 Honda CBR 919 For Sale on eBay!

2001 Honda CBR 929 For Sale on eBay!

2002 Honda CBR 954 For Sale on eBay!

Good luck to both the seller and buyers of these very nice machines. If you’re a follower of the site and you pick one of these up, please let us know- We’d love to here from you.




  • this is a nice way to see the evolution of bikes, especially in the rear passenger pillion area

    • No so much on these, but rear pillions are a thing of the past. Especially on the new Streetfighters. No way in hell I’d attempt to tote around a passenger.

  • Very cool and i have been watching this pack. What an awesome collection. While the Erion livery was cool and all, Funny how the 929 is getting so much more attention when the 954 was a much better bike in almost every way.

    • Agreed on all accounts L2L!

  • Nice bikes. Too bad they all have reserves. I’ve found that people listing these bikes often set the reserve way over what they’re worth and the go unsold.

  • Another interesting fact on the pillion accomodations on these bikes, if I recall correctly all of these had the traditional Honda flip up storage trunk under the rear seat. I love that feature on the pre CBR 1000RR era Fireblades. Very useful.

    All sportbikes should have a flip open rear trunk! lol

    • agreed!

  • What a horrible write up by the eBay seller. Absolutely zero details on the bikes or the history. Someone asking big money for what appears to be a clean bike should have a well written ad.

    • Happy to see you all are reading deeper and being observant. 🙂

  • I’m with Sal on this one. “This unit comes with one key and owner’s manual. RUNS AND DRIVES”. Seriously. If I am going to pay good money for a bike that has a claimed low mileage, I want to make sure I am not just buying a low mileage speedometer, but actually a low mileage bike. I want historical documentation to verify the mileage is correct. I’ve got a zero mile speedometer on my shelf……

  • It’s very rare to find an eBay seller who knows how to spell properly, much less compose an ad

  • 1993 – Sold for No sale at $7,100
    1998 – No sale at $3,850
    2001 – No sale at $6,800
    2002 – No sale at $4,050


  • Hmmm, my ebay Shows all 4 reserve not met including the 93…

    • You’re right — I swore it said sold but I checked today and no sale. Thanks for the heads up. -dc

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