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Bimota December 24, 2022 posted by

Term of Art – 1999 Bimota DB4R/3 Redbro Limited Edition

From a high perch in the rarity department, today’s Bimota DB4R was tuned by Redbro Racing, and has recently been liberated from a Japanese museum.  Had to go all the way to Queensland Australia to find this one, but it appears worth all the pointing and clicking.

1999 Bimota DB4R/3 Redbro Limited Edition for sale on eBay Australia

Bimota had recently re-awakened their relationship with Ducati, and used the now venerable – but then quite sporty air-cooled 904 desmodue.  Most DB4’s are carburetted, but the Redbro /3 used the factory fuel injection, delivering a better-running 80 hp.  The alloy chassis was shared with the Mantra roadster, and the welds are to die for.  Though equipped with a 5.3 gallon tank and pillion seat, designers kept dry weight to 364 lbs.

Specs for the /3 include a titanium exhaust, EFI, and upper-only fairing.  Just 2 km’s on the clocks and the condition reflects that, with just a hint of aging on bare aluminum components – 23 year years old, after all.  Mirrors have apparently never been mounted, and are in the spares picture.  The seller seems somewhat low on feedback, but has a nice selection of collectible bikes on offer.  Comments from the eBay auction –

Bimota DB4R 3 1999
New old stock 
The R stands for “refine, reborn and racing”
Has been sitting in museum in Japan. only 2 kms on the odometer (push). 29 of 35 built. very rare motorbike. will definitely be on for the collection. 900cc Ducati motor. made for the Redbro racing team.  as per pictures, a beautiful bike in the tri colours. fuel injected. 

Instead of being one of a few hundred DB4R’s, this is number 29/35 of the Redbro series 3. The valise of AUD will need to include shipping and leave some for import, so a fairly serious endeavor.  But as special as the DB4R is in its own right, the Redbro with the Ti exhaust and fairing which shows off the desmodue, is even better.


Term of Art – 1999 Bimota DB4R/3 Redbro Limited Edition
Bimota March 9, 2022 posted by

Take Everything Up A Notch: Bimota DB4C Moto Corse

The motorcycle world offers many interesting rabbit holes to dive into.  One can spend hours learning about a bike that only a few dozen are ever built.  Something that defies logic from a monetary standpoint, something that is just so over the top one would struggle to picture the intended buyer.  As one learns more about these rare machines they might understand it is never going to be for them, but they are happy to know it exists as it is a lust worthy creation.  The DB4C, a Bimota that was modified in Japan by the amazingly talented Shin Condo is one such example.  In period a buyer would have to write a check for $60,000 to get one of these motorcycles.

If Bimota took the Ducati 900ss recipe and elevated it, Moto Corse took things to the moon.  Sure the DB4 was more compact, made slightly more power and dropped a few pounds.  This was all well received, even if it came at a premium price point.  Some will be failure with the Moto Corse “kits” that were installed on standard DB4.  This was a set of FCR carbs, a fuel tank to clean them, a Ti exhaust and a few other minor tweaks.  The inhouse built DB4C is more of everything.

Power was increased by way of a big bore 944cc engine build that consisted of high compression pistons, performance camshafts, larger carbs, and a full exhaust.  The power was transmitted tot he road via an upgraded dry slipper clutch.  Weight was further reduced through the extensive us of titanium hardware.  The bikes were fully disassembled so that the signature gold finish could be applied to the frame.   Lighter magnesium wheels were installed, and on some bikes alloy Ohlins forks were utilized.

From The Seller’s Listing:

First year registration: April 2013, meter display distance: 14715 km, vehicle verification description distance: 13800 km.
At that time, it was a complete Motocorse vehicle produced in a limited number of 50 units worldwide.
It is a vehicle that has been exhibited and stored for a long time, and is currently immobile and unconfirmed (it is stored indoors). There was a car inspection in December, H27, and it seems that I was riding until then, but after that it seems that it has not moved at all.

The DB4C, a limited production vehicle of 50 units, was produced as a full-scale collaboration model with DB4C Bimota.
A slipper type butch forged high-comp piston with a 2mm wider bore, a combination of a Ducati L-twin scaled up from 904cc to 944cc and a special gold-finished frame, as well as a titanium exhaust, FCR carburetor, and magnesium wheels as standard equipment. It has produced performance that far surpasses that of the base DB4

Japan has long been the go to country for exotic motorcycles for sale.  This example is listed on Japan’s Yahoo Auctions.  Export should be possible to much of the world.  When dealing with bikes this special it is unlikely to find something local.  If willing to ship across a county, it is not a huge leap to transport around the world.  The wider the net one casts, the better chance they have of catching something.  As when new, the elephant in the room is cost.  The opening bid is set to just over $31,000.  That is a staggering amount of money for any version of a Ducati 900ss or DB4.  There were people out there when these were new that were willing to pay up to have the best, and that might still be true today on the classic market.

Any DB4 is a rare thing to see come to market, so for many of us we just settle for drooling over images, or collecting press material.


Take Everything Up A Notch:  Bimota DB4C Moto Corse
Bimota July 2, 2020 posted by

Dragon West – 1999 Bimota DB4 Tri-Colore

Bimota’s fourth Ducati used the tried-and-true ( if not overpowering ) 904cc desmodue, but was a lightweight handler.  This owner hasn’t belabored the cosmetics, but from the looks of the tires has used it as intended – on the wickedly technical Palomar Mountain Loop.

1999 Bimota DB4 Tri-Colore for sale on eBay

The DB4 design was no exception for Bimota, who typically stayed out of a factory mill and finagled their own intake and exhaust.  In this case they specified 38mm Mikuni carburetors instead of the factory fuel injection, and claimed 80 hp and 60 ft.-lbs. torque.  The race kit on this example includes flat-slide carbs and single muffler Corse exhaust.  A large part of Bimota’s art is in the alloy chassis, split between the sharp handling geometry and gorgeous CNC work and welding.  Premium components are also part of the story, with 43mm Paoli forks, Öhlins monoshock and generously-sized Brembo brakes.  Not sure if the Italo-centric livery was a special edition, but DB4’s are rarely seen without it.

The owner has a long-term relationship going here but doesn’t tell recent maintenance history.  From the overall condition and start-up – video – it might be best to factor in a valve adjustment, and of course tires.  The buy-it-now would be a lot easier to see if the seller had buffed this baby up a bit.  From the eBay auction:

1999 Bimota DB 4 with ” race kit “.
Kit consists light weight Corsa exhaust, flat slide carbs, and Ohlins rear shock. 
Will install new tires at Buy It Now price. 
Current tires a bit old but usable. See pics.
Overall good shape, with minor scrape on right lower due to lean angle. ( Was not down )
I removed lower when I rode it and put back on to sell.
Has been run on Palomar Mountain, but not a track since I have owned it.
Put about 1500 miles on it with a ride to L.A. and running Palomar. 

At the time, Bimota was struggling with their own engine in the V-Due, and needed every success, even with the air-cooled supersport engine.  The DB4 was that victory, and tided Rimini over to the SB8 superbike.  While this DB4 could use a little TLC, it’s from a less complicated time, when an lightweight 900 could carve a Supersport-sized niche in a legendary road.


Dragon West – 1999 Bimota DB4 Tri-Colore
Bimota August 13, 2017 posted by

Italian Charm: 1999 Bimota DB4

Bimotas are not exactly known for their scary antics and cartoonish horsepower. They are instead renowned for being rolling exhibitions in balance, handling and craft mastery. The brand has had it share of screamers — the 1100cc SB6R and the Suzuki TL-1000R-powered SB8 come to mind — but it isn’t their stock and trade.

1999 Bimota DB4 for sale on eBay

This 1999 Bimota DB4 is right in the brand’s wheelhouse: a pretty, handmade frame, boutique suspension pieces and hand-laid bodywork wrapping a character-rich and adequately powerful engine.

Sporting the mill from a 1990s Ducati 900SS, which had its fuel injection jettisoned for a set of carbs, the DB4 claimed a modest 80-odd horses when new. Even with the torque available from the big twin, this thing won’t make you a light-to-light hero.

Those ponies, though, must only haul around about 365 pounds, and a fully-adjustable Paioli fork works in concert with an Ohlins shock to allow the bike to carry what speed it can muster with little drama and maximum efficiency.

The low-mileage example here looks to be in excellent condition, albeit with signs of use and a few marks that show its age. The seller notes some changes from stock, but provides little detail.

From the eBay listing:

Specialized is offering another limited collectible Motorcycle out of our Museum. This Bimota DB4 is a ART as well as PERFORMANCE . Please feel free to call with any questions thanks anthony -954-540-8495 cell

900cc V Twin
Very Limited Production Motorcycle
Ducati Powered
Keihin Carb Conversion
Billet Adapters To Raise Handlebars
Brembo Brakes Front And Rear

Buy-It-Now is set at $10,500, which is right in line for these bikes. It’s a stack to pay for a nearly 20-year-old bike, but the rarity and artistry are second-to-none, and certainly could not be replicated for that money. The sale concludes in 18 days, giving you plenty of time to arrange the funds and shipping.

Italian Charm: 1999 Bimota DB4
Bimota December 28, 2016 posted by

Featured Listing – 2000 Bimota DB4 with Performance Kit

Update 12.28.2016: Now listed on eBay as well. Good luck to buyers and seller! -dc


After dabbling with Japanese powertrains, Bimota formed a long-standing relationship with Ducati, and used the 904cc desmodue in several designs. The DB4 used an extraordinary alloy trellis frame to help keep the kg’s off, updated the cams to add top end, and this DB4 has a carburetor / exhaust power kit.



The oval-section alloy frame weighs just 5 kg., and has 43mm Paoli forks in front, with alloy swingarm and Ohlins monoshock out back.  Brembo supplies the brakes, 320mm fronts with 230mm rear.  The modern-looking bodywork provides an easy seat height and was supplied with or without lowers, this owner showing off the carbon clutch cover, which complements the carbon front and rear mudguards.



This DB4 has been treated to a comprehensive performance upgrade including Moto Course exhaust, and Keihin carburetors, accomodated by an updated fuel tank.  From the Las Cruces, NM Craigslist posting –

It has the Moto-Point Performance Kit on it that consists of a handmade Corse Ti exhaust, Kei-Hin FCR Flat Slide Carbs, Air Filters, New Fuel Tank, Oil Cooler Lines, All Stainless Brake & Clutch Lines, and a few other little bits. All stock parts have been retained as you can see in the photos and come with the bike. I also installed a Ducati Corse Carbon open clutch cover and sprocket cover. It runs well and is a blast to ride, also sounds amazing!



This original-owner machine has only 6,500 and change miles, and the tri-colore paint looks great.  Fairing lowers and take-off parts are included.



The DB4 reviewed as a sharp-handling lightweight, needing just a few more ponies, and this owner has taken steps to provide them.  Very rare with only a few hundred total production, and just a handful in the U.S.  The owner asks $13,000 and can be reached via his Craigslist ad or on eBay.



Featured Listing – 2000 Bimota DB4 with Performance Kit
Ducati July 26, 2016 posted by

The Sum of Its Parts: 2000 Bimota DB4 for Sale

2000 Bimota DB4 L Side

Bimota’s successful line of Ducati-powered bikes seems a bit unconventional for the brand, considering they’d always been about creating machines that fused powerful, well-engineered Japanese engines with lightweight, race-bred frames to create bikes that were more than the sum of their parts. But machines like this DB4 seemed to be more about just distilling a Ducati down to its barest essence, rather than creating something that was more of a “best of both worlds” sort of motorcycle. Nothing wrong with that: the DB4 worked exactly as advertised, although that Ducati, Perfected confection came at a high price…

2000 Bimota DB4 Tank

Powered by a humble 904cc version of the oil and air-cooled Desmo v-twin that was introduced way back in the 1980 Ducati Pantah, the DB4 makes up in light weight agility what the 80hp lump lacks in grunt. Interestingly, Bimota took what could be considered a retrograde step with the fueling, and fitted the older 900SS’ Mikuni carburetors. I’ve heard mostly good things about Ducati’s fuel-injection of the period, so I’m not sure what prompted that move.

2000 Bimota DB4 R Engine

In both carbureted and fuel-injected format, it’s a very entertaining motor, but the bike is hardly a rocketship: a 12.1 second ¼ mile time is four-wheeled Import Tuner territory these days and the 131mph top speed can be significantly bettered by a bone-stock VW GTI. But the claimed 363lb dry weight means unmatched agility for a four-stroke motorcycle and the bike provides a thoroughbred experience in terms of sound, feel, and style. If the extremely patriotic Italian color scheme doesn’t get your attention, the distinctive oval tube frame or the stacked shotgun-style exhaust of the stock bike will. Of course, that all assumes you’re looking at a stock bike. Which this one obviously isn’t.

2000 Bimota DB4 Clocks

Most DB4s were fully-faired, but some percentage were sold like this one with an abbreviated half-fairing that does away with the belly-pan, perhaps to gain ground clearance on the brakes and in corners. The half-faired look reminds me a bit of a 1980s GSX-R, since many people removed that lower fairing for hard riding. It’s still a great-looking machine with the non-standard fairing paint, but definitely loses some of the blatantly Italian style of the standard bike.

2000 Bimota DB4 Rear Wheel

264 built seems like a very small production run, but the DB4 is actually one of the more “mass-produced” models for Bimota and the bike’s relative popularity helped keep the company afloat during tough times.

From the original eBay listing: 2000 Bimota DB4 Custom for Sale

90% Ti bolts|
Front Brake Caliper/ fender holder is Magnesium rare)
Valve cover are sand-cast magnesium with Bimota logo
Clutch Housing Magnesium
Lightweight Yoyodone Clutch assembly super-lite
BST carbon Fiber Wheels
Titanium Exhuast slip-on Scorpion
Fender carbon OEM
Rear Fender Carbon
License plate holder Carbon
Clutch cover and belt cover Carbon from Ducati Performance
Rear Sets fully adjustable from Carbon Dream with Heel Protector (have eccentrics)
Ti-Kickstand Motocorse Italy
Anonzied MC rear sprocket
Stock Clamps
Clutch and Brake Master 16X19 RCS
Billet Brembo Calipers
Speigler Custom Brake Lines Direct fit no banjo bolts
9 came to the US and BOB StienBugler has 3 from bimota spirit
#005 this was born a quarter fairing Bimota came as a full fairing bike
Has Euro Headlight, with high and low beam instead of the USA HL which has one bulb
Has a Paioli Rear Shock with remote reservoir (one of kind)
Motocorse Italy Rear spools
Muffler brackets that bolt to head made of custom billet.
Yoyodyne Slave cylinder
Originally bought with 90 miles. bike was upgraded from then.
1482 miles. Has been owned by a “Ducati Professional its entire life.” 

There are just 1,482 miles on this DB, so dry-rotted rubber bits would be my biggest concern, rather than general wear-and-tear or mechanical abuse. The eye-searingly vivid exhaust may be period-appropriate, but the otherwise subtle machine would be better served by a simple carbon or titanium end can. I’m sure someone out there with an old R6 would love to fit this pipe, so finding a buyer shouldn’t be too hard. The listed modifications are otherwise simple bolt-on items and of good quality/high cost. 90% Ti fasteners? Yeowch, that’s a pricey way to save some weight… I like the cast magnesium engine cover though, and those carbon-fiber wheels should make a light bike even lighter.

Bidding is active, but up to just $6,200 with the Reserve Not Met. I have a feeling this one will struggle to reach the seller’s goals: the parts that have gone into it appear to be of high quality but overall, it feels kind of disjointed. Today, the Ducati/Bimota link is stronger than ever and this should at least be a stable investment, although I’d paint the fairing to match and get a less distracting exhaust fitted.


2000 Bimota DB4 R Side

The Sum of Its Parts: 2000 Bimota DB4 for Sale
Ducati December 29, 2014 posted by

Practical Exotic: 2000 Bimota DB4 Tricolore for Sale

2000 Bimota DB4 Tricolore L Front

Bimota could be thought of as an Italian alternative to Harris, Metisse, or Egli, companies that took the refined engines and transmissions from established industry giants, and then provided frames and new bodywork to create desirable exotics you could service at a local dealer… Although at this point, only Bimota is still building complete motorcycles.

2000 Bimota DB4 Tricolore Tank

The most successful bikes in Bimota’s sometimes spotty history have been the result of their ongoing collaboration with Ducati. The DB4 that followed the DB2 and DB3 Mantra was powered by a dead stock 904cc air/oil cooled engine and 6-speed transmission, but replaced Ducati’s trellis frame made from tubular steel with one made from oval-section aluminum. Bodywork was much simpler and more elegant than the controversial Pierre Terblanche restyle of the 900SS that donated its powertrain, although the available paint schemes were pretty loud…

2000 Bimota DB4 Tricolore R Side Detail

The philosophy behind the DB4 is basically “keep it simple, stupid,” with light weight, aggressive geometry, quality suspension, and a flexible, entertaining engine wrapped up in distinctive bodywork. It’s not the fastest thing on the road, but the complete package allows skilled riders to revel in the quality components and exploit what limited power there is. And anyway, didn’t anyone ever tell you: it’s more fun to ride a slow motorcycle fast than it is to ride a fast motorcycle slow…

From the original eBay listing: 2000 Bimota DB4 Tricolore for Sale

800 Miles! Very Rare 2000 Bimota DB4 Tricolore w/Factory Race Kit
This motorcycle is a very nice and very original 2000 Bimota DB4 with factory Tri-Colore paint scheme –
my favorite model and paint scheme that Bimota has ever made. It is equipped with the rare Factory
Race Kit which includes Keihin FCR Carbs (no choke), a special Bimota gas tank to clear the carbs, Corse
titanium exhaust, and an Ohlins rear shock. The bike is from my personal collection and is one of 3 I own.

2000 Bimota DB4 Tricolore Exhaust

The single exhaust can on this bike is a definite improvement over the “shotgun” style original paired units. I actually have a set of Keihin FCR 41 carburetors on my Ducati Monster and they really do transform the bike’s character, although the lack of a choke does make starts on cold mornings a bit of a pain… I believe some people also fit FCR 39’s and the seller doesn’t indicate which are fitted to this bike. I am also a little curious about the “special Bimota gas tank” since the Keihin carbs are quite a bit more compact than the original 38mm Mikuni items and take up less space when installed. Anyone have any experience with this? Did the “race kit” actually include a different tank as well?

2000 Bimota DB4 Tricolore Tail

The “Buy It Now” is pretty steep at $20,000 although the ridiculously low miles may go some way to justifying that price… Someone please rescue this wonderfully rideable motorcycle and put some miles on it already!


2000 Bimota DB4 Tricolore R Side

Bimota September 3, 2013 posted by

2000 Bimota DB4 with Factory Race Kit

2000 Bimota DB4 for sale

This Bimota ticks all the right boxes for me: It’s light, it looks fantastic, and it utilizes an old school approach to power and performance. In fact they not only revert from the then current 900 Supersport’s fuel injection to carbs, the race kit utilizes chokeless Keihin FCR carbs and a 2 into 1 titanium exhaust. With about 6k miles, this one is currently bid to just over $9k reserve not met with a buy-it-now of $14k.


2000 Bimota DB4 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

This motorcycle is a very nice and very original 2000 Bimota DB4 with factory Tri-Colore paint scheme – my favorite model and paint scheme that Bimota has ever made. It is equipped with the rare Factory Race Kit which includes Keihin FCR Carbs (no choke), a special Bimota gas tank to clear the carbs, Corse titanium exhaust, and an Ohlins rear shock. The bike runs super well and is ridden only occasionally on our Sunday morning “coffee rides”.

As you can see from the pics, it is in very nice condition. I have added adjustable clip-ons that raise the bars about 3”. They improved the comfort level for my nearly 60 year old body significantly, but the original Bimota clip-ons are included if you’d like to change it back – see pics. (No changes were needed to wiring or throttle, brake and clutch lines/control cables.) The tires are Michelin Pilot Powers. The front is a 120/70 ZR17 Pilot Power II and is nearly new. The rear is a 180/55 ZR17 Pilot Power 3 and it is new (I got a nail in the previous Pilot Power II a few weeks ago and just replaced it!).

The body work is generally in very nice condition and paint/gelcoat is excellent throughout. There are a few spots that show minor spider webbing around fasteners (standard on Bimotas that are ridden) but nothing significant, and a tiny chip here or there. These are all very minor and you need to look extremely closely to see them (see pics). The worst cosmetic issues are a chip in the paint on the right side of the front wheel rim near the Antera logo and the cap for the front brake master cylinder reservoir – the cap is standard Brembo and should be easy to replace with new. You can see both in the pics if you look carefully. The bike will also come with the Factory race stand that is shown in a couple of the pics.

The bike was last serviced about 120 miles ago with an oil change, brake and clutch fluid change and valve adjustment. The engine runs well and the bike is a blast to ride. I have had several Bimotas including inline 4’s and other DB’s and this is my favorite of all of them. It handles super well (the Ohlins rear shock is a nice addition). It is air cooled (not a lot of extra weight – it is super light – around 380 lbs or so) and easy to work on without having to deal with all the extra bits for water cooling – water pump, radiator, plumbing, etc. It is carbureted so you can work on it easily without a computer. It also doesn’t have any heat issues that some of the other models have and handles stop and go traffic with no issues. The Corse exhaust sounds wonderful, and I don’t think there has ever been a more beautiful Bimota made! I prefer limited electronic gadgetry, and this bike fits the bill perfectly. Unfortunately, I’ve reached the age where my body just can’t tolerate clip-ons anymore and I am finally forced to admit it! Even with the raised clip-ons I added!



2000 Bimota DB4 with Factory Race Kit

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