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Ducati March 4, 2017 posted by

Rare Homologation Special: 1988 Ducati 851 Tricolore for Sale

If you’re looking to get close to your racing heroes, style yourself a Very Serious Motorcyclist™, or just like the idea of riding something with genuine links to legitimate race bikes, homologation specials offer their owners a taste of the trick parts and lightweight performance available to professional racers, all in a streetable package. This 851 Tricolore wears its Italian heritage proudly, and takes things a bit beyond what you’d normally expect in terms of road-legal performance: its about as close to a road-legal race bike as you’re likely to find.

The 916 gets most of the fame and is more instantly recognizable, but it’s really the earlier 851, introduced in 1987, that paved the way for Ducati’s World Superbike success and the company’s return to racing glory. The older Pantah-derived air-cooled L-twin engines were certainly high-performance motors in their day, but had been long-since eclipsed by the inline fours from Japan, and Ducati needed something new if they wanted to compete on relatively equal footing with 750cc inline fours in the brand-new World Superbike Championship.

Ducati kept the proven foundation of their v-twin, but added liquid cooling and brand new four-valve heads to create their “Desmoquattro” that pumped out 93hp along with plenty of fat midrange torque and gave the newly introduced 851 the performance to compete, factoring in a bit of a displacement bump that allowed the twins approximate parity with the smaller, revvier inline fours. Wrapped around that heavily updated engine was Ducati’s distinctive trellis frame and chunky bodywork, along with ergonomics that were considered extreme at the time, but seem positively luxurious compared to the masochistic 916 that came later… For a while there, the 851 and the 888 that followed were less desirable than the gorgeous 916. But as they say, “familiarity breeds contempt” and with so many of Tamburini’s masterpiece running around, it’s hard not to be a bit blasé about them now. But the 916 would never have existed without the success of the 851 and that functional bodywork has a style all its own.

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Ducati 851 Tricolore for Sale

One of 207 homologation “kit bikes”!
Frame Number: ZDM3HB6T6JB850034
Engine Number: HB6J850032

It was the Ducati 851 that first served notice that high-performance sportbikes and World Superbike racing would no longer be Japanese-only affairs. Where before Ducatis made do with simple air-cooled motors, the 851 had liquid-cooling, four-valve desmodromic cylinder heads and electronic fuel-injection. In 1990 Raymond Roche rode a factory 851 to the World Superbike championship, the first of 13 titles to date for Ducati.

World Superbike racers were required to be based on production streetbikes. One way to get the highest-specification base model possible was to build homologation specials – expensive, limited-edition versions that needed relatively minor modification to be track-ready. Ducati took this so-called “kit bike” approach with the 851 Superbike. Just 207 of these nominally street-legal machines were hand-built, enough to satisfy World Superbike rules, with an estimated 20 examples coming to the U.S.

 Differences from showroom stock include a braced swingarm, close-ratio gearbox, ventilated dry clutch and lightweight magnesium Marvic wheels. No speedometer, just a tachometer and temperature gauge. The motor was upgraded with race-grind camshafts, a hot-rodded electronic control unit, ram-air duct and free-breathing reverse-cone mufflers. It was good for about 120 horsepower.

One of the other differences is a round ring on the seat, which is explained by an amusing folk tale: the claim is that some Ducati employee placed a hot espresso maker on the mold before production, causing a slight deformation in the seat.

The Tri-Colore 851 kit bike on offer has been made fully street-legal, and is titled and registered. Globe-type turn signals mounted in the handlebar ends satisfy the DMV. The original owner was a local Southern California collector of some very interesting and important bikes, particularly Italian, low production machines. He mounted a bicycle speedometer with magnet on the front hub to further satisfy the DMV and clocked 2600 miles. The second owner kept the bike in his private museum of very exclusive Italian machinery and removed the speedo for display.

Mechanically, the bike is in excellent condition. The engine starts easily, idles smoothly and runs well. The bike shifts easily though all gears with a nice clutch action. Brakes, suspension and all electrical systems work perfectly. The new owner should be mindful of tire-pressure as the scuff-free magnesium wheels are notoriously porous. And it sounds fantastic!

Cosmetically, the bike is exquisite, showing light patina conducive with age and mileage. This is truly a Superbike for the street, with impeccable ownership history and is accompanied by a substantial document file, keys, and a clean, clear California title. A great opportunity to own a truly rare and exotic Italian icon.

So what does this piece of Ducati history cost? Well the asking price is $31,900 which is obviously very steep for an 851, but a bit of a bargain compared to the last one of these that was up for sale. This appears to be a different bike, considering that one had never had gas in it or been started, whereas this one has had a bit of use and a couple of concessions to road use added. The small bar-end mirrors are a modern addition, but aren’t obtrusive and suit the bike’s minimal-road-equipment style compared to the big, chunky, fairing-mounted original road-equipment parts or a more 80s set of “Napoleon” bar-end mirrors. The seller claims that just 207 of these homologation 851s were built in 1988 to meet World Superbike requirements and it looks to be in excellent shape, with just enough wear to suggest that it’s in original, well-preserved condition. This is, as the seller says, literally a superbike for the street, with just enough road equipment to keep things legal-ish but not distract from your World Superbike fantasies. Hopefully, anyone that buys this will continue to put a few weekend miles on it from time-to-time!


Rare Homologation Special: 1988 Ducati 851 Tricolore for Sale
Honda September 18, 2013 posted by

Homologation Week continues: 1994 Honda RC45 in Florida



If you were eyeing the clean Yamaha OW01 in Holland we posted earlier this week but want something closer to home, how about this awesome looking RC45? Sure there will be brand loyalists amongst the RSBFS fan base – but at this stage does anyone care if the OW01 &OW02 series machines were than the RC30 & RC45 variety? Today they are all very rare and very hard to come by – and matched (or bettered) by most non-homologation sportbikes of recent vintage. Given that my collection is devoid of homologation machinery, I’m pretty sure I would take any of the above if the keys fell into my hands. Yamaha purists might want to look away, but the rest should read on.


1994 Honda VFR750R RC45 for sale on eBay


Known as the Honda RVF750R RC45 in full name parlance, the RC45 was a step forward from the RC30; essentially the same motor configuration and transmission were used, with the engine recieving fuel injection, a shortened stroke for more RPM and head tweaks for breathing. Many of the RC45 advancements were shared with the oval piston NR750, showing Honda’s goal of supreme engineering along with a Henry Ford approach to platform use.


From the seller:
US spec 1994 HRC RC45 for sale. One of only 50 produced for the US market in 1994 with 20 or so delivered to private race teams… very rare bike.

This bike is in excellent condition with only 7611 miles. It has aftermarket indicator lights and Marchesini wheels but I have all the originals to make the bike look just as it did out of the factory.

I don’t have any time to ride it… It could be yours.


A US specification RC45 is down approximately 18 horsepower from the European variant – but that power is relatively easily “found” again with a wiring change to the fuel injection unit. Many believe that the RC45 is one of the rarest of the Honda models to be found these days: from a total of 200 produced only 50 were imported into the US, and of those at least 20 went directly into the hands of race teams. That doesn’t leave many street bikes left, which is why these do not come up for auction very often.


The priviledge of owning a piece of HRC history does not come cheap. This particular bike is listed with a starting bid of $25,000 USD, with a reserve in place. No takers thus far, but this is early days for this one. Check out all of the details here, and then give us your thoughts on owning a homologation Superbike – would this be it in a “money is no object” sort of world? It just might be in mine (minus the funky turn signals). Good Luck!


Homologation Week continues: 1994 Honda RC45 in Florida
Kawasaki April 12, 2012 posted by

1994 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7R M1 Homologation Special

1994 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7R M1

Location: Brighton, CO
Mileage: 15,121
Price: $3,000 current bid at time of writing

Used: A vehicle is considered used if it has been registered and issued a title. Used vehicles have had at least one previous owner. The condition of the exterior, interior and engine can vary depending on the vehicle’s history. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of any imperfections.

What was that you ask? That is eBay’s used vehicle description for all used motor vehicles. Hold on a second and we’ll come back to this-

From the seller:

Up for auction is this 1994 Kawasaki ZX-7R Ninja. The bike does need some tlc but it is the rare M vin race replica edition. The M model came with a lot of Kawasaki factory race parts installed on it. The engine has higher compression, bigger cams, 39mm flat slide carbs, a close ratio 6 speed transmission and a slipper clutch. It has fully adjustable front and rear suspension with a remote reservoir rear shock and an adjustable swing arm. This model also comes with a factory solo seat and an aluminum fuel tank. This bike has 15121 miles on it. It sat for a while so it could probably use a good tune up. It has a Vance & Hines exhaust system on it. It looks like it has been laid over before but it didn’t get the seat cowl. I believe the fairing is the same as the L model so it shouldn’t be that hard to round up or you can buy new ones at bike bandit. The blinkers are missing but the wiring is still there. Please look at all of the photos before bidding. This is a really neat older sport bike that is a piece of Kawasakis racing history.

I agree with the seller 100% and then some, but I couldn’t help but chuckle just a little at “It looks like it has been laid over before, but it didn’t get the seat cowl.” Nonetheless, it is rare and by my dealings on the M models have been the most elusive of Kawasaki’s Homologation models.

Now getting back to the eBay used vehicle statement- The condition of the exterior, interior and engine can vary depending on the vehicle’s history. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of any imperfections.

1. The bike has been down and the condition of the exterior shows this.
2. See the sellers photos for full disclosure

Yes, it’s been around the block and may have paid a visit to the curb… or two, but as I mentioned here exactly 1 billion times before- My beloved zx7r Ninja Turtles are awesome machines and beneath the rough exterior lies one bad ass machine!

I know we have a few Ninja whores that follow the site and all of them will be able to see the potential that this M1 has to offer…. well, except our long time follower Joey. Heck, I bet our buddy from Nebraska could whip this one into shape in no time and have it on display before his next bike show.

Yes, parts are hard to find. Yes, I know that it looks like all body parts look to have been touched by the curb with exception to the front and rear fender, but you have to look beyond those minor details. I don’t think this would be a Barber display piece, but it could definitely be a bitch’n ride for a bald, mullet sporting, beer gutted fella such as myself. If I only had a few extra Benjamins lying around…

So, you fancy a cracking, old school repli-racer and have a few extra hours to kill? Step right up because this one can be had for a scant $3,001.00 +shipping and handling.

Check out the numerous other pictures and put your money down here


Bimota February 22, 2012 posted by

Round 2: More from the Seattle Homologation SportBike Collection For Sale

Update 2.18.2012: The seller has notified me that both V Due’s are now sold, and the RC45 and RC30 are pending sale.

Update 2.23.2012: The seller has notified me that the 888 is no longer available. The R7 is still available and we should be receiving new pictures soon. There may also be an opportunity to obtain an OW-01 from this same collection and I will add details when I receive them. -dc

Long time fans of RSBFS recall the first time the Seattle seller came forward to let a few go from his amazing collection. We were honored to be the exclusive site offering viewers the opportunity to obtain these bikes and were able to connect several readers with his bikes. We are proud to make that opportunity available again as he’s contacted me to let us know that he’s considering thinning the herd even more and is pulling the following bikes from storage to get them ready for sale. Get your drool buckets ready…

Honda RC30 For Sale - PENDING SALE

Honda RC45 For Sale - PENDING SALE

Yamaha R7 For Sale

TWO Bimota V Due 500 For Sale - Both now SOLD

For now consider this post a teaser, but serious parties can contact me directly as we’ll be acting as proxy in the release of the seller’s email address.

As more information and pictures are made available, I will be updating and bumping this post to keep us all up to date.

In the meantime, I’m going start filling out the forms for a 2nd mortgage…


Round 2:  More from the Seattle Homologation SportBike Collection For Sale
Honda January 23, 2012 posted by

Homologation Heartthrob: 1990 Honda RC 30 in Texas!

For Sale: 1990 Honda RC 30

For such a rare motorcycle, RSBFS readers have been blessed with a relatively large supply of RC30s as of late (check out the latest RC30 written up by Rem HERE. But rather than question why, I prefer to simply oogle and enjoy the bounty. While often placed behind the younger brother RC45 in the performance department, the RC30 remains one of the iconic motorcycles of the homologation genre. That probably explains the constantly rising prices on these bikes.

Located in the Great State of Texas, this VFR750R looks to be as original as they come. Having traversed a paltry 6,894 miles since new, this bike defines the category of “rideable collectable.” Purists will always search out a zero mile example, but here is one that has few enough miles to still be considered relatively new, but not so few miles that it cannot be ridden. And after all, isn’t that the *real* draw of these uber rare steeds?

From the seller:
This is completely original and perfect, less one small rub spot on the fairing from transportation. It is a very small spot on the right side in the light blue area. Please check the detailed picture of the right side it is just below the end of the handlebar. This is not a restoration it is original. New O.E.M. tires, includes the rear stand, tool kit (missing 2 sockets), owners manual and several magazine articles and road tests.

The value of an RC30 has been often discussed on these pages (search RC30 on RSBFS). The floor starts in the $20k range and extends up above the $30k mark (way above that for some optomistic sellers!). This particular bike is sitting at $15k with minimal bidding a reserve firmly in place.

These bikes may peak in price sometime in the future, but that is not going to be any time soon. Until then, this is as secure an investment as anything on two wheels, and probably will out perform real estate and the average 401k to boot! For your chance to view this beauty, click the link and jump over to the auction. Be sure and let us know what you think!


Kawasaki October 19, 2011 posted by

1996 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7RR N1 Homologation Special- For Sale

1996 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7RR N1

Location: Mississauga, ON, CA
Mileage: 27,538 kil / 17,100 miles
Price: $7,500.00 Update 10.19.2011: Now Reduced to $6000 CDN!

Up for your consideration is a very nice example of Kawasaki’s last 3/4 sized homologation super bike.

I’ve always been a fan of Team Green and the N1 is tops on my list of bikes to own- someday.

From the seller:

For sale is an almost perfect example of the ZX7 N1.

For those who don’t know, the N1 was the ZX7 homologated for superstock racing and came with a wide array of race-oriented features out of the box. Just 20 of these bikes were imported into Canada!

The N1 is very different from the standard ZX7R, featuring
– RR Forks
– RR Rear shock
– 6-pot Nissin calipers
– Adjustable swingarm pivot
– 41mm Flatslide carbs
– Close-ratio gearbox
– Solo seat

Also note that the ZX7 comes with a slipper clutch. This N1 is entirely stock except for a very aggressive sounding Hindle carbon fiber full system exhaust which helps the bike breathe better and shed 10 pounds. Furthermore, for the collectors out there, this bike’s VIN ends in 748 which is also the displacement of the engine 🙂

Now, being a race bike the N1 shines at high speed. Everything from the twisting the throttle to dropping into corners is surgically precise. A sunday blast in the back roads or on the track is exactly what this bike was made for.

This bike runs smooth/strong and has been meticulously cared for. You will be hard pressed to find a regular ZX7 this clean, nevermind a N1 so I won’t sell it to just anyone.

And there you have folks- I would like to add a few things about the N1.

1. These also have adjustable steering heads
2. They have steel gas tanks whereas the K and M models had aluminum tanks.

#2 isn’t such a big deal, but #1 was only offered on the 1996 N1’s. I would also like to add it required special race kit parts to do it.

While horsepower was relatively unchanged across the three models of Kawasaki homologation bikes the N1 represents the culmination of all things that had been learned. The N1’s were as trick as any in 1996 with the slipper clutch, adjustable swing arm and steering head angle, huge brakes, 41mm flat slide carbs and close ratio transmission. Heck, you’d be hard pressed to find any motorcycle in today’s offerings with those specs.

Have a look-

If you’re in the market for a collectable homologation special don’t hesitate because this one is priced right and won’t last long.

You can contact the seller by clicking here

Good luck with the sale!


Honda April 19, 2011 posted by

1994 Honda RVF RC45 Homologation Super Bike For Sale!

1994 Honda RVF RC45 Homologation Super Bike For Sale-

Location: Anaheim, CA
Miles: 7,548
Price: $26,900 $25,900 no reserve!

Update 4.19.2011:Due to a non-paying bidder (aka scum of the earth), this RC45 is back. Links and price updated. Hopefully she finds a new home this time. -dc

Que the Angels and release the White Doves-

For me the 45 is the pinnacle of Honda Homologation Super Bikes and I’m well aware of all the debate that might ensue from the 30 guys. I know 30’s won more races, I know they have impossible to get hand laid fiberglass bodywork, Ti con rods etc… I still like the 45’s better 🙂 knows a little history on this bike as it was part of the Seattle Homologation Super Bike Collection at one time. We know the current owner and we know he is sad to see it go. You’ve seen several of his bikes grace the cover over the past few years. Those bikes have included a couple NSR’s and a sweet ZX-7RR

Like most collectors, pride of ownership was taken seriously with this one and you can certainly tell it by looking at the pictures. These don’t come around as often as the 30’s (flame suit on) and when they do you can usually expect the price to be in the high 20’s to low 30’s for the good one’s. The best of the best usually hit mid 30’s. The cheapest one I know of was a super low mileage salvaged title bike with carbon bodywork and it sold for 18ish(?). I think this one is priced spot on and would look great sitting next to my 94 NSR. I’m about $26,599.00 short can anyone help a brother out?

From the seller:







Yesterday was a good day for homologation collectors when it was published that Honda might be producing another LE Super Bike. Other than Ducati’s yearly LE offering and the 2006 Yamaha R1 LE it’s been a long, long time since we’ve seen a real Homologation offering from the Big 4. I for one would welcome the new bike and I would have to believe it would only help the value of the previous LE offerings.

If you’ve been lurking and waiting for one of these to come along now is your chance. As I mentioned before- these don’t come around that often and there aren’t that many in the first place.

You can

Good luck with the sale-


Kawasaki January 24, 2011 posted by

1996 Kawasaki ZX 7RR N1 Homologation Muzzy Special

1996 Kawasaki ZX 7RR

Location: Anaheim, CA
Mileage: 5,835
Price: $8,500.00

What better way to follow up yesterdays 91 ZX 7R post than to post the final chapter in Kawasaki Homologation Super Bike production models.

For me the N1’s represent the ultimate in the Homologation era. I know they didn’t receive all the glitz and glamor like the RC’s, OW’s and GSX-RR’s, but I’m Team Green through and through. There’s no better color combination than Team Green and purple. I used to flip through the rags and drool over these. Someday before I’m old and crusty I will own this particular model of ZX 7.

On with the show-

This is another one of Nathans bikes up for sale and as usual he tells me it is in perfect shape and running order. I think the pictures tell the story and if not just hit Nathan up and ask all the questions you want.

The highlights of the N1’s include
-Adjustable steering geometry
-Adjustable swing arm pivot
-41mm Flat slide carbs
-Close ratio gearbox
-Solo tail section
-6 pot front brake calipers

Although, the N1’s didn’t gain any horsepower from the factory with the larger carbs they certainly had more potential under a set of knowledgeable hands such as Rob Muzzy’s. The N1’s also carried a few more pounds over the previous homologation models, but had upgraded suspension to handle it.

From the seller:

Yep you are seeing right!! a 1996 Kawasaki ZX-7RR Muzzy special edition!! There were only 500 of these made ever not just in the USA but total I am told as they are numbered. This is one of the most sought after bikes of this time.

This bike has 5,835 miles only!! It’s in PERFECT shape!! Thats right it gets no cleaner than this. This bike also runs perfect.

Even look at the seat cowl pad its perfect!!

Things that have been done to it are tail section chopped for way more aggressive look

Put in brand new LED rear brake light that has the turn signals built in as well you have to see looks so awesome at night!!

LED front signal light flush mounted to look cleaner.

Now for you collectors out there that want a stock collector bike that is no problem cause with the bike comes with a brand new OEM fender if you want to make it stock again as well as the stock rear light and of course the stock signal lights which can all be put right back on if you want it to be just like it came off the showroom floor.

No trades please I am only selling because I have hurt my knee and can no longer ride without pain.

I’m saddened that I have to let this one pass me by, but I’m sure someone who likes them as much as I do will pick this one up. If you’re interested give Nathan a call and he’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.

Good luck with the sale!


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