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2009 Aprilia RS125 Track Bike in Washington State

2009 Aprilia RS125 Track Bike

This thing has fun written all over it.  How can you possibly go wrong with a little two stroke for the track?  This bike is for sale through a dealer so I wouldn’t even bother asking about making it street legal.   As most of you probably know this bike is officially imported through Aprilia USA as a track bike.  It was redesigned in 2009 and all RS125’s here in the US get the race replica paint scheme.  Some like it: some don’t ( I could live without the number 1).  If you are wondering;  it pumps out roughly 28-30hp in stock trim.  That relatively low hp figure leads to all the fun though.  I was trolling around the Aprilia Forum and it looks like people are having some serious fun with these things.  There looks to be plenty of options with pipes and carbs for the beginners and porting and squish fun for the more advanced.

From the Craigslist ad:

2009 Aprilia RS 125– 2 stroke for sale.
The bike is a track bike only and not able to be street legal in Washington.
Price is $4990 plus tax lic and doc and factory financing is available
Trade ins are welcome

I’m not sure on the price considering this is a track bike.  A lot of older Honda RS125’s can be had for quite a bit less including some spares.  If you are an Aprilia fan and have been looking for one of these maybe this is a decent deal considering they take trade ins and can finance.   Check it out here on Seattle Craigslist.



  • I love this site……….But an 2009 RS 125 is not a rare bike

  • LM,
    I can see your point that the RS might not be the rarest of bikes, since they can be purchased through an Aprilia dealer. But I don’t think Aprilia brought a whole lot over and hey, isn’t any two stroke rare today?

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