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1994 Ducati Supermono #34 for sale


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

1994 Ducati Supermono for sale

Mileage: 1
Price: As the saying goes… “If you have to ask, you can’t……” Well, you know how it goes.

The Holy Grail of motorcycles.. Yes, all of you RC30 guys can run and hide in the closet until this one passes because these take rare to a new level.

1 of 67 ever produced and I think since it’s #34 it is a 550cc and not the more desirable 572cc.. wait a minute.. who am I kidding? All 67 Supermono’s are desirable by us mere mortals in any engine size! Geez, I think I need to put down the Sauce while I write this up.

But wait, there’s more..

This bike took second in the Isle of Mann TT (IOMTT) in 1994 raced by Robert Holden.

Steve Wynne, of Sports Motorcycles was a sponsor of Rob Holden and Ducati Supermono #34.

The bike was then purchased by Ian Falloon who wrote about the Supermono in several of his books, including “The Ducati Story”, “Ducati Racers”, “The Standard Catalog of Ducati” , “The Ducati 916” and “Ducati Desmoquattro Superbikes”. Mr. Falloon was kind enough to sign two of these books for me and write about Supermono #34 in the books. The books have photos of both Rob Holden and Supermono #34 in those books.

This bike has an extensively documented provenance. Along with the sale of this motorcycle comes all the books and history. This includes letters and correspondents with those people involved with the IOMTT race. These correspondents include letters from former crew members involved in the 94’ TT as well as letters from Mr. Falloon and Alan Cathcart. I will also include all photos and video tapes I’ve collected showing Supermono #34 and Rob Holden.

The bike is in excellent condition. It comes with Two (2) sets of body work and an extra set of rear sets.
Pierre Terblanche designed the look of the Supermono, with Claudio Domenicali and Massimo Bordi designing the frame.

I think we are all in agreement that this is one special Ducati that goes above and beyond your everyday, run of the mill, LE Ducati. Race history, famous owners and full documentation to back it up- what more can a collector ask for?

We don’t make it a habit to quote Wiki on RSBFS.com, but I’ll make the exception since it tells the story of Robert Holden in a brief, but well informed manner.

Robert Holden (1958-1996) was a motorcycle road racer from New Zealand.

He was the most successful of all Ducati Supermono racers. In 1994 Holden placed second in the Isle of Man TT, then returned to the 1995 Isle of Man TT to win the singles title.[3] Holden also won in Ireland’s North West 200 Supermono class in 1995.[4] Holden died the following year in practice at the Isle of Man TT while riding a Ducati 916.[5]

Holden would ride up to 4 different machines stepping off his Superbike onto a 250 Production machine then straight onto a 600 sports production bike followed by 15 laps and his Rotax 250 GP bike, it seemed at the time that Holden’s only rest was during the sidecar race. He was helped early on in his career by Steve Dundon from Wellington Motorcycle Centre the combination of Dundon’s experience and technical skills and Holden’s hard riding led to many NZ titles.[citation needed]

One of Holden’s more famous exploits was known as “The Holden Sign” incident. This happened at the Manfeild Autocourse in Feilding. While leading the Open Production Race on his 1135 GSX Suzuki, he crashed at 200 km/h, the bike slid and cartwheeled through a large sign advertising “Holden” cars. The whole incident was televised and was shown on the 6 o’clock news. Holden was unhurt and walked back to the pits to the applause of the crowd.[citation needed]

Later on in his career, Holden teamed up with retired Ducati racer turned team manager Dallas Rankine. The BMS team supplied Holden with eight-valve Ducati 916 motorcycles and a Ducati Supermono. Some of New Zealand’s best racing was seen during the early nineties between Holden on the Ducati and Andrew Stroud on the famous Britten V1000. Holden’s death at the Isle of Man in 1996 was a devastating loss for New Zealand racing. Dallas Rankine withdrew from all professional involvement in racing after losing his rider and close friend

Needing a new ‘core’ for your super collection or just to get a collection started? Either way the Supermono fits the bill. This is a rare opportunity for a serious buyer and shouldn’t be passed by if have the desire.

View other Supermono’s here.




  • Reserve not met at $75100


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