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1994 Ducati 888 SPO For Sale with 430 Miles

Update 1.13.2012: Back on eBay in the new year, this nearly new SPO has about a day left and is currently at $14200 reserve not met. It has gone a bit higher than $15k without sale. Links updated. -dc

Update 11.3.2012: Back on eBay with a little over 2 days remaining, bidding has reached $13.5k this time but still not met reserve. Will it find a winning bid this time? Links updated, -dc

Update 10.6.2012: This one has been relisted a time or two and the highest bid has reached $13.1k without reserve being met. Links updated. -dc

A 100% original Ducati 888 SPO with just 430 miles in Massachusetts. Bidding is almost up with about a day remaining and so far the reserve has not been hit at $12150. The bike has some minor nicks from storage but otherwise it looks clean enough to eat off of.

From the seller:

Here is your opportunity to own a piece of Ducati Legendary Racing History, a 1994 Ducati 888 Limited SPO. The bike has been in storage since 1994 with only 430 original miles. Yes, you read that right! Everything on this bike is original, every nut and bolt, bodywork, and fluids. Not sure if the bike even had it’s first service, but anyone interested in riding the bike will have to do a complete once over.

The condition of the bike is near mint, but it does have a few flaws from storage, There are a few paint chips and scratches, the windscreen has a light scratch on it, the rear carbon hugger has a small crack, and the tail section by the seat on the left side has a small crack, and some of the bolts show a little rusting (major ones are by the front rotors), but something that can be cleaned up. I did my best with the pictures to show the small flaws, email me if you want a better view of description of any of them.

1994 Ducati 888 SPO For Sale with 430 Miles

Even with a few blems, the market is responding with strong money for this one. I’ll be very curious to watch the close to see who decides it’s worth the extra for the collection. Good luck to buyer and seller!



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  • Shocker, another old Ducati with no miles on it. Boooooooring………..

  • not boring at all. but an opportunity to buy a near new duc for less than they sold when new.

  • The only thing stopping that bike from being the most beautiful bike ever made is its rather crude swingarm……other than that it’s perfect IMO

  • This is nice, but did you see the 1992 888 sp4 listed on eBay right now? Now that’s an 888.

  • Thanks for the heads up Rob!


  • We seekers know that this duc is rare, beautiful and still available, but could we have more first-time posts, like those of lasterday, and plenty more of those low budget rarities- love this site and the service you provide, but these repeat postings makey me sad ;..(
    Thank-you for ruining my life, keep the daily dose coming!

  • getting bored seeing this one continually re-featured. Market has spoken about value, vendor seems to have a different opinion. Please, no more free publicity for them.

    Lets focus on some of the other great bikes out there that could be featured instead.

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