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1989 Honda Hawk NT650 w/ only 3,280 miles For Sale!

1989 Honda Hawk NT650 For Sale on eBay!

Yea, yea, I get it-
“It doesn’t have fairings”
“It’s only got 56hp!”
“It’s old AF!”

Pick yer panties out of your butt, sit down and read on . . .

These little bikes could and did! Check out the finishing order in the photo below from WERA D-Superbike Expert circa 2000-

That’s right- 10 years after they were introduced they were still Kick’n Ass on the track. Now, keep in mind, D-Super Bike consisted of FZR400’s, SV650’s, Aprilia RS250 and MZ 660’s so, the little bike that could WAS and was taking names along the way.

They did it with torque, low weight and a 5 speed. Wait . . a 5 speed? Yup, a 5 speed transmission. We all love FZR400’s and we get all giddy over the last of the 2 stroke RS250’s, but the proof is in the pudding so, don’t turn your nose up at my little buddy.

Let’s check it out-

I’m pretty sure you can flip that and make it 1 up and 4 down; removing the need for trick aftermarket rear sets. #RacerBoy Anyone confirm?

Ducati say what? Elf says “You’re welcome!”

From the seller:
Like new 1989 Honda Hawk GT. Originally sold in upstate New York, the second owner bought it in Sept. 1993 with 1,920 miles. The second owner sold it to me in April 2018 with 2,700 miles. I haven’t ridden it much, mostly enjoy looking at it in the garage. When I do ride it, it runs as smooth as butter, hard to believe twin carburetors can have that crisp throttle response you would expect only with fuel injection. The engine itself obviously benefits from counter rotating balancers, it’s electric motor smooth. Power is strong, it loves to rev, geared to be turning 4,000 rpm at 60 mph.
Tires have a manufacture date Nov. 2013. In preparation for sale, the oil and filter were changed, new brake pads installed front and rear, and a new air filter installed.

During my ownership, the color was changed from red to blue. Blue was only offered in 1988. The fuel tank and seat cowl were replaced with factory blue tank and cowl from a donor vehicle. The front fender was painted to match. Seat cowl has all tabs and brackets intact.

Engine starts and runs easily, battery was on a tender most of its life and holds a charge. Fuel tank is clean with minimal rust, gasoline is fresh.

Now that we’re clear on what was . . . How about what could be? With a little imagination, desire and a few Benjamin Franklin’s- this is what could be!

Or maybe . . . you could slap on some soft saddle bags, a tank bag and simply enjoy the little NT647 for what it is- a well thought out Honda.

Check out this NT650 here!




  • I love my track Hawk and street Hawk alike. On the track, they turn in and hold corner speed better than newer, more powerful bikes. Super easy to maintain, most parts still available. Recommended.

  • Significant corrosion and dings for such low miles, and “minimal rust in tank”. Seller is mistaken – these do not have “counter rotating balancers”, they have an offset pin crankshaft, and are smooth enough, but definitely not “electric motor smooth”.

  • Paint change ? Body work changed ? Lots of corrosion?
    Looks to be a rough 3200 miles to me.
    I do not think “like new ” is a good description.
    I owned and raced one of these, very cool bikes.

  • Agreed, not anywhere close to ‘like new’. But you gotta love anything with a SSSA.

  • I have one in my collection and agree it’s a great bike. Seeing the condition of this one has me thinking the speedometer was one of the parts that got swapped as well.

  • It brings a little tear to my eye knowing you all are reading my jibberish and not just looking at pics 😉

  • Friend had one same color too for a long time. A while back we traded it for a kawasaki kr-1 250 smoker.

  • To answer the article question, yes, it can easily be flipped to GP-shift.

    Other than Harleys, likely the most modded bike ever.

    Decent tanks are now lucky to be found under $500. If you have contacts, all the consumable and most of the other parts are available. But there’s at least 3 or 4 NLA parts, one being the tank front rubber.

  • Most modded bike ever because they really needed it, and lots of oem upgrade Honda parts would bolt on. One reason these didn’t sell is that in stock form they’re pretty slow, and the CBR600 was nearby on the showroom floor. 56 HP? – not unless you add a pipe and jet kit. In addition, mine’s got cams, timing, suspension, brakes, and is a hoot to ride, but I’m 5’6″ and weigh 140.

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