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1982 Honda MB5 – The one and done!

Please join me in welcoming back Doug to the website — Yep, the same one that wrote for the site between 2008 and 2012! Feel free to give him some crap in the comments below to make him feel right at home again 🙂 -dc

Oh, hey RSBFS.com readers!  I would like to make you aware there is a bit of hazing going on at the corporate RSBFS.com offices.  You know, being the new guy and all Dan, Donn and Mike told me I had to start small and work my way back up to the real meat and potatoes and prove my worth (again).  You know- “Get my feet wet”.   Not being one to back down from a good challenge I went off in search of something to blog about.  Guess what?  I landed one!

Now, before you start throwing stuff at me, hear me out…   In some cases, “rare” is in the eye of the beholder- whether it is a piece of Prime Beef, a limited run Italian twin or a one year only Honda 50cc screamer.  In this particular case, it’s the later- a 5 speed, Honda 2 stroke screamer!  Food delivery anyone?

1982 Honda MB5 for sale on eBay

What do ya think?

Okay, I’ll get down to business.  The Honda MB5 was imported for one year and one year only.  1982 was the year and you could park it in your driveway for a mere $598 bucks!  That would be steal in today’s market, but as it sits, this one has an asking price of $3,000.  What that will get you is a very nice looking 39 year old motorcycle loaded with some pretty nice 18″ Comstar wheels, business in the front disc brake and a party in the rear drum brake, and a 5 speed gear box.  I would like to come clean on this one and let you know it’s currently not in running order.  However, according to my long time buddy Steve@Speedwerks, “If your 2 stroke won’t start you have a gas, air or spark problem.”  Sounds simple enough right?

From the seller-

You can see by the pictures it is in very good condition I have the title it does not run seems to have some kind of electrical issue has perfect compression but no spark

I think this one is fun, neat and pretty trick with those Comstar wheels.  Is it worth the asking price?  I’m not sure, but I’m guessing you can jump over to HondaMB5.com and find out real quick what it’s worth and while you’re there, you can probably find the answer to why it won’t start.  If you make the drive to Delaware to pick this one up you can always stop by and have Steve look at it.

Oh, I forgot to mention it only has 1053 miles on it!

Check it out here



  • Rather have an AR50/80 Kawi instead. Rode several MB5’s of these when they were new. Fun around the block or to the store. Like a moped of the day. DT50lc Yamaha better bike and more fun. AR50/80 Kawasaki rarer still and 80 was a blast. This is a great beginner/learner bike for sure.
    My Aprilia RS50 way better then all them. If little bikes are your choice.

  • I couldn’t agree more especially on the RS50!

  • Rare Sport Bikes for sale? This is neither of the two. I used to see some…Rare….Sportbikes……on this site but this is a fairly common barely above a moped bike. C’mon guys! You can do better than this!!!

  • Hey Thomas! Thanks for your reply and feedback.
    As you’ve already eluded to, the little MB5 is barely a motorcycle and being completely transparent, I selected and wrote it, in jest, to sort of break the ice on my return to RSBFS.com. Since we’re at the mercy of the current for sale market, my choices were pretty slim- it was a toss up between a 40,000 mile 916 or the MB5 so . . . . I went with the later.
    One thing to note is while every bike we post can’t be a 90’s 1 of 50 produced rocket the little MB5 has more page views than a few of the other more prominent machines currently listed.
    Please stay with us because we will post more and we will find the ones you like.

    Thanks again-


  • Rare is not only about production quantity, but also about condition over time.

    This would be a super fun addition to any garage.
    Maybe a starter bike for a new collector, or just something unique and interesting to run around as part of a larger collection

  • Cool bike until I read it does not run and yet the owner still wants $3,000. Hard pass on this one.

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