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Suzuki December 4, 2015 posted by

Featured Listing: Suzuki RG500Γ Gamma for Sale


Today's Featured Listing is one of our fire-breathing favorites, the Suzuki RG500Γ "Gamma." The Gamma is a bike from another era, a period of wild experimentation we may never see again. Certainly we're seeing almost unimaginable leaps forward today in the field of motorcycle electronics and sure, we've seen a wave of V4 superbikes in recent years. But we've pretty much narrowed down our choices to what works at this point: narrow, torquey v-twins, powerful inline fours, soulful sporting triples, simple thumpers, and economical parallel-twins.


But in the 80s? The field was wide-open, with the stereotypically up-tight Japanese Big Four sending us some very weird powerplants, including the water-cooled, two-stroke square four that powered the Gamma. One of the most exciting bikes of the 80s, the RG500 made almost 100bhp at the crank and weighed in at under 400lbs dry. If you were raised on modern superbikes, that might not sound impressive.


But the peak power figure is deceptive: two-strokes have a notoriously on/off power deliver only mildly mitigated by the bigger displacement and there were, of course, no rider aids other than the rider's reflexes. This was without a doubt an "experts-only" motorcycle when new.

So is this particular example a purist's delight?

From the seller: 1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma for Sale

Jolly Moto pipes with carbon silencers ceramic coated.
Stock mirrors (like new) included.
Magnesium wheels with near new Q2 Dunlops.
Fresh Chain & sprockets.
Lots of Rick Lance stuff.
Breaks are near new freshly detailed.
Rick Lance clutch upgrade.
Fresh Penski  rear shock.
I have the chain guard.
NOS belly pan in the box included.
NOS foam instrument housing in the box included.
Lots of Gamma bits & pieces.
Front and rear stands.
Original tool kit.
Factory passenger seat.
Smoked high quality extra wind screen.
Everything I have Gamma related goes with the deal (service manual, parts book, etc. )
I ride this about 10 miles every Sunday and keep fresh fuel in it religiously.
Battery is at least 10 years old (I'm amazed it still works.)
If your really interested you can Face time me to look closely and listen to it run.  (For the serious bidders I welcome to ask questions and closely point out all the nitpicky imperfections.)
This bike is NOT restored or repainted and has your normal chips, scrapes and imperfections as a machine of this age (very, very sweet looking and running great)
Current CA registration in my name.


Contact the seller: 619-977-0677


Well, with bikes like this, fans are often obsessive about period-correct details. But honestly, while the 1980s may have featured a number of fascinating engine configurations, the tacked-on safety equipment of dubious efficacy, bulky exhausts, and period tires are probably better left in the decade that spawned Men Without Hats. The bar-end mirrors seen here are clearly not stock, but they clean up the fairing and improve the bike's lines. Plus, you could always replace them with the included OEM items. The stickers on the belly-pan may not be to everyone's taste, but could easily be removed with a heat gun and some elbow grease or replaced with the included OEM bit and, while the seller says that the original paint isn't perfect, it looks to be very well cared-for from the pictures, in spite of some expected wear-and-tear.


They aren't mentioned in the description, but no one who plans to ride this bike hard are likely to argue with the new 17" wheels those upgraded front brakes, as improved tires and stoppers are always welcome on a performance bike with such a wild-and-wooly reputation.


As you can see from the picture of the speedometer, this is not some low-mileage garage-queen. Collectors may scoff, but it's generally accepted that a high-mileage machine that's been well cared-for is preferable to a low-mileage bike that's been sitting, unless you're just going to display it. Considering the apparent condition and the tasteful, performance-oriented modifications, this could be a good choice for someone who's looking to ride and enjoy their little piece of two-stroke history.



Featured Listing: Suzuki RG500Γ Gamma for Sale
Suzuki November 9, 2015 posted by

Featured Listing – 1985 Suzuki RG500 for sale in Australia

Update 11.9.2015: Back on the market and with a lower opening bid. Good luck to buyers and seller. -dc

20150910a 1985 suzuki rg500 left

As new, unrestored, low miles, mint - we have all seen these phrases accompanying motorcycle classifieds.  Rarely does a factory GP replica survive 30 years with only 3,200 km. and without a mark.  The low number of owners might account for how this RG500 survived the decades in such condition.

20150910a 1985 suzuki rg500 right side panel detail

Inspired by their GP successes in the late 1970's and early 80's, Suzuki introduced the RG500 as a street machine for the 1985 model year.  Though production ended only three years late due ever-tightening emissions regulations, the 498cc, 93 hp machine is the stuff of legend.  Developed for racing, the square four two-stroke is a powerhouse, twin crankshafts with gears driving the primary shaft.  Despite Suzuki's efforts with its Automatic Exhaust Control, it's a peaky engine, starting to really scream as you cross the 6,000 rpm mark.

20150910a 1985 suzuki rg500 binnacle

20150910a 1985 suzuki rg500 left engine detail

Around 350 lbs., the light weight helps make it a handler, assisted by staggered 16-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels, and Full Floater rear suspension.  The aluminum box frame is welded to cast steering head and swingarm mounts which accommodate the footpegs.  There are four individual exhaust expansion chambers and mufflers, two under the seat and two next to the swingarm.  Dual 260mm discs ride floating buttons up front, and a 210mm disc in back.

20150910a 1985 suzuki rg500 right exhaust detail

20150910a 1985 suzuki rg500 left front wheel

Seeming to be recently rolled out of a 1985 showroom, there's no evidence of wear or corrosion anywhere on this RG500.  The 3rd owner states in the eBay auction:


20150910a 1985 suzuki rg500 right fairing

As close as could be to a 500cc GP Gamma for the road, there are accounts of Kevin Schwantz riding an RG500 from a English dealership ( after mechanics changed wheels, forks, and carbs ) in the 1986 championship TT at Assen, placing 2nd, and returning the bike to the showroom the next week.  Though an example like this seems to belong under glass on a fairly high pedestal, you could go through it and prepare for vintage racing, or title and register it for the road.  After transferring what appears will be pretty serious funds, the choice will be a great privilege.

20150910a 1985 suzuki rg500 right


Featured Listing – 1985 Suzuki RG500 for sale in Australia
Suzuki October 11, 2015 posted by

Featured Listing: 1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma for Sale

1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma R Side

These days, MotoGP machines are powered by four strokes, so anyone with Marc Marquez fantasies can buy a nice Repsol CBR1000 and pretend they're getting a pretty authentic experience. But back in the 1980s, when two-strokes were king, things weren't so simple, and Suzuki introduced their RG500Γ Gamma to capitalize on their racing successes and create what is still considered one of the best rider's bikes of all time.

1985 Suzuki RG500 for sale on eBay

1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma L Side

Powered by a very compact, water-cooled square four engine that worked like a pair of parallel twins geared together, with the rear pair set slightly higher than the front, the new machine was truly cutting-edge. Weighing in under 400lbs dry and producing 100hp at the crank with typically "exciting" two-stroke delivery, the Gamma was one of the rawest bikes of the period, a true "race bike for the road."

1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma R Side Front

Although the Gamma may have competed directly head-to-head against Yamaha's RZ500 in terms of specification and on-paper performance, in reality there was no comparison. The RZ was tooled for the street, with a balance shaft to civilize the two-stroke beast and the resulting weight made it much more appropriate for street duty. But nobody buying a 500cc race-replica two-stroke actually wants civility and, although the RZ is a very cool bike and has its fans, reviewers then and now saw the Gamma as the superior, more emotional machine.

Today's featured listing isn't some all-original barn-find, but has been given serious mechanical and cosmetic attention by Gamma Guru Rick Lance.

1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma for Sale

This 1985 RG500 has ~1000 miles on it since being fully rebuilt in 2011 by Rick Lance from Lance Gamma

It has the following features:

Motor: full motor rebuild including:
555 upgrade, GSX-R radiator, valve kit
Maranello transmission kit
Lance Gamma clutch upgrade
Lance Gamma TriPod air filter kit
Lance Gamma supplemental petcock
Lance Gamma pipes

Chassis, bodywork, etc:
Battery + oil tank conversion
Wheels ands rotors
Lance Gamma fiberglass bodywork with custom paint scheme

This bike is something special and unique - I’ve very much enjoyed owning it but due to a recent change in circumstances I’m not in a position to keep it anymore.  The bike is located in San Francisco and can be shipped domestically or internationally.

BTW– when Randy Mamola visited my home he autographed the bike on the gas tank, so that makes it even more unique!

The original Suzuki blue and white found on many RGs is certainly a good-looking color scheme and the sinister Walter Wolf design is very sleek, but this owner decided to go his own way and the dark colors suit the bike very well, with bright blocks of accent color that proudly shout, "Hey, I was made in the 1980s!" While some of our traditionalist readers may take issue with the custom paintwork, there's no arguing that the bike looks great, and "prepped by Lance Gamma" is certainly a huge selling point!

While many fans dream of an all-original barn find bike, a well-fettled runner like this example might prove far more enjoyable in the long run.


From the owner, the RG500 at a track day a few years ago:

1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma Track

Featured Listing: 1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma for Sale
Suzuki September 9, 2015 posted by

Very Clean, Ex-Rick Lance 1986 Suzuki RG500Γ for Sale

1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma R Side

Suzuki's RG500Γ is a perennial favorite here at RSBFS, and this looks like a very clean example with some cool period brake upgrades. Built between 1985 and 1987, the Gamma was the race-rep to have, with 498cc of displacement and fierce power delivery. While its 94 or so horsepower seems unimpressive today, the bike's dry weight was 50lbs less than Yamaha's rival RZ500 and put that power through a bicycle-skinny 120 section rear tire.

1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma L Fairing Detail

The RG500 used an extremely compact square four that was really more like a pair of liquid-cooled parallel-twins, each with its own crank. The two cranks were geared together and drove a six-speed gearbox to create an extremely compact powertrain that allowed the designers to effectively package the bike's weight for maximum handling.

1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma Dash

Power is virtually nonexistent below 7,000rpm, but comes on in a wild rush before the 10,000rpm redline, meaning you need to dance on the gear lever to keep things moving quickly. But that's part of the two-stroke appeal: a modern literbike and go quickly on a canyon road left in 4th gear, but bikes like the RG500 require constant involvement to ride quickly.

1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma Front Brake

This example is claimed to have been owned by Rick Lance, a well-known Gamma tuner here in the US, which bodes well for the maintenance of the bike, although I'm not sure how long the seller has owned it...

From the original eBay listing: 1986 Suzuki RG500Γ for Sale

Here we have a beautiful 1986 Suzuki RG500 with just 8400 km or 5300 miles ... 

This bike is a true credit to its former owner who bought it in 1989 when it was first imported in to the US from Canada by Rick Lance of Lance Gamma, it was his pride and joy for last 26 years! 

The bike starts up on the first or second kick
It sounds awesome and runs excellent
Everything works as it should
It has no leaks
Recently replaced Air Filter and Fuel lines with shut off valve from Lance Gamma
New Battery, Spark Plugs and New Front Brake Pads
Stock Engine with Lance Gamma Jet Kit and Expansion Chambers
It has a rare Spondon Front Brake Upgrade with Lockheed Calipers
Clean California Title
Rear Seat and Handbooks included
Toolkit Untouched

1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma R Side Detail

In any case, the mileage is very low, and it looks to be in extremely original condition. While modern wheels and tires certainly improve handling, most owners want these things to be as close as possible to how they were when they rolled off the boat, with the possible exception of some nice expansion chambers, assuming the original pipes are included.

It appears to have the much-coveted California title as well, so all you well-heeled bike collectors in the Los Angeles area check this one out.


1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma L Side

Very Clean, Ex-Rick Lance 1986 Suzuki RG500Γ for Sale
Yamaha August 22, 2015 posted by

More Two-Stroke Sizzle: 1985 Yamaha RZ500 for Sale

1985 Yamaha RZ500 R Side

It seems like it's been raining two-strokes recently, and this RZ500 should make Yamaha fans happy. Bikes seem to come in waves as their values wax and wane. Forgotten bikes suddenly find a collector's market, and all those folks who've had them from new suddenly unload them, or get too old to ride them in a bunch, and the market is glutted for a while. That seems to be what's been going on of late with the 80's two-strokes. Sometimes, it's almost impossible to find a nice RG500 or RZ500 for sale, but the past couple months it seems like they've been everywhere.

1985 Yamaha RZ500 R Side Rear

These liquid-cooled, two-stroke MotoGP inspired machines were the ultimate road-going motorcycles of the time. From the twin-crank, 50° V4 to the anti-dive front forks visible in the photos, these were high-spec, high-performance machines like nothing else on the road. Sure, a big Ducati might be just as fast over a given section of road, but the two-strokes were scalpels to the Ducati's hammer, and offered a very different experience.

1985 Yamaha RZ500 Front Wheel

This RZ seems to be a very decent example. Not completely original, but not resto-modded into something new and terrifying.

From the original eBay listing: 1985 Yamaha RZ500 for Sale

Beautiful condition!

Frame has been powder coated.

Rims have been powder coated.

New tires, chain, brake pads.

Engine has been professionally tuned.

This beauty was a Grand Prix inspired 500. Light, powerful and stunning.

Willing to deliver as far as the Maine, USA border (Calais or Houlton).

I am also considering selling several other bikes in my collection - various vintage Yamaha's, to be listed at a later date.

1985 Yamaha RZ500 R Side Fairing

Bidding is active on this one with several days left on the auction. It's currently sitting just north of $5,000 but this will obviously likely go much higher before the end. The bike is currently located in Canada, but a ride back down through Maine at this time of year might make for a very nice vacation...


1985 Yamaha RZ500 L Side

More Two-Stroke Sizzle: 1985 Yamaha RZ500 for Sale
Suzuki August 12, 2015 posted by

Some Assembly Required: 1987 Suzuki RG500Γ Walter Wolf

1987 Suzuki RG500 Walter Wolf L Front

There are race replicas and then there are race replicas. While many bikes are intended to ape the look and style of racing machines, they're usually more of a paint-and-tape affair, with few aspects under the skin to link them with their inspiration. That's not the case with the RG500Γ Gamma.

1987 Suzuki RG500 Walter Wolf R Side Detail

Powered by a 500cc two-stroke square four cylinder with twin cranks, the bike was powerful and very lightweight, with specifications ripped straight from MotoGP. And while the larger displacement certainly makes low-rpm riding a bit less lethargic than on a 250, that just means the hit of power is that much bigger, and these are very serious machines for very serious riders.

1987 Suzuki RG500 Walter Wolf Dash

In the usually very flattering traditional Suzuki colors, I feel like the Gamma looks a bit awkward and ungainly. The Walter Wolf dark blue with red and gold details definitely flatters the lines, and I think it's the best-looking version of the bike. It's particularly cool that the Walter Wolf Replica included different gauge faces and a special key as well.

1987 Suzuki RG500 Walter Wolf R Side Engine

While it's a shame to see a bike like this in pieces, it does give gawkers an opportunity to see the unusual square-four engine: you can see that the rear pair of cylinders sit a bit higher than the front pair. And the seller certainly didn't skimp on pictures over on eBay, so potential bidders can get a pretty good idea about what's included.

1987 Suzuki RG500 Walter Wolf R Side

From the original eBay listing: 1987 Suzuki RG500Γ Gamma Walter Wolf

If you know what these bikes are, and what they will probably be worth in the next few years, than I probably don't need to do any further explaining!

The RG500 Gamma, is already considered by many to be top of the food chain for 2 stroke street bikes, But a 1987 japanese Walter Wolf edition makes it even more so!
This bike came to me as you see it.  All the parts are there except the belly pan.  It does need a little work, but is in overall decent condition.  Standard RG500s are worth over $20K, In a few years this bike will probably be worth close to $50,000

Bike has just over 16.7K Kilometers, which translates to about 10,300 miles! I believe this to be true and correct.

Paint and body work:
Missing only the belly pan, besides that the plastic is in great shape, no major cracks, left side fairing does need a re-paint, as does the solo seat cowl,
the rest is in rideable condition, there are of course some scratches and wear, but overall the body work is not bad!

As you can see the engine is apart, I recently purchased a complete set of overbore cylinders and matched heads.  All the machine work is done, along with 1.5mm over
pistons and rings.  Bottom end and clutch are in great shape, basically all the engine parts are included to put the bike back together.

I have the Japanese title in hand, And original Walter Wolf key.

Remember this bike is almost 30 years old and is a project, anyone that buys this bike will have a rare opportunity of owning a highly sought after machine that is probably currently worth over $30k in mint condition. 

Well, there are projects and there are projects. "Basically all the engine parts are included" is not the same thing as "all the engine parts are included, down to the last nut and bolt." And while a project claimed to be "90% complete!" might sound like it'd be a snap to put together, keep in mind that's theoretically a whole lot of missing bits, and the last 10% could be very expensive, difficult, or nearly impossible to track down. If you're planning to plunk down for this bike, it might be worth a couple quick emails to the seller to find out exactly what might be missing.

1987 Suzuki RG500 Walter Wolf L Rear

I also think that the seller's insistence that this bike "in a few years will probably be worth close to $50,000" may be a bit optimistic: Gammas are definitely investment-grade bikes at the moment, but I'd be skeptical that this will basically double in value in such a short time period. That being said, there is a strong community built up around these bikes, and this one is definitely cool enough to be worth saving.


1987 Suzuki RG500 Walter Wolf Parts

Some Assembly Required: 1987 Suzuki RG500Γ Walter Wolf