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1985 Yamaha RZ500 For Sale in Florida!

Location: Longwood, FL

Miles: 10,230

Price: Currently $7,700 ($10,500 BIN)

Hey two-stoke fans, here is another good one for you! Seems like we have seen a decent run of 500cc two-strokes on RSBFS in the past couple months. The was the Gamma rush little while back and there have been some RZ’s sprinkled in here and there. Up for grabs here is another RZ500, this time located inFlorida.

If you like your cylinder configuration in the form of a “V” instead of a square, then the RZ500 may be the bike for you. The bike for sale here is a Canadian model (as are most two-strokes seen in the states) and appears to be all original except for the canisters. The seller mentions some slight cracking on parts of the fairing, but states that the bike runs as smoothly as it should.

From the seller:

Rare Yamaha RZ500 2 stroke 4 cylinder. These bikes were never sold in theUnited   States. Most here were brought in fromCanada. The speedo reads in Kilometers (also shows MPH)and shows 16,463 Kilometers (about 10,230 miles). Everything on the bikes works like it should. Flip on the choke, give it one or two kicks and fires right up at a elevated idle for 20-30 seconds then drops down to a perfect idle (again just as it should). It runs, shifts, rides, handles and idles excellent. The oil injection is hooked up and working though I also run 50:1 premix for insurance. Even with both oil systems it never fouls a plug and only really smokes when cold. I beleive the bike to be mostly original with the exception of the chambers. If something is important to you please ask. The bike is ready to ride home. Tires, brakes, chain and sprockets are good to go. Cosmetically the paint is shiny and and looks great. There is a small ding on the front left side of the tank from the handlebars and a couple small marks here and there. I tried to show in the pictures. Also a couple splits on the plastic body panels. They are minor and can be repaired when and if you ever want to repaint. All RZ's get these cracks eventually. I have brand new complete graphics kit that go with the bike. Also comes with service manual and magazine test. I welcome and encourage pre-bid inspections. If you win the auction and come to pick it up you feel I have misrepresented the bike you don't have to buy it. Don't let shipping scare you away. I have had bikes shipped here fromCaliforniafor $300-$400. Although shipping is the buyers responsibility. Don't let it get away.

It seems to be a well cared for bike and virtually free of modifications, which can be hard to say for a lot of 80’s two-strokes. The seller doesn’t mention anything about a title and registration, so I would be curious as to if it has one or not (though it does have a plate). There was a similar condition RZ500 with almost the exact amount of miles as this one that ended up selling for a little over $11k. The auction for this bike has a Buy-It-Now price of $10,500. If this bike is indeed as advertised, then I would be inclined to believe that the BIN will be taken advantage of before the auction ends. Check out the auction here before it’s gone and make this bike yours now!



  • If I did not already have 1 RZ500 YZR replica in hand, another YZR500 replica about to be delivered and a TZR2503MA in the garage, I would be all over this bike.

    It is a pretty good example that looks clean and is ready to go.

    AT $10G’s it is a little dear as it is not perfect perfect, but is an excellent starting point for proper restoration project compared to someof the other scary bikes that come up for sale.

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