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Xmas In July: Brand Spankin New Bimota SB8RS

Bimota SB8RS – Brand new!

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Price: $10,600 with reserve in place
Mileage: 1

From the auction:

You probably just scrolled down to look at this hand built masterpiece before reading my listing. As I still do every time I take the cover off,  just lost for words to describe this beauty. You may have even called your buddies to look at it. I know this sounds arrogant but it really is the bike that gets the most attention of all the bikes in the collection and it has some stiff competition in here.

What else can I say.  I think the seller has pretty much summed it up right there.  Like some of  the two strokes, I think we’ve had a steady stream of Bimota’s up for sale this spring and summer.  I don’t know if we’ve had one with 1 mile on it and a limited edition to top it off  (not that any Bimota is mass produced).  From what info I can gather the RS was pretty much a cosmetic upgrade with carbon bodywork and various other visual upgrades.  It looks like the owner topped it off with an aftermarket exhaust system.  If you are a Bimota expert and know about some engine upgrades on the RS please post a comment below as there is very little info on this model.

Enough words, pictures please:

And more from the auction:

This bike has thousands of dollars in exotic aftermarket parts that were installed years ago when it arrived and have just started the bike having been fueled for the first time. The sound of the full titanium Moto Corse exhaust has long been wanting to make it’s music after years of waiting to hear it run. Needless to say, the sound is something you must experience yourself. Other trick items installed are gold Volta Moto rear sets, Moto Corse titanium kickstand, Moto Corse windscreen, Marchesini wheels and GP style rear caliper & rotor. The SB8RS is powered by a reliable Suzuki power plant tweaked by the Bimota specialists to perform at a higher level than the “run of the mill” TL1000 with a light weight chassis built around it. The new owner of this SB8RS will be titled the first owner which will prove as an even more attractive investment. You are welcome to see the bike prior to bidding however the bike is brand new and aside from the added enhancements it is just as new as the day it left the factory.

I don’t know if I could have owned that thing and never fired it up or taken a quick spin on it.  The seller truly has some patience.  The bidding has been going on for a couple of days now.  As of this posting the reserve had not been reached (just over $10,000) but the auction does have a couple of days left.  Maybe you can convince the Mrs. you’ve been a good boy and deserve a little Xmas in July.  .



  • Oh yeah, this is the one I like. It already has the motocorse exhaust which is a huge plus. That system is not cheap. It’s unfortunate about the mileage though, otherwise this would be the Special to get.

  • Viceroy (I still love your nickname),
    Why is the mileage a problem? Keeping the price high or you don’t want to be the one who soils it?

  • @ Ian
    I definitely wouldn’t want to be the one to soil it. Price wise , I’m not exactly sure what this would fetch but gently used these can be had for less than the current crop of J4 Superbikes. Bimota Spirit has one for sale with 1,300 miles on the clock for $11,500

  • […] and you forget to post it.  In my humble opinion this is the best looking SB8R we’ve listed (these may be the same two bikes)  and all for one simple reason:  those wheels.  I’m  astounded how much those wheels […]

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