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Tropical Storm – 1987 Honda CBR750F Super Aero

Slightly less of a whirlwind than its Hurricane name calls for, but still off the charts rarity-wise, today’s CBR is a Japanese market full-bodied 750F.  With just over 4,000 miles, it’s over at Iconic Motorbike Auctions looking great with just minor cosmetic issues.

1987 Honda CBR750F for sale at Iconic Motorbikes

A short but aerodynamic chapter in motorbike history had all-enclosed fairings from several manufacturers, with great soap bar looks and less fussy hidden chassis.  We know the 1000cc model here, but a 750 was in the stable at home.  Plenty of power at the crank with 105 hp, but the frame geometry and 493 lbs. wet weight made for more of a sporty tourer.  More fuel on board than most supersports, and period tweaks like a smaller front wheel to help turn-in.  Music from the gear-driven cams has to compete with roar from the intakes which are a ways back in the sidecovers.

Centrally located in Nebraska, this CBR looks very good, apparently the subject of a Mecum auction in 2018, and then 2022 as Iconic states.  Quite stock with just a small dent in the tank and a scrape here and there, though fresh rubber would be a thought for any serious riding.  Idles commendably after a cold start in the – video – .  And the owners comments from the Iconic auction –

The previous owner said he had performed a full service and replaced the fork seals. We did a carb clean after I bought it.

A minor ding on the rear left corner of the fuel tank, a few minor chips in the paint such as in the leading edge of the left faring. The fuel tank must have shown some rust because someone has coated it. There don’t seem to be any problems from that repair (rust in the carbs, etc.).

Despite reviews singing its praises as an all-rounder, 1988 was the last model year for the CBR750F, rarity ensured.  For a fan of the brand wanting a CBR easy to ride quickly without ergonomic hassles, the Super Aero presented here might be just right.  Eminently showable since you likely won’t see another, and just a few touch-ups will have this example in the running for a trophy.  Bidding is open on this Iconic auction, and we’ll be watching.



  • Interesting bike. Didn’t even know that the Hurricane existed in this displacement, as you see only the 600 and litre examples here, and then only rarely these days.

  • Nice looking, very rare in the U.S. bike. Sold for $6600 including buyer fees at Mecum in Jan. 2022. It will be interesting to see what it goes for one year later.

  • It was mass produced just 2 years. It’s my understanding that Honda did not want to compete “with Itself” and the legendary success of the VFR 750s. It is indeed an inline 4 with gear driven cams, Honda had to drop the “Hurricane” logo too due to nervous insurance companys., The CBR 600 had 66 horsepower and fully enclosed body work. Heat was directed away from the rider indeed. I had my eyes on a CBR1000 red/black but someone bought it out from under me,, so, I bought an 89 CBR 600 red/white/blue. A real beauty. This bike is so rare.

  • Completely familiar and completely alien at the same time. It reminds me of the 80s CBR500 I saw in Bazil a while back. I feel educated as a more worldly motorcyclist today.

  • Reserve not met at $2,200. Now showing an asking price of $7k.


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