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Think Small – 1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma

Most often we find the junior two-strokes in a much sadder state, but this one has been given some recent attention.  This Canadian example might be a good entrée into the smoky side of sportbikes.

1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma for sale on eBay

Suzuki seems to have had a 247cc two stroke twin in the line-up forever, but the RG250 and Gamma took the model to sportier places.  For 1986-7 the Mk. 3 Gamma used a power valve – Automatic Exhaust Control in marketing lingo.  49 hp was a slight increase but the width of the power band was the emphasis.  Revised brakes were dual four-piston affairs, and the forks included an anti-dive circuit.  The Full Floater monoshock had made its way over from the motocross side and allowed the shock to be positioned further forward, centralizing mass, and the fully adjustable shock could be shorter and use lighter springs.  16-inch front /18 rear tires have -80’s stagger, but with a 100mm section not much width.

Though not quite a full resto, this owner has done more than just paint work and gives some options to the next rider.  Some rubber hole plugs and a bar-end mirror might slip this 250 through the air easier, and as problematic as they can be, some lower profile front blinkers seem to be in order.  The white wheels are the next cosmetic item, or they could go black and pretty badass.  With new tires, brakes and battery, more improvements could be made without taking it off the road.  A short – video – is offered, along with notes from the eBay auction:

Numbers matching engine and frame and the bodywork is original – not aftermarket.  Original Canadian Bike.
The bike was originally the two tone blue and white but was repainted in the factory correct 1987 colour red/black and white (it just looks better with this livery)
Sounds great – tons of power for the size and razor sharp handling with the aluminum twin spar frame (it was known as the first street legal race bike)
Parallel Two Cylinder with Suzuki’s AEC system – Automatic Exhaust Control – power is about 50 hp and weight is under 300 pounds! Full Floater Suspension, Six Speed transmission.
– Brand new tires
– Brakes fully rebuilt
– Brand new battery
– New upholstery on seat

Only the reserve will tell whether this owner considers this a finished piece or a nice rider with a few details to address, and of course repairs which any 35 year-old bike can expect.  Many RG250’s are shown without the lowers, and the factory fairings are a strong positive.  At this point in their lives, most have less miles but more corrosion on the exposed aluminum.  A lot of pluses and minuses to weigh over the next few days.



  • Slowly been restoring one of these most parts are still pretty good on availability overall. It does look to be pretty original overall. Even though it was repainted its pretty good and colors match to the oem colors it was changed to. It is a true Canadian model as stated.

    I’m doing Mine as a resto mod – the only mods being suspension and wheel update. R6 rear shock a few other choice parts. Will have 17 inch wheels on radials. It will look original though best part don’t have to hack stuff up.

  • For those that don’t know, the lower fairing was optional on the Canadian RG250. Bikes that came with the lower fairing cost near $500 Cad more than those with without it. That would be the reason many RG250s are seen without the lower fairing.

  • eBay shows sold for $5,100.00

    Nicely bought!


  • It would have done much better had the seller provided any useful information.

    First off he claims that the VIN and engine numbers match. That isn’t true with the RG250 or the RG500. Suzuki stopped matching frame and engine numbers before that RG250 was built.

    Then he didn’t bother to mention or provide any details about the very obvious aftermarket pipes.

    Poorly applied fuel tank decals appear to be over the clear coat when they should be under it.

    No photos of the instrument cluster and inside of the upper fairing.

    He failed to mention the cut rear fender. Buyers will see that obvious omission and bid accordingly.

    The mirrors could look a lot better. He could have at least taken 5 minutes to tart them up a bit. Silicone spray works wonders on those mirrors.

    The reupholstered seat could look better. That pebbled gator skin look (or is it braille?) just looks odd.

    The windscreen screws are a mix of plastic and metal. That’s a very easy thing to sort out and should have been done before the bike was listed for sale.

    The basic mistakes with this listing cost him a lot of money. I considered going to see the bike as it’s only a couple of hours from my location. After scrutinizing the photos I decided it wasn’t worth the trip. If the simple things aren’t right, why should I trust that the important things are done correctly?

    He lowered the reserve price just before the auction ended. I think he was just trying to get rid of the bike.

    This should be a lesson for anyone listing on eBay or elsewhere. If you can’t be bothered to present your bike better or provide useful details you can expect the end price to reflect your shortcomings. Not showing something looks much like trying to hide something.

    I own a nut and bolt restored 1987 Cdn spec RG250.

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