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Canadian RG-500 Gamma Walter Wolf Edition up for grabs!

Mike 9

For Sale: 1987 Suzuki RG-500 Gamma Walter Wolf Edition

Update 12.20.2011: Originally listed in September, this RG500 WW is now listed with a buy-it-now of just over $24k. Links updated. -dc

If you are living in the US, you too might wonder why it seems that Canada got to play with all of the cool motorcycling toys. After all, two strokes were not banned in the North like they were here in the States, and the Canadians were privvy to Euro-spec toys that never made it to the US shores. Of all the bikes missing in the US, the Suzuki RG500 Gamma must be the most sought after – and potent. And of the Gammas, the Walter Wolf edition is the most unique and rare of the (road going) model lineup.

The picture above shows exactly what the Walter Wolf edition is all about: color and decals. While in some light the bike might look black or dark grey, the WW paint scheme is actually a deep blue (some might call it purple). With the red and gold WW livery to offset the dark color, the result is a striking visual effect that makes these models stand out.

Walter Wolf was a business man who made a fortune in oil during the 1970s. Like many individuals, he attempted to make a small pile of money in motorsports by investing a large one. Wolf was involved in Formula 1 with Walter Wolf Racing, inadvertantly sponsoring the inception of what was to become the Williams Gran Prix team. When Frank Williams left to go on his own, Walter Wolf Racing continued under the Wolf banner – only to fold a few years down the road. Still, the Wolf legend continued throughout car and motorcycle circles, ultimately leading to this limited edition model RG500 Gamma by Suzuki.

With a reported 95 horsepower and weighing in below 350 pounds, the Gamma was a potent performer. The WW livery was paintwork only, and as such all other RG500 reviews, nits and modifications can apply. The difference is that the WW machines were very limited in number, making them more desireable than the standard Gamma. Because of this, we have seen some standard Gammas turned into WW editions via paintwork. As with all rare and collectable bikes, we recommend the user do their homework and ask lots of questions.

From the seller:
1987 Suzuki RG-500 Gamma, Walter Wolf Edition. Excellent condition, 13,000 kms.

This is a very rare, exclusive, hard to find, highly desirable, collectable motorcycle. It has been stored in my living-room beside my T.V for the last 14 years. Runs great and is in excellent condition. Take a look around. There aren’t to many of these available, so if you want to own one act now otherwise you’ll have to look in a museum, Jay Leno’s garage, or on CRIBS

$39,500 or best offer.

The going rate for a Walter Wolf has been going up. Last year, we saw some low mileage examples changing hands in teh $15k range. This year, some of those same bikes have been available for a $20k payout. Still, the initial ask of $39,500 is a bit excessive. Note that the seller has lowered this to $28k Canadian (roughly $28,400), and is open to offers.

This bike does have low miles (only 13,000 KM) and does appear to be in good condition. It has been sitting for a long time, so some review of the condition might be in order (tires, carbs, tank, etc.). Still, if you are looking for a Gamma, and more importantly a rare Gamma, this might be your ticket. Click on the link to jump over to the auction. Good luck!


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1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma From The Solvang Vintage Motorcycle Museum

Alex 2

This is a titled & registered RG500 in California!

Bike:  1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma Walter Wolf Edition

Price:  $15,500USD

Location:  Solvang, California

Mileage: 20,000km

Located in Solvang, California is a 1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma in Walter Wolf colors.   This bike is available from the collection of the Slovang Vintage Motorcycle Museum.  They state that the bike is entirely original and has 20,000km (12,427mi) on it.  They state that the bike has been titled & registered in California for many years.  No service or damage history is provided.  Now, all my information says that the Walter Wolf Edition bikes were MY ’87 only but, I’ll trust the Solvang Museum and assume that they were also produced at the end of the 1986MY.

The RG500 is what many consider to be the ultimate, large displacement, road-going two stroke ever produced.  The RG500 was based on the RG500’s that won world championship’s during the late ’70’s and early ’80’s.  The street going RG’s featured a 498cc, square-four, two-stroke with rotary valve and exhaust port valves and 4x28mm Mikuni flatside carburetors working together to produce 95HP at 9000rpm (83RWHP).  The GP replica also featured 38mm conventional forks with anti-dive, adjustable pre-load and an adjustable mono-shock out back.  The magic was in the aluminum frame however, the RG produced 95HP while only weighing in at 175kg (385lbs) wet!

Some side history about Walter Wolf Racing:  Walter Wolf Racing was a UK Formula 1 race team that competed from 1976 to 1980 and is one of the reasons Williams F1 is where it is today.  The cars were finished in a distinctive Black/Red/Gold scheme which is referenced on the replica RG.  Walter Wolf also had an attraction to Lamborghini’s and has some very distinctive specials produced during the early ’80’s.

If this is a real Walter Wolf replica, and I don’t doubt that it is, it is the rarest RG500 produced–that I’m aware of.  This bike looks to be in fantastic condition from the sole picture present as you would expect for a museum bike.  The asking price is $15,500 which is right where we see standard RG500’s so, I would call this a good price for what you’re getting if it can be verified to be 100% original.  See the bike on Solvang Vintage Motorcycle Museum’s website here.


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1986 Walter Wolf Racing edition Suzuki RG500 Gamma in Canada

Phil 4

We’ve been having a little discussion within the team about posting foreign bikes for sale, and the general consensus seems that if the bike is unique enough and as long as we don’t do it too often, its OK.  So you may start seeing a few more (but not too many) international listings popping up – which I think is a good thing. A Rare Sport Bike is a Rare Sport Bike no matter where it is, right?

Like this 1986 Walter Wolf edition RG500 for sale in Oakville, Ontario, Canada that our reader Martin sent in (now why didn’t I see this when I was attending high school in Oakville?!):

All original Walter Wolf Gamma (Signed in person by Walter wolf himself). Pictures to prove it. This is truly a one and only and is geared toward the true collector. Bike is all original with 38,700kms. Runs and looks great. Signature across top of tank in matching gold paint pen. Bike was professionally appraised in early 2007 at $15,000, prior to Mr. Wolf signing the bike. (Appraisal will go with the bike). It has only grown in value since I obtained the signature. Mr. Wolf claims it is not only the first one he has ever seen, but the first and only he has signed. As with all gammas, there are a few minor spider cracks around some of the fairing connectors. This bike needs to be seen to be appreciated. Never dropped or abused. Very clean and still one of the most iconic sport bikes ever.

The RG500 Gamma is one of the most iconic sport bikes, and the Walter Wolf Racing edition is even more desirable (for me anyway).  Check out this RG400 that we listed before (with RG500 video).

So what is (or rather, who is) Walter Wolf?  Walter is a rich Canadian businessman (I think he is in the oil business) with a keen interest so he set up Walter Wolf Racing and even ran a F1 team from 1976 – 1980.  Here’s more info on this interesting gentleman.

If I have the money to buy an RG500, it would definitely be a Walter Wolf Racing edition.  And while I’m at it, I definitely wouldn’t mind picking up one of them F1 cars in the background to complete the set!


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1986 Suzuki RG 400 Gamma Walter Wolf Racing edition – on ebay!

Doug 13

I’m going say this is probably the rarest bike I will ever post on

document.write('1986 Suzuki Walter Wolf Racing edition Gamma RG400 4 cylinder on ebay');1986 Suzuki Walter Wolf Racing edition Gamma RG400 4 cylinder on ebay


Okay, so I found another rough one, but this one seems to be super duper rare!  Walter Wolf was a successful businessman based in Canada.  His ownership into racing started with a F1 team.  He later ventured into Moto GP and used Gamma RG 500’s. Suzuki honored his team by making a limited number WWR edition RG 500’s, 400’s and 250’s.  This particular model was only sold in Japan and I couldn’t nail down an exact production number, but did find a couple of informative sites that I will link up for you to review.  The first one is a BBS post (disclaimer: I cannot verify this to be fact or fiction so you will have to be the judge) from an author named MannyU and he seems pretty knowledgeable document.write('(click here to read).');(click here to read).

Here is a nice video that gives an idea of what Walter Wolf Racing was back in the day.

These looked pretty sweet back in the day if I do say so myself.

The owner has a lot to say about it and here is a partial list from the auction: 

This is a very rare and exotic Suzuki RG400 Walter Wolf Edition motorcycle. It is from Japan originally.

New parts: Bridgestone tires, Battery, Fork tubes, Fork seals, Carb gaskets, petcock rebuilt.

Bike is far from perfect, although the original paint, where not scratched, has good clear coat and is not faded from sun etc. The bike has always been inside. It does have some corrosion from it’s previous home in Japan, but it should all come clean with the right care.

Bike has approx 9700 KM. Gauges all read KMH. Labels/warning lights are in Japanese.

This little bike needs some work, but would make for an AWESOME addition to any collection. Wouldn’t you agree?


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