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How Brave Are You? 1974 Yamaha TZ750

How Brave Are You?  1974 Yamaha TZ750

 Well big fella, are you really brave enough to ride this beast?  A 750cc two stroke, in that frame, with those wheels?  Not on my to do list my friends.  I honestly can’t fathom what an untamed 750cc two stroke from the 70’s is like to ride.

This picture says it all.  Expansion chambers running amuck.  The sound must be something else.  I would think this thing would want to twist the frame into a pretzel when it comes on the pipe.

Part of a 10 bke GP collection for sale?  This guy’s email is going to fill up fast.

Part of 10 GP bike collection for sale. This is a 74 TZ700 updated to a 77 spec. bike. Frame work done in 76 by Wasco. The engine is all fresh. bottom end done by Scott Clough Racing. Top end is original 140 hp Don Vesco cyl`s. Piston assy`s from Ferry Brower.
This is a ground up re-build and nothing has been over looked. It is track ready or for your display. The bike has not been run.
Bike is sold as is and ships to the US lower 48 states only…Known ridder history. Included in the sale are $6600. in new and used spare parts. You can E-mail me for further information and pictures @

Just like it  came from the factory.  I do not know the seller but I’ve seen some of his previous projects up for auction and the bikes just look gorgeous.  I’ve done some restoration projects and when I see stuff like this  I realize I’m just a amateur.

Now be honest, would your heart not be racing knowing you were about to ride this thing around a track?  Here is a great read from Motorcyclist Magazine about racing one at Daytona.  Here is some more history on it from  They made this fun comparison:

the 1974 TZ700 and the 2000 R7 Superbike

  TZ700 R7
Wheelbase 56.28″ 56″ 
Weight 345 lbs 356 lbs 
Front Tire  3.25 x 18 3.5 x 17
Rear Tire 3.5 x 18 6 x 17
Horsepower 145 173


   The buy it now price for some Yamaha race history is $45,000 and the seller has added the it is a matching numbers bike.  Be sure to check out the auction because he has also listed all the spares included.  If you have the nads and the wallet .




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1976 Yamaha TZ750C Project on eBay

A genuine TZ750 on eBay!

Bike:  1976 Yamaha TZ750C

Location:  Franklin, Michigan

Mileage:  TMU, engine is a later S/N replacement.

I’ll let the seller state the description so I don’t get anything wrong:

1976 Yamaha TZ750C Road Racer: Frame No. 409 – 100101, Engine No. 409 – 200224.HISTORY: I purchased the Yamaha in 1990. No other known history.

ORIGINALITY: The frame number is the first of the 1976 TZ750C production run. It is estimated that 40 machines were built. The engine number indicates that it is dated 1979. The left and right side cylinder barrels each have “347cc 40900” embossed at the rear. The fairing and screen are new Mead Speed parts. The swing arm has been reinforced, but has a very similar appearance to original. The wheel rims are stamped “Daido Japan”. The tires are Continental 3.25 H 18 RB2 (front) & Goodyear Eagle Drag Racer 25 x 7.0 x 18 (rear). The kill switch is missing, but the kill switch pigtail is original and attached to the CDI Controller Box. (2) tiny black tie wraps are used to mount the water temp gauge in place of the original clips. Some of the metric fasteners are not original Yamaha parts. All other parts are original Yamaha. Restoration has been carried out using the pages from the parts manual for reference.

CONDITION: The fairing and all black parts have been professionally painted. The screen to fairing attachment is adequate, but not excellent. The fuel tank, seat and front fender have the original paint. The tank has a tiny surface scratch on the left side and a ding and scratch mark on the right side, as shown in the pictures. These parts have been intentionally left unrestored to retain their originality. All other parts are excellent, but not all have a museum quality finish.

1) The mileage is unknown and the listed mileage is an approximation.
2) I have never had the engine running.
3) Engine compression, gear selection and clutch operation are normal. During storage, the cylinder bores were oiled and the transmission fluid was installed.
4) The transmission and brake fluids have recently been drained.
5) Many of the fasteners have not been correctly torqued and the machine is not suitable for immediate use.
6) The Yamaha does not have a title.

If you like sportbikes, and I assume you do, the TZ750 is pretty much a to-die-for bike and probably even more so than a Black Shadow depending on your generation.  The TZ750 debuted in 1975, following the TZ700, with cantilever rear suspension and put out near 140hp giving it a top speed of over 185mph.

If a TZ750 doesn’t get your blood flowing, this probably isn’t a hobby for you.  Read a fantastic write up of a, California, street titled TZ750 from 1979 here.

This example for sale has obviously been a display piece and would hold it’s value nicely if you decided to continue letting it sit in your living room.  However, this bike has enough influence to possibly make you make, perceived, rash decisions and cash out retirement funds just to be able to head out to the garage and listen to it.  Drool over it on eBay .


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