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Ducati August 2, 2019 posted by

Featured Listing: 1985 Ducati Mike Hailwood Replica

Update 8.1.2019: Joe has renewed his Featured Listings. Check out all of Joe’s bikes for sale on RSBFS! Many thanks for choosing us to help move your collection! -dc

In 1978 Mike Hailwood won the Isle of Man TT riding a Ducati. This was 11 years after his last motorcycle race, the previous period during which he was firmly on the Honda payroll. Everything about the event spelled disaster – an old timer long past his glory years on a make of bike nobody really associated him with – and nobody believed he would be competitive. But this was the stuff of heroes; and heroes always win. Hailwood went on to win what can only be considered the comeback of the century. This cemented the legend of Mike “the Bike” Hailwood’s connection with Ducati, and provided for some wonderful bikes. Today’s Featured Listing – a 1985 Ducati MHR – is one such factory offering that celebrated the success of Mike Hailwood.

The Ducati MHR is a bike built in the tradition of homage; it was built to celebrate the famous TT win. But given that the TT was for street-based machinery, the factory replica was not simply a graphics package. Yes, Hailwood won in 1978. Yes, the Pantah (which introduced the next generation belt-driven cams vs. bevel-driven) was introduced way back in 1980. Then why, you might ask, was a MHR being built in 1985 and based on the older hardware? The answer is that Ducati, still a relatively small company, focused on bevel drive for the big bikes (750 – 1000cc), while the Pantah was initially offered in 600cc and below variants. The bevel-drive motors were still very much in the forefront during this time, even though they may seem slightly archaic today. So the MHR is based on the “square case” 900SS of the day – which was a capable machine in its own right. But why still offer a homage bike in 1985 when Hailwood won the TT back in 1978? Simple: the public demanded it. While the MHR was a very limited edition, it was a tremendously successful marketing effort and a strong model for Ducati. Today’s seller has some good details about this bike, so I will let him take it over from here:

From the seller:
1985 Ducati Hailwood Replica

You should know that I am a serious collector, with a large motorcycle collection. I decided to sell some of the most valuable motorcycles in the collection. These motorcycles represent some of the most iconic motorcycles of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Those motorcycles are now being offered up for sale one by one. These motorcycles were targeted by me for my collection many years ago when the best of the best were available and that is what I purchased.

In general, I do believe super rare Italian motorcycle of the 1970s and 1980s are the future Ferrari of motorcycle collecting. We all know what has happened to Ferrari.

More from the seller:
The Ducati Hailwood Millie shown here was made in two series. The first one being a short fairing and only 900 cc with a kick starter and this model, the Hailwood Millie (1000 cc) with the electric starter and the large fairing; one is one of the most beautifully designed fairings ever. It is a big bike not meant for the meek. Of course, it has the electric starter and exhaust note that will thrill any motorcycle enthusiast. It is in absolutely near perfect condition. It is always on a trickle charger and ready to give you a thrill of a lifetime as you wind through the gears and open it up on an open road. This is another Italian bike that, in our opinion, can be classified as the Ferrari of bikes of the future.

This is certainly a bike for the serious collectors. For those that don’t know all the details, the internet is just loaded with information. I can only suggest that you scrutinize the pictures and decide for yourself if this is another rare Italian collector bike that will eventually become as iconic as a Ferrari. Ten years ago, I spent a long time looking for the best Hailwood Millie and believe me this was the beat of the best, hands down.

Prefer phone calls 847-774-4857. Thanks for looking at one of the best!

These second generation MHR machines are truly beautiful motorcycles. Whereas the original offering utilizes a fiberglass cover over a stock SS tank, the latter bikes use a tank that is unique to the model. The rest of the bodywork is all MHE, evoking the spirit (and the livery) of the racer. And while the underpinnings are SS items, some performance items such as the Conti exhausts are model specific. The solo seat is a non-race item; in reality it is a rear pillion cover, making this a two-seater and enhancing the usefulness of the bike. But people who lust after a MHR are not concerned with practicality – they want the booming V-twin soundtrack and the waves of torque that have made Ducati victorious and famous. You may not be able to ride with the effortless agility of Mike Hailwood, but you can still rock the livery and the sound while paying homage to the great man with this stunning 1985 Ducati Mike Hailwood Replica. Interested parties should give Joe a call at 847-774-4857. Good Luck!!


Featured Listing: 1985 Ducati Mike Hailwood Replica
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A Very Sharp 1985 Ducati 900 MHR With an Amazing 52k Miles!

1985 Ducati 900MHR For Sale

That’s no typo: This bike is being advertised as an unrestored 900MHR with 52,500 miles! Normally we see bikes like this with either very low miles or a recent restoration. Not this one, though it certainly looks well looked after, it is a bike that should continue to be ridden. How often do we get to say that? Make sure to read the seller’s description which includes a great little story of his Isle of Man trip.

1985 Ducati 900MHR For Sale on eBay

from the seller:

The Bike was imported from Japan in 1995 then sat in a collectors garage until I purchased it and first reg it in 2003, when I purchased it had about 14000km on the clock, I wanted to experience the thrill and excitement that one of the greatest motor cycle riders in the world had experienced, and what a thrill it has been. Even though the rides are few and far between these days, I loved every minute on it. Doesn’t’ matter where you are, someone will want a photo and tell a story of some great uncle that had one the same, or tell a story about the amazing Mike Hailwood.

In 2007 I shipped the bike back to the UK and road it around Europe, England, Ireland finishing at the 100 year anniversary of the IOM , before returning back to England to ship the bike back home to NZ, some 12000ks later, the bike never missed a beat.

The bike is very original with the usual ware and tear you would expect from a bike of this age, the only part repainted is the green on the bottom fearing.

The bike has Italian Conties but the original silentium in the photos go with the bike. Can’t believe I am selling this iconic bike!
The bike is priced very realistically and will compensate for a reprint if one desired, a great investment, {brand new they were $ 6499}

The motor runs like a clock and the Tyres are nearly new, what more can one say.

Unfortunately the seller’s price is a bit on the optimistic side at $18k buy-it-now, but I like to believe a deal could be struck that would allow this “rider” to get some more miles under her belt!


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Catching up at Classic Sport Bikes For Sale (Bonneville Speed Week, 83 Hailwood, 84 Interceptor, 83 XN85, 81 900SS)

Hey Guys,

I know lots of our readers love the older rides, so here are the latest picks over at

Have you spotted something interesting you think should be on the site? Email us!


Bonneville Speed Week August 11th-19th — Our man Brian is on site!

Bonneville Speed Week

1983 Ducati Mike Hailwood Replica

1983 Ducati Mike Hailwood Replica for sale

24 miles since 1984 Honda Interceptor

24 miles since 1984 Honda Interceptor for sale

1983 Suzuki XN85

1983 Suzuki XN85 for sale

1981 Ducati 900 Super Sport

1981 Ducati 900 Super Sport for sale

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Hailwood homage – 2002 Ducati MH900e

I often wonder how someone can buy such a gorgeous bike and not ride it.  Personally I can’t do that I have to get out and experience the pleasure of riding them as they were meant to.  Having said that here we have a low mileage Ducati which is not even run in.  Originally created as a concept motorbike in 1998 the Mike Hailwood 900 Evoluzione (hence the name) drew great responses such that Ducati put it into production in 2000 and 2001.  It was Pierre Terblanche’s homage to the NCR race bikes that Hailwood raced so successfully at events like the TT.  There were actually 2,010 bikes produced and while this is shown as a 2002 model it will actually have been produced in 2001.  It draws mixed reactions with not everyone liking it but Terblanche certainly did a good job.

The MH 900e was offered for sale on the internet only to commemorate Mike Hailwood’s return from retirement and subsequent win of the F1 championship at The Isle of Mann. A total of 2000 were produced with 200 coming here to the States. These bikes were offered for sale on 01/01/2000 (the first day of the new millenium), completely sold out in 2 hours; and the wait for delivery was usually two years. This is #647 of 2000 produced. Using the air-cooled fuel-injected 900SS V-twin engine, 6-speed transmission, Ducati produced one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever made and also one of the most collectible. This bike has had one Texas owner, is completely original, and has only 114 actual miles. It runs perfectly, has no issues, and is museum-quality perfect. The factory commemorative plaque, owner’s manual, purchase order, display stand, and Ducati brochure are all included.

The auction on eBay can be found here.

These bikes are still maintaining their value with the two most recent going for $16,500 and $17,500 but one had zero miles and the other 3!  So I would expect this to do well given it only has 114 miles.


Ducati December 5, 2010 posted by

The most expensive Ducatis ever? A pair (yes, a PAIR) of MH900e for $995,000!

A PAIR of zero miles 2002 Ducati MH900e Mike Hailwood Evoluziones for sale at $995,000!

We love Ducati’s MH900e here at RSBFS, but that’s not the reason we posted these – rather it’s because they have got to be the most expensive Ducati’s ever at $497,500 EACH!  Let us see why:

2x Rare and Vintage Ducati motorcycles for sale..


Redheads.  Two examples of the finest contemporary design Ducati has given us in this 21st century.
They are inseparable – for sale as a pair..  #’s 1588 & 1740. They are the two lowest mileage specimens in the US, possibly the world [hmm…possibly, but very unlikely].  With zero and three miles respectively, these two motorcycles are as collectible as can be.

Let me be perfectly clear:  This auction is for TWO MOTORCYCLES.  They are the two lowest mileage examples of the MH900E to be found in the US, possibly the world.

Half of the proceeds of this auction: at least $497,500 – will be donated to charity – I prefer Habitat for Humanity or Feed the Children, but if you have a strong preference, I’ll consider it. [so what happens to the other half of the proceeds from the auction?]

From Wikipedia: Wikipedia: The Art of the Motorcycle

“The Art of the Motorcycle was an exhibition that presented 114 motorcycles chosen for their historic importance or design excellence in a display designed by Frank Gehry in the curved rotunda of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City, running for three months in late 1998.

The exhibition attracted the largest crowds ever at that museum.”

The bike that Ducati called the Mike Hailwood Evoluzione is possibly one of the most beautiful motorcycles to be launched in the 21st century.

That this motorcycle was launched and sold out completely on the very first day of the new century, the new millennium, was remarkable.

In a stroke of marketing genius, Ducati offers the motorcycle for one day – January 1st, 2000, to celebrate the new millennium.  The entire production run sells out in one day – gone

The MH 900e is not just unmistakably a Ducati, with the silencers underneath the tailpiece, it’s what Ducati makes when they intend to create a machine as art.  Form does not follow function on this machine.  Form is everything…

We have two MH900e’s for auction here…

Sisters, if you will. One has 3 miles, the other, zero.  It’s a dry bike – uncrated and stored. They are for sale, but only together, as sisters.  I will not separate them. [oh, that’s rich…]

That is what makes this auction unique.  Two..  Delivered…  by Christmas morning…

The shape is neo-classicical.  You can’t tell if it’s a prototype of a bike they might build in two years, or a machine from the 80’s.  The L-twin engine is exposed to view and the curvalicious minimal front fairing is the most beautiful front end we’ve seen in years.

We offer both of our Pierre Terblanche designed Ducati MH900e’s to add to your collection.

These are a museum quality pieces, they are both completely stock, and certain to take center stage amongst any collection.  We imagine them flanking the the Christmas tree…, or arranged in a V at the bottom of the stairs..

We at AteliersVelocette cater to A-list clients.  Delivery is discreet and bonded. Delivery anywhere in the world, by Christmas morning, included in the final price. All paperwork, keys, stands, T-shirts, etc. included.

Half the proceeds of this sale go to Habitat for Humanity, New Orleans, Doctors without Borders, Haiti, or Feed the Children, at your direction.

(This award of 50% of the proceeds will most likely take place in a publicized event after the auction completes, on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Oprah or Ellen by AteliersVelocette’s founder.)

There you have it, but it still leaves me scratching my head why I would want to pay close to a million dollars for two Ducati MH900e’s.  Just in case you’re wondering what the market price is on the MH900e, click here to see previous listings.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slagging charitable donations by any means, but by my logic it seems that the buyer (if there will be one) will be paying $497,500 for two MH900e’s and the other $497,500 to appear “in a publicized event…on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Oprah or Ellen…”

What baffles me is that  a.) I can think of much cheaper ways to get a pair of low mileage Mike Hailwood replicas (might not be ‘sisters’ though – heh)  b.) there are other (or cheaper) ways to appear in a publicized event  c.) if I have that kind of money to donate to charity, I probably wouldn’t need to do it through an ebay auction!

But hey, any ebay seller by the name of “worldsbestguy” must surely know more than I do! So if you’re looking to buy a pair of zero miles (well, one with 3 miles) Ducati MH900e’s, have $995,000 burning a hole in your pocket that you want to donate to charity AND appear in a publicized event, .


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2002 Ducati MH900e – #571 of 2000

2002 Ducati MH900e – #571 of 2000 – with 1875 miles with full Carbon Dream bodywork and other nice bits for sale!

Even though I would have a better chance of winning the Powerball than fitting on the MH900e (which means I don’t have legs like Uma Thurman nor do have I arms of an orangutan), I have always been taken by the styling of the MH900e.  When the bike was announced it would be available for sale exclusively on the internet (which was a very interesting story in itself.  You can read more about it HERE and HERE) back in late 1999, I nearly convinced my brother and sister to lend me the money for the purchase!  I did, however, end up buying a book about the MH900e…

In any case, here’s #571:

There were only 2000 of these Ducati’s made (…for the new millennium)….all sold over the internet in the first 6 hours of the bike being listed on

This one is # 571 of 2000, I am the original owner and I have  only driven her on the odd Sunday afternoon, hence the low miles…
The following modifications were added to the bike:
1) Full set of Carbon Dream carbon fiber bodywork
2) Ohlins rear shock
3) Ohlins steering damper
4) Sato billet rear sets
5) NCR titanium clutch cover
6) Red Ducati Performance clutch pressure plate
7) Polished Ducati Performance belt covers
8) CRG bar end mirror
Sorry, I don’t have any of the original bodywork or old parts anymore…
The bike had her 1500 mile service at Ducati Atlanta. It will come with the rear stand and a MH900e cover.
Also included in the sale is the original limited edition leather covered Ducati plaque, showing that this is # 571 of 2000
Lastly it is important to note that this is a 9 year old motorcycle, she has always been garage kept and used sparingly, she runs strong and is in very good condition, but she is not a show queen so there may be some very minor wear marks.

One would think that the Carbon Dream bodywork are rarer than rooster eggs (yes, I just made that up), but upon researching our archives, I found two other MH900e previously listed that also had the Carbon Dream treatment.  Not that this devalues the bike in any sort of way, but just goes to show that MH900e owners are 1.) a wealthy lot and 2.)don’t ride their bikes enough (come on – 1,875 miles?!). Here’s a list of MH900es previously listed for sale on RSBFS.



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Ducati Collection In Maryland

This is a nice Ducati collection in Silver Spring, Maryland!

1995 Ducati 916

This Ducati 916 is from the last of Varese factory bikes and features 4,000mi.  The bike looks to be a Bi-Posto model.  The asking price is $7,500.

1988 Ducati 750F1

This bike features the rarer solo seat rear.  The asking price is $16,000.

1983 Ducati 900MHR

This is the electric start Mike Hailwood Replica.  The bike comes with an original Kangol helmet.  The asking price is $20,000.

2000 Ducati MH900E

This bike has 400 miles and the asking price is $14,000.

1996 Ducati 900SS/SP

“Low, Low Miles”  The asking price is $5,500.

Ducati 750 Paso

Showroom new, asking price of $5,000.

It sounds as if there are some great bikes in here that are worth a call if you’ve been looking for one.  The price don’t sound to be deals but, the seller also appears to be a dealer (The photos might be file photos removed from eBay and not actual photos of the bikes for sale).  Regardless, this may be worth a look.  See the bikes on Craigslist here.