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Featured Listing: 1993 Suzuki GSXR400

The smallest Gixxer led a long and fruitful life of bringing young riders into the motorcycling fray, riding the wave of 400cc popularity that swelled, crested and broke in the 1990s. Like most Japanese four-stroke 400s, it had an aluminum frame, a screaming inline four that made around 60 horsepower and aped the looks of its bigger stablemate.

1993 Suzuki GSXR400 for sale on eBay

Despite all that, the little Gixxers were never as popular as their competitors, with reviewers bemoaning somewhat primitive chassis and a peaky engine, even by 400 standards.

But today, they are as eagerly sought after by collectors as any of the 400 sport bikes, in part because they are quite rare. The 1993 Suzuki GSXR400 here is a well cared-for, low-mile example that spent much of its life in the hands of a collector in Japan, before coming into the collection of our buddy Gary.

With the exception of some spots on the wheels and a little pitting here and there, this one looks much newer than even its scant 8,000 miles would suggest. The fairings show no cracks or blemishes, and it is titled and ready to ride.

From the eBay listing:

Up for auction is a premium example of a 1993 Suzuki GSXR400 with only 12,903 kilometers (8,018 miles). This GSXR is almost museum quality. This is a bike you want in your collection. Bike is perfect in every way. The only issue is a tiny rock chip in the paint on the left upper side of the fuel tank and some tiny light scratches on the left rear cowling. Bike is solid and looks very well cared for. Bike appears to have never been crashed or dropped. Super low miles. Purchased from a collector in Japan. Bike has aftermarket exhaust and full flow carb intakes. Runs very smooth and revs like a raped ape. Full service just performed with a new battery, new fluids and new Michelin Pilot’s front and rear. This bike won’t disappoint.

$200 deposit due immeadiatly after auctions end thru PayPal. Balance due within 5 business days by check, bank wire or cash in person. Auction may end anytime as bike is for sale locally. Please text 801-358-6537 for more pictures and questions.

There is no buy-it-now set for this beast, but the auction does have a reserve. The bidding won't end before Christmas, but keep an eye on the auction and you could snag yourself a sweet Boxing Day present.

Featured Listing: 1993 Suzuki GSXR400
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14,000 RPM Of Enjoyment: 1990 GSXR400R (GK76)

14,000 RPM Of Enjoyment:  1990 Suzuki GSXR400R (GK76)

Update 10.10.2012: This 400 was originally listed on August 1st on Craigslist but is back but on eBay this time, and is now offered at $5500 from $7000. Links updated. -dc

While doing my weekly parts search for my own GSXR400R I came across this beauty in New York.  While the little 400's aren't nearly as popular as two stroke 250's they sure are more rare.  I can say, since getting mine running,  they actually provide somewhat of the experience of riding a 250 two stroke;  I did say "somewhat".   The darn things rev to 14,000 rpm and really aren't happy until you are over 10,000rpm.  They provide a pretty nice sound for a little bike as well.

This bike appears to be just about completely stock.  All I'm noticing is the Yoshimura slip on.  Looks like the brake lines are even OEM.  The seller states the mileage at 9,000KM so it hasn't run a lot since 1990.

My only advice, not matter how nice the bike is, is to overhaul the carbs.  Each carb has multiple rubber O rings that age and don't particularly like the ethanol in our gas and will give you headaches if they go bad.  Save yourself the frustration and do it right off that bat.  A decent amount of parts for the bike can be found in the U.S. and some engine parts are shared with the Bandit 400.

Ah, the price.  The seller is asking a steep $7,000.  Generally I haven't seen GSXR400R's pulling this kind of money.  Maybe for an SP in great condition but the standard GK76's seem to fetch less than $5,000.  Maybe there is some room to negotiate because this is a nice example with low miles and a title.

By the way, anyone out there wanting to sell a set of SP carbs? Bueller?

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Double Vision: 1990 Suzuki GSXR400R (GK76)

Double Vision:  1990 Suzuki GSXR400R (GK76)


Feel like you have just seen this bike on RSBFS?  Well you haven't!  This is the second, grey, 1990 GSXR400R we've listed in the past few days and this is another really nice example.  Do you like low KM's (9654) and some paperwork saying you are legit from the state of New Jersey?  It's got both.  How about a tempting price?  The seller is asking  $5,200.



This one is near bone stock as well.  It's like it rolled out of the factory other than an aftermarket rear shock and some new rubber.  Back in 1990 you had to step up to the SP to get the shock with the remote reservoir.  The forks are a little less adjustable as well.  You want the early model bikes though (anything pre 93) because they restricted the later models a bit.



The seller says he is the third owner of the bike since it hit our shores.  This bike has had some  caring owners for the stickers to last that long.  The 70th Anniv. sticker is pretty damn cool.  I want!



If you are familiar with RGV's you'll recognize the cluster.  If I remember correctly RGV forks have the same dimensions as well.  A good way to judge a GSXR400R is from a picture like this.  They will show corrosion in this area if they haven't been taken care of.  This one looks quite nice.  Speaking of nice,  the owner has had the carbs serviced so no need to worry about the o rings.


Here is the info on her:

Time to sell my 1990 GSXR400R (GK76A), titled and registered in NJ. I purchased this bike in 2005, the 3rd owner since it's import. I've put a bit over 3600km on the bike since it's purchase, and it now has 9654km on it (roughly 6000 miles, as the speedo is in metric). I have no doubt this is the actual mileage on the bike, considering it's superb mechanical condition. I've put new seals in the forks and last summer, performed a full carb rebuild including all new O-rings (8 O-rings per carb!). The bike starts immediately every time and runs flawlessly. The rear shock has been replaced with an aftermarket unit (Hagon) and it now rides on Pilot Sports. Otherwise, the bike is in 100% stock original condition. Appearance wise, I give it a 7/10, the all original bodywork and paint show some wear and tear. I don't have the heart to repaint it or remove the original Japanese market stickers still attached to the tail, tank and windscreen. Unlike many of these, this little Gixxer has never been on the track. It's a great bike for street riding and I've been using it to get to work a few times a week the past 2 years when the weather is nice. If you haven't ridden one of these, the GSXR-400R is not only a perfect beginner's bike to grow into. With 400cc of liquid cooled 15k rpms screaming to redline and handling as good as anything this side of a 250 2-stroke, the advanced rider can have some serious fun on the track or when the road gets twisty



Here is the ad.




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Little Gixxer: 1986 SUZUKI GSX-R 400

For Sale: 1986 SUZUKI GSX-R 400

The 400cc class is a very interesting one for RSBFS staff. If its not an import smoker, then a micro-light four stroke is the next best thing. And while we see the CB-1, NC27 and FZR400 relatively often, the GSX-R 400 is a little bit more rare.

This bike looks suspiciously like this one posted by Ian on RSBFS last year. As such, I will quote liberally from our resident mini-Gixxer scholar:

In a perfect world I like more info on grey market imports but you have to work with what you have. I said project earlier because this bike will really take a good looking over and probably some amount of disassembly to make sure everything is cool. Would you ride on a bike that old without seeing everything with your own eyes? Once it is broken down it will take a little work to track down the needed parts. I personally enjoy this detective work during rebuilds. You will head into the garage in the Fall and emerge in the Spring with a nice unique little bike. There might not be too many willing to take that sort of project on so you might catch a deal on the auction (depending if a reserve is set of course).

From the seller:

Things too look for on a baby GXR-R: Corrosion is the big fly in the ointment with many Japanese import bikes- and the 400cc Gixxer is no exception. Expect to find rampant deterioration on engine cases and cockpit area (triple clamps, instrument cluster, etc.). Carbs are another source of annoyance; there are multiple rubber pieces in each carb, and these tend to decay over time. As the bits of rubber make their way into the intricate passages of the carb, the bike will begin to run poorly - and then not at all. For a bike like this that has been sitting, a complete carb rebuild (not a simple clean-out) is a must.

This bike definitely has some needs - new tires are mandatory, as is a carb rebuild and some new plastics. For the effort you will end up with a striking machine that is rare and unique; perfect for the street (if titled) or track days (get ready for jealous looks from all those pitted nearby). The seller is asking $2,800 OBO on this one, and if you are willing to do a little work there might be a Gixxer on the cheap for your collection. Good luck!


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My Current Love Is Back: 1991 Suzuki GSXR400R

My Current Love Is Back:  1991 Suzuki GSXR400R

Update 5.1.2011: Sold!

Oh she is back!  You may remember this bike from a few months ago.  Well it has surfaced again from that well stocked garage in Cali and still needs a new garage to call home.  GSXR400R's are my current passion, as I am rebuilding a basket case and when I see this one I get jealous.  I'll get straight to the point.  It is extremely clean, it is titled, it has low miles, it hasn't been modified, it is a very rare bike and it is for sale! 

Did I tell you they red line at 14,500?  How about only 10,700 miles for a bike built in 1991?  In all honesty this is a very telling photo of the condition of the bike.  GSXR400R's are notorious for corrosion around the instrument cluster.  Mine looked like it came off a bike that had been sitting in the rain since 1950.  This one obviously looks great:  as does the rest of the bike.

Remember when shopping for a GSXR400R you want the earlier (90,91,92) model years as they were not restricted.  It is not a big thing but the after market muffler is a nice touch.  Aftermarket parts for these are extremely rare.  I've been shopping for a full system for mine and I can tell you it is ten times easier finding RGV250 parts than parts for these.  One the plus side, quite a few engine parts cross reference with the Bandit 400 which was sold here.  Most ordinary parts like brakes, bearings etc are standard Suzuki stuff and easy to get.


One bugaboo on any GSXR400R of this age is the carbs.  These carbs are famous for giving owners issues due to about 4 rubber washers in each carb rotting.  It's an easy problem to solve as long as you know it is an issue.  If you buy one and it starts running funny that would be the first place I'd check.

Hey, there is no reason not to buy this one if you want a little Gixxer.  You say you want an SP?  I've had multiple people say they aren't worth it for the street.  They say the SP gearbox is a real bear with the tall first gear.  You say you want to hold out for an SPII with SP features but better gear ratios?  You might be using a walker before finding one.  I've never seen one in the United States and actually never seen one for sale in Japan either.  and see if you and the seller can come to an agreement.


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Hand It Over: Clean-Low Mile 1992 Suzuki Bandit 400

1992 Suzuki Bandit 400 - Clean-Low Mileage


As I was playing on the computer, trying to avoid the Mrs. and her chores, I came across this nice Bandit 400.  Anyone remember these bikes?  They didn't last for long (at least in the US).  Another swing and a miss on a small bike in the US market.  I always thought they were a neat little bike because of the engine.  It is a variant of the the engine that Suzuki used for their home market GSXR400R.  It is in a slightly detuned form in the Bandit but is no slouch for the cc's.  Considering this is a a pre-naked bike era  model I think Suzuki was ahead of the game with the frame and general styling.  I'm not a marketing genius but I think they would have done fine with the little Bandit with just a few modifications.  How about dual discs up front, some adjustable-modern upside down forks and some sort of bikini fairing up top?  I would think that could have been done and still kept the bike at a decent price point.  Check out the model history of the bandit and you will see Suzuki did make a limited edition version of the bike that is pretty close to my wish list. 

If you've ever thought about owning a Bandit 400 this particular bike is a great find.  From the quick search I did it looks like clean examples are far and few between.  Heck, to find any bike from 1992 in clean and stock condition is rare.  

From the ad: 

Up for sale is my 1992 Suzuki Bandit 400. The bike has about 5,200 original miles and looks it! The bike runs great and just recently had it serviced. The bike is 100% stock and 100% complete. I absolutely love to ride this thing and find it more fun to ride than my 1998 Yamaha R1.
A summary of the work that has recently been done is below:
Brand new Michelin Pilot Power Tires F&R (200 miles on them, front still has 'nubbies')
New brake pads.
Recent Brake fluid flush.
New fork seals and changed 10wt fork oil.
New Battery
New air filter
New plugs
Multiple oil and oil filter changes
New voltage regulator
New ignition box.
Just had the carbs professionally cleaned where they run them in an ultrasound machine and wow, what a difference.
I've also added a 30mm jack-up kit that I purchased from the UK. This raises the rear of the bike to give it more ground clearance, sharpen the handling, and give it that modern streetfighter look. 

Now the bad:
There is a minor dent on the tank near the seat, can barely see it but I want to disclose everything. The overall condition of the paint on the tank, bodywork, and frame is good however there are some minor chips and scratches but really not bad at all for an 18 year old bike. There are some scratches on the muffler and side cover where the guys son dropped it in there gravel driveway. The bike likes a slightly high idle about 2k rpm which is a little higher than stock, but doesn't effect the performance.
Price is negotiable, make an offer. Bike is in orlando.
Here are a few videos of the bike: 


First off,  I'd like to give the seller a big thumbs up for his approach to selling the bike.  He has nice clear high resolution pictures, he has all the important information about the bike and then went to the trouble to post some videos of the bike.  He is asking $2,500, OBO for the bike.  I will tell you right now you will find some Badit 400's out there for less.  In this price range I say why bother.  Don't mess around,  make the man a decent offer and ride away with nice, clean, well maintained bike that you don't see everyday. 

Update:  This bike is now listed on Ebay and can be viewed here.

The sellers video from Youtube.