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14,000 RPM Of Enjoyment: 1990 GSXR400R (GK76)

14,000 RPM Of Enjoyment:  1990 Suzuki GSXR400R (GK76)

Update 10.10.2012: This 400 was originally listed on August 1st on Craigslist but is back but on eBay this time, and is now offered at $5500 from $7000. Links updated. -dc

While doing my weekly parts search for my own GSXR400R I came across this beauty in New York.  While the little 400’s aren’t nearly as popular as two stroke 250’s they sure are more rare.  I can say, since getting mine running,  they actually provide somewhat of the experience of riding a 250 two stroke;  I did say “somewhat”.   The darn things rev to 14,000 rpm and really aren’t happy until you are over 10,000rpm.  They provide a pretty nice sound for a little bike as well.

This bike appears to be just about completely stock.  All I’m noticing is the Yoshimura slip on.  Looks like the brake lines are even OEM.  The seller states the mileage at 9,000KM so it hasn’t run a lot since 1990.

My only advice, not matter how nice the bike is, is to overhaul the carbs.  Each carb has multiple rubber O rings that age and don’t particularly like the ethanol in our gas and will give you headaches if they go bad.  Save yourself the frustration and do it right off that bat.  A decent amount of parts for the bike can be found in the U.S. and some engine parts are shared with the Bandit 400.

Ah, the price.  The seller is asking a steep $7,000.  Generally I haven’t seen GSXR400R’s pulling this kind of money.  Maybe for an SP in great condition but the standard GK76’s seem to fetch less than $5,000.  Maybe there is some room to negotiate because this is a nice example with low miles and a title.

By the way, anyone out there wanting to sell a set of SP carbs? Bueller?


  • I think it is totally cool and would look great next to my FZR400, but Mr. Seller, don’t tell me that it is “mint” when you show pictures of it taped up at a track day!

    Don’t get me wrong; that is where this bike belongs although I’m sure my FZR would spank it!

  • yea, but now you can do that on a 1000 w/ 190 hp…

  • It is pretty much what he says it is…..not mint, but for it’s age it’s about $250 touch up from a good paint shop from being there. It has no corrosion at all, cock pit looks brand new, body work is all original and no cracks. Here are my notes from right after looking at / riding it.
    This is a 1990 Sling Shot model…. And it’s everything the ad says, plus….

    I just went up and looked at this bike, and was granted a test ride as well….. owner has clear NYS title/registration in hand, bike runs great…. Smooth power delivery all the way to 14K, no flat spots at all, it is a bit weak below 8K, as to be expected, but not annoyingly so, not enough to make you slip the clutch to get going or anything… and an absolute ball once it gets above that 8K magic spot.
    Pegs are bit high for slow around town, but that disappears as you get it going in some twisty sections where the bike belongs. I’m 6ft even and fit on this bike great, legs right in the cut outs, and the usual GSXR purposeful stance, but not uncomfortable even at slow speeds
    In very, very good shape, some minor scratches on the body work, clutch cover and one mirror which all looks to be shipping related and easily fixed at any good paint shop, no damage to any graphics and it looks like it has never been down.
    Just an absolute blast to ride, stable, lite, handles great feels confidence inspiring in corners and it has ALL the original Japanese paper work, manuals, original title from Japan, original owners purchase doc’s, original tool kit, import doc’s, bill of sale and most importantly a clear NYS title!!
    It is currently insured by Progressive – so that covers all the potential issues…..
    Except for the Japan Spec Yosh pipe, which sounds/looks great…completely stock – the owner did tell me took it out for a couple of laps at Loudon to see what it was like on the track. The tires back up the story and look to have about 2-3 sessions on them, which means they will need to be replaced. Owner also has replaced the O rings in the carbs, and has an extra set, as well as the name and contact info from a guy in the UK that can supply parts.

    No, I’m not the seller or related to him, in fact I was about to go up there and drop some cash on the table and hopefully take it home – then my daughter dropped the news that she is getting married – Yep, game over in the cash flow dept for a while.

    While I can not pull the trigger on this…someone should jump on this immediately!!

  • I’ve ridden US spec FZR400’s and having been on this bike… the FZR has no chance against this. Out handles the FZR, is putting out 59HP, and it handles and accelerates better.
    The only FZR 400/600 that is going to spank this bike is the JDM FZR400RR SP.

  • Gocky,
    True, but what is the point of owning a bike everyone else has?

  • Scott,
    Thanks for kicking the tires and test ride info. I think you summed it all up nicely. I’d be curious to know if he gets the $7,000 for it.

  • Cool bike without a doubt.. I would pay $5500.00 for it.
    Don’t see them available often..

  • Two words….NC30. Put those bikes away, the king has arrived.

  • Hellmutt,
    Stop that crazy talk. We do not speak of that brand here. I’m not a fan of Honda products but I would jump at the chance to buy an NC30. I’d actually take that over an NSR250.

    Make the man an offer!

  • hey all thanks for the comments.All are good and im greatful for your time to look and comment.Thanks to Scott for posting this add for me.Like he said i replaced the gaskets and the carbs were cleaned and serviced and dynoed.i have the results as well to the dyno run.As far as the track time it was minimal and the tires are still good nothing major when i rode the bike at Loudon Race way.I didnt beat it didnt bounce it off the shit box.The bike is mint and well worth the money.I dont believe you will find another in this condition with the low miles that are on it.Im sorry the pics are from a track day i was reluctant to use these photos just becuase of the comments of it not being mint and others wondering if i beat the bike and no i did not.the bike has never seen rain and has been in climate controlled storage.just wanted to clarify some things for everyone and my bike is faster than yours ha just kidding it is fast though but also depends on whos on it.you could beat me with a ninja 250 if you got the nut to do it.yeah bikes are faster than others but it does matter who is riding it.My tlr is faster but if you are a better rider youl beat me while your on the 400.just saying yeah an nc30 is faster even an nsr250 but if kevin swantz is on my 400 and your on a gsxr 600 hel smoke you.my point towards all that.thanks again everyone for your time and shes a beuty so come and get her.Patrick

  • Hello, I am the proud owner of this bike. Want to thank Patrick for his honesty with all the info. He was 100% forthcoming. This is my first bike this size. I always took American values to the motorcycle purchases I’ve made. When I got it home I had to take it for a spin. 2 hours later I returned. I have never had this much fun on a bike. Ever! The handling is where it shine. Not power or speed. Has plenty of both but the handling is incredible. Have put 700 miles on it and can’t wait for my next rip! Also, brought it to my local shop, they were impressed.

  • congrat’s to the buyer and seller! Freaking awesome little bike, and I found it amusing to see Jeff’s comments echo my exact feeling after riding the bike myself…. I literally could not stop smiling – it was ridiculous how much fun these JDM imports are!
    And my primary rides are all 750’s / 1000cc…. and this 400 was the most fun I had riding anything in years – if ever.
    Jeff… I know there is no need to say this but…
    enjoy the bike!

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