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Suzuki February 20, 2018 posted by

Better Than the Real Thing? 1980 Suzuki XR69 Replica for Sale

We don’t normally like to post up bikes that stray too far from stock, but this very useable, purpose-built replica of Suzuki’s XR69 seemed too well put together to pass up. And certainly, this isn’t just some GS1000 with an aftermarket fairing slapped into place with some stickers holding it together. It’s gorgeous, painstakingly crafted, and fully-prepped to compete in vintage racing classes. In some ways, it’s even better than a real XR69. Crash one of those, and you’ve destroyed a valuable investment, a living historical racing document. Crash this one, and it’s just money, and significantly less money than an actual XR69.

The original XR69 was a late 70s/ early 80s four-stroke superbike, a bit like a WSBK and MotoGP hybrid. The engine was obviously based on Suzuki’s production GS1000, but power for the race engine quickly outstripped the ability of the stock platform to handle it, so Suzuki provided frames and suspension parts from their two-stroke GP bikes, and the bikes suddenly handled as well as they went. 1981 saw a switch from a dual shock setup to a Full Floater rear suspension and even better handling. Surprisingly, engines were developed by Pops Yoshimura instead of Suzuki’s in-house racing department, and the 997cc DOHC, 16-valve inline four put 134hp through the GS1000’s five speed gearbox. The package was updated with a dry clutch in 1983 and top speed was 170mph, depending on gearing.

This one obviously has some minor differences. It uses a monoshock rear that would more likely have been found on the 1981 model and appears to use 17″ wheels at both ends. But the frame looks pretty authentic to my inexpert eye and the overall effect is very impressive.

From the original eBay listing: 1980 Suzuki XR69 Replica for Sale

For Sale: Suzuki XR69 – A replica of the factory Yoshimura 1980 Suzuki XR69 raced for endurance racing in Europe ridden by Wes Cooley. This bike was built for the sole purpose of racing the International Challenge at Phillip Island in Australia. I have raced this bike last year and is extremely fast and performs like a modern bike. The suspension has been transformed by Dave Moss out of California and is flawless for me.

Pro mod built crank with 493 Katana rods. displacement: 1280cc. 39mm CR Keihin carbs. 31mm titanium intake valves. Stainless steel 27mm exhaust valves… extensive porting, new springs, ti retainers, hard faced cams and rocker arms. $6k in the head. No expense spared in building this engine as well as bike! All work performed by Larry Cook Racing in Portland OR.  Undercut transmission. Billet clutch hub with brand new Barnett clutch plates. Sigma Slipper clutch. Dynatek 2000 ignition with grey coils. Wego A/F gauge. Chromoly outstanding CMR custom built frame out of Canada. Custom 4:2:1 exhaust by Hindle. Brand new Ohlins rear shock with different springs. EBC front rotors and pads with unbelievable stopping power. Able to be started on the end of crank with hand starter. All making 171.5 hp. at the rear wheel with 110 fuel. There is more power to be found with different fuels!!Has tremendous power down low as well.

An extremely comfortable ride as well! Recently completely rebuilt because of top end oiling issue with new sleeves and custom pistons and tested at Utah. Perfect and Ready to go for Phillip Island with Dunlop newer slicks (1 practice session and 1 break-in session on Dyno) For all you professionals wanting to race a bike for Team USA at Phillip Island 2019 this is the one that will get you in the pointy end of the race.

What’s this really worth? Well, it obviously has very minimal historic value, not being an actual historic racing motorcycle. But it is a fully-built racing machine built to compete on the vintage circuit and that $26,000 asking price seems pretty fair, considering the parts and labor that have gone into this one. The market for a replica historic racing motorcycle may be small, but this one will hopefully find the right buyer.


Better Than the Real Thing? 1980 Suzuki XR69 Replica for Sale
Bimota December 30, 2017 posted by

Featured Listing: 1980 Bimota SB3 for Sale

Update 3.27.2018: Contact Chris with your interest by email:

Most of our readers probably think of Bimota as a manufacturer of overpriced two-wheeled status symbols dripping with billet and carbon fiber and Italian style. But Bimota originally took its name from founders Valerio BIanchi, Giuseppe MOrri, and Massimo TAmburini. Yes, that Massimo Tamburini. And his genius is on display in this 1980 Bimota SB3 that was one of their earliest and most radical machines, considering it was based around the inline four cylinder engine from the very typical for the period Suzuki GS1000.

Japanese bikes of the 1970s and early 1980s, even those from factory racing efforts, had engines that were famously more advanced than their frames. Road bikes were often especially bad, with flexibility that meant some felt like they had an extra hinge in the middle, and into this handling void came Bimota. A tradition of boutique frame builders actually sprang up all over Europe and Great Britain to fill the need for bikes that went around corners as well as they ate up straight lines, and Bimota was one of the most successful.

It’s a shame Bimota didn’t make naked bikes during their heyday, since the tubular frame seen on the SB3 is a work of art, and incorporates innovative ideas like the concentric swingarm pivot that kept the geometry constant throughout the swingarm’s travel and allowed the chain to be run with virtually no slack. The frame fit so tightly around the engine that it actually split to allow servicing, once the one-piece tail and tank-cover was removed.

Even without the handling improvements provided by the frame and suspension upgrades, the SB3 still would have been blisteringly fast: the air-cooled Suzuki four was lightly tuned, but the overall package was a staggering 79 pounds lighter than the stock machine. It was incredibly rare, incredibly exotic, and incredibly fast, although it was also incredibly uncomfortable: a torturous riding position and unforgiving suspension meant it was only at home on very smooth, curvy pavement.

From the Seller: 1980 Bimota SB3 for Sale

1980 Bimota SB3 #187 of 402 with spare unused factory fairing and windscreen.

Trades considered. – Items of interest – Ducati’s or toys using Ducati 900ss engine, will accept or add cash for the right deal.

The SB3 had its debut at the Milan Show in 1979 and showcased some radical thinking; particularly in the frame design. The chromoly frame is assembled around the engine and uses aircraft style ‘conical’ joints to connect the front and rear halves. It also has a ‘perimeter’ swing arm, which pivots exactly at the transmission sprocket axis, eliminating the need for chain slack and geometry changes that go along with that. Modular bodywork, top-line (for the day) Italian components (Brembo, Marzocchi, Campagnolo,). Powered by Suzuki’s bullet-proof GS1000 power plant, only 402 copies were made during its production.

Local Texas bike that has been ridden/enjoyed over the years. The bike has some wear from use which is listed below. The only upgrades are period correct Keihin CR 31 smoothbore carburetors, Dyna S ignition, and fresh coils.

Wheels have been brought down to bare magnesium and dye tested for cracks. After testing came back fine they were then properly primed and painted with color matched from an original color chip. Wheels have new bearings front and rear.

Bike comes with a spare fairing as the builder of the bike planned to use it as a race bike but never ended up doing so. Lately, I was able to source a spare original windscreen in clear so you have a color choice. Front and rear suspension rebuilt in 2016. Recent engine removal for valve adjustment.

Parts are able to be sourced online from and your local Suzuki shop.

• Slight rash on right side fairing pictured from garage tip over.
• Some rock chips in paint on forks from road use as pictured.
• Some paint cracking and peeling around gas cap (damn ethanol). Inside of tank looks fine.
• Left fairing is shows bubbling under the paint. Use the new spare fairing while this is sent for repair.
• Odometer does not work as no speedo sending unit is installed. Currently a spacer is installed where a speedo sending unit would mount. I will include the Garmin wrist wearable GPS I leave on the upper fork brace I use to track speed and mileage.
• Swingarm under rear shock mount is missing some powdercoating and shows surface rust.
• Upper fairing has a slight crack on the left side near the petcock. Was like this from my first meeting the bike 25 years ago and has not grown.
• Petcock has been rebuilt. Does not use vacuum from carbs to operate so should be switched on and off and likely cause of above mentioned crack.
• Recent replacement of coils, wires, and upgrade to Dyna S ignition module.
• Magnesium wheels freshly dye tested and properly prepared (chromate treatment) before paint which was properly paint matched from original.
• Fresh spark plugs, caps and wires.
• Fresh tires, tubes and wheel bearings front and rear.
• New chain.
• Rear brake caliper recently rebuilt, parts on hand to rebuild front when required.
• Front forks and rear shock rebuilt in 2016 by 812 Suspension.
• Clutch cover freshly powder coated to match original engine color.
• No oil leaks.
• Engine has solid compression and all cylinders within 5% of each other.

The seller is asking under $15k for this mechanically very sound SB3 with a few clearly shown cosmetic imperfections. Certainly a good place to start for a restoration, or just ride it as-is! Even better, follow through on the bike builder’s original intent and enter the bike in some classic races! Skinny tires and vintage power output aside, I’m sure it handles well and would certainly be in the true spirit of Bimota’s original mission. Considering how impossibly stiff the stock machine was supposed to be, that might be the best use for it…


Featured Listing: 1980 Bimota SB3 for Sale
Suzuki May 19, 2016 posted by

Smaller, But Still Sharp: 1999 Suzuki GSX400S Katana for Sale

1999 Suzuki Katana 400 R Side Front

Introduced in Europe in 1981, the Suzuki GSX1100S “Katana” and its littler siblings like this rare, apparently very late-production GSX400S stunned the motorcycle buying public. A quick glance at bikes available from other manufacturers at the time shows us deep in the era of the Universal Japanese Motorcycle, and the Big Four were clearly following, not leading, when it came to styling. The angular design of the Katana’s tank, a tiny quarter-fairing, that compact dash with nearly overlapping gauges, the strange, squared-off seat… it was almost enough to distract you from the fact that the bike was basically a restyled GS1100.

1999 Suzuki Katana 400 L Side

The mechanical components were very conventional: twin-shock rear suspension and the… um, familiar air/oil-cooled inline four cylinder backed by a five-speed gearbox, along with a 19” front and 17” rear wheel combination. The GSX-R that followed updated the mechanicals to match Suzuki’s radical styling but, at the time, those GS bits were deemed sufficient. And they were: the bike handled well enough and proved to be very popular. It wasn’t cutting-edge technology, but the GS was already a solid performer and that engine is powerful, reliable, and can be made to really perform with a wealth of hop-up parts and a vast resource of tuning knowledge pulled from decades of drag and road-racing experience.

1999 Suzuki Katana 400 Dash

Interestingly, the US actually got a smaller, 998cc engine for their “GSX1000S” when it arrived in 1982 to squeak under the 1025cc limit for Superbike racing, but it’s still a big, burly performer. But this little Katana throws that all out the window. I’m assuming the bike was intended for the Japanese home market and I’d expect the engine is basically shared with the 400 Bandit. There’s nothing wrong with the little Bandit, but the Katana’s small-block Chevy quality and a good deal of the bike’s brutally simplistic charm is gone.

1999 Suzuki Katana 400 Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1999 Suzki GSX400S Katana for Sale

Located in Santa Ana, California. This bike has 2273 KM = 1363 Miles. This is a true low KM original bike. The carbs were cleaned about 10 months ago. They do need a light cleaning now because the bike has been sitting. This bike is being sold with a bill of sale only. I don’t have a title for the bike and can not get one, so don’t ask. More info is available on our website. If you overseas or Canadian buyer, you will have to make your own shipping arrangements. I can help USA buyers with the shipping, or you can arrange your own shipper. Bike is being sold as is, no returns. Ask questions and look at the pictures carefully before you bid. Again, this bike is being sold with a bill of sale only, NO TITLE. 

1999 Suzuki Katana 400 FR

Aside from some wear on the seat fabric, the bike does look very clean and in good shape. So this little Katana is certainly rare, especially here in the US, but does that make it especially valuable? The seller is looking for an $8,000 starting bid and the bike doesn’t come with a title, not a surprise but a bit of a problem for anyone who wants to do more than display the it, unless they live in a state with a very permissive DMV. The Katana does make a pretty great display piece, and are seeing an increase in value. They’re striking and very practical, with good parts availability, decent handling, and some pretty big power available from that lump of an engine. But considering that a good 998cc Katana would likely run you less than what this seller is hoping to get, will look almost identical, and be much faster, I think the novelty actually works against it here.


1999 Suzuki Katana 400 R Side

Smaller, But Still Sharp: 1999 Suzuki GSX400S Katana for Sale
Suzuki September 19, 2013 posted by

Shortest Distance Between Point A And Point B? 1983 Suzuki GS1100E

gs left

The GS knows the answer: a very straight line. Give it a few miles of straight, open highway, rotate your right wrist and enjoy.

gs right close

Some call this engine the equivalent to the small block Chevy. They have been modified in every manner possible through the years and it sounds like you still have a good choice of after market parts.

gs left rear

Suzuki was milking every last dime from the Katana. The GS has some subtle styling cues from it.

gs right rear

Not a whole lot of info on the bike but it appears to be completely stock and low mile (13,006).
From the seller:

1983 Suzuki gs1100e Superbike. The bike that is the heart of suzuki’s legendary performance from drag racing to road racing.

A very fine example of a 1980’s superbike. The bike is in very good condition and VERY original from the grips to the stock exhaust.

The seat is original (no tears!) Very rare for this model. The bike runs perfect with tracktor like torque. Every thing works as stock.

Very rare to find one this clean with low miles.

Own a piece of superbike history!

gs cluster

Put your big boy pants on, there is no fairing to protect you.

Click it for the auction.


Shortest Distance Between Point A And Point B?  1983 Suzuki GS1100E
Suzuki August 16, 2013 posted by

Would It Sell Here? 2001 Suzuki GS1200SS

gs right
I was kind of surprised to never see this model sold in the U.S. We generally gobble up any large displacement bike and sport bike riders are aging enough that a trip down memory lane might convince them to lay down some cash. Instead, the GS1200SS has stayed a Japanese domestic market bike and only a few like this one (in the U.K.), escape.

2001 Suzuki GS1200SS for sale on eBay

gs left
It looks like it is roughly styled after the 1980 GS1000 endurance racer that of course led to the the GSXR series.  It also comes in a Yoshimura and Suzuki racing blue color scheme.

gs engine
That should look familiar to most any Suzuki street bike owner.  No radiator hoses to clutter things up.  Weight is claimed to be 460lbs and the HP is the usual 100 max for the Japanese market.  We all know there is more there if you want it.

gs dash
They kept it no frills.  I give it a thumbs up.  In a world where electronics now rule I’m liking the retro feel even more.

Here is the listing on Ebay U.K.


Would It Sell Here?  2001 Suzuki GS1200SS
Bimota December 26, 2012 posted by

Early Unobtainium: 1980 Bimota SB3

For Sale: 1980 Bimota SB3

12/26/2012: Back on eBay with a starting bid of $25k reserve not met and $29,500 buy-it-now. If Santa missed you this year, maybe this will work 😉 Links updated. -dc

4/12/2012: We love this early Bimota and it’s back on eBay for $4000 less than it’s last listing. Links updated. -dc

3/20/2012: Back on eBay since our original posting last year, this SB3 is now being offered out of New York for $29,000 USD or best offer. The auction is mistakenly labeled for a Ducati Superbike, which might slow some bidders down. There are also some new pictures in the auction, so be sure and check them out! Links updated. MI

When it comes to the early age of Bimotas, we do see them cross the auction block from time to time (witness this Bimota post from Rem, for example). They are, however, very rare and usually very pricey.

This particular example of the breed – in fantastic condition throughout according to the pictures – comes to us from the Ontario providence of Canada. Perhaps it is the short riding seasons that have kept this beauty from accumulating many miles – less than 5,000 miles grace the face of this bike’s odometer.

From the seller:
Look closely at the technology and engineering of the machine and it’s hard to believe that this bike is a 1980 model. The SB3 had its debut at the Milan Show in 1979 and showcased some radical thinking; particularly in the frame design. The cromoly frame is assembled around the engine and uses aircraft style ‘conical’ joints to connect the front and rear halves. It also has a ‘perimeter’ swing arm, which pivots exactly at the transmission sprocket axis, eliminating the need for chain slack and geometry changes that go along with that. Modular bodywork, top-line (for the day) Italian components (Brembo, Marzocchi, Campagnolo,). Powered by Suzuki’s bullet-proof GS1100 power plant, only 402 copies were made during its production.

This one shows some sensible mods from the previous owner (Pingle fuel tap, relocated choke, battery charger pig tail) and a bit of natural patina from use, but is in exceptional condition and with only 4,700 miles on the clock; it’s barely broken-in.

There were an estimated 402 SB3 bikes produced during the 1979-1983 model run. This bike, a 1980 model with a low VIN, is obviously an early example. Yet even after 31 years the overall condition of the bike looks to be fantasic. Such is the way with rare and exotic collectibles: a lot of looking and polishing, but often not a lot of riding.

That is a shame in some ways, as this bike was the top of the food chain at the beginning of the decade. With a chrome moly trellis frame, top level suspension and braking components and a Suzuki GS1000 mill, this bike could out handle and outrun practically anything else on the road save for an all-out racebike. Even today you might be surprised at the potential – should you be lucky (or brave) enough to ride it in anger.

This magnificent SB3 is available now via an eBay auction. At the time of this writing, the current bid was approximately $5,900 with reserve still in place. The bidding is taking place with Canadian dollars, so stateside bidders will need to watch conversion rates (1 USD is approximately .95 CAN at the going rate). The last SB3 posted here on RSBFS had an opening bid of $10k and a BIN of $25k, just to give you an expected range. There is no reason to believe that this bike would fall outside of that spread, and it will be interesting to see where the reserve is set for this rocket. For more information, click on the link and jump over to the auction. Don’t forget to tell ’em you found it on RSBFS!


Sport Bikes For Sale December 6, 2012 posted by

Ghost of Christmas past? 1982 Suzuki Katana 1000

This is a bad boy sportbike from another time. It is hard to believe that this bombshell dropped on U.S. shores 30 years ago! This bike still looks menacing and full of purpose and ready to tear up your favorite road. Credit legendary designer Hans Muth for the angles, and Suzuki for having the guts to produce it.

First generation Katanas such as this are pretty rare, and thus very popular when they do turn up for sale. This particular one seems to have had a minor refresh to get it ready for sale, yet it looks complete and has a significant number of bids thus far.

From the seller:
For sale is a very rare 1982 Suzuki gs1000sz Katana, this bike was completely restored, complete teardown

complete paintjob

all decals and engine badges are new old stock oem suzuki parts

new clutch cable, throttle cable

the seat is original, i just cleaned it and the seat strap is new old stock oem suzuki

forks were rebuilt new seals

frame,stands, battery box sandblasted and painted

engine cleaned and painted

carbs were rebuilt completely all new seals and

brand new battery

vance & hines exhaust( was bought off showroom floor with it on bike)

this was a 2 owner bike, the bike

this bike runs great, has 28600 miles

There are those that prefer the colors of the next year bike, or claim that the 1100 Katana is the more potent performer. While you cannot fault the reasoning, this first edition model will always be the most desired by collectors; this is the model that started it all.

Bidding has been pretty hot on this machine, and the current price is up to just over $4,000 with reserve still in place. Despite the number of bids the price is still a bit lower than expected, although I anticipate that to go up as the auction nears the end. For your chance to bid on this monster – or just to check out the pictures and the action – click on the link and jump on over. Don’t miss your chance to snag a piece of Suzuki history!


KTM December 2, 2012 posted by

Early December 2012 Mailbag [RC8R, GS1000, FZR1000, ZXR400]

Hey guys,

Here’s the latest submissions to our email. It’s been very busy for all of us at our day jobs and unfortunately we weren’t able to to get to everything before it expired but we appreciate your submissions.



First up is Adam’s 2011 KTM RC8R. Current bid is just shy of $15100 and appears to be winning bid with 2 days to go. It comes loaded with tons of trick bits to be a track day super threat, but with just 1200 miles and all the stock bits included in the sale, you get to decide how it lives the rest of it’s life. Good luck with the sale Adam!

Kurt and Amy forwarded this awesome 1978 Suzuki GS1000 survivor. Available in Tampa Bay, Florida for $4500 this one sports just 17k miles and looks like a great buy for this price and condition.

Ned forwards us this 1992 Yamaha FZR1000 in North Carolina. It has 22k miles but looks unmolested and even sports the original exhaust. For $2700 it’s hard to go wrong here I think.

Jeff emails us this brand new 2000 Kawasaki ZXR400 for sale on eBay UK for about $8000 USD.