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Honda July 22, 2016 posted by

Grand Prix in Miniature: 1993 Honda RS125 for Sale

1993 Honda RS125 L Side3

Growing up, my only experience with two-strokes was in leaf blowers: I didn’t ride dirt bikes, and two-stroke sportbikes were long gone by the time I got into motorcycles. A thudding v-twin sounds like sex, and the technology that allows a four to scream to 16,000rpm boggles my mind while the noise makes my hair stand on end. But the tinny snarl of a two-stroke engine? Basically it reminded me of Sunday morning hangovers…

But I’m an adult, and adults can admit when they’ve been wrong about something. And I really want a two-stroke race bike like this Honda RS125.

1993 Honda RS125 Rear Wheel

Of course, there are problems with my revised worldview. First of all, I’m a bit too big for something like this: an RS125 weighs something like 160lbs, meaning I weigh more than the bike, and my 6’2” height means it might be a little bit… Cramped, to say the least. That’s not so say that larger riders can’t ride them. It’s just that 180lb rider needs to be very careful about body positioning as their weight will more dramatically affect handling than it would for a smaller rider. In the plus column, their light weight means 125s crash better than heavier bikes…

1993 Honda RS125 L Side Rear

The RS125 wasn’t based on a road bike: it was a pure racing machine, an entry-level, over-the-counter tool that professionals and privateers could order from Honda to cut their teeth on in wheel-to-wheel competition. Powered by a liquid-cooled, two-stroke single with nearly square dimensions of 54mm x 54.5mm and backed by a 6-speed gearbox, the bike was good for 32hp and a 130mph top speed with the rider flat on the tank. Very, very flat on the tank…

Riders like Loris Capirossi and Dani Pedrosa got their starts racing RS125s, and if it was good enough for them, it’s good enough for you, or your kid to go racing.

1993 Honda RS125 Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1993 Honda RS125 for Sale

Original Honda Grand prix racer RS125.

Hard to find and very fast !

Please see picture for more detail.

Bike runs, (not race ready Not race for 20 or more year)

Will ship worldwide.

1993 Honda RS125 Tank

The starting bid is $5,000 and there are no takers yet, with five days left on the auction. This example is a little rough around the edges, but those bare plastics just mean you can get wild with graphics, replicate your favorite historic racing team’s colors, or just leave them bare. The listing is very spare, which is a shame, since it’d be nice to know about the bike’s maintenance history and any parts that come with it. These are racebikes, and you’re unlikely to find what you need to tune and maintain them at your local Honda dealer, so included spares are a big selling point.

And that’s really the issue with two-stroke sportbikes of this era in general: spares are getting thin on the ground. I’d expect that, at some point, someone will start making parts for them as two-stroke sport bikes of this era are becoming more desirable but, until that happens, be sure to do your homework if you plan to do more than display your RS125.


1993 Honda RS125 R Side

Grand Prix in Miniature: 1993 Honda RS125 for Sale
Suzuki July 7, 2016 posted by

Just a Pup: 1986 Suzuki RG250 Walter Wolf for Sale

1986 Suzuki RG250 WW R Side Front

Looking very much like a little brother to the RG500, this Suzuki RG250Γ offers up sophistication to match its larger stablemate: anti-dive forks, Full Floater suspension, Suzuki’s Automatic Exhaust Control that increased the weedy two-stroke midrange, and a six-speed gearbox. The package was very light, weighing in at 286lb dry and the water-cooled 247cc parallel twin came restricted to 45hp from the factory, although more was available with tuning.

1986 Suzuki RG250 WW Rear Wheel2

Available between 1983 and 1987, this generation of the RG250 was available in traditional Suzuki white and blue, but the dark blue, red, and gold Walter Wolf colors seen here are especially striking, and those proprietary gauge faces look very trick. Born in Austria, Walter Wolf’s name can be found on both the RG250 and RG500. Wolf made his fortune in the Canadian oil business and sponsored racing cars and bikes in the UK.

1986 Suzuki RG250 WW Clocks

This particular example is very clean, with little pitting on the aluminum parts, although there is some rust on the steel subframe and brackets visible. Unfortunately, the bodywork, while complete, has some bad cracking around the headlight and scuffs and scrapes from a lifetime of riding. Some of the decals have peeled so folks might think you’re riding a “S 7UKI” and the paint on the tank is in poor shape. Mechanically, the bike is claimed to be in excellent condition.

1986 Suzuki RG250 WW R Fairing

From the original eBay listing: 1986 Suzuki RG250 Walter Wolf for Sale

1986 Suzuki RG250 Walter Wolf  version very rare to find one titled in the United States . This bke was brought from Japan with a U.S. service man in 1990 it is completely documented with all the custom papers and has a clear title . Good luck finding another. The bike starts one kick and runs and handles perfect. The plastics have some issues but are very restorable. I have some nos. Suzuki parts that go with bike new gas cap. new factory grips service manual and a few other Suzuki factory parts that will go with bike.  10927 kms, not miles.

1986 Suzuki RG250 WW Tank

There is no interest yet at the $3,000 opening bid, and the seller has set the Buy It Now price at $6,000. Walter Wolf Gammas come up for sale occasionally, but this is only the second 250 I’ve seen for sale: they were never common, and are especially rare here in the US. This one needs some cosmetic attention but, considering the rapidly escalating value of two-stroke sportbikes in general, it could be a great rolling restoration for someone living in a state with a permissive DMV.


1986 Suzuki RG250 WW R Side

Just a Pup: 1986 Suzuki RG250 Walter Wolf for Sale
Suzuki December 28, 2015 posted by

As Seen on CSBFS: 1982 Suzuki RGB500 Mk7 XR40!

1982 Suzuki RGB500 for sale

This gorgeous Suzuki RGB500 is for sale in California and Tad wrote it up on our sister site, Classic SportBikes For Sale. Here is an excerpt:

Ridden by such luminaries as Barry Sheene and Randy Mamola, the two-stroke Suzuki RGB500 was eventually developed into the dominant machine you see here, but it went through a significant evolution following its introduction in 1974. As you’d expect, the bike always had power to spare, but high speed handling was suspect at first.

By the time the 1982 bike rolled around, Suzuki had moved to a “square” 54mm x 54mm engine for a grand total of 495cc. It was far more reliable than previous iterations and featured the same stepped cylinders seen on the RG500 Gamma road bike that had the rear pair of cylinders raised up slightly higher than the front pair. With a dry weight of 292lbs and 120hp, the bike could reach speeds of up to 170mph, which is pretty terrifying considering the tire technology of the time.


1982 Suzuki RGB500 for sale on eBay

s-l1600 (2)

from the seller’s listing:

1982 RGB500mk7 XR40

This is not a street bike folks, this is the real deal, A real factory Suzuki GP road race bike… This bike has the stepped square 4 motor with magnesium crankcases, magnesium carburetors, and dry clutch… The Chassis is loaded with magnesium, Titanium and Aluminum, stuff you would expect to find on a factory race bike… First year of “Full Floater” monoshock suspension… Chassis number 42 motor number 49… Bike is in unrestored, excellent condition, just as it rolled off the race track in 1982… This bike from part of the team Heron Suzuki stable, bike has been museum store in Japan since last raced… these bikes are tad more rare than a TZ750 and much more powerful… It is the perfect bike to dominate vintage racing and is eligible for the “classic TT” in Phillips island This is a rare opportunity to own a real factory GP bike, don’t let it slip by, you’ll be sorry if you do…

s-l1600 (1)

Aprilia February 12, 2015 posted by

Road or Track: 1995 Aprilia RS250 with Clear Cali Title

1995 Aprilia RS250 L Side Front

Fans of Rare Sport Bikes for Sale are obviously familiar with Aprilia’s raucous two-stroke masterpiece, the RS250. Powered by a modified RGV250 engine and shaped to look like their winning GP250, the bike was introduced in 1995 and produced in road-going form until 2002.

1995 Aprilia RS250 L Side Rear

Here in the US, where GSX-R600’s are often referred to as “learner bikes, the RS250 was a bit unusual. With razor-sharp handling, light weight, and high-specification suspension components, it was an incredibly focused motorcycle designed to put handling and race track performance above all else. Beautiful details are found all over the bike, like the distinctive and racy “banana” swingarm that allowed the shotgun style exhaust pipes to stay as close as possible to the bike’s centerline, increasing cornering clearance.

1995 Aprilia RS250 Rear Suspension

This is an earlier example, which I prefer, with a simplified, more traditional dash compared to the later designs. And although the later bikes do look great in silver and black, I happen to like this garish, black/orange/purple scheme.

1995 Aprilia RS250 Cockpit

From the original eBay listing: 1995 Aprilia RS250 for Sale with Clear California Title

Clear California title, registration and pink slip. Impossible to find. This is reflected in the reserve price.
Runs well. Starts on first kick. Very powerful and screams when it hits the power band (9000-12000 RPMs).
No owner’s manual or literature.
Good rubber, new rear sprocket and mirrors, carbs recently cleaned and tuned and new power valve.
Selling because I have a NSR250SP and since I have a baby on the way, one of them has to go and it’s this one.
This is an excellent, extremely difficult to locate (titled, that is…) 2-stroke. It is, as listed, not perfect. However, if you want it to be perfect, parts are readily available and with a little wrenching you can have a mint bike. Or, enjoy riding it as is. Or, take it to track days.
Comes with a new (in box) Barnett Kevlar Clutch and 4 new spark plugs.

Flaws that I see: dent on left swing arm, looks like it was re-painted in areas, Some fairing bolts missing, slight (2 drip per week) leak from left shock, headlight cover missing, scratches on windscreen and fairings, left headlight doesn’t work, aftermarket blinkers (one of which is broken), seat faded, end of clutch lever broken off, choke cable pulled from mount, speedometer cable missing (I just took it off because frayed, planned on getting new one), crack in temperature display plastic, couple dents/scratches on exhaust, I only have one key. Check the photos, which show everything.

1995 Aprilia RS250 L Fairing Front

This is obviously pretty far from the nicest example we’ve featured on the site, but is honestly represented by the seller and does come with a pretty important accessory: a clear California title, which is something of a rarity in the Golden State, especially among smog-spewing two-strokes. Some scuffs and scrapes are clearly visible in the photos, but it doesn’t look like the bike’s had more than a minor low-side. The headlight lens is missing, and the funky projector-beam lamps poking out through the gap don’t look stock, but those minor flaws just mean you can use this bike hard, without worrying about destroying a pristine example.

And while it may not be perfect, that clear title makes this an excellent choice for racing fans who don’t ride on the track, or backroad heroes looking for a scalpel instead of a hatchet.


1995 Aprilia RS250 L Side

Road or Track: 1995 Aprilia RS250 with Clear Cali Title
Yamaha December 31, 2014 posted by

Even Better Than the Real Thing? Yamaha YZR500 GP Replica

Update 12.31.2014: We first saw this GP replica in July when it failed to get any action with an opening bid of $26k. It’s back on eBay now with a buy-it-now of $24,500. Happy New Year everyone! -dc

This Yamaha YZR500 GP Replica is the rarest of the rare, a one-of-a-kind opportunity to buy a one-of-a-kind motorcycle. Meant to recreate Yamaha’s iconic year 2000 OWK6 racing machine in the classic Marlboro livery, this bike may not be the original article, but is a hugely impressive machine in terms of the enthusiasm and money invested. Powered by a tuned 500cc V4 two-stroke engine and suspended by Yamaha R6 bits, with an authentic replica frame and bodywork, this might be the closest you’ll ever get to riding an actual GP machine.

2000 Yamaha YZR500 Replica L Front

I am no expert on these bikes, so I’d love to see the peanut gallery weigh in as to the accuracy of this replica. I’ve been next to full-on WSB and Moto GP motorcycles and it’s always interesting to me how they still basically look like motorcycles. Racing cars, especially Formula 1 machines, really look nothing like actual cars, aside from the four round rubber bits. But racing motorcycles? It’s the details that really impress, since they have the same basic silhouette as their road-going counterparts, but chock-full of amazing details.

2000 Yamaha YZR500 Replica L Side Engine

From the original eBay listing: 2000 Yamaha YZR500 GP Replica for Sale

A replica of the legendary Yamaha YZR500 from year 2000. Based on a chassi handbuilt in aluminium by Mick Costin “Costin motorcycle enginering” Sydney Australia. An exact replica but made to accept the Yamaha RD500LC 2 stroke v4 engine. Also rear sets and suspension linkages comes from Mick. This one has a 1985 1GE engine rebuilt with new bearings, oil seals, clutch, pistons, and it is tuned “TSI mods” done by Orluff racing in sweden. 1 mm overbore. Samco silicon hoses for the modified Yamaha R6 radiator, Jim lomas custom made exhausts in stainless steel with carbon silencers. New Mikuni TM28 flatslide carburettors with new K&N Filters. The bike was run in a dyno bench in may 2014 and has 99 hp on the rear wheel. Forks, triple clamps, swingarm, rims and rear brakes comes from a 2006 Yamaha R6. Rear shock and front fender in carbon comes from a Yamaha TZ250, PVM radial front brake master cylinder, goodridge steel brake hoses to tociko 4 pot calipers. Galfer wave brake discs front and rear, new galfer brake pads, Fuel tank is a heavy modified unit from a VFR400 nc30 with a Pingel dual outlet fuel tap. Fairings are copys in glasfiber made by Motoforza from a 2000 YZR500 painted in Marlboro red. Standard RD 500 tacho and temp gauge, New Regina 520 chain and Afam alu sprockets, Only scrubbed in Michelin power supersport tires, The bike has only been ridden twice since it was built. I have many more pictures taken from building this bike that i will send to seriosly intrested buyer.

2000 Yamaha YZR500 Replica R Rear

I’m seriously impressed with the dedication and money that went into creating this motorcycle, but I’m not actually sure what you’d do with this thing after you buy it: it’s not the genuine article, so it’s a tough call for collectors, and it’s very, very pricey for a track day or vintage racing junky. On the plus side: you can actually ride it, without worrying you’ll crash a priceless and historic racebike.

Or maybe, if you live in a more permissive state, it can, as the seller mentions, be registered for road use… How hilarious would that be? Suction cup a little projector-beam headlamp and a bicycle taillight, a pair of LED turn signals… I’d read recently that Britain actually has a special “track bike” MOT that allows limited use of track day bikes lacking the usually required road equipment to get to and from the racecourse during daylight hours.

2000 Yamaha YZR500 Replica R Side Engine

It’s certainly a very nice curiosity, and one I hope finds the right buyer. At $27,000 with the Reserve Not Met, that’s going to be a tall order. Please also note that the bike is currently in Sweden, if you didn’t notice the non-USA license plates on the cars in the background of the photographs. Regardless, there’s very little time left on this auction, so move quickly if you want to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind motorcycle!


2000 Yamaha YZR500 Replica L Side


Even Better Than the Real Thing? Yamaha YZR500 GP Replica
Honda November 30, 2014 posted by

Start Small: 1994 Honda RS125 Race Bike for Sale

1994 Honda RS125 L Side

While it’s a hard pill to swallow for newly-minted track-day heroes with visions of tire-spinning corner exits, the best way to learn to be fast is by building good habits in an environment where every single pony counts. Hitting the track on a GSX-R1000 will allow a newer rider to lap at some mind-bending speeds, but you can be pretty lazy on a bike that powerful and still feel like you’re going fast. Then a rider who really knows what they’re doing sails past you on a 600…

So it may be a blow to the ego, but riders who want to learn how to go fast should start small. How small? How about Honda RS125 small?

1994 Honda RS125 R Side

Racing a 125 is about managing momentum and making the most of what very little horsepower is available. Shepherding that power is an endless game of charts and graphs, gearing and air density to maximize power in the garage, and a constant battle with the wind on track, minimizing air-resistance to maximize efficiency and speed.

Then there’s the pack of other riders to contend with, all battling for the same space on track, drafting you for that extra bit of speed.

Although a rider’s physical size does make a difference, don’t think that if you’re not built with jockey-like proportions, you can’t ride a 125. Bigger guys do need to be very careful with weight placement: with bikes weighing in at 160lbs dry, many bigger racers will outweigh the machines they’re riding. But this has a nice side benefit, as 125’s tend to do less damage to themselves when they crash, skimming along the ground instead of digging in and tumbling, shedding bits as they go…

1994 Honda RS125 Dash

The RS125 was introduced in 1988 and went through several iterations during its life. It was a pure racing motorcycle available to professionals, amateurs, and privateers, an over-the-counter race bike. 125’s are generally considered a “gateway drug,” a stepping-stone to bigger bikes: learn to be fast on these, then move up to 250’s and so on. Many World Champion Moto GP riders got their start on one of these little two-strokes, including Loris Capirossi and Dani Pedrosa, who each won the 125 World Championship on a 125 Honda.

Compared to the Yamaha TZ125, the Honda is generally thought of as being more user-friendly, better set up right out of the box. But while Honda’s 125 may be great for entry-level racers, don’t mistake “user-friendly” for “low-maintenance”: these are two-stroke GP bikes, pure racers, and pistons get replaced every 300 miles. Other parts last longer, but these bikes require more care and feeding than a modern four-stroke.

1994 Honda RS125 Carb Detail

From the original eBay listing: 1994 Honda RS125 for Sale

Very nice, clean and original Honda RS125 factory race bike. I bought this in the late 90’s in Japan from the original owner/rider.  It was run at the famous Suzuka circuit track(see tech inspection stickers in photos)  just a few times before being garaged and has not been raced since.  I have fired it up a few times over the years and drove it around my industrial complex to keep it in running order but mostly it has sat on a shelf in my office as a display/conversation piece.  It is very rare to find one of these in clean unmolested condition.  Most race bikes for sale have been abused, crashed or pieced together with a patchwork of different parts and not suitable for a collection or track day event.  The Honda RS125’s dominated the competition during this period winning 5 World Championship Titles from 1990-1996.  This bike has very minor scratches, a few track rock chips on the lower fairing and a 3″ crack on the right side of the windscreen (see pictures),but shows incredibly well for a race bike of this age.  Unless you find one of these new in the crate, this may be your best opportunity to pick one of these up in this condition.   Race bikes don’t have titles in California but will be sold with a bill of sale.

Buyer to pickup in Torrance, CA or I may be able to deliver to a local freight company (I will not crate or box due to fragility of fairing)

1994 Honda RS125 Cockpit

From the description, this is currently more of a display piece and is in very nice physical condition for a bike that was meant to be used hard, and it shouldn’t take much work to get it back into fighting shape. Bidding on this is active but is currently only up to $2,500 and the reserve has not been met, but you’d better move quickly if you’re interested: there are just a few hours left on this auction!

If you’re an acolyte at the Temple of Lean, handy with a wrench, and want to experience the thrill of a genuine race bike that won’t kill you if you look at it funny, this would be a great place to start.


1994 Honda RS125 L Side Front No Fairing



Start Small: 1994 Honda RS125 Race Bike for Sale
Yamaha July 10, 2014 posted by

Race Team Starter Kit: 1995 Yamaha TZ125 for Sale

Do you have a fourteen-year-old with a head full of gears and a heart that pumps premix? Are you a serious sport rider that’s built like a fourteen-year-old? Are you a normal-sized guy who doesn’t care if he looks like the proverbial “monkey humping a football” while riding a bike that’s a bit on the small side? Well have I got a deal for you.

1995 Yamaha TZ125 for sale on eBay

1995 Yamaha TZ125 R Side

What we have here is a complete package, a ready-to-ride bike with stands and a whole raft of spare parts, extra transmission gearsets, and even a complete spare engine! Win the auction, roll up with a van, and drive away with your brand new race team. Just add stickers.

1995 Yamaha TZ125 R Side Naked

The TZ125 is not a roadbike converted to track duty: it’s a two-stroke racing machine in miniature with no starter but 44hp and six forward gears.

1995 Yamaha TZ125 Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1995 Yamaha TZ125 for Sale

Here is a chance to own a Two Stroke GP Bike. The little 125 can make 50hp and is certainly no toy. Lot’s of features on this bike, my favorite being the cassette transmission. These are getting to be quite rare and hard to find. The bike was purchased used and completely disassembled and rebuilt. We had a plan to begin racing the following spring, but unfortunately the rider failed to qualify with his school grade points and the project stalled. The bike has sat unused in my heated garage and is now going to be sold. As you can see, the bike has had thousands invested in it. It is a racing motorbike and has no title and can not be ridden on the street. The Front and Rear Stands are included, along with one brand new windscreen worth $100 alone. But Wait there’s more! A huge package of spare parts is included, Parts Manual, Workshop Manual, Jetting, Gearing, Pistons, Gaskets, O’rings, Throttle, Clutch and Brake Levers, Clutch Plates, Tachometer, Complete wire harness, ECM, Power Valve Actuator, Exhaust Pipe and muffler. A brand new Battle shifter, never fitted. Also included, all the alternate gear ratios for the trans, that’s like 18 gears! Along with three new Shift Forks. Just take a look at the pictures. Just when you think this can’t get any better, IT DOES!!!!! Now for the most amazing part of this auction……………A complete spare ENGINE with Carb and Generator is also included in this auction. I’m not kidding, it all goes with one winning bid.

1995 Yamaha TZ125 R Engine

This is obviously no collector’s item, no jewel-like classic to adorn your office or living room. This is a tool, a device for going fast. Or a device for learning to go fast. Given everything that’s included, the price so far is looking very fair.

Your teenage son or daughter is going to be so excited this Christmas, they probably won’t even notice that you’ve been “breaking it in for them”! Who needs a pony, anyway?


1995 Yamaha TZ125 L Side

Race Team Starter Kit: 1995 Yamaha TZ125 for Sale
Morbidelli August 25, 2013 posted by

Bella Moto! 1978 Morbidelli 125 GP in Italy


1978 Morbidelli 125 GP For Sale

Back in October of 2012 we posted the first ever Morbidelli GP racer to grace the pages of RSBFS. Sharp-eyed reader Steven recently came across this example on eBay Italy (thanks for the heads up, Steven!). Rare and interesting, these unique GP machines are nothing if not pricey! If you go, be sure and check out the Morbidelli museum; what better place to validate the authenticity of your new find?


From the seller:
GP bike fully restored in perfect condition.
From collectors.
Opportunity to view the bike by appointment.


This bike is available now, and has a buy it now price of 18,000 EUR – or approximately $25,000 USD. The seller is also open to offers. The bike looks to be in fine condition, and is sure to be a worthy addition to any collection or man cave. And yes, that is a dry clutch you see in the pictures. Treat the wife or significant other to an Italian vacation, and arrange to ship it home from there! Check out all the details here. Buona fortuna!!



Bella Moto!  1978 Morbidelli 125 GP in Italy