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Ducati February 5, 2019 posted by

Featured Listing: 2004 Ducati 999R FILA

Mid-aughts Ducati was no stranger to dressing up their street bikes in World Superbike drag, spitting out special editions left, right and center, but they put a little bit of extra muscle under the stylish suit with the 999R FILA. Built to celebrate Duc’s 200th win in World Superbike competition, the FILA got a 10 horsepower bump over the standard bike, bringing the L twin to a total of 146. The special paint was slathered on carbon fiber bodywork, which was draped around a WSBK-style swingarm.

The bikes also got adjustable Ohlins forks and shock, forged wheels from Ducati Corse and radial brakes, which weren’t yet standard equipment on race replicas. This 2004 Ducati 999R FILA has been ridden sparingly in its 15 years, but the wear marks on its stick tires belie that it has been used at least partially as intended. Though it was used, the pictures show that it is still incredibly clean and fully ready for the new owner to enjoy.

From the listing:

FILA 999R Perfect condition. 1,700 miles. Orginal tires and all factory parts and a nice cover included. Bike was run and started regularly with the oil changed often. An amazing bike. Rare and crazy low miles. Includes Rear Stand. Marc 818-606-347three

A picture of the gauges in the listing shows 1,976 miles, not 1,700, but 200 miles is so few it’s almost not worth mentioning. The bike is listed at $16,800, not quite $2,000 less than the last 999R FILA we highlighted. With so few around, nice ones like this should keep their value.

Featured Listing: 2004 Ducati 999R FILA
Ducati June 17, 2016 posted by

Bit of an odd Duc: 2003? Ducati 999R FILA edition

Hmmm…the seller lists this one as a 2003 Ducati 999R FILA edition but a few things seem odd, including the year listed and the graphics.   Perhaps someone with more direct experience can advise in the comments section…?


2003 Ducati 999R FILA edition on ebay

First a bit of history; back in the early 2000’s it seemed like every new Ducati sportbike had a minimum of 3 different versions plus a commemorative edition. There would be a basic/strada street version, a mid-level bike S bike with some upgrades still intended for street riders and finally a top level R bike that, while still street legal, included lots of track oriented tech.  Any commemorative editions would typically be based on either the S or R level bikes, although occasionally they were even done at the standard/strada level (I’m-looking-at-you-Nieman-marcus-edition-Ducati-749).

The Ducati FILA editions were based on the top level 999″R” and were introduced in 2004 to celebrate Ducati’s 200th win in the World Superbike Championship (note: there was also a James Toseland FILA edition in 2005).  The FILA editions came with carbon-fibre bodywork, lighter engine internals, upgraded injectors, a lighter front and rear sub-frame and Ohlins front and rear suspension.   The changes added added up to about another 40HP from the basic/strada 999.

The FILA edition also had another advantage over the strada and S versions; it looked much better.  When the 999 was launched many people found the design to be a step back from the predecessor 998 (which was an evolution of the Tamburini penned 916).   To many people the initial versions of the 999 looked unbalanced, with full fairings on the front but an exposed trellis frame and odd small rear fairing.   Fortunately versions such as the S based Parts Unlimited and R version FILA and XEROX editions met with much more approval.


This particular bike is listed as a 2003 Ducati FILA edition and at it looks clean with no indication of having been abused ordown.  The only non-stock items I noticed were the chain and wheel stripes (which might be decals) and possibly the license plate hanger/tail unit.

However a closer review did raise a few questions, including why is bike listed as a 2003 FILA edition? From what I remembered and what I found on the web, the FILA edition was offered from 2004-2006 but not in 2003.  Also the decals on the front fairing/windscreen area and gas tank do not seem to match to the standard FILA edition decal layout and what have seen on previous 999R FILA editions here on RSBFS.   Its possible they were removed by a previous owner but since there was also a general 999R in 2003 so its also possible this bike has undergone a bodywork and/or wheel change by a previous/current owner who didn’t like the look of the standard bike.


Some general service info about the bike is included in the auction listing as are lots of good pictures.  Here is what the seller has to say:

  • 11,745 miles
  • Never been dropped but very small nicks in paint on lower fairing.
  • Less than normal wear and tear for bike this age and mileage
  • New battery, Pirelli tires in good condition
  • Always serviced by Ducati dealers only and stored in climate controlled area
  • Completely stock with no upgrades
  • Comes with spare key and owners manual



So what is the 2003 Ducati 999R FILA-badged beauty worth?  Well it certainly looks to be in very good condition and the current bid price is about $5,400 USD with 3 days to run (reserve is not met at this time).  Prices for a Ducati 999R FILA editions seem to be hovering between 12k-15k USD (which is about 1/2 of their original asking price) and for this one I would expect reserve to be right in the middle of that range given the mileage and condition, provided it can be confirmed to be an actual FILA edition.

Overall this appears to a good Rare Sportbike but I am not sure it will appreciate over time.  Also any serious collector would need to contact the seller regarding whats going on with the fairing decals and perhaps perform a VIN check?


Bit of an odd Duc:  2003? Ducati 999R FILA edition
Sport Bikes For Sale January 25, 2014 posted by

2004 Ducati 999R FILA in Chilly Michigan

2004 Ducati 999R Fila for sale

When the 999 came out as the replacement for the 916/996, a lot of people found the new styling by Pierre Terblanche (who also did the MH900e) too weird, too avant-garde… but the FILA package for the 999R certainly improved the looks. The FILA edition 999R was produced by Ducati in 2004 to celebrate its 200th win in the World Superbike Championship and was a limited edition production run of 200 special versions of the Ducati 999R in the official 2003 FILA livery.

2004 Ducati 999R for sale on eBay


This particular FILA edition is located in Detroit MI (brrrr!) and the seller seems to have made some upgrades including the full 57mm Termi system and new Michelin pilots. At $13,500 it is within $500 of KBB retail, so the seller seems to be reasonable. Maybe snap it up before springtime comes.



2004 Ducati 999R FILA in Chilly Michigan
Ducati December 7, 2012 posted by

R-rated quickie: 2004 Ducati 999R Fila Edition

Sometimes it seems that the nicer, more rare and more expensive a bike is, the less the seller has to say or show about it. While the age-old adage of “it sells itself” may be true, the staff here at RSBFS really like to see an owner who is willing to share what they know about their bike. This 2004 Ducati 999R in the Fila livery is certainly rare – and with a BIN of $23k it is certainly expensive – but I would have hoped for more than a single picture and a short description.

From the seller:

If that little teaser makes you interested, click on the link and jump over to the auction. Contact the seller for more pictures and details – but if you do, make sure you tell us about it. Good Luck!


Ducati September 6, 2012 posted by

Talk like a pirate day! A collection of Ducati “R” models

With all of the race bikes showing up on the pages of RSBFS, I thought these would fit right in. While not purebred GP racers, the Ducati R models represent some of the most vaunted, most rare, and most expensive of the Italian firm’s line up. Here are three examples, smallest to largest.

For Sale: 2001 Ducati 748 R

The first R bike on our list today is this great looking 748R in yellow. The 748 was first introduced in 1994 as a smaller displacement 916. SP, SPS, L (Neiman Marcus) and R models followed (as did the RS variant), as the 748 was destined for competition.

From the seller:
I was a large Ducati dealer from 1981 through 2002, and I personally sold this bike brand new. List price was $24,995 plus tax, freight, and set-up. The bike remained in this San Francisco bay area and is available again. Clear California title, but no current license plate. It is actually a 49 state bike, with California being the state that was not supposed to issue a license plate. It may have had one anyway, but it has no plate at this time. Present title is good to register it in any state except California. I rode the bike about forty miles a couple of weeks ago to test everything. The higher horse power 748R differed from the street bike with extra strong engine cases, titanium rods, different cams, shower style fuel injectors that sit high above the intake tracts, and other details. Decal kit was added, but not clear coated, in the event that you prefer the look without the stickers. Tires and battery are very recent. The brand new 50mm diameter Termignoni full exhaust system cost $2208 new and I installed a brand new factory Ducati clutch plate kit. Both the exhaust and the clutch have only my 40 test miles from new. The original gas cap with key is included, in the event that you don’t like the carbon fiber/alloy quick release item fitted. The original Marchesini light weight five spoke wheels remain, as do the genuine Brembo radial clutch and brake master cylinders.

Negative points: The original Ohlins forks and shocks went to another race bike, and stock street suspension forks and shock are currently on the bike. They work perfectly. The bike was transported on a carrier at one time, and there are scratches in the left rear side of the gas tank, as shown in the photos. The front discs were changed to include STM alloy buttons that don’t fit very well, and the discs have normal wear, and should be replaced. I can help the buyer with a special price on brand new discs at a huge discount, if desired. My test ride was with a friend on a standard 748, and we traded bikes for part of the trip. The two bikes are very different. The R model is more difficult in slow city traffic, but it pulls like gangbusters on the open highway! It is not the right bike for everyone. No reserve; $6995 buys it NOW!

The seller has represented the bike pretty well, and priced it resonably to boot. The BIN of $6995 is pretty fair money for a 748-era R bike, although this one is not perfect as noted in the details. For more information, click the link and jump over to the auction. For something more recent, read on!

For Sale: 2002 Ducati 998R

Next up is this gorgeous 2002 Ducati 998R. I just love the fairing detail on this one, with the carbon fiber on the fairing peeking out of the unpainted areas. The 998R was a step up from the base 998 model (itself a derivative of the 916/996 line), and offered better suspension, carbon fiber bodywork (not just the fender & mud guard), and uprated engine.

From the seller:
I am offering my very rare 2002 Ducati 998R Superbike for sale. The bike is in excellent condition and has been meticulously maintained. I purchased the bike from a well known collector who has an expansive collection of the rarest most valuable Ducatis. He had two 998Rs and agreed to sell me this one 6 years ago. This is my second one and I am making room in my own collection for another acquisition. I will say this is one of the more rare and elusive Ducatis….even more rare than the much sought after Desmosedici.

The bike comes with the factory plaque of authenticity from Italy that matches the plaque on the bike’s triple clamps to confirm the bike’s pedigree, the Ducati cover for the bike, the tool kit and headlight replacement cover for track use.

Of course the bike runs perfectly and provides an amazing ride. The tires have 1000 miles on them. This bike has never been on the track and has always been ridden by a responsible adult on casual weekend rides. Of course the bike has never been crashed or dropped. No damage other than possibly a minute nick here or the from normal use.

As the bikes become newer and larger displacement, the sums of money requested become larger as well. This rare 998R has been posted before on RSBFS (check it out here), but this time we have a BIN price and all new pictures. This particular bike can be yours for the super steep price of $22,000 OBO. While this makes the 748R look like a total bargain, the 998R is pretty rare and this one is in fantastic shape. Check out more details here, or read on for another!

For Sale: 2004 Ducati 999R Fila

Our final “R” bike on the list is this 2004 999R with striking Fila livery. Meant to evoke the works Ducatis racing in WSBK, this is otherwise a “standard” 999R (which is no minor steed). There are those that deride the Terblanche-styled 999 – and there is no doubt that it is missing some of the grace of the Tamburini-designed 916/996/998 models – but to many it has an appeal all its own.

From the seller:
I am selling my 999R Fila #137 of 200, 1229 miles, I originally set out to collect all 999 Race Replicas and the 998S Bayliss to show at Indy this year. I did that and now I want to change my collection around. I sold the 998S and now hope to sell this one and maybe get a 1098R Bayliss??

Ducati Performance Titanium reservoir covers, yo-yo slipper clutch, Termi full Ti exhaust, race ECU, Moto Corse rearsets, CRG levers, Carbon Fiber Tail section, Corse carbon fiber exhaust cover, STM crankcase breather, billet frame plugs, all fluids changed and new fuel pump installed when I purchased at 800 miles.

The only concern I have about this model is the cracked top tree as evidenced in the pictures. I cannot say if this is normal, or the result of an incident – but the seller has noted it in the pictures and comments. Unfortunately the repair for this will remove the limited edition numbering in that location – possibly de-valuing the bike. I love the cool bike cover too. This 999R is on sale for a BIN of $16,500. You can click here to check it out.

Here is a video of the bike, courtesy of the seller:

Well, there you have it. Enough Italian hardware to have you saying “R R R” all day long! Enjoy your Talk Like a Pirate day, and perhaps you will be lucky enough to plunder some of this fine RSBFS booty!


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Canadian Special: 3 Limited Edition Ducatis

Check out this group of 3 late model Ducati superbikes for sale from the same seller. Heck, throw in a Hailwood & 888 SPO and you’ll have a sweet chronology of Ducati Superbikes. These bikes all appear to be in great condition, so let’s look at them individually.

The 998s Bostrom is especially unique in the lack of miles it has accumulated through the years. Although we have seen a fair amount of Bostrom replicas on RSBFS (here), few have matched the low miles on this example – less than 1,000 miles! Although I love this model and the low mileage on it, the price at $25,000 U.S. dollars seems very optimistic to me.

Ah the forgotten Ducati, the Fila 999R. Most Ducatisti will fondly remember the 916/996 series and most will also admire the handsome 1098/1198, but few cherish the 999. In some ways this bike never had a chance; following the 916 is no easy task. This bike is especially remarkable in that it is brand new – only 8KM! The price is virtually identical to the Bostrom, but this one is NEW.

On to the crown jewel of this trio – the 1098R Bayliss Replica. This bike is also brand new and nothing short of stunning. The Bayliss bike has been crippled from the get go by a weak economy, weak US dollar and aggressive pricing by Ducati. This convergence of factors led to an abundance of new or like new Bayliss bikes, similar to this one, selling way below MSRP right off the showroom floor.

I hope someone goes big and picks up all three.

Check out the listings with contact information below:

2002 Ducati 998 Bostrom

2004 Ducati 999R Fila

2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss