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Yamaha November 23, 2016 posted by

11 Out of 10 – 1984 Yamaha RZ350

Evolving from the now-vintage RD350, Yamaha made a splash with the first perimeter frame for the RZ350, along with the YPVS power valve and rear monoshock.  Due to emissions concerns it was short-lived in the U.S., but this example is better than excellent.


1984 Yamaha RZ350 for sale on eBay


20161123-1984-yamaha-rz350-left-rear  20161123-1984-yamaha-rz350-right-engine

Yamaha’s 347cc parallel twin is water cooled and has oil metering, making its 50-plus hp at least less troublesome.  An early adopter of catalysts and vapor canisters, the RZ had a temperature warning light on the dash for the cats.  Emissions were also reduced by the YPVS ( Yamaha Power Valve System ) moveable exhaust port, and its rudimentary computer control extended the twin’s powerband.  Elsewhere the bike was well-equipped for the day, with 32mm conventional forks, preload-adjustable rear monoshock, and 267 mm disk brakes disks all around.  The flowing lines of the tank and seat fairing were complemented by the handlebar mounted bikini up front, available in red/white or Kenny Roberts yellow paint.


20161123-1984-yamaha-rz350-binnacle  20161123-1984-yamaha-rz350-right-rear

Not often seen so original, this RZ350 comes out of Illinois with just under 7,000 miles.  Exhausts have been updated to expansion chambers and mufflers, but elsewhere it’s surprisingly unfettered, and the factory finishes around the bike are beautiful.  Most often seen with a dual seat, this one has the sporty monoposto.  From the eBay auction:

Up for sale is a 1984 Yamaha RZ350 K/R. This bike is in Museum quality condition. Paint on entire bike is original and in like new condition. This bike comes with the single seat option. All dual seat parts are included with this sale. Bike has Chamber exhaust from HVC cycle. Carbs have been jetted for exhaust and a Y boot with a K&N air filter attached. Look, at all the pictures and check out the video attached, lots of info can be had from this. If you are looking at this bike then I’m sure you aware of its heritage and the somewhat rareness of it. There are only 3 minor flaws, 1- the windscreen on the bike has a crack about 1 inch in length. There is a brand new NOS screen in a box that will go with the bike. It has never been installed. 2- The speedo is what I call sleepy. After the bike sits for some time the bike has to be ridden approx. a mile before the speedo will register. This has been this way since I’ve owned the bike. Always works so I’ve left it alone. 3- There is a super small ding in the tank in the very front right side than cant even be seen unless your really looking. Just want to be real honest.  I didn’t see it until I owned the bike for several years. I’ve owned the bike approx. 5 years and have never had a ounce of trouble with just regular maintenance.  The bike is being sold without a warranty and shipping is up to buyer. I can store the bike for a short time in a heated garage.


20161123-1984-yamaha-rz350-left-rear-wheel  20161123-1984-yamaha-rz350-right-front-wheel

Light weight was always the RZ’s unkept secret, fully fueled it was still under 400 lbs., allowing the limited horsepower, bargain suspension and diminutive brakes to work their magic.  Many of the model found their way to the track, or were modified for the street, but the RZ350 presented here has been spared most of that agony.  Likely to continue as an occasional rider or show bike, the original equipment and finishes make this Kenny Roberts edition very special…


20161123-1984-yamaha-rz350-right-fairing  20161123-1984-yamaha-rz350-right-front-exhaust


11 Out of 10 – 1984 Yamaha RZ350
Moto Morini December 1, 2011 posted by

1986 MOTO MORINI 350 K2

For Sale: 1986 MOTO MORINI 350 K2

Up for grabs today is a really sweet Moto Morini 350 K2. We have seen a few of these both on RSBFS HERE, and on our sister site CSBFS HERE. A wonderful alternative to both Ducatis and big bore superbikes the Moto Morini brand has always been known for rev happy, fun to ride vee twins. Sadly, US riders have little experience with this storied brand, as Moto Morini never really made it to our shores long enough to get noticed. Lucky for all of us enthusiasts, the used bike market (and eBay in this particular case) helps to us get our fix.

This particular bike has just enough miles to let you know it is working, but not so many to make you think that it’s time for a rebuild. It looks very clean for a 1986 model year, and only exhibits minor surface corrosion. While not museum quality, the relative scarcity of the M-M brand in the US assures the rider of exclusivity.

From the seller:
This is a SUPER CLEAN and VERY RARE 1986 Moto Morini 350 K2

6,517 ORIGINAL miles
Very good overall condition. Body work and engine in excellent condition!
Everything works, starts easily, including the electric starter
New tires
New timing belt
New battery
Front brake calipers and master cylinder recently rebuilt by North Leicester Motorcycles, UK
Blemishes: A) paint on bottom of left, front fork due to previous brake fluid leak [repaired; B) paint on part of right swingarm due to brake fluid spillage; C) right muffler has scrapes due to previous owner’s low-side fall
Recommendation: the bike could use re-jetting due to its lean ‘EPA’ carburation
I have owned numerous Morinis over the years and this one is amazingly clean! I already own a 1975 350 Sport, but we couldn’t resist buying this one from a friend–it had been sitting untouched in his shed for 8 years. My husband tore it down, refurbished everything and cleaned it up–this is the result. But we don’t need two, so I’m letting this one go. Don’t pass this one up!

With only 6,517 miles on the odometer and being sold by an obvious lover of these little Moto Morini machines, this particular bike is sure to find a good home. Values on K2 models run between $3,500 and $6,500 based on what I have seen, and the condition of this machine places it right about the middle of the range, if not slightly higher.

This auction is on right now, and bidding has been light. The current auction price at time of writing is just $1,825, with reserve not met. The seller has also set a very reasonable BIN of $5,495. I think some lucky rider is going home with a great Italian pocket rocket at the end of this one. To check it out, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!


Sport Bikes For Sale September 14, 2011 posted by

Another “King” Kenny Roberts Yamaha RZ350

Location: Enterprise, Alabama

Mileage: 14,003

Price: Auction, BIN $4,600

We have seen a few of these recently here at RSBFS, and they are written up for good reason. Not only are they a US import two-stroke (a hard thing to come by) they are also the signature series bike for “King” Kenny Roberts, a Grand Prix racer that stormed onto the scene and dominated from the start. King Kenny stepped up and interrupted european dominance in Grand Prix racing and was the first American to take the title. A true legend. The bike itself is the opportunity to own a great performing two-stroke with a stellar racer’s name on it.

Here’s some information from the seller-

1985 Yamaha RZ350 YPVS.  2 cylinder, 2 Stroke water cooled sport bike.  This RZ is in nice shape and runs well, 14,000 original miles. 

.  If you are considering adding an RZ350 to your collection than you want a 1985 as opposed to the 1984 model.  The 1984’s had a failure prone ignition system which was sorted out for the 1985 model year.  This RZ is in nice condition and runs well, has never been dropped or wrecked.  Everything works as it should including turn signals. Yamalube oil injection system still in use with new pump.

This RZ has been well taken care of and is currently registered and titled in Alabama.  Many new parts including new tires, new brakes, new fork seals, new trailing arm bushings.  Complete Top End engine rebuild including new pistons done 1500 miles ago.

Many performance parts:  SPEC II exhaust chambers, Thunder Jet stage III Carb jet kit, K&N Y boot intake filter system, TDR Carbon Fiber Reed valves, Stainless Steel brake lines, 16 tooth front sprocket, Corbin solo style seat.

Stock parts included:  Stock exhaust system, Stock black seat, Stock 17 tooth front sprocket, Stock horn set.

Flaws: Front of gas tank had fuel spilled on it while paint was still fresh, it was touched up but is visible.  I took a close up picture so that there would be no surprises.  One scrape on the left side of the upper fairing.

The maintenance on the bike seems to be fairly thorough and the seller highlights changes to the bike along with stock parts included. To me this shows the seller is aware of the potential value of the bike in its original condition. While many bikes benefit from modifications, collectors are going to be more and more picky, especially as values climb. The seller highlights the flaws that exist too, which I also like to see.

Here’s some more pics-

Considering the maintenance performed on the bike and the mileage, it seems the sellers BIN price of $4,600 is right in the ballpark. You may want to get some more detail on the issue with the paint on the tank, but otherwise it looks to be a clean bike.

I stated my case as to why I like these bikes and why they earn their place here at RSBFS. It’s up to you now. If you like what you see, make a move and make the jump!