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Laverda November 3, 2016 posted by

Featured Listing: 1974 Laverda SFC for Sale

eBay shows sold for $52,500. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc


Today’s featured listing is a bit older than the bikes we usually feature on this site, but you can’t argue that a Laverda SFC is both very rare and a sportbike. It was a machine from the era where you could pull your mirrors and turn-signals off, assuming the bike had them to begin with, drive to the track, and race. In fact, many SFCs sell with the roadgoing bits still in a box… The SFC, which stood for “Super Freni Competizione” or basically “Super Brakes Competition” and was the homologation version of Laverda’s 750cc parallel twin powered SF roadbike. The earliest bikes used a huge drum front brake, while later examples like this 1974 model used a pair of discs up front to provide the super stopping promised by the name. All of the SFCs had that funky, tacked-on taillight that looks like it’s best viewed from the air and the solo tail-section ready and waiting for a white numberplate.

1974 Laverda SFC for sale on eBay


Far more heavily-constructed than British twins of the period, Laverda’s engine featured five main bearings and, although the resulting bike was a bit on the heavy side, the SF and SFC machines did well in endurance racing. Reliability was helped by Laverda’s insistence on using the very best parts from a variety of manufacturers: Ceriani forks, Bosch ignition, and Nippon-Denso electrical components meant that, although the Laverdas were expensive, they were quality machines.


The bike was electric-start only, with a right-foot shift for the five-speed gearbox. Compared to the regular SF, the SFC engine featured an updated frame, suspension, and significant internal revisions, tuned and dyno’d at the factory for a claimed 75hp. That power peaked at 7,500rpm which is, you’ll note, at the top of the red band on the suspiciously Honda-looking tach, so I guess you just keep the needle in the red for best results?


Just 549 were built between 1971 and 1975, and this example looks to be in beautiful condition, with just a few tiny modern touches like the stainless-steel braided brake lines and an electronic ignition, both of which should add a bit of modern safety and reliability and are certainly in the spirit of the bike.

From the seller: 1974 Laverda SFC for Sale

1974 Laverda SFC comes set up with steel tank, and includes original fiberglass tank in excellent condition. 18,171 miles, ready to ride and collect. This is an excellent rider, set up correctly with DMC ignition. Considered by many, including myself to be the ultimate ’70’s Italian sport bike.

Paint details: restored perfect condition paint
Frame: Excellent, restored condition
Wheels: Restored – excellent
Electrical details: Everything in correct working order, set up with DMC electronic ignition
Riding: Smooth. Fast. Violent endless power in every gear.

Disclaimer: Every single bike I buy and sell, I personally go through—-not someone else, I am the owner operator of my small business, and I take what I do very seriously. I work on the bikes, I ride the bikes. I have been working on this lovely Italian crap for a long time, I know the differences between the bikes, how they should work, the history etc.. If you are serious about buying true collector piece from someone who not only has a passion for these bikes, but works on them, rides them, collects them – then call me. Jokingly people say to me, “these bikes don’t seem so rare as there are so many in your shop” well….. I consider myself a custodian for these machines, they should go to people who will love, and appreciate them..

Other details:
Excellent restored condition with receipts
Steel tank
Original fiberglass tank included with sale
18,171 miles
all receipts
original shocks included with sale
On SFC registry


The seller includes a couple of clips of the bike starting and being ridden and two things are abundantly clear: first of all, Brooklyn is a pretty lousy place to enjoy a 70s Italian race bike and second, a Laverda twin sounds very different than a parallel twin from Norton or Triumph.

The auction ends on Sunday and the current bid is $32,300 with reserve met.

The bike is being sold by Moto Borgotaro, a well-known shop that specializes in European bikes of the era. Seriously: check out the “For Sale” section of their site to see the kind of machines that have passed through on the way to finding new owners.



Featured Listing: 1974 Laverda SFC for Sale
Yamaha May 13, 2016 posted by

The Motorcycle Under The Stairs: 1974 Yamaha TA125 for Sale


1974 Yamaha TA125 L Side

Most peoples’ basements are filled with boxes of moldering old magazines, holiday ornaments, clothes destined for Goodwill, and maybe the odd dry well for storing kidnapping victims, but at least one individual has a nice vintage Yamaha TA125 racebike hiding in theirs. A relatively inexpensive production racebike, the TA filled a gap in Yamaha’s racing lineup and paved the way for the TZ series that followed.

1974 Yamaha TA125 R Side Rear

Prior to the TA125, if you wanted to go racing on a small Yamaha, you were kind of stuck. You had to start with a roadbike, either a YAS1 or AS2 and then add some Genuine Yamaha Tuning parts: heads, clutch, expansion chambers, and a wide variety of sprockets to suit next weekend’s racetrack. Unlike the 250 and 350cc machines, the TA125 wasn’t a pure racing machine and used many parts from the AS3 and RD125 models, meaning lower performance and higher weight than might have been possible with a dedicated track weapon. The upside was easier parts availability and lower running costs, a big bonus for privateers, and the bike proved to be popular among budget racers.

1974 Yamaha TA125 L Side Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1974 Yamaha TA125 for Sale

You are bidding on a 1973 Yamaha TA125 production roadracer. This bike currently has a Yamaha RD125 bottom end installed. This was done for vintage racing purposes where the 6 speed transmission of the RD125 is allowed. The matching numbers TA125 bottom end is included as well as the RD125 top end. This bike has the original, uncut exhaust stingers for a sound that transports you right back to the 70’s. There is also a set of muffled expansion chambers for vintage racing.  The bike has the original, undamaged, baffled alloy tank and the original tail section. Since the US version of the bike was usually delivered without a fairing, this bike was fitted with an early 1980’s fiberglass fairing. There is some documentation and some pictures from the previous owner.  This bike has the original owner’s manual, a copied parts manual as well as a Clymer repair manual. The most important feature of this bike is the extensive spare parts kit including cylinders, heads, pistons, rings, seals and gaskets.

This bike was last used at the Loudon / Belknap Cup vintage weekend in 2001 at which point a new clutch was installed by Crowns Racing. The bike has been stored in a climate controlled basement since then and is now offered for sale.

1974 Yamaha TA125 R Side Fairing

There hasn’t been much interest so far and there are just a couple days left on the auction. With a starting bid of $8,999.00 and no takers as yet, is the bike priced a bit too high, or has it just not found the right buyer? It’s obviously not completely original, but period-appropriate racing modifications shouldn’t really hurt the value too much. It’s not mentioned whether or not the bike currently runs, but certainly this example is in excellent cosmetic shape, considering the age. And the extensive spares package would mean less time scrounging eBay for parts and more time racing.


1974 Yamaha TA125 L Side Rear

The Motorcycle Under The Stairs: 1974 Yamaha TA125 for Sale
Ducati January 31, 2015 posted by

Winning Ways: 1974 Ducati 750SS Daytona Superbike

1977 Ducati 750SS Daytona R side2

Well here’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity, if ever there was one: for sale is the actual Ducati motorcycle that won at Daytona in 1977 and helped to cement Ducati’s reputation in America. These days, Ducati has their hand in virtually every style and at every level of motorcycle racing, although their Moto GP efforts have been only sporadically successful. With such a strong presence at the highest level of production-based and prototype competition, it’s easy to forget that, prior to the 750SS in the early 1970’s, Ducati’s racing efforts centered around smaller classes and, until the advent of the L-twin, they only produced single-cylinder models.

1977 Ducati 750SS Daytona L side Track

Even the famous win at Imola 1972 that launched generations of Super Sports was most notable for being so unlikely and untested. What would have been an amusing footnote for a company like Honda became the cornerstone of Ducati’s reputation, a sort of “remember the Alamo” rallying cry. And even this bike was almost a privateer, an under-funded effort that was basically a hot-rod 750 Sport.

1977 Ducati 750SS Daytona Track Front

The original 400 or so 750SS built are among the most valuable Ducatis of all time because of their obvious rarity and the fact that they embody the plucky spirit and love of racing that still shows through in the far more calculating corporate world of today. This bike is quite literally a piece of Ducati history, a continuation of the same spirit that led to the Imola win, transported across the pond to US roadracing.

1977 Ducati 750SS Daytona L Magazine

This is the actual motorcycle that won at Daytona in 1977 and helped to cement Ducati’s reputation in America. Based on a production 1974 750SS, and built without factory support by a couple of very talented motorcycle journalists, this bike represents one of the most important motorcycles in Ducati’s racing history. The original listing includes plenty of detailed history and is worth a read if you’re not familiar with this one-of-a-kind machine.

From the original eBay listing: 1977 Ducati 750SS Daytona-Winning California Hot-Rod

This important racing Ducati has been in a private collection for around twenty years and is located in New Jersey. It is still in perfect condition and comes with the Goodyear slicks from the 1977 Daytona Superbike race and Cook Neilson’s original California registration and license plate. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure a piece of American motorcycling history. I am happy to answer all questions and for more information here is an edited extract from my “Book of the Ducati 750 Super Sport 1974.”

The road-going 750SS was built to commemorate [or capitalize] on Ducati’s underdog victory at Imola and was the first street Ducati twin to feature their now ubiquitous desmodromic valve-actuation. Bidding is almost to $130,000 with several days left on the auction and active bidding. No surprise there: this is one for race fans, Ducati fans, and motorcycle fans of all types, a bike that’s sure to appreciate in years to come, a piece of living history.


1977 Ducati 750SS Daytona R side Rear

Winning Ways: 1974 Ducati 750SS Daytona Superbike
Ducati April 20, 2013 posted by

Original & Unrestored: 1974 Ducati 750 Sport with 3000 Miles!

1974 Ducati 750SS For Sale

As they say, it’s only original once and this 39 year old 750 Sport has less than 3200 miles. The seller reports it as original and unrestored. The pictures paint a bike that has had incredible care in it’s time and with an eye towards preserving history. Bid accordingly!

1974 Ducati 750 Sport For Sale on eBay


quote from seller’s listing:

Up for your consideration is a incredibly original and unrestored 1974 Ducati 750 Sport. It is one of Ducati’s most iconic motorcycles and was designed in an era when the Ducati factory was winning the most prestigious races in the world and making timeless, rare motorcycles for the enthusiast. This motorcycle is a jewel.

The engine number matches the official tag on the head stock and will be provided to the winner of the auction. The line boring numbers also match as expected(192). It has a clean and clear title issued in 1977. This is one of the very special Ducati round-case bevel twins that do not come up for sale in untouched form very often.

Please feel free to ask any questions or if there is an area of the motorcycle that you want more detail I can help.


1974 Ducati 750 Sport (1 of 200 imported to the US)

Numbers matching

3,135 Original miles

Extremely complete, correct and in beautiful original condition. Runs and rides beautifully.


All original bodywork with correct gel coat on fiberglass pieces. (front fender, rear fender, tail and side panels)

Tank showing typical paint condition of an original Ducati of this age. It still retains the original Ducati water transfer decals.

All Chrome is original and in very good condition. (The headlight Bezel was refinished very well and Aprilia numbers still visible)


Starts on first or second kick, no smoke, original points and “Ducati” stamped condensers.

Idles and runs smoothly. An excellent running engine. SOUNDS LIKE A SYMPHONY.

Transmission shifts smoothly through all gears and clutch functions properly.

All lights and switches work. The run/stop switch is reversed. It came like this from the factory.


The only replacement items are the licence plate bracket and the fuel lines.

The Engine still has the original lead seal with the Ducati Logo as it left the factory

Original Ducati Coils and KLG plug boots

Original Alpina painted spokes with correct “A” stampings on both wheels

Original Aprilia Horn Switch

Original Aprilia Fuse box and wiring harness

All bolts appear original and I would say 95% of them have not been turned by a wrench since leaving the factory.

Original Marzocchi shocks

Original Cable splitters, cable connectors, brass valve caps for the tires. (tires are new, vintage Dunlop K81 TT100). The details are incredible and well preserved.

Original Orlandi petcocks

Original Conti Silencers

Original Conti Clamps

Imperfections to Note

Please note the picture of the underside of the rear fender showing a repair done to fix the loose metal tabs that hold the wiring for the rear light. The hooks were fixed and given a thin brushing of resin. It is still clear and transparent so you can see there is no bodywork or cracks. You can still see the original pieces of numbered paper the factory laid in the body work.

Please look at the pictures of the Tank, I tried to show the paint condition and I think the pictures show it accurately. There is the typical mosaic look in the paint that you see on most of the rare original pieces of this era. There are imperfections purely due to age. There is no rust or dents.



Classic Sport Bikes For Sale May 8, 2011 posted by

What’s New at

Here are the latest bikes posted over at our sister site,, where we feature 25+ year old sporting motorcycles. Got an interesting classic for sale? Email me!



Ducati April 20, 2010 posted by


1974, well not a great year for bikes or cars, and on the edge of a gas crisis, there’s really not much excitement in the mid seventies that I can remember except when the US tried to make us all change to the metric system. Remember they started changing all the speed limit signs on the highway to kilometers? That went well. Anyway my first hand experience with these bevel drive Ducati’s didn’t come until 1978 when I was working at a Honda/Suzuki dealership. My parts manager finally saved up enough dough to buy a brand new 900SS and wow, what a bike! Blue and silver, Conti pipes; he drove it to work and then raced it on the weekends at Loudon, just a kick ass piece of machinery compared to the Honda’s and Suzuki’s at that time, but twice the price. 

This 1974 750 GT seems pretty darn nice and has the cool Conti pipes. This one claims to have been restored 10 years ago and has only been driven about 800 miles sinse, so it should be a very good example. Again nothing real special about a ’74 GT or even the 750 Sport, seems ’73 was the year to have for those. As nice as it seems I just don’t see the $14,500 asking price. I mean you’re getting into 750 Sport territory which is the more collectible one. I had a real nice restored ’73 750 Sport in 1997 and sold it for $14k back then pretty easy, and they have gone up since. Again if you really want a cool restored bevel drive, this may be it, but try to snag it a better price though. Located on Chicago’s CraigsList, click here for the jump. 

Here’s the really long detailed ad:

The one kick wonder matching #s 10 yr old restoration with only 800 loving miles since dellorto carbs, conti pipes please contact for viewing.

So all in all if you’re “jones’n” for a cool bevel drive you can ride, here it is, just try not to pay “tomorrows” pricing for it; hey we’re in a recession!!…Just my .02 worth.

Ciao for now…….Jay