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Smokin’ Joes Honda CBR600F3 with…. 1 mile?


 1996 Smokin’ Joe’s Honda CBR600F3 on eBay

If you’re like me, you grew up watching Miguel Duhamel at the front of AMA Superbike and Supersport races throughout the 1990s. The Smokin’ Joe’s livery is probably his best known ride and this was as close as the masses could get to it.  If you want this one for your collection, it’s going to cost you as the seller’s starting bid is $8000.  Why so much, you ask?  Well if the condition shown in the first picture didn’t grab your attention, the odometer should.


That’s right RSBFS readers, you just hopped in Doc Brown’s time machine and went back to your local dealer showroom circa 1996.  The seller adds a little more information in his eBay listing here:  http://bit.ly/1zfPgLX

However, in this case, the pictures say enough:

Brand New, Never titled, never started. Smokin Joe Edition. Signed by Miguel Duhamell. Has only been on display. Custom built pipe built for the bike by Supertrapp.


I’m a small time collector, but I also like to ride my bikes… so I’d have a very hard time not taking it out for a spin.  However, at this point I don’t think you can.  It has been cemented into display status and should probably stay there.  So what is it worth to you to have something that NOBODY else has?  No miles, never been started, signed by Miguel himself.  Let the debate begin now.

Mike M.


  • Not ever starting the machine does it no favors.

  • Why does the listing say it has a custom Supertrapp exhaust? Pipes by Supertrapp, slip on by Kerker?

    No way I’d want this. Bike would require extensive work to ride. And better bikes exist for much less money. Seller is shooting the moon in hopes that a Duhamell fan can’t live without it.

  • Storing a 600 Repli-racer is like buying a new laptop and throwing it in a closet for 15 years. Or maybe like marrying Kate Upton and then waiting until she’s 50 to consummate. It’s just a mistake, and not worth as much as it would have been in its prime.

    600s have always been price-point bikes, and the Honda F-series was king for a long time. The world has moved far beyond what these old steel framers had to offer though. The 900 at less than half the price, has quality and big-bore power allowing it to easily be re purposed for sport touring duty now that its race replica days are over. The 600, not so much.

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