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Overdue Mailbag, End of February 2013 Edition [750SS, FZR600, RG500, VFR750]

Hey guys, thanks for your patience. Here are the latest from you via email and Facebook that are still active. Good luck to buyers and sellers!


Dan spotted this refreshed Ducati 750SS for just $4500. Not bad compared to the $7k+ 900SS we featured earlier.


Michael spots this 1990 Yamaha FZR600 For Sale in Ohio for just $2700 with no downs. The pink windscreen will be cheap to replace and awesome in the meantime!

1990 Yamaha FZR600 For Sale

Scott sends us this 1986 Suzuki RG500 for sale in Florida for $14350 on Craigslist.

1986 Suzuki RG500 For Sale

Brian shoots us this 94 Honda VFR750 with under a 1k miles. I think I’ve put that many miles on my buddy’s bike and I don’t even own it. $7500 is obviously on the high end but if I was in the market for a touring bike and was sick of seeing examples start in five figures I’d be all over this.

1994 Honda VFR750 For Sale


  • The FZR is overpriced. If anyone wants one there is a guy that does motorcycle repair in his spare time out of his garage in my area and he has a bunch of bikes in there, he is always buying and selling. He has one of these 1990 FZR600 Genesis’s, looks in as good of a condition with only 11 000KM (NOT miles, KM) and he has had it for over a year now. Tried selling it for $600 with a bunch of parts and it wouldn’t sell. I had a 1987 FZ750 Genesis, I got nothing for it. You can’t give those bikes away, so I would say $2700 is out of the question for this bike. They are getting dated, parts are harder to find and what not I guess. I do like them, but they are a bad bet if you want to ever see any of your money ever again.

  • Talk about overpriced…the VFR at $7500 is WAAAAAAAAY overpriced. I paid $5k for a 2001 model with 500 miles! And I think I overpaid myself haha. Considering I got a 1500 mile 2007 25th Anniversary for $500 more a few months later.

    The 4th gen VFRs NACAs are great but wow thats about $2k more than its worth. Someone is really going to have to love a low mile Gen 4 alot to pay that. Good luck I say.

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