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Go for the bike, stay for the tulips: 1990 Yamaha FZR 750RR OW01 in Holland


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.


Currently located in The Netherlands, here is a second gen 750RR with approximately 12,763 miles. This is one of the more coveted “homologation” racers we see on RSBFS, although being in Europe might make it a bit more difficult for US-based investors.

1990 Yamaha FZR750RR OW01 for sale on eBay


Like the vaunted Honda RC-30, the OW01 was built to allow Yamaha to go Superbike racing with something special. These homologation machines are pretty close to being true “racebikes for the street” – remove the lights, turn signals and license plate and hit the track! The factory Superbikes were far more exotic than the homologated bikes, but even so they were based on these limited production machines.


From the seller:
From private collection, very original Yamaha OW01 from the second generation. As new with only 20.540 km (not miles!). All service is done (oil, brake fluids, sparkplugs, filters, etc.) Ready to go! Original delivered to Belgium so with Belgium paperwork, first registered in 1995.


The seller is located in Holland, but the bike will be delivered to Belgium (hint: try the beer there – it’s fantastic). It all comes down to price. This bike is being offered for an opening ask of $14,000 – with absolutely no takers thus far. Is the OW series not that interesting anymore, is the price out of line, or is it simply too far away from most buyers? You tell me. Check out the auction here, then jump to the comments and share your thoughts. Free RSBFS coffee mug for the best comment!



  • I’ve always loved these bikes, however I’m a product of the 80’s. My first streetbike was a yellow Rz 350 that I bought used in 1986. I also really like the YZF 750’s as well, without the over the top graphics of course. I would part with the cash in a heartbeat to add this bike to my collection. Not only does this bike perform well even by todays standards but it has a sentimental value to me as well. I hope the new owner enjoys this bike for all its worth.

  • Waaaay cooler than the over-hyped RC-30. Actually stomped the Honda in stock trim because the OW-O1 came with all the trick stuff (ti con rods, etc) stock, where those were ultra-spendy race-kit parts on the RC. I’m going to get crucified for these comments, but if America wasn’t brainwashed by Nick Ienatsch and his endless articles, you might be able to see the OW is simply a much better machine. Honda might have won more on the racetrack, but that’s simply due to the fact Honda dwarfed the other OEM’s, and was throwing much more money into their racing program. The fact remains, the OW stomps the RC in stock trim. If you disagree, you simply don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • TM
      “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”-Mark Twain
      I also like the OW01, but get your facts right.

  • TM : HA HA : YOU lie ! Honda kicked its ass & you know it ! Don’t cry after the fact . BTW get your facts straight . YOU do not know what you are talking about ! The RC30 came originally with Ti connecting rods . I have had 5 of them over the past 25 years & I know what I am talking about . Get your facts straight before you go shooting off your mouth so fast . Obviously you know next to nothing about Hondas !

  • @TM: “over hyped”? More like overly successful. The OW01 was consistenly beaten by the Honda in every single four stroke national and world championship of the time – you can’t re-write history. And yes, you DO deserve to be crucified when you bait knowledgeable and experienced sportbike owners with unrealistic comments like yours. You have no credibility or valid argument when you are ignorant of the fact that every single RC30 DID come factory stock with titanium rods, not in a kit. Oops! And I happen to like OW01’s myself.

  • Yeah sixthgear , I like your comments too ! I actually do like the OW01s myslef too , even the Gixxer that came out then . It was a great time for Sportbikes . Alot of competition and alot of innovation . Bikes like the NR750 came out too . Not everyone obviously could afford one , but it was neat to see what the manufacturers could do with their creativity . See we’re not haters . We can apprexiate them all in their own right . And that’s how it’s done . 🙂

  • Why debate which is better… buy both an RC-30 and an OWO-1 and just enjoy each bike for what it is. which is an iconic bike for each brand and two bikes that will forever be linked to the best years of factory homologation wars. Better yet throw in the gixxer RR, ZX-7-RR K1 and the Ducati sp-1 and have some real fun.. 🙂

  • […] you were eyeing the clean Yamaha OW01 in Holland we posted earlier this week but want something closer to home, how about this awesome looking RC45? Sure there will be brand […]

  • Nice discussion. But the STOCK quartet RC30,OW01,GSX-RR, ZXR-R has one winner……………….. ZXR750R model K. Yes, maybe because it was latest one, but as one spain magazin had said: ,, When you compare RC30 to the ZXR750R, you will find that the RC30 is the best just only for the city riding.” But please note, that I love all this quartet. K3 is definitely right. Buy them all and compare !

    • oddly I find the RC30 to be a terrible in town bike, it overheats very quickly, has a super tall 1st gear (mine tops out at an indicated 105), and it is quite small. but that being said I think the ZX7 is probably a better street bike, It has been a long time since I have ridden the ZX7RR and dont remember it that well. I do remember the carbs being noisy.

  • “RC30 is best just only for city riding”. Say what? Something must have been lost in translation from that “one spain magazine” you’ve quoted. Pat has the reasons listed above why it’s the opposite that’s true. RC30’s weren’t designed or meant to be ridden in city traffic- they really come into their own on a track or wide open, fast, twisty roads. Anybody who’s ridden one or owned one knows that for a fact.

  • Yamaha R7 ?????. It rarely gets a mention when homologation specials are discussed.In reality,it was one of the bookends from the superbike homolagation era,starting with the RC0 and finishing with the OW02.

  • I agree with Lexi Belle let’s book end the homologated era with the OWO2… any body got one for sale that’s still in stock trim? I’ve been looking, can’t find one.

  • Hi Lexi,good to see you’re still around.We should get togther again soon.I could bring my hoola-hoop over for a bit of fun if you still have your rollerskates.

  • ….best wishes,Remy LaCroix.

  • OK guys. Some nice debate here, but it is time to give away the prize for best comment. Brand loyalty aside, K3 strikes me as the having the perfect response. I will admit to being influenced by K3’s wonderful wife comments on Ian’s “Sold for a Sink” RZ500 post (I fully agree and followed a similar route), but the point is each homologation bike has its own style and brings something unique to the table.

    K3: Email me contact details at mike@raresportbikesforsale.com and we’ll get that RSBFS logo mug out to you right away.

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