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From the GOAT files: 2007 Agusta F4 1000 Senna

Mike 11


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

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Through a long and storied history, MV Agusta continues to redefine itself, and the legendary sporting motorcycles associated with the passion of the late Count Domenico Agusta. And while perhaps better known for racing associations with the likes of Giacomo Agostini, Mike Hailwood and John Surtees, the Senna model of the F4 holds a special place for collectors. These are rare machines with unique features not found on other models.

2007 Agusta F4 1000 Senna for sale on eBay

Ayrton Senna was inarguably one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers in the modern era. He was sadly lost in the mid-1990s, but not before he put his stamp on the 4-wheel competition, made good friends with Cagiva boss Claudio Castiglioni, and started a foundation to aid the destitute children in his native Brazil. All three of those accomplishments came together during Claudio’s involvement with Ducati in the form of the first of three Senna Limited Edition bikes starting with the 916. Fast forward to Cagiva’s ownership of MV Agusta, and again the star power of Senna retuned – with both F4 750 and F4 1000 editions. Today’s example is the last of the Senna tribute bike lineup, the brutally fast and wickedly sensuous F4 1000 R.

From the seller:
Vehicle Original VIN : ZCGAKFGM37V100587
2007 MV Agusta F4 1000 Senna
Ultra Rear Collector’s Dream & Impossibly Perfect – One of Only 65 Imported into US.

Speedart Motorsports is thrilled to present this unmolested specimen for your consideration which is an opportunity not to be missed. An engraved brass placard on the upper triple clamp identifies the bike as #243 of 300 and one of only 65 examples imported into United States. Fitted with the Arrow exhaust system and Power Commander fuel management module this is a turn key motorbike eager to display its ferocity on the chicane or as trophy exhibit of the most discriminating collection.

The majority of Senna models see little use. Most were snapped up as rare collectors to be shown in museums, artistic displays, and garages of a certain stature. Therefore, to find such an example as this 2007 model with only 1819 miles is not that astounding. But the Senna limited edition examples bring a lot of looks to the table, despite the fantastic promise of performance of the model on which they were based. With yards of carbon fiber, top-shelf components, unique Senna livery and logo, and exclusive Senna ID plate on the headstock, this F4 would look great anywhere. But to get it there will take some cash. These are not inexpensive machines at the best of times, and today’s example looks to be exquisite.

The seller is asking $32k for this beauty – which might not be all that high given the relative rarity of Senna models overall, and the F4 1000 variant especially. The seller is a Miami based dealer with good feedback, and the pictures are worth the time it takes to scroll through them. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


  1. Jim Jim

    32K for a paint job on a $7,000 bike. The world has gone insane.

  2. To be fair, it’s a bit more than just cosmetics.

  3. Shaun Duncan Shaun Duncan

    I think the world of Dan and the staff members at Rare Sport Bikes. They do an amazing above board job and are professionals. Comments like Jim is exactly what hurts sales and peoples investments. Please do not let this turn into BAT. Beautiful bike, would love to own!!!! Anything Senna is and will be a collector.

  4. Jim Jim

    @Shaun Duncan – Sorry you invested all your money in hype but even if I didn’t say it, anybody with 2 brain cells left is thinking it.

  5. Mike Mike

    Some good conversation going on here. As Vincent points out, there is more to a Senna model than a paint job – these bikes have features/performance/components not found on other bikes on the line. Do those features add up to the $$ ask here? No. But that has never been the case with collector bikes. The RC30 was probably cheaper for Honda to build in the day, but look at prices today. Hype? Maybe. but you wouldn’t have a RSBFS site without rare, hype-worthy bikes (which come in all shapes and sizes, BTW).

    At the end of the day, the market will respond and determine value. If the uniqueness of a Senna model has a strong enough draw, values will rise far above the price of a standard F4 (which on its own is a great motorcycle), as they have historically done.


  6. And they end up in between the speedboat and the Ferrari. Fine for those who happily pay that kind of loot, and more power to MV for arranging for people to pay this much for a motorcycle, but the criticism is entirely valid.
    Its not simply begrudgery, its the fact that enjoying a wickedly fast motorcycle doesnt mean having to shell out ridiculous sums of money. Im not the only one who resents the encroachment of the Upper Crust Collector Types who simply price a lot of quite ordinary bikes out of reach, in order to adorn their Mancave, and never be ridden again.
    Time was when bikes got enjoyed and used. Collectors are a serious part of the world who curate things that otherwise get lost, I recognise that, but have you ever fancied owning a Vincent V twin form the 1950s? They have been priced out of the solar system so thee and me aint never gonna get the chance . That said, as a teenager in the 1970s I turned down the chance to buy a Vincent 1,000cc engine for £400, opting for a running Kawasaki 350cc 2 stroke instead. Dumb?
    Guess so.

  7. Jim Jim

    @Mike – “there is more to a Senna model than a paint job”

    It was just paint, different calipers and a little badge on the headstock that always fell off. Fortunately MV kept no accessible records on these bikes so paint away scammers!

    Seriously, it’s a great bike in the 10K range but if you drop it or break it, good luck getting parts (hint, hint – that’s why these bikes were always cheap). What’s really gonna be sad is when the ‘more money than brains’ club figures out what ethanol fuel does to these kinds of bikes after being stored for long periods of time….

  8. I’m kind of with Locky on the current hyper-idiotic ‘collector’ market right now. I saw a bog-standard Honda Civic SI sell on BAT the other day for a ridiculous amount of money. And this was clearly not a ‘collector’ vehicle by any stretch of the imagination.

  9. William William

    Is it that much different then guys a few years back collecting Chevy Novas?

  10. Brandon Brandon

    Why has this site turned into constant complaints about bikes being expensive and anyone that owns them is stupid?

    Why do you care what anyone else does with their money?

    Oh, I think I know…..

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