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Flashy and Green: 2005 Benelli Tornado Tre


These Benelli Tornado Tre machines have a unique look and feel that is unlike any other exotic. It is a strange beast in some ways, yet the flaws and foibles seem to ingrain the bike with a character that makes it stand out from the crowd. Yes, it is a triple. Yes, the radiator is mounted behind the engine and trans. Yes, this is the model with the funky turbine style radiator fans in the tail. Yes, this is the company that is no longer in business (and was last owned by a Chinese consortium). While this is not the more collectible LE model, this bike looks to be in outstanding condition and available from the original owner. That is what you want when you are considering a marque or model that has limited parts availability. Low miles and obvious care make this a great example of the breed. Bidding starts at $6k – not too high to open considering the condition. Let’s see where it goes!


2005 Benelli Tornado Tre for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Original owner, motorcycle shipped from Italy to California for setup and then to Texas where it has been garaged, total mileage @ 1,275, routinely started up to running temperature and ridden 1/4 mile and then back to storage. All documentation on file.




  • Oh man, no picture of the best part? The under seat radiator leading to those big yellow tail fans! Pain in the ass to change the battery, but these run well, and are fun to ride. The gas tank shape makes two up riding a little scary for quick stops, but otherwise not an issue. Definitely not something you’ll see every day. Best color too.

  • I am by no means not an expert on theses bikes . I still think they are cool and look ahead of their time . Gotta agree with Ben …those fans look so cool underneath the tail . They look like little turbines . Neat bike and the color scheme certainly is unique like no other Sport bike of its time frame .

  • “I am by no means not an expert on theses bikes”………

  • The original owner should be able to tell you whether the clutch hub, as well as the Z25 gear were upgraded. The earliest Benelli’s brought in had a few now well known issues that need to be sorted and the Benelliforum is the best resource to learn and gather info.

  • benelli is still alive and well and better than ever and expect to see new models at EICMA, I ha a Tornado 900RS for 7 years and it was brillant. No I have the 2012 TnT R160 and its awesome, dead reliable. and fitted with top shelf components. just check out the Benelli moto website. Bikes are still made in Pesaro and the company is indeed owned by chinese parent bike giant QJ.

    I Australia Benelli sales are excellent.

  • Flux Capacitor you are a prickly asshole ! I meant to say not an expert you f-in ignorant dillwad ! Get a life you single celled amoeba . You know what flux rhymes with ?

  • RC30 Freak, you need to let it all out and stop bottling up these emotions!

  • Hey – let’s take it easy here guys. This author makes typos all the time. That is part of the fun of putting your thoughts into “print.” Now, back to the bike: looking strong at just over $8k with several hours to go.

    Thanks for the good info and first hand experiences, Ben, L and Nathan. Great stuff!


  • The comments seem to have run their course here. -dc

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