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Becker Moto Works F2 G1k Powered Race Sidecar

Becker Moto Works F2 G1k Powered Race Sidecar

A what?  Heck, you know what that is.  Now you a need a monkey.  A what?  The affectionate term given to the poor guy/girl hanging off the darn thing.  How cool would it be to show up at your local track day with this thing?  It looks like fun in the pictures but then I think about really doing it:  well maybe not so fun (did I say fun? I think I ment scary).  If your insurance agent thought motorcycle racing was dangerous wait until you call him about this thing.

Here is a little explainer on the F2 class from sidecarracers.com:

Created decades ago for club racing as an affordable alternative to the spiraling cost of exotic rear engine F1s, the exquisite tube frames of these machines are now as expensive and exotic as F1. Steering must be done with more conventional forks, usually leading link type, and the frame must be constructed of steel tubing.  The short wheelbase machines have a more conventional engine position under the driver.  Like in F1, the chairwheel is braked but not steered or suspended. A top form F2 team with lightweight and spry handling can match an F1 on a tight track. 

This could be you:

 They are asking $12,000 for the thrill.  Let me check my records here in the RSBFS offices and see if that is a good price……..uh, yeah compared to all the other sidecar race bikes on RSBFS ( don’t bother checking, there aren’t any).  Check it out on BARF.  If that isn’t the best acronym out there I don’t know what is.

Hold on…..


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  • These used to race in MotoGP until ’89. I always wanted to try one of these, and of course be the person in the sidecar.

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