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Yamaha May 25, 2021 posted by

Blue-Grey Smoker – 1989 Yamaha RZ350

Today’s RZ350 is the fully-faired F2 model which was never imported to the U.S.  Looks like a very nice survivor which should be an easy import.

1989 Yamaha RZ350 for sale on eBay

Water cooling let the RZ350 make better power with 63 hp, than its air cooled predecessor, the RD400.  And the YPVS power valve stretched the power band, though reviewers reported a big character change at 6,000 rpm.  Expansion chambers were factory equipment, as were multi-adjustable forks and pre-load adjustable MonoCross rear.  Triple 260mm disks were appropriately sized and 18-inch wheels were cast in black aluminum.  The full fairing had the same big side vents as the older brother RD500.

The RZ looks quite stock with astounding paint, if it’s indeed original.  Details of the faux pas seems to be attributable to a single incident.  Both blue and black seats have been seen with this livery, so this one might be factory, though most RZ350 rims have a polished edge so they may have been sprayed.  Guess a magnetic tank guard will be a little late to the party but will cover those nicks.  Comments from the eBay auction:

Legendary two stroke Yamaha bike in very good original condition (they are only original once as they say).

–  Numbers matching – original motor, never taken apart – original tool kit

–  Collector owned, stored in indoor heated space. Running and riding bike – has been out for use in 2021

–  11,000 original km (6835 miles)

–  Oil injection functional (no need to mix gas/oil)

–  Runs great – lots of power

–  Canadian spec model – 2nd last year of production

–  Great colour scheme – never available in the USA (Canada’s run of RZ350 went from 1983 to 1990 whereas the USA only got them 1983 and 1984)

–  Front brake rebuild 2021

–  Tires are in good condition – needs nothing to pass safety certificate

Even though is was only here for a couple of seasons, the bikini-faired RZ was pretty popular, so imports aren’t all that common.  The full bodywork hides the water-cooled mill and looks pretty racy to boot.  It’s high ( reserve ) season, so we’ll have to keep an eye on where this auction goes.


Blue-Grey Smoker – 1989 Yamaha RZ350
Honda March 30, 2019 posted by

Low Tech, Big Fun: 1997 Honda CBR600 F3 for Sale

When the original “jellymould” CBR600F Hurricane was introduced in 1987 the enclosed, sleekly aerodynamic fairing hid a dark secret: a steel frame. While racier competitors had switched to lightweight aluminum construction, the simple, effective CBR600 F3 stuck with the less expensive material until the CBR600 F4 was introduced in 1999. Although the styling was hyper-modern, it also helped Honda save money on manufacturing and development costs. Instead of a finished frame and engine cases, or carefully routed wiring and hoses, the whole functional mess could all just be hidden behind relatively cheap, sleek plastic. So while pragmatism may have driven the design and the ingredients were, on their own, not very exotic, the complete package was a world-beater when it was introduced.

Produced between 1995 and 1998, the F3 was an evolution of the earlier CBR600 F2. Compared to that bike, it offered adjustable cartridge forks, a Pro-Link rear, and and ram-air to feed the engine. The result was a few more ponies from the 599cc inline four and a 454lb wet weight. That might sound heavy for a 600, but it was just a couple pounds heavier than a ZX-6R or GSX-R600 of the same period, and actually a good bit lighter than the aluminum-framed YZF600. At a claimed 105hp, peak power wasn’t best-in-class either, but the CBR offered a smooth spread of power with no real dips or flat spots, the perfect balance in a road engine and pretty handy on track as well.

The CBR600 was always pitched as a more versatile mount than competitors from Suzuki and Kawasaki, a bike that was at home in the canyons, in the city, and could even do a bit of commuting or light touring. The CBR600 was never really about the numbers, it was about the complete package, a sort of Goldilocks solution to the Supersport problem. It didn’t make the most in-class horsepower. It wasn’t the lightest. It didn’t have much in the way of headline-stealing innovation. It didn’t even have any acronyms plastered across the fairings!

It also made a perfectly good foundation for a racebike, winning multiple AMA SuperSport Championships, and didn’t seem to suffer at all for its relatively ordinary underpinnings. Eventually, the entire class became more and more track focused, and led to the development of the CBR600RR that was sold alongside the CBR600 F4i as a direct alternative to the high-strung offerings from Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Yamaha. But for a while, Honda’s versatile CBR meant you really could have your cake and eat it too.

This particular machine needs a bit of maintenance before it time-warps you back to your youth, but the miles are shockingly low for such a practical machine, and it looks to be in exceptional cosmetic condition. It may never be as desirable as a CBR900, but I these are certainly functional classics and much more attainable, since prices for the bigger machine are currently spiraling upwards and nice examples are hard to find.

From the original eBay listing: 1997 Honda CBR600 F3 for Sale

Hello, up for sale is my 1997 Honda CBR600F3 with 2,916 orig miles.  Clean title in hand in my name. Bought it 4 years ago and spent lots of time and money trying to make it near perfect (it’s the same model, year and color as what I had in college so it was me trying to relive my youth). Sadly, my bad back in combination with it being too dangerous for a slow, fat guy like myself to ride in Vegas forces the sale.  I have all receipts and replaced parts baggies/boxes for every OEM part I put on it. I saved the old parts to prove it wasn’t wrecked. Feel free to contact me to see it in person 850-five 86-38two8.  Not showroom perfect but damn nice for a 1997! PS: front chock included!

The bad: carbs need to be cleaned. Ran fine in 2014 and I did drain bowls before tear down but no luck in getting it started. Needs battery too as no point in buying one and letting it rot.

The good: over $1,000 in brand new parts. No cracked fairings at all!

  • Brand new oil and filter
  • Brand New Dunlop Q3s with not 1 mile on them – $285 mounted
  • New Ariete 90degree valve stems in gold – $29
  • Powder coated rims in gold – $175

The following all new OEM parts

  • Front lower chin – $35
  • Left side lower fairing – $374
  • Alternator cover and gasket – $69
  • Parts below over $400
  • Various OEM decals still new in OEM packing for spares – $149

The CBR600 may have been anything but exotic, but that was exactly the point: it was an everyman sportbike, and it was damn good at being that. The shape has aged pretty well I think, and the non-standard gold-painted wheels really flatter the Erion Racing-inspired colors. It’s a shame that this attempt to capture the seller’s youth has been put up for sale, but his loss is your gain! Can you really put a price on reliving the dreams of your youth? Apparently you can, and those dreams are going to cost you $3,950.00. That Buy It Now price is obviously on the high-end for an F3, but if this one is as nice in person as it looks in pictures, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a better example with so few miles.


Low Tech, Big Fun: 1997 Honda CBR600 F3 for Sale
Honda March 6, 2013 posted by

600cc Survivor! 1993 Honda CBR600 F2

Boca Raton, FL – 12,500 mi – Currently $2,550


Before the shouts of “These aren’t rare!” and “They made thousands of these!” start, let me say that I don’t necessarily disagree with the latter. However, there is a lot of support and interest in clean survivors from back in the day. Personally, I feel that finding a 20-year-old bike that was never meant to be collectible in stellar condition can be trickier than finding a more expensive bike in the same condition. These were never thought of as something to preserve. They were designed to go fast and lots of them ended up on the ground or modified beyond recognition. Those who wanted one of these when they were new but were too young/broke to afford one are now 20 years older and have more disposable income. That is why the “survivor” represents a key part of the rare sport bike market, much like the 60’s muscle car does in the collectible car market.


On to this minty CBR600F2 for sale. This bike is now 20 years old and has less than 13k miles on the clock, which is roughly 600 miles a year. The bike looks as flawless as can be and the only thing I can call out from the photos is a slight scuff on the exhaust and maybe a tiny amount of surface rust on the exhaust as well. Also, I maybe see some pait chipping on the front forks, but that could just be the lighting in the picture. Other than that, this thing looks like it did back in ’93.


From the seller:

1993 Honda CBR 600 F2 with less than 13,000 miles. Recent tune up, cleaned carburators, changed voltage regulator, battery and both tires. Runs like a dream. 100HP on paper and you can feel it. Second owner since 1994, always garaged.

The description is a little lacking, but the seller has provided some good photos of the bike. Bidding is active and up to $2,550 already. These had 100hp back in the day and were no slouch. That Honda rideability and reliability is probably one of the things that has kept this bike looking good today. Do you feel like owning a classic 600 for less than the price of a new 250cc bike? Then check out the auction here and place your bid!


Honda June 18, 2011 posted by

1991 Honda CBR600 F2 with low miles For Sale

1991 Honda CBR600 F2 For Sale with a splash of Pink Lemonade…

Location: South Vienna, Ohio
Mileage: 8,600
Price: $3,850.00 B.I.N.

It’s been said before, but it’s worth saying again… The 90’s graphics were Hawt! Okay, so maybe no one has ever said that, but it’s the truth! It was only a few years ago we were seeing manly men wearing those pretty pink shirts that said “Real men wear Pink”. I’ll go ahead and remove any doubts that you may have. I NEVER OWNED ONE OR WORE ONE, but I can’t speak for Big Boss Man Dan 😉

Now I did own a 1997 F3 and must say it was an all around nice ride. Good power with a sporty riding position that wasn’t as harsh as the Homologation bikes of the day. The worst thing I remember about the bike was how hard it was to get into the trunk. It was a total PITA because you had to remove the whole side panel with those silly ‘I’m gonna break at any second’ plastic adapters that you had to push into the rubber grommet. UGH! You can’t tell me that almighty Honda is couldn’t engineer something mo’ better?

Back to the Pretty in Pink 91 F2… In 91 I was sporting a tank called a 1988 ZX750R and I lusted after the girl next….er …. the F2’s because they sported the hawt new flashy graphics and I had a thing for white 17″ rims. Days, months, years and decades later I still like these. I know there was a gazillion of them produced and that renders them anything but rare so why post it on The pink windscreen had me at ‘Hello’

From the seller:

Regular Maintenance kept on this bike!
This is a clean bike that runs great!! Multi-colored bike with Dark pink, blue, black & white. Features that Vance & Hines exhaust. 100% Garage kept!

for a splash of Pink



Sport Bikes For Sale May 22, 2010 posted by

Becker Moto Works F2 G1k Powered Race Sidecar

Becker Moto Works F2 G1k Powered Race Sidecar

A what?  Heck, you know what that is.  Now you a need a monkey.  A what?  The affectionate term given to the poor guy/girl hanging off the darn thing.  How cool would it be to show up at your local track day with this thing?  It looks like fun in the pictures but then I think about really doing it:  well maybe not so fun (did I say fun? I think I ment scary).  If your insurance agent thought motorcycle racing was dangerous wait until you call him about this thing.

Here is a little explainer on the F2 class from

Created decades ago for club racing as an affordable alternative to the spiraling cost of exotic rear engine F1s, the exquisite tube frames of these machines are now as expensive and exotic as F1. Steering must be done with more conventional forks, usually leading link type, and the frame must be constructed of steel tubing.  The short wheelbase machines have a more conventional engine position under the driver.  Like in F1, the chairwheel is braked but not steered or suspended. A top form F2 team with lightweight and spry handling can match an F1 on a tight track. 

This could be you:

 They are asking $12,000 for the thrill.  Let me check my records here in the RSBFS offices and see if that is a good price……..uh, yeah compared to all the other sidecar race bikes on RSBFS ( don’t bother checking, there aren’t any).  Check it out on BARF.  If that isn’t the best acronym out there I don’t know what is.

Hold on…..


Honda November 21, 2009 posted by

1989 Honda CBR600F

EDIT:  This bike has been sold!  Look for it to possibly be in a future Icon advertisement!

Have we lost our minds posting a twenty year old CBR?  To start off, yes, and secondly, this is one of my bikes (own a piece of RSBS history Woot, Woot!) which I guess is okay.  So, this CBR is rare in that it is in fantastic condition for a CBR F1 (it does have some minor scratches but nothing that detracts from the fantastic overall condition of the bike), most are now rattle canned black or have the usual defects from neglect.  The posting:

For sale is 1989 Honda CBR600F (F1) in amazing condition. This bike has 45,1XXmi however, it looks and runs as if it has less than 10k. It has a clean title, no issues and is adult/collector owned. It starts up right away and runs flawlessly. Never stored outside, always in a climate controlled garaged/building. The only modifications are a Vance & Hines full system and a K&N air filter.

Recent work (but not limited to) includes:

New JT steel sprockets front & rear (Stock gearing) with less than 3,000 miles.

New Regina Gold O-ring chain with less than 3,000 miles.

New Pirelli Sport Demon tires front & rear (110/70/17 & 140/70/17) with less than 500 miles.

Oil change using Honda filter and Motul oil with less than 300 miles.

Brake fluid flush & replacement.

All servicing up to date.

Call or email with questions or come see it–you won’t be disappointed.
Thanks for looking,


Also available is an additional, NOS, fuel tank in unused condition, still in the Honda factory packaging; rear stand; rare mono-seat faring shown in the photos, front tire with 50-70% tread, and additional bits for an additional $200.  The bike is located in Eugene, Oregon but I have received several quotes for shipment to San Francisco & Los Angeles for under $400–That is enclosed transport.  My price is $1,800 for the bike alone and $2,000 for everything I have for it, especially the NOS fuel tank.  Feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call if you have any questions.