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Sport Bikes For Sale August 8, 2018 posted by Dan

10 Year Celebration: Featured Listings are $39 until September!

This week to continue celebrating our 10 Year anniversary at RSBFS, I’d like start straight away by offering Featured Listings for $39 for the rest of the month!  Whether you want to list here exclusively, in conjunction with your favorite broker, or on an eBay listing, we’d love to thank readers with an opportunity to list at a reduced price (33% off) as the season begins to slow down.  We’re definitely seeing some great bikes come to market: last month we had 23 Featured Listings posts between brand new listings, renewals, and updates.  Thank you to all our readers, buyers, sellers and sponsors! Email me today to get started!

A testimonial from a seller last month:

“A couple of my collector friends and I had been wondering how successful RSBFS listings were, so I volunteered to be the test case. I recently listed my Honda Hawk GT and RC51 on RSBFS. The RC51 received a deposit in 24 hours and the Hawk sold roughly a week after that. Needless to say I’m pleased that I listed with RSBFS. 2 for 2! -John in Wisconsin.”

Thanks for the kind words, John, and congratulations on the sales!

We also quietly reintroduced the classifieds area last month.  This is intended to compliment Featured Listings for items that fall outside the higher standard we request for those posts – but at the same time would be uniquely appreciated by the same readers.  Email me today to get started!  Just like our Featured Listings, we establish a relationship with every promoted seller we work with and will work together through email to get your ad on the site.

Next week I’ll announce the contest requirements for RSBFS swag packages, so stay tuned and thank you for celebrating at RSBFS together!


10 Year Celebration:  Featured Listings are $39 until September!
Sport Bikes For Sale August 1, 2018 posted by Dan Celebrates 10 Years Online!

Looking back at my firstfewposts – on, I’m proud to say this website has evolved far beyond my original expectations.  When I created the site, I felt compelled to share the results of my online searches as a budding internet professional and sportbike enthusiast.  I was not in a position to be a collector, but I had a strong passion to seek out not only the exotics, but also the rare and gray market offerings that only true enthusiasts in North America appreciated.  In the next few years RSBFS readership grew faster than I could have ever imagined.

Now 10 years on, RSBFS has evolved.  While we’ll always be an outlet to highlight the most interesting online listings available for sale, RSBFS now serves as a marketplace in it’s own right that connects buyers and sellers right here.  This website has become the online destination for enthusiasts that are looking to sell on the same website they choose to buy from.  With nearly 2 million pageviews every year from hundreds of thousands of readers, I sincerely thank you all for your patronage and viewership.  

As such we’re going to mark August 2018 as the official 10 year anniversary celebration at RSBFS. Special listing prices will apply, contests for RSBFS swag, and an invitation to share your RSBFS story are all part of the plan.

But before I get ahead of myself, I need to take a moment to thank those who have helped make RSBFS the special place it is.  Please join me in embracing these essential players in the making of RSBFS:

In the Beginning

  • Alex – I’ll never forget your help in the early days and the fun we had envisioning the possibilities with your Yamaha TZ125.  Thank you for your encouragement in the beginning.
  • Doug – I could and should dedicate an entire portion of the website to your contributions in making RSBFS what it is.  I’ll never be able to fully repay you, but know that the site wouldn’t enjoy the success that we witness today without the commitment and enthusiasm you brought.  We miss you buddy!
  • Mike – The coolest cat we have been blessed to cross paths with who also happens to be one of our longest standing contributors.  His passion for our sport is always evident in his posts and you can feel the clock turning back as you read them. Mike has been away to address personal matters but I’m happy to announce that he is coming back to the rotation!

Current Contributors

  • Tad – We are so lucky to have Tad writing for RSBFS.  He initially started with CSBFS and transitioned to RSBFS when demand here increased.  Reading his posts always reinvigorates my passion as a fan and enthusiast. You are witnessing the start of a great career in sportbike journalism and we are lucky to have his work here.
  • Donn – When the call was made, Donn was eager to apply and has demonstrated ever since that he is not only one of us but that he is committed to the sport.  I’m always eager to see your selections and enjoy watching your adventures in aviation as well. Thanks for being a part of the site!
  • Aaron – We barely take advantage of your experience in journalism, but what you provide for us is incredible reliability and a succinct writing ability that serves our audience so well.  I look forward to our continued working together.
  • Marty – Over the years Marty has provided unique insight to a modest collectors perspective and always selects examples that we might otherwise overlook.  Thank you for your wisdom over the years and your continued experience on the staff.


  • Ian – A fountain of information, especially related to two stroke and gray market Suzuki’s.  I still refer readers to your informative posts as you always did a marvelous job of detailing what it takes for such an example to be authentic and original.  I’d absolutely love to see you return if the interest ever returns.
  • Jay – An industry veteran that we were very lucky to have join the team in our earliest haydays.  In addition to adding his expertise to the site, he also was able to connect us with a a privateer Aprilia RS250 race team that we had a small sponsorship stake in.  It was an opportunity of a lifetime for us and the memories still make me emotional. Rock on!
  • Claudio – You are a true gentleman and we have appreciated your global perspective in the time you shared with RSBFS.  I look forward to your observations aboard in the future.
  • Philip – You are such an ambassador of the site and I’m flattered to have your support in the early development of the site.  Someday we’ll have to meet in person and celebrate the lives that we never thought possible.
  • Jarred & Rem – though we only worked together a short time, your help on the site was very much appreciated.  I continue to enjoy seeing your journeys online.
  • Mike M. – Though we only worked together a short time, I sincerely appreciate your willingness to help out on the site.  Did you ever get the 916 you were after?
  • Andrew – Again, while we only worked together a little while, I still enjoy seeing your moto adventures in Europe and remember your work fondly.

Please join me in the comments to celebrate and thank those who have made it all possible.  Thank you RSBFS crew, past and present!

-Dan Crouch Celebrates 10 Years Online!
Honda July 9, 2018 posted by Dan

1987 Honda NS400R available in Massachusetts

7.30.2018: The seller has contact us to notify that this bike has sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Here’s a great looking NS400R that is available in the Northeast. The seller notes that it is not all original but it represents well to my eyes. They don’t surface too often in North America and are a bit overlooked compared to the 500cc 2 strokes of the same period. Check out our recent posts on NS400R’s for comparison.


1987 Honda NS400R for sale on eBay

from the seller:

Here we have is what by many is considered to be one of the Unicorns of the grey-market 2-stroke motorcycles, and a beautiful example of a 1987 NC19 NS400R. I have personally never seen one of these for sale in the US, and the ones I’ve seen over seas are bringing quite high prices so this is a rare opportunity to own one of these gems. This was Honda’s street-legal offering in the big-bore 2-stroke market although not as aggressive or powerful as the Yamaha or Suzuki 500cc competition.

With the Yamahas and Suzukis are fetching close $20K for clean examples, this Honda is even more rare than the others for a bargain in comparison.

This one may not be for the ultra-discerning collector, as it is not 100% original but a gorgeous example, the previous owner did a nice restoration and paint, with very high quality fiberglass bodywork, in fact this bike was so well maintained, it started up right off the container without the need of a fuel system or carb-clean!


-Fully serviced
-Mechanically all orignal, with 24K miles on the clock
-Compression test and coolant flush performed
-Stock expansion chambers with ZEP silencers
-24K miles and fresh paint
-Bodywork not original but of very good quality fiberglass with great paint

1987 Honda NS400R available in Massachusetts
Yamaha June 30, 2018 posted by Dan

1992 Yamaha FZR600 Vance & Hines #505

Not a very collectible model, but Donn spotted this one coming out of a collection in Portland. We’ve covered it previously and currently it’s under $3k, reserve met.


1992 Yamaha FZR600 for sale on eBay

from the seller:

1992 Yamaha Vance & Hines Limited Edition
Number 505 of 600.

From The Factory with “This” Edition . . . .

– V & H Steering Damper

– Full Stainless Steel Exhaust System – Dyno Tuned for proper jetting

– Forced Air – Pressurized Air Box

– Customized Factory Paint Job Matching the then – Vance & Hines Race team

– Painted & Polished Wheels Front & Rear

– Polished Engine Cases

– Air Spoiler On Rear Tail Section Fairing

Added –

Color matched Second Look operator seat & passenger seat

Rear Cowing covering the passenger seat for operator only look

This bike has been in my Museum Collection for quite some time now . . . It does have a “State of Oregon – Special Interest Plate” for M/Cs over 25 years old that qualify – and is good forever – never has to be renewed. If the buyer lives in Oregon the plate will go with the bike – If the buyer is out of the state of Oregon I will keep the plate and transfer it to one of my other museum bikes.

RECENTLY – Tuning re-verified – It started right up – idles correctly – Drives correctly etc. Has new coolant. Has new engine oil & filter. Front & Rear brake fluids Flushed and replaced.

While in the Museum the below was done for Function and display Purposes – As It was driven occasionally to M/C Shows/events – Items not in any order . . .

New Battery

New Tires

New front & Rear Brake Pads installed

New Spark Plugs
Carbs and fuel rails Rebuilt & SYNC UP

Valve Clearances set

New coolant installed

New OEM Air filter installed

New fuel filter & new Petcock installed

New Gold chain & sprockets installed

New Clutch Cable installed

The bike is in EXCELLENT mechanical and Cosmetic condition and needs nothing.

Here Is the Link to the You-Tube Video showing a walk around and start up –

PLEASE – review the video as I’ve included a lot of info in it that’s not in the text here.

1992 Yamaha FZR600 Vance & Hines #505