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Austrian Quickie: 2011 KTM 1190 RC8R


This 2011 KTM RC8R is full of goodness, and looking for a new home. Few decent pictures are available, but we do know that this bike has fewer than 2,000 miles, and that this auction was forced to restart due to a non-paying bidder. That shows that there is good interest in the bike, and pricing is in the reasonable range.

2011 KTM 1190 RC8R for sale on eBay

From the seller:
This bike is in very good condition, super fast and light. It is a race ready bike that has been garaged from day one.

Located in Ohio, the seller is looking for $10,750 or best offer for this bike. Good Luck!



  • Read reviews on these before you buy it!! I have ridden these, and OMG what a disappointment – throttle response is jerky and abrupt, slamming you forward and backward at every throttle change, and no slipping the clutch does not work well and just adds to the frustration…. read test articles on the 2012 and you see more honest evaluations of the difference between the pre-2012 and the 2012 and beyond. The 2012 got the throttle right and it is truly fun to ride – the pre-2012 is an exercise in frustration – unless you are going to track or race only the bike – then it’s all on or all off, which it likes but is not practical for street application, you can’t be all on or all off… and in talking with KTM reps, that was the excuse on the pre-2012’s – “it’s a racebike”. When asked if there was some way to make it street-able – and this is right from KTM – “No not really and the aftermarket companies products don’t really work either”. and I was grateful for the honesty.
    you always see these with low miles, and there is a reason.
    And I’m not bashing the bike, just a warning from someone that has been on them multiple times, LOVES the design and REALLY wanted the bike to be worth spending the cash…. but pre-2012 it’s really not, which is so sad as it’s a great design, everything is adjustable to the rider, it screams quality, and the seating position is very comfortable compared to anything else in it’s class, the motor pulls well and in the 2012 model, is a freaking blast.
    If I could find one under 8k maybe…. but then it would be an expensive track bike

    • Pretty accurate description… I own a pre-2012 R model, but I have to say the snarling disposition is what I enjoy about the bike. It’s a visceral, light, unique, wheelie happy bike that rewards you for riding hard and punishes mistakes. If I want a buttery smooth polished ride I’ll jump on my S1000RR, but most times I prefer the KTM.. It’s certainly not for everyone, no way, but some will list those qualities in the plus column rather than the negative.

  • What did they do to fix the problem? Is it a bolt on or mapping solution? It seems to me it would be fixable.

    • ^…twin spark head and a heavier flywheel i believe

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