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Another Clean Gixxer: 1991 Suzuki GSX-R1100

Shingle Springs, CA – 12,400mi – $6,500 BIN

1991GSXR1100_1 It is no doubt that the “GSX-R” is one of the most iconic names in sport bike history and is should be as the name has been around for over 25 years. Suzuki is a tiny company compared to the like of Honda and Yamaha, but one this it has managed to consistently produce competitive and fantastic street machines. This iteration of the 1100 is less raw than the first 1100, which means the chassis was more suited for the 150hp beast of an engine that was inside this machine in ’91. It may not have the immediate appeal as the first generation has now, but it is a friendlier bike to ride.


This bike has only traveled a total of 12k miles in its now 22-year-old life. No need to grab the calculator, that’s roughly 560 miles a year. It’s not completely stock and aftermarket items include signals, carbs, and a sweet Kerker exhaust. The fairing look straight and free from major damage, and the bike seems to have been given proper maintenance for something its age.

1991 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 for sale on eBay

From the seller:

This listing is for a rare, hard to find, low mileage 1991 GSXR 1100. It is red and black and is in excellent condition. I am the 3rd owner and it only has just over 12k original miles. Everything on the bike is original with the exception of the seat cowl, (the original rear seat comes with the bike), aftermarket turn signals, (One original set is included with the sale), Mikuni Side Draft Carbs, (the original carbs are included) and the exhaust. I do not have the original exhaust. All paint is original and in very nice condition. As you can tell from the pictures, it has a great shine. Everything on the bike is working. The valve adjustment and other sevice items were completed last year. It is ready to enjoy and ride and it will obviously increase in value. As you probably know, it is very difficult to find a GSXR-1100 with such low miles. There are just one or two very minor blemishes. It is in amazing condition for a 22 year old bike. I still ride this bike several times a month, so the mileage will change slightly. Please ask any questions prior to bidding. Please feel free to inspect the bike prior to purchase. Buyer is responsible for all shipping activities. I will load the bike and take a bunch of pictures prior to tranportation. Thanks

Always good to see a clean GSX-R1100 up for grabs and to see a bike of this age cared for. These may not be seen as major collector’s pieces like the first-gen gixxer is quickly becoming, but as those become unobtanium, these will follow. Check the market for second-gen M3’s or late 60’s Stratocasters and you can see what will happen. These weren’t as sought after as their older counterparts back in the day, but they are now. Having said that, the asking price of $6,500 is on the high side of where we have seen these models go. But I bet in a couple of years that might seem like a bargain. You can check out the auction here and place your bid today!



  • $6500?!? Never gonna happen.

  • Agree- this pig is worth about $3500-4000 max…IF you even were looking for one.

  • why do people destroy the plastics by drilling holes to mount those cheap ugly turn signals

  • ok, firstly this bike is no pig- but it is worth what 6th says. i almost bought it ! was f/s on san diego craigslist for 39hundo. so is the new owner a bike flipper? is there anything wrong w/ that? mixed feelings for sure…

    and iced, you dont have to drill the plastics to put on those turn signals- they usually mount w/ 2 sided tape in the original holes. and the original ones stick out a mile! period correct but man they date the bike badly. not sure about the new ones either.

    we’ll see about the 6.5 k. l e models are going for twice that…

  • Man I hated the ugly ass aftermarket turn signals back then, and I think I hate em more now!

  • Tough Crowd! I love these bikes. I have been looking for many months. There was a black one on ebay several months ago and the owner pulled the listing early. I called him and he claims he sold it for over $6k. Maybe b.s. maybe not. I was thinking the $4k range like the rest of you guys. They are difficult to find, so who knows. This is only the second one I have seen for sale in 6 months. (I am just looking for red or black) Turn signals definitly suck, but it looks like this bike has the originals as well as the original carbs and rear seat. It is always good when owners keep the original stuff. It will be interesting to see if anyone spends $6k for it. I can’t afford it!

  • This is my old bike ! I bought it from the original owner and did the restoration and service work, with a dyno tune as well.. Not sure why he’s asking so much. The bike is in excellent shape but is not mint. The solo cowl is a factory part. I agree with everyone on the turn signals and there are holes drilled for them in the rear. Looks like he is indeed a trying to flip for profit…Oh well to each his own.

  • BTW I sold this bike about two months ago.

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