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A sporty little number – 1988 Honda VFR400R

Almost missed this auction for a 1988 VFR400R. The bike cosmetically could be a bit better but just imagine how much fun you could have on this little beauty. This was designated the NC24 as the second generation of the bike which was the first Honda to a Pro-Arm singled sided swing arm which went on to become a trademark of the VFR range of bikes.  The singled sided arm was an ELF design who were experimenting with single sided arms for both front and rear suspension.

The owner doesn’t share a great deal so I would suggest a careful look over the bike:

has a few minor scrapes in the plastic but overall in good shape,,  comes with a additional upper fairing & seat cowl..  bike does everything it was designed to do.   turn the key go.   pick it up if your down for the holidays  or  i can work with your shipper.   will have some additional pics in a day or two.    not perfect but nice considering the age ( cosmetically speaking).   mechanically very good!!   not sure of the yea,,. i will have to take a look at the title when i get home     thanks..
18500 km on the odometer

You can find the eBay auction here

No one has bid on this bike yet and so you may perhaps pick it up relatively cheaply but you should inspect it as the V4 engine can be complex and potentially expensive if it hasn’t been looked after.  Could be some fun though!  No bids and starting at $3250, hmmm….



  • I spoke with the seller, the bike was his friends bike, no service history or any details. He told me that the bike starts fine.
    I got the impression that the seller is in business selling used bikes but he told me that he isn’t a dealer.
    His number:(321) 268-2180

  • I remember this was on ebay a few months ago. Here’s a naked one with raised bars in action,, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTO2s7wyrFs ,, this guy rides the hell out of his NC24. I’m wondering if the gearing is different than that of the NC30 or if it has that really tall 1st gear?

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