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Yamaha December 30, 2012 posted by

All Original 1988 Yamaha FZR400 with 6500 Miles From SpeedWerks!

FZR400 For Sale

SpeedWerks has another exceptional bike on offer and I dare say you may not see one like it again in some time. It’s an original and unmolested example that was owned by just two enthusiasts in the same family.

1988 Yamaha FZR400 For Sale on eBay


from SpeedWerks:

Here is an extremely rare,unmolested,LOW Mileage,Stock,1988 Yamaha FZR400 #7179. It has had only “2” enthusiast owners since new that were related.
Although he wanted to keep it in the “family”, A crazy future ex-wife forced a reluctant sale. If your familiar with these bike’s, you know this is probably close to one of the last survivors and would be a wonderful addition to any collection. The machine is in fabulous original condition and is “not” a converted race bike.

We have the full story/history and actually serviced this bike since 2001. We have been racing and servicing FZR400’s for over 20 year’s.
We have ton’s of spare parts and a vast amount of knowledge that will go along with the sale. Welcome to the family.
References avail upon request. Please feel free to check out our previously offered bike’s (inc. some FZR’s) at

This FZR rides on “fresh modern” Bridgestone rubber,has 90% brake pad,fresh oil,antifreeze,brake fluid. Valve lash ck’d/set,fresh plugs,Carbs were completely rebuilt. and a fresh tank of Non-ethanol 100 octane aviation fuel. The service was preformed due to lack of use, hence the Low Mileage.
It is 95% stock with the “exception” of; updated Tires, 520 chain/gearing and Zero gravity clear windscreen.
It runs,rides and preforms 100%, Cosmetically it’s 95% with a few small chip’s on the lowers and some corrosion on a few bolt’s. (It is 25 years young)

We have thoroughly Inspected,Detailed and Fully Serviced this bike before offering it up for sale. All it needs is you and a helmet!
This example is a “STRONG” 9+ outta 10, please copy and past the link’s for more high resolution images; The picture’s speak for themselves.







If you’re reading this still, you’re probably like us: FZR400 superfans! SpeedWerks is well known as specialists with this particular model and I wouldn’t hesitate if you’ve been waiting for a good one. Search our archives for details if you’re new to this model.

Good luck to buyers and seller!


Ducati December 29, 2012 posted by

Spring Dreams: 2005 Ducati 999 Motion SBK #004

sbk right

It is hard to make a stock Ducati seem  ordinary but the Motion Ducati’s pull it off pretty easily.  I know it is just a picture but doesn’t it just give the impression that every single item on the bike, down to the nuts and bolts is just perfect?

sbk emblem

Even the emblem is kick ass.  The Motion Ducati’s seem to have a little mystery to them because there is not a whole lot of info on them out there on the internets.  Well, at least my lazy ass couldn’t find much.  Basically, it so sounds like it is run by one Brad Miller out of Texas and that the attention to detail is incredible.  One forum thread even described him flying out to a Motion Ducati owners home to help with set up and maintenance lessons.  Damn, nobody from Hammatsu flew out to help me with this GSXR sitting in my garage.

sbk left

Basically, Motion takes a really good Ducati and turns it into the ultimate Ducati.  I think any friends with 999R’s would be mighty jealous.

Here is the list of upgrades and it is pretty damn impressive:

Here is an opportunity to own an “almost new” Ducati Motion SBK Superbike with beautiful high performance upgrades as follows: front OHLINS (custom application), OHLINS radial billet bottom kit, OHLINS rear shock (with remote preload, high/low, data flats), OHLINS damper, Brembo radial calipers, billet caliper spacers, titanium caliper bolts, Brembo RS rotors with 10mm offset, titanium rotor bolts, FO5 brake line kit, Brembo radial brake master, Brembo radial clutch master, Brembo brake reservoir, Brembo clutch reservoir, RS Corse slipper clutch with plates, carbon clutch cover, 39t Renthal rear race sprocket with DID ERV3 chain, RS 520 lightened 14t front sprocket, billet rear sets, Nemesis ECU, F1 factory Quick Shifter (dyno tuned), billet top clamp, Marchesini magnesium wheels, carbon tank pad cover, anodized black Motocorse rear stand, billet fuel cap (quick release), carbon exhaust heat shield, suede leather seat, powder coated (subframe, rear spring, suspension parts), custom paint (MotionSBK white, orange, carbon), custom carbon tail, full carbon (body, sides, deflectors, fender, v-pc, nose, key guard, inlet covers), full 57mm Termignoni  exhaust with titanium can, high compression billet pistons with titanium wrist pins, balanced and blueprinted engine, FO5 windscreen.  This low-mileage beauty originally built by Brad Miller was completely disassembled and rebuilt by him in 2009 (including the engine).  This screamer is finely tuned, made of the highest quality components, has been little used, and is ready for some fun.

sbk forks

Not your average front end.

sbk piston

Billet pistons with ti wrist pins.  Oh who doesn’t have those!

sbk triple

1,644 miles on it and it had a full rebuild in 2009.

sbk left front

Can this bike win over the Ducati faithful that treat the 999 like a redheaded stepchild?  The bike has a $17,900 BIN to go along with the auction.  Let’s hear from the RSBFS faithful;  do you like it and what is it worth to you?

Here is the auction.

THIS IS NOT THE BIKE FOR SALE but well worth 1:35 of your life to watch.


Bimota December 28, 2012 posted by

Relisted: 1998 Bimota V Due in Arizona with 48 Miles [Video]

Update 12.28.2012: After being relisted in early December, the seller has contacted us with a new listing and a revised reserve. Good luck to buyer and seller! -dc

We originally posted this V Due in a block with 3 other Bimota’s from the same seller. This bike is being relisted after a winning bid of $19700 was accepted but the deal fell through. Opening bid is $18k reserve not met with less than 3 days remaining on the auction. Make sure to note the seller’s requirement for wire transfer with 72 hours as the only accepted method of payment.

1998 Bimota V Due For Sale on eBay

from the seller:

This Vdue is being relisted due to a buyer that could not understand my payment requirements. Please read and understand them as I do not bend on these requirements. At all.

1998 Bimota Vdue 500 Iniezione

78 kilometers (48 miles). On 1st title (AZ) from the MSO. Never registered/plated.

Completely stock/original. No modifications. Fuel Injected. FI has not been touched/tuned.

I won’t go into all the details of a Vdue. If you are interested in this bike, then you already know what it is. There are no stories with this bike, It is very straight forward. It has 78 kilometers (48 miles). It has a clean Arizona title. Only titled, never registered or plated. It starts and runs as it should and all functions operate as designed. I have included a short video of it starting and idling. You are more than welcome to come and inspect the bike & listen to it run. No test rides though. All inspections must be done before the auction ends.

PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS BEFORE BIDDING. PAYMENT OPTIONS ARE NON NEGOTIABLE. Payment via direct bank to bank wire transfer only. No other forms of payment accepted. NO PAYPAL, no cash, no money orders or cashiers checks.


Honda December 28, 2012 posted by

4 Drool Worthy Honda’s Ready to Ride and For Sale in the U.K.

While all of these Honda specials represent some of the best of the modern classic era, what impresses me even more is that they all have some mileage. No living room queens here but rather some bikes that have been tastefully upgraded and enjoyed.


This RC30 actually doesn’t appear as modified as the other picks for this post but does sport a reasonable 21k miles at £17,995.00 (about $29k USD as of this date). While a bit on the high side in our area, a bike with this many miles should be ready to ride.

Honda VFR750R RC30 1988-E For Sale on eBay UK

Honda RC30 For Sale UK

Naturally any RC30 on RSBFS is followed by an RC45 for sale. This one is advertised having a bit over 16k miles and upgraded with a Quill exhaust. Priced at £17,995.00 (about $29k USD as of this date).

1996 Honda RVF750 RC45 For Sale on eBay UK

Honda RC45 For Sale

Arguably the most rare Honda in this post so far, the 900RR Evo is a very limited unit indeed. And it comes modified to the hilt from the factory. The ad states that it has 6k miles but you’d never know it from the pictures. And at £13,999.00 ($22.5k USD as of this post) it’s actually quite a bit more affordable as well.

2001 Honda CBR900RR Evo For sale on eBay UK


Finally we have a tricked out RC30 that sports HRC radiators, HRC air intakes, Marvic/Dymag wheels, Maxton suspension, 1con brakes, and an Ohlins steering damper. This one has 20k miles and an £16,995.00 asking (about $27k as of this writing).

1990 Honda RC30 For Sale on eBay UK

Honda RC30 VFR750R For Sale

Ducati December 27, 2012 posted by

2009 Ducati 1098R Troy Bayliss #218 with 0 Miles For Sale in St. Louis

2009 Ducati 1098R Troy Bayliss For Sale

This Bayliss special edition is advertised as brand new and never registered. The $43,995 buy-it-now price is exactly what it stickered for in 2009. Looking at through our archives with other new or nearly new examples shows this asking price to be about right, though we don’t have a recorded sale at that asking price. I think the only question left is would you rather have this limited edition for somewhere around $40k or get today’s 1199R, which starts at about $30k…?

2009 Ducati 1098R Troy Bayliss For Sale on eBay





Rare Sport Bike Parts For Sale December 27, 2012 posted by

Parts Bin: Forken A! Kayaba RGV500 And Ohlins GSVR Forks

Who has some Christmas cash burning a hole in their pocket?  Technology has probably long passed them by but what Suzuki project would not be just a bit cooler with some old works parts?  Don’t you wish you lived in the UK to hit the Suzuki GP HQ yearly yard sale? 


 I know the picture shows Kenny Roberts Jr. but the seller claims these are forks off a XR79 RGV500.  If that is the case, that would place them as 1993 models with Schwantz and Barros on the Team.  I’m pretty sure they had moved on to Ohlins by the time Kenny joined the team as well.  Who know’s how many sets of forks they would have cycled through in a year and we all know the settings would not be applicable but  I wouldn’t turn my nose up at an opportunity to own a set if I had a applicable project waiting for them.  The seller didn’t include any dimensions/specs on them unfortunately.  He does mention they were also used some Kawasaki race bikes (I’m assuming ZXR’s) as well.

Asking price is 1,955 GBP

Here is the listing.






Have no fear if you like your factory parts more current.  This set of Ohlins is claimed to come off of John Hopkins 2005 GSVR.  The seller claims they even have a super secret Ohlins parts number (I embellished that a little).  This seller did supply the numbers I’m sure you’d like to know if interested:


Tube length: 75mm
Upper triple: 51mm
Lower triple: 56mm
Axle hole: 30 mm
Caliper bracket length : 108mm



For the 3,500 GBP price tag, I hope you have better luck with them than Hopper had.

Here is the listing.




Bimota December 26, 2012 posted by

Early Unobtainium: 1980 Bimota SB3

For Sale: 1980 Bimota SB3

12/26/2012: Back on eBay with a starting bid of $25k reserve not met and $29,500 buy-it-now. If Santa missed you this year, maybe this will work 😉 Links updated. -dc

4/12/2012: We love this early Bimota and it’s back on eBay for $4000 less than it’s last listing. Links updated. -dc

3/20/2012: Back on eBay since our original posting last year, this SB3 is now being offered out of New York for $29,000 USD or best offer. The auction is mistakenly labeled for a Ducati Superbike, which might slow some bidders down. There are also some new pictures in the auction, so be sure and check them out! Links updated. MI

When it comes to the early age of Bimotas, we do see them cross the auction block from time to time (witness this Bimota post from Rem, for example). They are, however, very rare and usually very pricey.

This particular example of the breed – in fantastic condition throughout according to the pictures – comes to us from the Ontario providence of Canada. Perhaps it is the short riding seasons that have kept this beauty from accumulating many miles – less than 5,000 miles grace the face of this bike’s odometer.

From the seller:
Look closely at the technology and engineering of the machine and it’s hard to believe that this bike is a 1980 model. The SB3 had its debut at the Milan Show in 1979 and showcased some radical thinking; particularly in the frame design. The cromoly frame is assembled around the engine and uses aircraft style ‘conical’ joints to connect the front and rear halves. It also has a ‘perimeter’ swing arm, which pivots exactly at the transmission sprocket axis, eliminating the need for chain slack and geometry changes that go along with that. Modular bodywork, top-line (for the day) Italian components (Brembo, Marzocchi, Campagnolo,). Powered by Suzuki’s bullet-proof GS1100 power plant, only 402 copies were made during its production.

This one shows some sensible mods from the previous owner (Pingle fuel tap, relocated choke, battery charger pig tail) and a bit of natural patina from use, but is in exceptional condition and with only 4,700 miles on the clock; it’s barely broken-in.

There were an estimated 402 SB3 bikes produced during the 1979-1983 model run. This bike, a 1980 model with a low VIN, is obviously an early example. Yet even after 31 years the overall condition of the bike looks to be fantasic. Such is the way with rare and exotic collectibles: a lot of looking and polishing, but often not a lot of riding.

That is a shame in some ways, as this bike was the top of the food chain at the beginning of the decade. With a chrome moly trellis frame, top level suspension and braking components and a Suzuki GS1000 mill, this bike could out handle and outrun practically anything else on the road save for an all-out racebike. Even today you might be surprised at the potential – should you be lucky (or brave) enough to ride it in anger.

This magnificent SB3 is available now via an eBay auction. At the time of this writing, the current bid was approximately $5,900 with reserve still in place. The bidding is taking place with Canadian dollars, so stateside bidders will need to watch conversion rates (1 USD is approximately .95 CAN at the going rate). The last SB3 posted here on RSBFS had an opening bid of $10k and a BIN of $25k, just to give you an expected range. There is no reason to believe that this bike would fall outside of that spread, and it will be interesting to see where the reserve is set for this rocket. For more information, click on the link and jump over to the auction. Don’t forget to tell ’em you found it on RSBFS!


Moto Guzzi December 24, 2012 posted by

Christmas Goose: 1981 Moto Guzzi 1100cc Racer


For those of you who have held off until the very last minute to purchase that perfect gift for your significant other, RSBFS is here to help. Just check out this beautiful Moto Guzzi racer. As it should be, this beast is located in Italy. Even with Amazon Prime shipping this will not be delivered in time for the holidays, but I wouldn’t care if I were the recipient. Bikes like this are worth waiting for.


While Guzzi has a long and storied racing history, track-worthy bikes of the modern era come up very rarely. This looks to be a nice build, with some endurance racing history. While nailing down the specifics of any race bike can be difficult, the Team Taurus website does offer some great pics and information about their campaign. The podium position noted below looks to be from the fabled 24 hours of Spa event.


From the seller:
Moto Guzzi Racing, ready to race, winning bike.
1100 cc – 100 hp –
Podium: SPA Francorchamps, Magny Cours.


I was able to find a few racing pics and a short video of this bike as well, but alas the bike in the video is only a prop in what appears to be a sponsorship plug. Still, this lends authenticity that this bike or one similar was at the racetrack (or at least in the garages).

This bike is being listed for a straight $16,500. This is the same price in USD as the classified advert I found for EUR 12,500. Given the prices on classic Guzzis today (nevermind the astounding price tag for a MGS-01 Corsa model), this looks like a great way to goose your way to the track. For more information and pictures, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


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