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1996 Honda NSR250 SE MC28 For Sale

Here’s the next bike for sale from Ozzie, a really sharp and low mile NSR250. This 1996 model is of MC28 vintage and is an SE model specifically.

The SE model slots between the lower-end R model and the top rated SP amongst the MC28’s — but lets be clear, it comes with most of the same parts the SP does save the Magtek wheels, special edition race-rep paint jobs, and a handful of other differences. Still comes with completely adjustable front and rear suspension, dry clutch, and class leading performance.

I’m sure most of that information is already well known to anyone reading this far, so onto to the goods:

Honda NSR250 SE MC28 For Sale

quote from the seller:

This is a very nice NSR250 SE (two Stroke) PGM IV credit card ignition/key, all original. The SE is a dry clutch model and this particular bike comes with original two keys/cards and only 7500KM (4600miles). Like all my bikes this one comes with no stories or excuses it is ready to crate and ship anywhere. Will sell for $9800.00 plus tax and title fees (approx $400.00) it is in my garage in FL. alongside similar bikes. this is one of three NSR250 SE I have will be selling two of the three. Please call me 813-655-8470

Another beautiful bike Ozzie! Good luck with the sale!

Update: Ozzie notes the following for interested parties: I have 4 are all 1995-98 mileage ranges from 6000KM to 17,000KM


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