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Suzuki posted by

1994 Suzuki RGV Lucky Strike 250cc race replica street bike For Sale

How tasty is this RGV250 wearing the Lucky Strike bodywork?!

quote from seller’s Craigslist ad:

Street legal in Arizona. Last registered in 2005. Has enough milage to register in California. This is an original, factory, street legal, limited production Lucky Strike. Clean title, very rare. Finally, after many offers, I ‘m ready to part with her. 14,004 km (app 7 k miles). Adult owned, no track days. Was mainly used as display. Have a new set of plastics on the bike[…]

As awesome as this bike is with the title, desirable graphics, and low miles, I just can’t see $12k considering how many other 2 strokes I’ve listed for far less. Am I crazy or is the seller? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!



  • 12k is a lot. Especially for a Suzuki! [snicker] I imagine (never ridden one) RGV250’s can be amazing bikes in their own right . But 12k (or less) will buy all sorts of bikes that are amazing. I guess it just takes one buyer who’s a little crazier than the sellerthough. dc, I agree with you but as long as the seller is willing to wait (maybe forever)…

    I wonder how much of that 12k the seller is associating with its described condition? The pics don’t show much. The “display” reference and his comment about the bodywork is what I’m picking up on. Seems he’s trying awfully hard to convince me it has collectible value beyond other bikes in its class. Maybe its condition warrants 12k or perhaps there’s something about that particular model RGV that I’m unaware of. Either way, I’m generally not interested in paying large premiums for bikes lacking the normal wear and tear I’d likely put on it in due time anyway. On my wages, I’m perfectly happy spending significantly less for a bike that is nearly as nice. The seller’s ad would be more attractive to me if he said something like, “condition reflected in asking price” and left it at that. I don’t need or want him to try and convince me it’s a special bike. Let the bike speak for itself.

    To even consider 12k I’d want to negotiate some kind of guaranteed refund in the event I was unsuccessful in registering/titling in my particular state and name. But I’d have to really want an RGV250 to spend 12k.

    Not registered since 2005? Why? I once learned the hard way that “clean title” doesn’t always mean what I assume it means. I’m not saying the lapse in registration is anything but innocent. But titles and registration is a very specific problem area for grey market bikes. For 12k, I think he’d have an easier time selling it (to anyone but maybe an AZ resident) if he updated the paperwork so everything was current. Since I had a bad experience with a “clean title” I’m more cautious now.


  • GP, as usual we’re in agreement — you’ve done a better job than I did in explaining though! If it is as nice as he’s suggesting (and asking) you’d think there would be a decent website dedicated to the machine with dozens of high resolutions pictures to document. Maybe I should offer my services!

    Thanks again for your insights,


  • […] enthusiasts are finding their way to these blogs on a regular basis and the conversations have been great. Many great comments are coming on posts about model history, previous ownership, and value […]

  • Don’t worry about the $12k price tag, in 20 years from now it will be vintage and worth a fortune!

  • Anyone who knows anything about rare (read: never imported to the US) 2-strokes realizes that the RGV 250R is one of best ever produced. If that bike were posted for sale in the UK it would be sold in a heartbeat.

    The Lucky Strike replicas are the most desirable, with the ’96 VJ23 SP the most sought after. As for Johnny’s comment, it won’t take 20 years for these bikes to hit stratopheric price levels. Many are already there. All the clean bikes are in private collections around the world, and not many have residence in the states. Find a low-mile smoker, pay the price and just enjoy looking at it and perhaps sneaking it down the block for a ride every so often. Then just sit back and watch its price escalate.

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