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1985 RZ500 Hybrid Track/Street Bike In Florida

1985 RZ500 Hybrid  Track/Street Bike In Florida

Here is a rather interesting RZ500 hybrid looking for a new home.  It’s got a little of everything on it but it has one very important thing for us two stroke fanatics: a title.  That is a tasty custom swing arm sitting there and with a nice paint scheme that YZR replica bodywork would look great.  A lot has been done do this bike so I’ll let the seller explain:

Time to settle and cash out. 1985 RZ500. ZXR750 forks,Marchasini front 3.5 rim with brembo brakes and cast iron rotors,GSXR 5.5 rear rim withm modified cush drive in a Custom swing arm. Steel re-enforced frame @ main frame. Engine has fresh top end with 32mm flat slides,Bodywork is YZR500 fairing with air tech seat assembly. Fresh slicks on her, a full un opened 55 drum of MS109 VP fuel, and here is the rather cool part…With a few zues fastners and one bracket I made for the tail assembly its street legal,….OK so its a rather odd machine but its titled and has seen some street miles. Instrumentation consists of a tach and temp gauge.
I do not care if it sells but if you wish to have it it is available. I last ran it a bit over a year ago at Jennings and while it won both classes its was not what I expected and lost interest in my vintage conquest. Right now it is collecting dust in a conditioned space waiting to be gone over or loved on.
Paint is in decent condition and spares consist of sprockets and a spare set of YZR bodywork depending on interest.



The seller is asking $7500 and he sounds pretty firm on that.  In the two stroke market I consider a title worth somewhere between $1500 and $2000.  So factor that into your equation when you consider if the price is right.  Obviously the bike is currently set up for the track.  It would take a little work getting her ready for the street but the owner has done the hard part already with the title.  This bike is probably not for the collectors out there but is for the guy who wants to wring a two strokes neck every weekend.   Tear up that Sierra Club membership and come join us on the dark, or shall I say smokey, side.  The owner sums it all up perfectly with a saying under his avatar on the WERA forum:  “Valves are for toilets!”   The bike is listed for sale on the WERA two stroke forum.



  • Has anybody heard of someone building an Rz 500 street tracker? I have two Rz’s looking to make one a street tracker and keeping the other stock. Framemasters agreed to build the frame but I still need to locate a fabricator for the pipes. Any ideas?


  • Steve Cisewski (rgvsteve.com) might be able to help you out. He does custom fabrication work. If he can’t I bet he could get you in touch with someone who could.

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