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What Goes Up… – 1993 Honda CBR900RR Fireblade

Image 1 - 1993 Honda CBR

1993 Honda CBR900RR Fireblade

It’s safe to say that the Fireblade prices over the past two years have set the 900RR on a new trajectory.  What was once a bike known for being shoved in a back alley with purple fairings and a tucked license plate became an overnight sensation. While the values today are still a couple miles too high off the Earth’s surface for regular folk, the one thing they did do is cement how important this motorcycle is. Our find today is one of the down to earth, black Fireblades that should scratch any collectors itch. 

Image 4 - 1993 Honda CBR

I won’t spend time on the specifics of the blade since any halfway-sport bike enthusiast should know the ancestry and how much the 1993 model shook things up for the sport bike market. It made a lot of people rethink what a sport bike should be and how you shouldn’t have to compromise between speed and handling. It’s displacement left it a bit short of the liter+ bikes but the weight made up the difference by giving feel and corner speed.

Image 41 - 1993 Honda CBRThe seller doesn’t list anything about prior owners but it’s fair to assume that a 30 year old bike with 10K miles has only switched hands a few times. It seems to be in incredible condition and looks good from 1 foot out. As much as I would love to see a good Yosh pipe on it, you have to appreciate the owner’s desire to leave it stock.

Image 8 - 1993 Honda CBR

Now to the good part. How much do you pay? How much has everyone else paid? The 900RR market has been a bit perplexing recently. The craziness has been documented but no one really knows what to make of it and more importantly, no one knows where it will settle in a few years.

There is a BaT auction of a 1993 900RR red, white, and blue with 2 days left at $17.5K.

High bid on this same same bike on BaT was $8.5K. Can anyone make sense of this whole thing?

It’s hard to see this moving for $15K but the seller may be a little more realistic after seeing the BaT high bid. There might be an opportunity here for those who aren’t willing to fork over their life savings for a color scheme but want to be part of the 900RR conversation.



  • Not to mention the two RWB outliers on BaT that went over $50k. A confusing marketplace for the 93 900RR for sure! -dc

  • I agree. When I saw the crazy bids for those two on BAT, I wondered what these bidders knew that no one else did. Since then I decided they had more ego and money than brains. The $ bid for these have come down a stratosphere but are still on the high side. Same way with ’60s BMW’s and Honda’s.

  • the one on bat went for 22750 usd – I have to admit that it had been around 15k I would have been tempted but that price is nuts. Issue with BAT is that you get certain dealers who are just flipping bikes (which may very well be the case with this one right here). I supposed thats inevitable with too much money floating around right now…oh well, back to my laverda’s

  • The photos that look to have been taken with a 2003 Motorola Razr, and the seller’s need to include “no patina” as a selling point, do little for my confidence in the bike’s condition. 🫤

  • Beautiful bike. This seller is just a dealer flipping vehicles. The listing on BAT states that he purchased it in May 2022. With the high bid on BAT being $8500, I’m thinking $15k on ebay is very optimistic. But hey, he’s just a used vehicle dealer, so depending what he paid for it in May would determine what he would be willing to let it go for today.

  • It wasn’t that long ago that people glued fur on the fairings and wheelied them until main bearings spun just to sell some dvds.

  • No sale on ebay at $15k. He’s going to have to drop the price a bit to get her sold.

  • ElMartillo, glued fur and baggy jeans indeed! And yes, the photos are abysmal. If the seller made the fairing swiss cheese holes pop out (back light?) interest would bump bidding $3k. Just look at the white bike where the holes contrast nicely against the fairings.

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