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Virginia Vroom – 1999 Ducati 900ss


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

We all know bike manufacturers can produce some truly epic pieces of road going art.  But these same manufacturers can only do this by selling lots of regular bikes that keep them in business and allow them the occasional detours into exotica.   Ducati seems to have mastered this balance, allowing it sell many thousands of regular bikes such as the Monster series while also producing  limited numbers of exotica such as the MH900e and Desmodeci.

While this market segment approach has ensured the companies financial stability, it wasn’t always like this.   For a long time, motorcycle manufacturers tried to produce models that straddled the line between daily rider and exotica.  Here we have a very clean 2003 Ducati Supersport, which was one of the last series of Ducati bikes that embraced this balanced approach.

duc ss1a

1999 Ducati 900SS for sale on eBay

The Ducati supersport, also called the ‘SS’, is a sportbike with a long history.  It is in a way similar to the Ford Mustang; it can trace its origin back over 40 years and its earliest models (such as the 1974 “green frame” bike) now command top dollars from collectors. Also similar to the Mustang, the supersport name was attached to some smaller displacement bikes that are now looked on with a fair amount of scorn.  Starting in 1989 the supersports were also offered with 350, 400cc and 600cc,  which is kind of similar to the Mustang II series of the 70’s.

Fortunately, in 1991 Ducati refocused on the 750cc and 900cc models but the SS market was beginning to be impacted by the desire for more specialized bikes; people didn’t want an all-around sportbike, they either wanted a sporty standard (such as the Monster) or a Superbike.  Finally in 1999, a restyled model appeared with styling done by Pierre Terblanche who was also responsible for the MH900E and the restyled 749/900.  As with almost all of Terblanche’s designs, the design was controversial and the 900 Supersport sold in low numbers, eventually being discontinued in 2003.

duc ss2a duc ss3a

This particular Supersport looks to be very clean and has under 10k miles.  The seller indicates an excellent service record including replacement of the engine belts and new rubber   While the opening price is price is a bit over over KBB retail, the low miles and recent services would mean that the buyer is getting a very fresh, very clean, very good all-around sportbike.



  • As an owner of a 92 900SS I have to say I liked the new style when it first came out,as time went on I started to dislike it, I think the front fairing looks ok but the bulbous tail leaves me cold. That being said you get the most refined 900SS in it’s lineage, the price is certainly fair.

  • I have never seen a Ducati designed by Pierre Terriblelunch that I liked. The carbed SS also has a more comfortable riding position.

  • Someone should buy it just to save it from the douchebaggery of the stickers. Pirelli AND Dunlop? Jesus, at least settle on one tire brand when you’re whoring up your bike.

  • Isn’t this website called rare sport bikes? This thing isn’t rare and frankly it’s not even a pristine example of the model……not worthy to be listed here IMHO

    • I agree completely. You beat me to it; I meant to say that in my post!

  • Dime a dozen, has no business on the website.

  • Can you tell it’s Monday…happy, happy,happy…

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