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RGV SP in USA: Suzuki RGV250 SP

Marty 13


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

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Relisted from earlier in the year, now with a $600 price reduction.


Always a favorite here in RSBFS, the Suzuki RGV 250 debuted in 1988 and was redesigned in 1991 with upside down forks, a GP style banana swing arm and a 17-inch tire.  Another design followed in 1997  and each generation of the bike was denoted with a V20 series code, with the 1998-1991 version often referred to as a V21, the 1992-1996 versions as the V22 and the 1997 onward as V23.  More detailed info about the changes in the RGV250 over the years can be found here.

This particular RGV250 looks to be completely stock except for possibly the exhaust canisters.  Overall it looks to be in incredible condition for an almost 20 year old bike.  The seller indicates that not only is the the highly desireable SP version (which means it would have a dry clutch and close ratio gearbox) but that it also has a US title which is tough to get for the 250cc two stroke bikes.

UPDATED: It seems this might be a relist from a previous RSBFS post, check out this post.  Also, the seller indicates this is a 1996 which would seem to make it a V22 series bike but multiple comments seem to indicate its a V23.


1996/1997 Suzuki RGV 250 SP for sale on ebay

Here is what the seller has to say:

Here is your chance to own a modern classic-grey import Suzuki RGV250SP

  • Only 8251 kilometers showing.
  • Clean California title with new registration.
  • Just a few minor marks from normal use and few scratches from a small fall.
  • Starts on the button and runs great.
  • Tires are nearly new Bridgstone BT016’s.
  • Bike needs nothing.
  • The only minor issue is fuel weeping from the tanks seam near the fuel tap. 


At this point normally I would be asking “Is this bike worth the $11,500 10,900 USD asking price?”  But a quick review of previous 1996/1997 RGV 250 SP’s on RSBFS gives the answer; yes.  The asking price is right in line with what these bikes have been going for over the last two years.

To be honest, if I could afford it I would be sending the seller an offer myself.   I suggest anyone who is seriously interested act fast because these tend to go quickly (pun intended).


  1. MrMan MrMan

    With a Cali title I’d say that’s a decent price.

  2. Marty Marty

    link to ebay restored, sorry about that chief

  3. shad shad

    cali title meh… prices tend to be way over inflated not worth the buy it now price imho

  4. Jeff Richards Jeff Richards

    The bike is a 23 not a 22…..must be a typo.

  5. royste royste

    All Vj23 ‘s have dry clutches and close ratio gear boxes.The bike listed here is the Japanese market model with 45 hp. The most desirable VJ 23’s are the full power models making 70 hp and sporting 240 KPH speedo -grey rear brake reservoir cap and a frame plate which differentiates the two. The cans are aftermarket and bare a stamp / small placard from Japan DMV. Pipes look to have been modified to adapt the cans. Full leak would be of a concern as it is very hard to find a tank for the vj23’s so hopefully its repairable.
    I am not saying that this is a bad bike listed here , all vj 23 ‘s are great bikes but if I was in the market for a another VJ 23 , I would opt for the full power version or drop $3000 to derestricted this one.. The difference in power is so great that once you’ve ridden a full power VJ 23 , you will not be happy with the regular version.
    Is the bike worth $11,500 , well probably $9,000 in my opinion. In any event , whomever gets this bike will be very happy with its handling and street manners.

  6. alan collishaw alan collishaw

    you are deluded my friend,no full power 23 made 70 ponies ever.

    i own two full power bikes and make no more than 50bhp stock

    my old full race kitted 23 made 66 ponies.

    plus the 23 was made only in 96,
    bikes from 101499 thru 102218 were 97 model year.
    there is still an awful lot of crap being spoken regarding this model

  7. jeff jeff

    rare titled gp replica 2 strokes will always be wanted and prices will likely continue to climb, regardless of what HP specs it has. I still think about a few vj23’s Ive passed on over the years with some regret. I’d need a Lucky Strike version to help justify dropping that kind of cash though.

  8. SmokinJoe439 SmokinJoe439

    I wonder if this is the same VJ23 for sale that’s been kicking around Nor Cal it’s the same colors of this one on Craigslists a year or so ago in that same Area. it was $8950 on craigslists then and even though it’s listed as a titled bike some one pop riveted a vin # off another bike on to the head tube! If was me I would be asking to see the vin # on the head tube. Yes there really is a VJ23 in Nor Cal in this color scheme some one did that to it!

  9. jeff jeff

    I thought those looked like Suguya pipes?

  10. The gas tank leak is not so minor. It would probably have water that settled in the lowest point of the tank (petcock area) and has rusted from the inside out.

  11. Glenn L. Glenn L.

    Couldn’t a person weld over the seam, or just weld the seam, after removing all rust?

  12. Pie Face Pie Face

    Eleven responses. Really?!! Cant we just pass this one to the TYGA forum and let the kids bicker over the boring details?

  13. shad shad

    from 11500 to 10900? my sides achieved orbit velocity from laughing so hard

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