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Featured Listing – 1988 Suzuki RGV-250 SP with just 6,132 Miles !

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Update 3.20.2023: Sold for $12,400! Congratulations to buyer and seller! If you have a Rare SportBike for sale, list it on RSBFS! -dc

Having been in collectors’ hands from early on, RSBFS reader Brian’s RGV250 SP is immaculate and freshly serviced. 1988 was Suzuki’s first year with the V-twin 249cc engine, and the SP sports a close-ratio cassette gearbox.

1988 Suzuki RGV-250 SP for sale on eBay

All new for 1988, the RGV250 was the best built, most expensive and most powerful ( in unrestricted markets ) 1/4 liter machine at the time.  It uses twin 32mm Mikuni carburetors and a single-acting power valve to balance 30 ft.-lbs. torque with the JDM limit of 49 hp.  Twin chassis spars are aluminum alloy with brackets holding the rear set pegs.  Conventional forks and Full Floater monoshock are multi-adjustable, with 17-inch wheels front and rear.  Brakes are outstanding in the segment with dual 290mm floating disks and 4-piston calipers up front.

Looking barely used, Brian has just had his RGV-250 serviced and with new tires.  Factory low-profile signals are slick, along with the racey Sakaguchi chambers.  Brian’s notes from the eBay auction –

I recently imported this RGV250 from Japan in late 2022.  The bike was purchased from a private owner’s collection by JCG Trading (Graham Crump) and brought to the states   It went directly to Downshift LA (Angel Perez) for a carb cleaning, safety check, and new tires.  It is in excellent condition and starts smoothly with one kick.  The bike is 35 years old and has a few small scrapes – shown in photos, but the overall condition of the body is excellent.  The engine is immaculate and runs beautifully. 
All original import paperwork is included with a Bill of Sale, CBP Customs Clearance, Import & Shipping documents, and the Japanese Original Title with all bike details.
Sakaguchi  Dual Exhausts.  There is one small very small dent in the left hand side, likely from a rider’s foot.  JDM models had flush mount lights and the SP model adds a brake reservoir and closed ratio gearbox.  Since import, this RGV250 has been ridden only twice for testing rides, with a total of 9.2 miles on brand-new Bridgestone Battlax BT090-Pro Tires.  
I’m only selling as I am a bit too big for this bike.  The RGV is much lighter at only 282 lbs (dry) and faster through the corners.  The real power kicks in at around 8,000 rpm and it feels like suddenly it has 2x the power.  It’s a true screamer and a very rare, prized bike to add to your collection and is ready to ride. 

RGV-250’s sold out early in Britain, where they were unrestricted and reviewers said they could putt around town under 5,000 rpm, and steal the show when the power valve opened at 8,000.  The street might not be the best place to do all the shifting needed to keep the revs up, or explore the extraordinary lean angles possible, but maybe a remote twisty bit or track day.  Keep an eye on the – eBay auction – and you can reach Brian using the Contact Seller button.



RGV SP in USA: Suzuki RGV250 SP

Marty 13

Relisted from earlier in the year, now with a $600 price reduction.


Always a favorite here in RSBFS, the Suzuki RGV 250 debuted in 1988 and was redesigned in 1991 with upside down forks, a GP style banana swing arm and a 17-inch tire.  Another design followed in 1997  and each generation of the bike was denoted with a V20 series code, with the 1998-1991 version often referred to as a V21, the 1992-1996 versions as the V22 and the 1997 onward as V23.  More detailed info about the changes in the RGV250 over the years can be found here.

This particular RGV250 looks to be completely stock except for possibly the exhaust canisters.  Overall it looks to be in incredible condition for an almost 20 year old bike.  The seller indicates that not only is the the highly desireable SP version (which means it would have a dry clutch and close ratio gearbox) but that it also has a US title which is tough to get for the 250cc two stroke bikes.

UPDATED: It seems this might be a relist from a previous RSBFS post, check out this post.  Also, the seller indicates this is a 1996 which would seem to make it a V22 series bike but multiple comments seem to indicate its a V23.


1996/1997 Suzuki RGV 250 SP for sale on ebay

Here is what the seller has to say:

Here is your chance to own a modern classic-grey import Suzuki RGV250SP

  • Only 8251 kilometers showing.
  • Clean California title with new registration.
  • Just a few minor marks from normal use and few scratches from a small fall.
  • Starts on the button and runs great.
  • Tires are nearly new Bridgstone BT016’s.
  • Bike needs nothing.
  • The only minor issue is fuel weeping from the tanks seam near the fuel tap. 


At this point normally I would be asking “Is this bike worth the $11,500 10,900 USD asking price?”  But a quick review of previous 1996/1997 RGV 250 SP’s on RSBFS gives the answer; yes.  The asking price is right in line with what these bikes have been going for over the last two years.

To be honest, if I could afford it I would be sending the seller an offer myself.   I suggest anyone who is seriously interested act fast because these tend to go quickly (pun intended).


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1996 Suzuki RGV250SP w/ CA title For Sale

Doug 5

1996 Suzuki RGV250SP For Sale

Location: Brentwood, CA
Mileage: 4,220
Price: $8,000.00 should buy it

Update 4.26.2011: Auction is back, but now with a buy-it-now of $9500. Link updated at the bottom. -dc

First and foremost I need to thank my brother Larry for the heads up on this machine. Usually he only sends me lies and falsities, but today he sent the good stuff. I will say it was not without some doubt. When I received the text I anxiously pushed the ‘open’ button and couldn’t believe my eyes, but quickly realized who it was from. Brushing it off, but still secretly curious, I jump on the auction site and start key wording to find it. As I suspected, it wasn’t there so I had another look at the text and was getting ready to swype ‘another lie eh?’ but, I noticed the seller has it listed in the ebay motors> parts & accessories category. It’s a good thing I didn’t out and out call my buddy a ‘Liar!’ because that would have warranted an apology on my part. If you know me you’re well aware that those don’t come easy from my stubborn as a Mule personality.

Okay enough with story time and on with the show-

So, do you love it or hate? My first response was ‘Cool, it has the 90’s style graphics and that is totally hot!’. My other brother Larry’s response was ‘I don’t care for the color scheme- it’s too girlie looking…’ Either way it looks super nice for a 96 model coming from Japan only 9 short months ago. Corrosion is a huge problem in Japan and when you’re able to find a smoker without corrosion it’s big deal to us here at the HQ’s.

You are looking at a 1996 Suzuki RGV250SP (Vj23A) that I brought over from Japan about 9 months ago. It only has 6800 original kilometers. I have fully de-restricted the bike with the OEM Suzuki 42E10 CDI along with the proper jetting, chambers and airbox mods. Bike runs strong and hard. Although the bike only has 6800 kilometers I did go to the expense of installing a brand new top end. The motor is as fresh as they come. The nice thing about this bike is that is is all original and it is VERY unusual to bring a bike over from Japan that is so absolutely free of corrosion. The owner must have kept the bike indoors all the time because all the fasteners are mint and original, look at the pictures. When I got the bike it had been lightly dropped on both sides. The left side was a bit worse so I replaced the left side mid panel with a nicer used panel and a rear left side exhaust hanger. The right side mid panel was lightly scuffed and originally it did not bother me but I did end up finding a clean un-rashed right side panel that will be included with the bike, it is currently over in Japan. All in all the bodywork is very good for an original set that is 15 years old. Underneath the skin though this bike is stellar. When I got the bike I could tell it had never been kept outdoors and when I went to give it a detail the bike became amazing. I spent a weeks worth of elbow grease and she looks like new. Only cosmetic issue is the left side brace on the swing arm has a crack from the bike being dropped and the silencer in turn hit the brace. Completely cosmetic and is behind the silencer. I do have the original set of chambers that came with the bike if you want to install them to have it completely stock. The chambers on the bike are the Sugaya street set. The bike is titled and plated in California (see the vin plate pic). Insurance is cheap because it is 250cc’s. The picture of the needle/seats is the wrong ones that are in the bike now. They weeped fuel (btw the carbs are perfect internally, again no corrosion, rare). I replaced them but they are not correct. I have ordered another set directly from Japan so they will come with the bike as well. The tires on the bike are still the original units. I do have a brand new set of Bridgestones in the correct original size that will come with the bike as well.
Don’t know what else to say. If you are looking for a super rare unmolested original condition RGV250SP then this bike is for you. Having owned 6 TZR’s, 2 NSR’s and 2 other Vj22 RGV’s I can say with experience that this is THE 2 stroke repli-racer to own. It outperforms all the other makes in every category hands down. I have tons of pics so contact me if you are genuinely serious about winning this auction, and if you want to talk about the bike I would be glad to answer any questions.

Totally impressed with the amount of disclosure by the seller- Kudos!

These are said to weigh in at just a tic under 300# dry, have a claimed 62hp and if the ring-a-ding isn’t enough noise for you it’s an SP so you get the lovely dry clutch rattle.

New tires, new float needles, a tremendous detail job, no corrosion and let’s not forget the special piece of paper- Chaching!

I’m guessing at $8,000 this one will sell before the auction ends so don’t delay. Update a few hours later: Looks like it’s probably gone already! -dc

document.write('');Click here to scoop this one up.



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