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This One’s For You Roger: 2001 Honda CBR929RR Erion Racing

2001 Honda CBR929RR Erion Racing edition For Sale

We’ve been on a bit of an Italian hot streak as of the last few weeks and we’ve been called out in the comments on this post. Luckily I have been watching this Erion Racing edition CBR929RR myself on Craigslist and I think Roger will approve 😉 Amazingly clean and owned by two adult enthusiasts, this should fit the bill even if it was just a sticker job on a mass produced machine that was overshadowed by the R1. $5800 is a bit on the high side but there can’t be many left this nice.

(Cue the other half of RSBFS fans who don’t think survivors should be posted here either LOL!)


quote from the seller:

Selling a pristine two owner limited edition Erion Racing Edition CBR929. Just over 10k miles. You wont find one in this shape anywhere; most have been crashed, modified in some way, or hacked up by stunters. You see it, you will buy it. Always garaged and adult owned….both owners have been over 40. The bike is clean enough to eat off of….literally. And I think the pictures will show that. When I say clean, you can be rest assured that by any person’s standard the bike is CLEAN; I’m that obsessive compulsive guy you see who cleans the around the suspension linkage, brake calipers, and chain pins with a q-tip. Fresh brake fluid, oil change, and OEM Honda air filter. Bike also has a fresh set of Dunlop Sportmax Q2 tires. The only “flaw” (in my book) is that the previous owner cut off the factory “mudflap” just before the bottom of the license plate to clean up the look. I would have left it stock, but to each his own. I am in no hurry to sell so don’t waste time with ridiculous offers. Bike comes with an aftermarket $300 Sargent seat (in addition to the stock one).

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  • Now that’s what I’m talking about DC! I applaud you for taking my suggestion in stride and making an effort to add a little more “flavor” to this site. I appreciate a super rare bike as much as the next guy, but as you brought up, I (along with I’m sure many others), come here for the survivor bikes as much as the “rare” ones! To me, a 10 or 15 year old Japanese sportbike that is stock and hasn’t been ragged out meets the very definition of rare.
    And by the way, the Vance and Hines FZR 600 posted several weeks ago did not go unnoticed. I just think it was seeing another Ducati 888 that put me over the edge yesterday. On that note I’ll go take my Xanax now.

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