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Yamaha February 2, 2022 posted by

The Year That Was: 1985 Yamaha RZ 350

Really a bike that needs no introduction, the Yamaha RZ350 had a brief couple of year fling in the States until the EPA shut them down for good. Today’s clean looking 1985 model has been mistakenly listed as a 1984 – however unless you lived in California, the differences between the years were minor and largely cosmetic (for CA residents the years available were cut short as well). Let’s take a deeper dive!

1985 Yamaha RZ 350 for sale on eBay

When released in 1983, US riders were once again able to unleash the ring-a-ding, popcorn sounds of the ubiquitous Yamaha parallel twin. In stock form the RZ was decently potent, although it struggled to match the pace of the 550cc middleweights of the same era. Part of the struggle was due to the concessions made to noise and emissions. Most bikes were quickly modified by adding proper expansion chambers (adding performance and shedding serious weight). Once jetting was dialed for the upgraded pipes (usually accompanied by replacing the restrictive airbox with pods), the buzzy 350 was transformed into a hive of angry bees that could run ring-a-dings with four stroke stockers.

From the seller:
1984 1985 Yamaha RZ 350 Kenny Roberts addition, well taken care of Beautiful clean condition, much cleaner than most, stored in a clean controlled environment, adult driven its entire life, I have original exhaust if you would rather have it then the Toomey chambers that I just put on it last summer, I also I have the original seat or the solo Corbin seat whichever you would prefer, runs like new with rebuilt engine just to freshen things up, was not broke or blown up, no rusty gas tank issues, new tires, new chain and sprockets, this is a running bike with clean title in hand, located in Michigan, local Ann Arbor Michigan pick up or I can help with shipping at your cost for any questions you may have

When you consider the condition of this particular bike (including the near stock appearance), it is hard to fathom that it has nearly 22,000 miles on the odometer. Clearly someone cared about this little smoker. The seller notes an engine rebuild – which is an excellent idea for a 37 year old two stroke, and much less involved than a similar task on a four stroker. No details on exactly what was done, but one would imaging rings and seals for starters, and assuming that a refresh was all that was needed.

Like everything else in our modern life, the price for a decent RZ350 is getting more and more expensive. This particular example shows very well, and has been bid up over $9k very quickly. That is only half way to the Buy It Now number of $18,500, and there is a reserve still in place. Given the way this bike looks, it might just get there before this auction is over. Check out all of the details here, and then jump to the comments and share some RZ love. Unlikely to ever go through a major recession, the RZ350 will continue to climb at or above market provided that the condition is as excellent as this one seems to be. Good Luck!!


The Year That Was: 1985 Yamaha RZ 350
Yamaha December 9, 2021 posted by

Angrier Bees: 1984 Yamaha RZ 350

The Yamaha RZ350 is just one of those bikes. It wasn’t particularly rare or super fast in the day (in stock form it struggled to compete with the 550s of the day). It wasn’t even super irresponsible for a two stroke, harboring lean burn technology, oil injection, an exhaust power valve to broaden the torque curve, air injection and – of course – the all important catalytic converters nestled in the exhaust pipes. This was the last street-going two stroke sport bike officially imported into all 50 of these United States, making it a milestone machine. The years have been very kind to the legend that is the RZ, and with excellent examples in short supply the values are reflected appropriately.

1984 Yamaha RZ 350 for sale on eBay

Known as the RD350LC in other markets, the RZ350 was pretty standard Yamaha two stroke fare; a liquid cooled parallel twin with reed valve induction and dual carbs. The YPVS allowed the exhaust port to raise and lower depending upon revs, boosting power in the lower end of the RPM range, where two strokes typically suffer the most. A single shock rear suspension, triple disk brakes and minimalist bodywork (including the cafe fairing) completed the tidy package. These were neat and unique when new, showed up in droves at local racetracks, and experienced a “dime a dozen” type of mentality with riders and collectors. They were used, abused, and used some more. Today, they are still relatively plentiful in hacked up condition. But finding a good one – a clean, well-loved example – is getting harder and harder to do. And prices are reflecting the rarity.

From the seller:
Up for auction is my beautiful 1984 Yamaha RZ 350 with matching frame and engine case serial numbers. The bike has 15,692 miles.

This bike has an interesting history. It was owned by Bobby J from Bobby J’s Yamaha in Albuquerque, NM. It is the oldest Yamaha dealer in the US. If you go on youtube, there are videos about Bobby J’s Yamaha and Bobby J himself.

I purchased it from one of his retired salesmen in around 2010. I kept it for a couple of months and then sold it to a friend of mine who I told that if you ever need to sell it then call me. A few years later he did so I purchased the bike back in 2013.

In the time that he owned it, the engine was rebuilt by Jason Perdue, the owner of SMR, in Santa Fe, NM. Jason has built many RZ 350s and Banshees. The engine has about 1200 miles since it was rebuilt. I don’t ride the bike very often, and I am working on selling a few bikes out of my collection as I have too many.

More from the seller:
The bike was tuned for sea level by Chuck “Supertune” Quenzler of Team Scream Racing in Clearwater Florida. He was impressed with the bike to say the least.

The bike has a 370 big bore kit. It has been ported by Jason at SMR, has V-Force reeds, stock carbs with a K&N filter, Toomey pipes, ATK fork brace, rebuilt front end with Progressive springs, rear Works remote reservoir shock, and good Avon roadrider tires. I believe that the radiator shroud is either Canadian or European since it does not have any holes for reflectors. I got it off of ebay because I liked the way it looked better than the stocker.

More from the seller:
It also includes the tool kit. I do not have the owner’s manual. I do have some stock pipes and the stock air box that will go with the bike.

The bike has always been garaged and well taken care of. The body is beautiful shape with no repairs. It has original paint with no dents or dings. No corrosion. No cracks in the plastic. The paint is beautiful as the photos show. Windscreen is original with the sticker still on it. Chin fairing is beautiful.

This is a beautiful RZ for your collection or your Sunday rider. No disappointments here.

The bike is ready to go. It has a clear Florida title in my name.

The seller has also included a video of the bike running here. Sure looks like fun to me!

This bike looks to be in great condition. Collectors may chagrin the mods, but the RZ responds to all the great wake up sauce as any other smoker. That means an overbore (or big bore kit), raising the compression ratio, porting, expansion chambers, etc. It looks like this beauty has had a few of those mods done to it, stoking the hive full of even angrier bees; it looks and sounds like it is ready to to poke the four stroke bear. And as a bonus, some of the stocker kit comes with! Lots of interest on this one, and you can check out all of the details here. Good Luck!!


Angrier Bees: 1984 Yamaha RZ 350
Yamaha December 23, 2020 posted by

Almost Famous: 1985 Yamaha RZ350

How much does star power help with motorsport sales? It helps if the figure connected with the sale is related to the vehicle in question. And in the case of the RZ350, the connection is very, very good. Sporting the signature of “King” Kenny Roberts, the RZ350 came emblazoned with the bumble bee livery that made Yamaha famous on the race track. As the last factory two stroke to be imported into all 50 US States, the RZ350 is held near and dear as a truly special bike from a bygone era.

1985 Yamaha RZ350 for sale on eBay

For those that have been living in a cave without AOL dial-up, let’s go over the basics: Take the spiritual heart of a RD350/RD400 – namely the two stroke parallel twin – and throw go-fast technology at it in the form of liquid cooling and a computer-adjustable exhaust port that enhances the typically peaky two-stroke power curve (YPVS). For those that like to breathe, the RZ came with an exhaust system that incorporated catalytic converters and air injection to prevent mosquito fogging the street/canyon/track with bllue smoke where these bikes played. The rest of the gear was fairly conventional, including a mild-steel frame, a single shock rear suspension system and triple disk brakes.

From the seller:
1985 Yamaha RZ 350 Kenny Robert’s edition. The most desirable year of the most desirable color combination Yamaha RZ 350. Very low original 6809 miles. Runs well, idles perfectly, fires up first kick. Stock oil injection system remains intact. Stock carbs, rejeted for the Toomy pipes and 2 into 1 K&N air filter. It is stock bore with new high performance pistons. I pulled the top end just to inspect and check everything, replaced the pistons because I had an extra set.

This bike came from The American Pickers in LeClaire, Iowa and was on of their shows. It was purchased locally by a motorcycle collector, and I purchased it from them. I have the bill of sale from Iowa.

The bike is in over all in decent rider quality condition, it has the normal nicks and dings as it is a 35 year old motorcycle. This bike would be a great candidate for an easy restoration or enjoy as is.

Like most RZs, this particular example has shed it’s restrictive, heavy catalytic converters in favor of some old-school expansion chambers. That is one way to really wake up an RZ. The air filter mod – in conjunction with the exhaust swap – requires changes to jetting, since the motor is now able to flow more air. Racers usually disabled the oil injection system in favor of mixing oil right into the gas (again, old-school), but street riders will appreciate the ability to fill up the tank without the use of a mix-rite cup.

This particular bike was apparently featured on the TV show “American Pickers.” I’m not really sure if that adds any value, but does prove that many people think the RZ is cool. Pictures show a bike in pretty good condition. This is not a meticulously spotless museum piece by any means, but nor is it a thrashed, crashed and trashed example asking for an outrageous price. With no reserve and a single bid at time of writing, this RZ is in the $6,500 zone – which is close to where you might expect. There are a significant number of folks watching on, though, so you might see some last minute activity on this auction. Check out all of the details here, stay safe and good luck!!


Almost Famous: 1985 Yamaha RZ350
Yamaha November 30, 2018 posted by

Buzz Buzz Buzz: 1984 Yamaha RZ 350

The last street-legal production two stroke sport bike officially imported into all 50 States of the US by a major manufacturer, the RZ350 holds a special place in the heart of motorcycle enthusiasts. It was Yamaha’s valiant move to bravely keep the two stroke spirit alive and kicking in the face of tightening emission and noise regulations. It was both a brilliant success and an ultimate failure; a short lived lifespan that stirred hearts as technology passed it by. Enthusiasts who reside outside of the US may wonder at the American fascination with this bike – after all it had been in-market outside of the US for years and would certainly not be considered rare. But unlike grey market imports, this was one model that we could truly call our own. And with bold Yamaha bumble bee graphics and American superstar Kenny Roberts signing the fairing of every one, this one was ours. The RZ350, for all its shortcomings, is a legend.

1984 Yamaha RZ 350 for sale on eBay

If you look at the bloodline, you can see the DNA that evokes the Yamaha RD models that came before. But designed as a modern approach to the “less is more” philosophy, the RZ added liquid cooling to the familiar parallel twin. The two-stroke powerband was (partially) tamed by the introduction of computer controlled power valves, varying the exhaust port height depending upon RPM and throttle settings. Oil injection was standard, eliminating messy mix ratio cups and associated refueling hassles. And there was a secret weapon: hidden in the smart looking exhaust pipes were a complex set of catalytic converters, just like you would find on your car. With the cats (and some air injection), the RZ could sneak into all 50 States of the Union, including the super-picky EPA stronghold of California. Sure, the cans were heavy, they were expensive to replace (i.e. crash damage) and they did not perform nearly as well as expansion chambers and stingers, but they made the bike possible in the US. They were also easily replaced, which is what most everybody did. Immediately.

The RZ350 was intended to compete with the current crop of middleweights; likes of the Kawasaki GPz550, the Suzuki GS550, or even Yamaha’s own Seca 550 and FJ600. In that space, the stock RZ was outgunned by the bigger four cylinder four strokes. But the little RZ had agility on its side, and once on the pipe could fare well. But it would never be a great all-’rounder, given the peaky nature of popcorn power. There were many aftermarket and tuner tricks to unleash the beast. Typical tricks of overbores, decking the head to increase compression, and porting were effective. The fact that the Banshee, a Yamaha ATV, utilized the same motor definitely helped with parts availability and knowledge base. But despite the potential, the little RZ was not to be long lived. After a scant two years (and only one in CA), the RZ was pulled from the dealer floors. The party was over, and the used party began. This is where we pick up the story on this bike.

From the seller:
Bought this bike in 2001. Have ridden this bike regularly for 17yrs. Always kept inside. Rebuilt engine because of mileage. I am over 60 yrs old AMI certified motorcycle mechanic for 41yrs. and ride like a grandpa and take care of my things the same way.

– Work Performance rear shock
– Engine Rebuilt 1500 miles ago
– .020 Pro-X pistons,windows cut to match intake
– TDR reeds
– stage 1 porting
– Toomey pipes
– stage 1 dyno jet kit w/2into 1 K&N air filter
– Wiseco Hot Rods crankshaft
– New clutch w/springs
– Full gasket and seal kit
– Race Tech front fork springs
– Chain and sprockets 1500 miles
– New seat cover and battery
– HID headlight
– Powder coated frame
– Bike Dynos out at 59.6 RWH on Dayton Dyno at my shop!
– Spec II Full race fairing
– Fuel tank has no rust, has small quarter size dent and touch up on right front side

Forty Thousand Miles. Let that sink in. Most RZs don’t get to that point, having been thrashed, abused, modified, seized and crashed. This particular bike has an amazing number of miles, but looks great. It is clearly no museum collector given the mods, but from a period correct standpoint – hell, from a fun to ride standpoint – this one piqued my interest. The .20 overbore either means the engine had been refreshed once before, or perhaps it was necessary to go that deep due to scratches in the bore. Regardless, that means for bigger pistons and more power. The K&N filter and Toomey pipes are perfect add ons, as is the full Spec II fairing. This bike has been stripped and rebuilt, as evidenced by the powder coated frame. But that just means you are potentially getting a nearly new bike out of the deal.

If you can get past the mileage (40k!) and the non-standard mods, what you are looking at is a great rider. This is a bike that deserves action rather than parking in a museum – although I must admit it looks pretty good. And with a long term owner and a capable wrench (just an assumption, but how many owners out there have their own dyno??), this bike could well be good enough to fill the two-stroke void in your stable. The best part is the price: compared to 90% of what we see on RSBFS, this chainsaw is a veritable bargain. The opening ask started at a reasonable $3k, and bids are flying fast and furious. The Buy It Now price is a mere $4,500, meaning that this bike will likely sell before the auction is over. Check it out here, but better be quick about it. It might already be gone. Good Luck!!


Buzz Buzz Buzz: 1984 Yamaha RZ 350
Yamaha March 8, 2014 posted by

Another 30 Year Old: 1984 Yamaha RZ350


Official poll: Who is starting to feel old? Can you imagine that this RZ350, the last officially imported street legal two stroke in the US, is pushing the big three-0? Does that make you want one any less? I didn’t think so.

1984 Yamaha RZ350 for sale on eBay


This RZ looks to have had a busy life. The seller notes that it is on its 4th overbore. If you are an optimist, that spells more capacity! But then, two strokes have always been about the ease of top end servicing, and honing/re-boring is not an uncommon practice. Looks like this owner knew a bit about what he was doing, and there are some tasty mods to this ride.


From the seller:
1984 yamaha Kenny Roberts special 21k miles… And still riding.. Fresh top end bore.. Pistons pins brgs etc.. Less than 100 miles!!!
Full spec 2 fiberglass fairing.nose has 4 small drill holes as seen in close up …RARE!! Factory SOLO seat cowl and original clutch plates.. Motor on 4th YAMAHA crankshaft+ clutch basket
On last re-build 7k ago.. Motor has full TOOMEY porting from the 90s … Shaved head .40 aftermarket chambers NEW and reeds.. Rebuilt
Carbs with toomey kit in them.. This bike is FAST!!! Idles smooth all day.. Rebuilt oil pump..braided brake lines, steering stabilizer ,fork brace
Rebuilt forks and tapered head brgs installed..I have owned this bike the last 22 year.. Exept a 4 year stint with my friend.. Now it’s back … It WAS on the track back in the day .. Never crashed there!!..fell over in lot once.. Needs only new tires… Ready to GO
Tank repainted and is truly FLAWLESS !! Seat perfect.. No tear…. Everthing works.. Goes and stops GREAT! ALL fluids fresh ..
Clear clear NJ title in hand .. bike in NC ……those funny red marks on a couple pics ..are on the camera.. NOT..the bike
Delivery to bike week daytona available for a $$
Original tool kit and POUCH with strap .. In place…
Starts on FIRST KICK!

Prices have been on the rise for a decent RZ350 – and this one definitely applies. Current bid is below $4,000 at time of writing, making this a potential bargain RZ. The Spec 2 fairing is a nice touch, Toomey mods are period correct, and overall this is what you might expect to find when it comes to a bike this age that has been truly enjoyed. This machine is now looking for its next home. Any room in your stable? Check out the details here.


Another 30 Year Old: 1984 Yamaha RZ350
Track Bikes For Sale May 18, 2013 posted by

Track Time! 1991 Yamaha 3XV TZR250


If you like your rare sport bikes smoky and track worthy, then check out this TZR250 with RS engine and trans. Located in California, this offroad only vehicle (sorry no golden state plates) looks to be a fantastically fun track-day hauler with pipes, dry clutch, and numerous upgrades.


From the seller:

This is a 1991 Yamaha TZR250.

More specifically, it has a TZR250R frame with a TZR250RS engine. The main difference being the ‘RS’ trim has the dry-clutch whereas the ‘R’ trim does not.

For those that aren’t familiar with the TZR, it’s Yamaha’s street replica version of the 2T TZ250 GP bike. This bike put out 56hp at the wheel with improper jetting (was dyno’d with 340 mains, whereas should have been 310s – short story – dyno operator’s auxiliary fuel setup was starving bike of fuel due to clogged filter), so should put out close to 60 with the proper main jets.

Bike’s top-end was freshened up a while ago with only 2 trackdays done on it since. Pistons/cylinders appeared to be in good condition.



More from the seller:

Note Worthy Modifications
RC Sugo Exhaust chambers
Toomey silencers
TZ250 TM38 carbs, which have been modified a bit.
Key switch, etc. has been removed.
Sugo capactitor put in place of the battery
TZ250 inspired fairing stay
TZ250 rearsets
(1) RC Sugo Exhaust chamber
(1) Set of modified stock exhaust chambers
(1) Set of TZ250 carbon fiber silencers (1 silencer has rash on it)
(2) Pistons of unknown mileage (appear to be low)
(1) Set of TZR250SPR rings (they will not work with the pistons currently on this bike – only will work with SPR pistons)
Numerous main jets, front and rear gearing, rearset parts and other ass’t parts



It doesn’t look like the eBay crowd is very interested in this piece of hardware. With only a few days left on the clock there are still zero bids. Opening ask is $2,500, which seems pretty tame compared to many of the two-stroke auctions we come across. Check it all out here, and tell me this couldn’t end up being a bargain track day bike!



Yamaha September 8, 2011 posted by

Legal Smoke: 1985 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts Edition

For Sale: 1985 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts Edition

Is it just me, or has this year just flown by? It is September already. The kids are back in school and in many parts of the US the riding season is wrapping up. Pity those Californians, however. Their riding season still has months left to go. Too bad they can’t register really cool bikes like gray-market import smokers. Fortunately for the Golden State, this good looking RZ is ready to go with CA title!

This 1985 RZ350 sports some nice add ons that really help make the bike. The factory RZ came only with the bikini fairing (yellow bikes had King Kenny’s signature in ’84, but both the yellow and the white/red bikes had it in ’85). This bike has aftermarket lowers – nicely color matched – which help clean up the silhouette. The fork brace, also evident in this shot, is another necessary addition for when the road turns twisty.

With only 13,500 miles on the bike, this bike is right in line with other RZs we have seen. The Toomey piles are the real deal, and the K&N filter (and requisite jetting changes) really work together to wake up the performance of this little buzz bomb. The rear sets might be more extreme than some prefer, but the stock RZ has the rider sitting a bit upright – comfortable, but hardly in line with the intent. If you scrape a peg on this bike, it might be because you are sliding down the road! The clubman bars, evident in this photo, also appear to be an aftermarket item.

For Sale:
1985 YAMAHA RZ350N Kenny Roberts Edition. Excellent Condition. Always Garaged. Original Paint Still Shines Like New. Full Fairing, Raask Rear Sets, Toomey Pipes, Front Fork Brace, K&N Air Filter. Carburetors Recently Professional Cleaned and Tuned. Runs Flawlessly. Only 13,452 Original Miles(may have a few more by the time the auction ends).

The Only Flaws On This Bike that I Know of are as Follows…

Standard Road Debris Paint Wear on Bottom of Frame.

Tiny Touched Up Ding in Fuel Tank from Old Stock Mirror.

Oil Tank Mounting Tab on Frame and Plastic Tank Broke Off Clean Many Years Ago(oil tank sits in place by the hoses anyways so I never bothered to have it welded). You Can Set the Tab Back in Place on the Frame and Barely See the Crack so that is Why I Say it was a Clean Break. Another Oil Tank is Included with the Bike in Case the Buyer Wants to Fix this.

Small Touched Up Area on Top of the Rear Fender.

Minor Spider Cracks Around Some of the Screws on Fairing.

Exterior Rubber Fork Seal Covers Have Some Cracking from Age.

The Bike is Very Clean and You Have to Look Real Close to See any of the Above. The Spot on the Seat in the Main Photo is A Spec of Dust on the Camera Lens and Not a Flaw on the Seat. There are no Rips, Tears, or Flaws on the Seat.

This Bike is Street Legal in all States Including CA. It is the Last Street Legal US Two-Stroke Manufactured.

Don’t Miss this Rare Opportunity to Own a Clean, Low Mileage, Red/White Kenny Roberts RZ that is Sure to Increase in Value Over Time.

I like a seller who is not afraid to show his cards. In this case, the flaws are openly noted. I would prefer a few more photographs (preferably taken in better light), but you can’t fault the seller for sharing what he knows.

There are also a few items not mentioned here that are worth looking at. The turn signals were not originally flush-mounted – stockers sat on posts front and rear – so these have been modified. The seller also mentions a dent on the tank caused by the stock mirrors, but the stock mirrors were not bar-end mounted like the current set. That leads me to believe that when the bar-end mirrors were mounted somebody did not account for clearance between the mirror or mount and the tank. Minor, but a detail nonetheless.

Pricing on this RZ is right in the ballpark: The opening ask is $3,750 (a very reasonable starting point), and the BIN is set at $5,750. The BIN number might be a touch high for the market, but for someone who wants a titled smoker in great shape it is not an absurd price.

For your chance to check out this CA legal two stroke, click on the link and jump over to the auction. These RZs continue to be very sought-after motorcycles, and values may well rise in the coming years. Don’t forget to tell ’em you found it on RSBFS!