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Rare Ghost: 1987 Suzuki RG400 Walter Wolf

From the wilds of South Carolina comes this tasty little morsel of forbidden fruit. Long regarded as the grayest of the gray market imports, the Suzuki and Yamaha four cylinder two strokes plagued the dreams of US riders with blue smoke and a peculiar sound. These were imported into the United States – usually over the boarder from Canada – and registered for street use. Today most of these pass through the 25 year rule for used motorcycles, but in some states registration continues to be impossible (here’s looking at you, Cali).

1987 Suzuki RG400 Walter Wolf for sale on eBay

While the 250cc Suzuki two strokes made due with a parallel twin, the RG400 and RG500 were full-blown twin-crank, square four affairs. Disc valve was used for induction, and liquid cooling was an accepted feature to help quell the seizing nature of the beast. And while the RG500 was the more potent of the two, the 400cc version was no slouch with 60 HP on tap (stock) and a dry weight below 350 pounds.

From the seller:
1987 Suzuki Rg400 · Driven 4,400miles

1987 Suzuki RG400 gamma
Only 4400 miles or 7200km, miles new tires, good original condition, everything works good. 4 cylinder 2 stroke moto gp replica that only goes up in value. Bike is all original except for Sugaya exhaust ( excellent sound and performance) and pod air filters with carb jets changed for filters and pipes. original OEM body work is very good. ALSO INCLUDED IS A NEW SET OF WALTER WOLF AFTERMARKET BODY WORK

Walter Wolf was a Canadian businessman, entrepreneur and devoted fan of both motorcycle and automobile racing. His WW livery has adorned race bikes and F1 teams. And the WW variants of the Suzuki RG range are some of the most visually pleasing liveries adorned to these bikes. There are two primary colors – the deep blue/purple and the silver we see here today. Beneath the skin there is really nothing mechanical to distinguish a WW from a standard Gamma. Just bodywork and the WW-specific instrumentation.

These Walter Wolf RG400s are very rare in the States, which tends to draw a premium price. This particular RG shows as good, but appears to be well used. Not sure why the fairing lowers are not mounted, although they do appear as separate in one of the photos. The seller is including an aftermarket set of bodywork, however this is the alternate dark blue scheme. No notes on maintenance or whether the crank seals have been done, but this should be considered a necessary item on a 34 year old two stroke – despite the relatively low mileage. The seller is looking for $15k for this example – that is not out of the ballpark for a Walter Wolf RG, but does represent a pretty big investment for a rider. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


Rare Ghost: 1987 Suzuki RG400 Walter Wolf
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CA Titled 1998 Suzuki RGV250SP VJ23

sp right front

I’d imagine anyone in the market for a titled two stroke has liked what they have seen as of late.  We’ve featured a mighty fine NSR250 (also CA titled) and a spudrific (Idaho titled) TZR250 in the past couple of weeks.  According to the sellers info it looks like we have another winner with this RGV250SP.

sp right

Yes and yes to the questions in your head:  it is titled and derestricted.  Well the owner must have enjoyed the hell out of this thing on the CA mountain roads right?  Well, maybe not, it only has 1800 miles on it.  The owner says it spent most of its days in a living room.

sp engine

Looks like she is running on premix as it has the kit block off plate where the oil pump should be.  The seller states he has the oil injection parts.  I’d ask the seller what full power SAPC the bike is running.  Unless it was the full power V model SAPC a lot of guys didn’t trust the other racing SAPC’s to run the oil injection system.

What’s been upgraded on the bike:














sp sugaya

Don’t be upset if the rear belly pan is cut.  It is necessary to make the racing Sugaya’s fit.  Sugaya’s street versions fit without the mod.

sp ohlins

The Ohlins must be quite an upgrade from the stock Suzuki unit.  Hangers are custom units.

sp left

The bike is listed as a classified ad with a price tag of $9,975.  My first reaction is that this will sell quickly at this price but the last CA titled 23 we featured has made me wonder.  It was listed for a couple grand more (but was completely stock) and was relisted several times.  I wonder if the market has softened just a bit for my favorite bike?

By the way, I forgot to mention the year of the bike.   The seller has the bike listed as a 1998.  For the buyers out there, almost all the VJ23’s were produced in a production run in 1996.  They went over in Japan like a led balloon and did not sell well.  The naked bike  craze was taking over.  Some sat in dealerships into the 97 and 98 model years.  What I’m trying to say is they are all the same bike.  Let’s see if my RGV forum buddy Alan chimes in with the production run stats as he has researched the complete run of 23’s.

Here is the listing.


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Lucky Strikes Twice? 1991 Suzuki RGV 250 VJ22 Lucky Strike Replica in New England

As is often the case in our “feast or famine” pursuit of the rare and collectable, here is another Lucky Strike rendered RGV 250. This bike is clearly not stock, and comes with a pretty long list of goodies.

From the seller:
Don’t miss this opportunity to own a super trick 1991 Suzuki RGV 250 VJ22M / Lucky Strike theme GP replica in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition. This bike pulls really hard and handles like a GP race bike….

Has been very reliable , dependable and has been a joy to own and ride. The sound of the SUGAYA’S alone is intoxicating ( if your a 2 stroke enthusiast) and if your not well, there is medication for that..

Over $4000.00 in new / premium performance parts..

So if your looking for a rare , road worthy, legal, high quality, lightweight , unique and reliable screamer, that is far superior than most modern street bikes .. or a killer track weapon to torment those big cc lead buckets in the corners …

Livery-branded bikes rank right up there as the most popular to copy; because these are often originally produced in low numbers, there is a collectability factor that influences prices. But strip away the colors and just focus on the hardware for a moment, and tell me this replica doesn’t have all the right pieces.

From the seller:
Derestricted ( SAPC) and fully kitted for pump gas.
Tyga Performance GP Tail section (will include stock tail section in sale)
SP Heads / Barrels
Carbon Fiber Hugger
Smoked wind screen
6 piston front calipers with new pads ( front and rear) and NISSIN front radial brake master cylinder for eye popping braking
Earls Stainless Steel brake Lines
New Tires Pilot Power — 110 / 70’s and 160 / 60’s
New / power valves – freshly pinned and perfect (will include stock valves in sale)
New Battery
New hi quality air filter.
Wet Clutch/CR gearbox – 34mm carbs – cleaned and synced
Sugaya kit pipes – ( These pipes are impossible to obtain $$$) cans are slightly dented ( have never seen a pair thats not)
Fresh NGK Iridium plugs
Fresh gear oil
Oil injected / injection intact and operates perfectly
New ( aftermarket fairings) Original fairings new = $2200.00 / couldn’t justify…
Trick master cylinder covers
Low miles 7673 (12,350) kilometers
Clear Connecticut title / Registration
Bid with confidence — 100 % positive feedback..

******** Will include a spare , low mile , great running stock motor and carbs, if buy it now price is met $10,500.00) ********

The current bid on this one is only $5,200 with reserve still in place. The BIN number is ten point five large ones, but as you have already noted, this would include another stock motor (perfect for a rebuild project or a winter “hot saw” project for you lumberjack types). There appears to be even more in this bike, as in the pictures I spotted Woodcraft clip-ons – I wonder what other treasures this trove holds. For more info and pictures, click on the link and jump over to the auction. Lucky Strike livery – does it get your motor running? Let us know in the comments!


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Parts Bin: RGV250SP VJ23 Custom And Kit (Autorimessa) Exhaust

Parts Bin:  RGV250SP VJ23 Custom And Kit (Autorimessa) Exhaust


Yes, these are extremely expensive. Yes,they are difficult to buy.  And yes, shipping will add to your pain.  Being a 23 owner myself,  I couldn’t pass up these two sets of  as they aren’t your average set of chambers you normally see for sale on Yahoo Auctions Japan.  If you are interested in anything from Yahoo Auctions Japan just do a Goggle search for proxy bidding and read up.  If you visit enough forums you will also notice there are some guys people recommend.  We even have an advertiser here who provides the service.  There is no getting around the fact though, that the Yen is killing the Dollar and 23 parts are at an all time high price wise.  Read on at your wallets peril.




These are an interesting set of 23 chambers, they are custom made.  I’ve followed this seller for years and he has had a steady stream of VJ23 kit parts and seems to be quite the VJ23 enthusiast.   I’m not a welder but the craftsmanship looks top notch to my amateur eye.  The stinger length looks quite short compared to most 23 pipes I’ve seen.  I believe that means less over rev (more top end though?).



What is interesting about these is that they are a true race exhaust.  They will not fit under your stock bodywork and you will have to remove your starter motor for them to fit.  Not matter what part of the world you live in,  people like to fudge HP numbers.  The seller is claiming 77 rear wheel HP with these beauties.  It sounds like he is claiming 80 HP from the crank.  To be honest those are real high numbers (maybe I should have said unheard of) for a 23.  You’d have to have carb work, porting, high octane fuel and maybe a magic wand to get anywhere near that.  I’ve never heard of a 23 making  anything over the mid 70’s but there is a first for everything.


Welding porn!  I’ll let the price be a surprise.


Here is the auction



Next up is a set of genuine Autorimessa (sometimes known as Racin Function) kit chambers.  I know a lot of people swear by Sugaya’s, and they are a great pipe, but if you want the real kit item then Autorimessa’s are what you want.  An interesting fact is that in the kit catalog they actually recommended Sugaya and Vega Sports because Autorimessa apparently only produced a limited amount of chambers.  The key to identifying the kit chambers is the flower petal like muffler mount and they have a built in nut on the mounting tab.  They didn’t get too fancy with the mufflers back in 96.  They are surprisingly heavy.



The rust is normal on mild steel and easily cleaned off.  I can vouch for great fit (although I run the kit bodywork) and finish on these chambers.  It is common to have to split the rear belly pan on the stock bodywork to accept the aftermarket chambers.  I can’t quite see in these pictures but  the pair I have appear to have been hand hammered.


Years ago, I saw an auction for  “high” and “low” speed sets so they apparently made different styles back in the day.

The starting bid on the auction is 75,000 yen which is approximately $933.

Here is the auction.



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Same Bike Different Look: 1991 Suzuki RGV250

Same Bike Different Look: 1991 Suzuki RGV250

This isn’t the usual sort of RGV we  feature  but it has some nice features if you are looking for a stroker to get out and enjoy what it was built to do; scream its’ guts out.

What caught my eye:

1.  A title

2.  A nice set of Sugaya race chambers

3.  Modern Tyga bodywork.

4. Derestricted

I’ve noticed Tyga bodywork is selling quite nicely.  What do you guys think about the looks?  I’m old school.  I think the Suzuki employee who sat down and drew up the RGV250 did a hell of job.  Anyone wanting a more modern look though doesn’t have much of an alternative.  Somehow I think the Tyga stuff makes it look somewhat generic.  Opinions?

It’s a 1991 so you get the banana swing arm everyone likes.

The info:

1991 Suzuki RGV 250 VJ22a.  Japanese Import.  Clean Florida title/registration with frame VIN.  Not a salvage or frame swap.  Sugaya pipes, SP top end, wet clutch, Aprilia Full Power kit race ECU from a cup bike (plug and play), unrestricted carbs, woodcraft racing clip-ons, Tyga Performance GP Bodywork with HID headlight.  I have most of the original parts and spare power valves.

I had it imported in 2009 and had it cleanly titled by a lawyer, and rode it weekly until 6 months ago.  Treated with nothing but the best oils (Motul).  The GP bodywork is not installed on the front end, still in box.  Probably time for new chain/gears/tires.  Mechanically the bike works perfectly.  Sad to sell it as it’s my dream bike I had so many plans for it, but I’m never riding a bike again.

The Sugaya’s are a nice touch.  They are the standard everything is judged against with VJ22’s.  They came with very flimsy tin mufflers and they are always beat up.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen and pair not dented.  There are plenty of alternatives out there for different mufflers.

Everyone likes a box goodies.  Be sure to read here because he explains the mileage.

Comes with a whole box of goodies!  Stock rear bodywork, stock subframe, tanks, spare parts, and the rest of the Tyga kit.  Oh and PS, the mileage is unknown, the clock was busted and I needed one to get the bike titled.  Purchased one off ebay UK.  It reads 31k+ but that’s not actual.  No idea what the bike actually has.  Less then a few thousand since last top end rebuild I do know that 🙂  It takes the same kit as the Aprilia Cup RS 250 race bike.  They can be had all over the USA for $300 shipped and it’s so easy you can do it while pumping for gas.  Well not literally, but it’s easy.

As valuable as gold?    I think so.

If breathing two stroke fumes hasn’t rotted your brain, you may remember this bike made an appearance on RSBFS back in 2010. The asking price was sky high at the time.

There seems to be plenty of interest in auction but the reserve has yet to be met with only a couple of days remaining.  Jump on in if you are interested.


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RGV For The UK, It’s Coming Sometime Maybe! 1996 RGV250SP VJ23

RGV For The UK, It’s Coming Sometime Maybe! 1996 RGV250SP VJ23

Does anyone get referance in the headline?  One more hint, this is one VICOUS RGV.  Just my lame attempt at trying to make a UK connection.  Enough of me screwing around.  This 23 isn’t in the U.S., it isn’t stock and the paint isn’t original.  Turned off?  I sure as heck hope not, this 23 is niiiiiice.  In my opinion it has been very tastefully upgraded.  If your interest is peaked you might have to make a quick friend in the UK as the seller isn’t open to overseas bids.  Stop frowning and enjoy the pictures!

First off,  the bike has been derestricted properly with a Sugaya R2 CDI (considered the best non-racing CDI for the 23) and Sugaya pipes (again considered the best among most 23 owners).  It sounds like he has also set up the air box to “V” model specs.  Not a complicated procedure but the “V” model has some different hose routing into the air box.


That’s not a stock Suzuki shock hiding in there.  Check out the list below for all the goodies he has added to the bike:


 Here for sale is my  RGV 250 SP VJ23.     1996

 If your looking here then you should know the spec of these bikes.

Lucky Strike paintwork. Dry clutch, Close ratio gearbox, kais re-valve and re-sprung forks

Sugaya race pipes, Sugaya R2 derestricted ecu box, derestricted airbox, pipercross air filter,

WP steering damper, special clock bracket, Braided brake lines, GSXR 6 pot calipers,

Brembo master cylinder with folding lever, folding clutch lever, Nitron track rear shock  ( cost £500 plus and done hardly any miles ),

Small indicators, harris fuel tank cap, Rear wavey brake disc,  £500 spent on Ti fasteners,

Dunlop Alpha 10 tyres ( done 80 miles ) The bike has 1015 km on the clock, Mot,d, taxed and V5 in my name.

The bike was imported approx. 3 years ago by fastline and has had 1 previous owner before myself.

The bike is in immaculate condition. It is running a daytime mot at present. (as headlight is not present with Lucky strike fairing/ but standard bodywork comes with std fairing and headlight )

Here is a list of spares I am including in the sale.

Full bodykit in original colours ( minus front mudguard )  excellent condition.

Standard unrestricted exhausts with both std end cans and swarbrick carbon cans. excellent cond

Rear foot peg hangers , rear pillion seat , std indicators , std rear shock , std front master cylinder and clutch lever , Head light/clock bracket and headlight unit, White mirrors .

Std sapc control box and std carb jets.

The bike is as you can see excellent condition. It has been run on fully synthetic 2 stroke oil.

The bike is very very light and very powerfull and is immaculate.

Viewing can be arranged. No scammers. Strictly no timewaters.

£300 Deposit to be paid within 2 hours of auction end via paypal, ( sorry but, I don’t want to be messed around ) Balance on collection. ( cash ) within 5 days.

Any questions please ask. No overseas bids. No overseas postage. less than 10 feedback please contact first or I will remove bid.

Bike is advertised elsewhere and may be removed from auction.

 Just to add that the lucky strike paintwork is on genuine suzuki panels and not pattern/ fibreglass panels.

Tasteful carbon cans.  The stock ones weigh a ton.  The stock pipes and mufflers are more suitable as boat anchors.  Those pipes will cost a good $1800 dollars to have made nowadays.  Yes, Sugaya will still make pipes on a special order basis and no they don’t produce CDI’s anymore.


 A little extra stopping power courtesy of a GSX-R.  Like almost all Japanese home market bikes the 23 forks are softly sprung stock.

This thing is barely broken in with 1016KM’s on it.  I can’t see a single draw back with this bike other than it is out of reach for most of us here in the USA.  Starting bid converted is roughly $9,300.   While I do not know the seller personally I do know he is a long time member of the RGV forum on .  I’ve been a member for years and can honestly say it is one of the most helpful forums out there and is filled with a good group of guys with a wealth of knowledge on everything related to RGV’s.  .

The man who made the Lucky Strike RGV250  famous in Japan, Noriyasu Numata.  He won the All Japan Championship in 96 and piloted the RGV250 in the GP’s for two years in Rizla colors.  He is seen here with a the 1994 works RGv250.  He  died a few years ago testing tires in Japan.


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Across The Pond: 1996 RGV250SP (VJ23)

Across The Pond:  1996 RGV250SP (VJ23)

When I say across the pond, I mean way across the pond.  This one is hiding out in Singapore.  I can’t beat around the bush with this one.  This bike is seriously over priced for anyone in the US market.  The seller is asking low mileage,mint and stock condition price.  This bike just isn’t one of those bikes.  On top of that you would probably have at least $1,500 worth of shipping to deal with.  Now with that out of the way it does happen to have a couple of interesting features. 

If there is one bike I know in and out, it is a VJ23.  I spent a good 5 years rebuilding mine and tracking down info, parts and race kit accessories from Japan.  One rumor I had heard was that they used to reprogram the restricted CDI’s and turn them into full power one’s.  This bike’s CDI has apparently been brought up to Sugaya R2 specs, which is one of the most sought after full power CDI’s for street use (it will still run your lights and oil pump).   The seller states that the bike has a pressurized gas tank.  I’m not sure what good that would do without running the pressurized air box.  The two are designed to work  together and are race kit items from Autorimessa (sometimes known as Racin Function) who made the official race kit for the VJ23.  A lot of people seem to think Sugaya made the kit parts for the 23; not so.  Sugaya ran a successful race team and builds excellent pipes and CDI’s for the 23.  On the subject of pipes, this 23 has the stock pipes but they are gutted to give the bike more power and work with the full power CDI.  Nice but they weigh an absolute ton.  They are excellent boat anchor material.

This 23 is also sporting a different front end than the one it rolled out the factory with.  At this price, I consider that a big no, no.  If the price was lower I would say no big deal.  I’ve seen quite a few front end conversions done on the 23 lately.  Lastly, this baby has seen some serious miles; 59,000 of them.  I’m not sure what to think about that one, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a 23 with that many miles.  In all fairness the bike does look like it has been taken care of but when the asking price is $15,000 you have to wonder.  I would ask about the paint as well.  Is it an orginal Lucky Strike?  With that many miles I would assume it was a respray to look that nice and new.

Up for auction is a 1996 manufactured Suzuki (VJ23) RGV-R 250 SP in Lucky Strike colors.

Accident free and it just passed inspection in the strictest country in the world – Singapore!

Instrument cluster reads 95,000km but the engine has been recently rebuilt with new factory bearings, gaskets, seals, blocks, cranks, con-rods, pistons, rings, clutch pates and springs. Bike is still running in!

Changed all coolant, fuel and oil hoses too.

Recently installed new Discacciati slotted rotors, Goldfren HH pads, Hel SS brake hose, Bridgestone Battlax BT-003 street racing tires, Marchesini Expada rims, Tokico 4 pot radial with Nissin radial brake pump, Showa USD fork.

Pressurized fuel tank, kit rear set, throttle setup and carburetors. Reprogrammed CDI, same power output as the Auto Rimessa 9SS and Sugaya R2!

Will include an Auto Rimessa carbon pressurized air box, gutted factory chambers and tuned end cans.

Bike has been tuned, acceleration is phenomenal (front wheel lifts off when power valves opens) and tested top speed is around 240km/h and the bike is still pulling strong.

The suspension is currently tuned for an 80kg rider and mountain roads.

It might sound expensive, but given the extensive work done to it, it’s condition and taking into consideration that it is a really rare bike, it is really worth every penny


Just so you guys know, Autorimessa never made a kit carbon airbox, it was very then fiberglass.  If it is carbon it must be a copy.  I bet you are assuming I would say stay away from this bike.  Well at this price I would wait and see for sure.  If the bike hangs around then it might be worth talking with the seller and seeing what kind of deal could be worked out.  They are rare bike’s  (if I remember correctly, less than 3,500 were produced) and if you want one to ride and not as a musuem piece than maybe it would be worth a longer  look.  .

As always,  if anyone has questions about 23’s  feel free to ask.  I know sometimes info on them can be hard to come by or confusing.


Suzuki October 31, 2009 posted by

1996 RGV250 Gamma VJ23

Available in Northern California is a 1996 RGV250 in what looks to be amazing condition. The ad as posted by the seller:

I am sad to say that I am forced to sell my 96 RGV250. I have spent the last 3 1/2 years building the bike.

This is a extremely rare 1996 RGV250 VJ23. There were only 2218 bikes made between Feb 96 and Sept 96. The bike has a unique 70 degree motor based on the Suzuki GP bikes. There are maybe 15 to 20 of these bikes in the USA.

Here is a list of the modifications I have done:

– Ohlins radial front forks with the Brembo radial calipers
– Galfer wave rotors
– Yoshmura billet triple clamps w/modification to fit stock ignition lock
– Penske triple clicker rear shock
– Marchesini magnesium 10 spoke wheels f/3.5″ and r/5.5″
– New Michelin Pilot Power 2ct tires
– Custom rear caliper bracket with brembo caliper
– Sugaya race pipes (Not the Lomas as seen in the pictures below)
– Sugaya R2 cdi
– Has oil injection (not premix)
– Ca titled with new registration(November) for the next year
– Recent complete rebuild

I want $15,000 firm for the bike. No tire kickers please…and no test rides until there is cash in hand.

Sorry no trades of anykind.
Feel free to contact me with any questions…

** The pictures below show the bike with Jim Lomas pipes….the bike currently has Sugaya race pipes and thats whats being sold**

The asking price is $15,000 and is titled and registered in California.  See the ad on Bay Area Riders Forum here.