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Honda September 21, 2010 posted by

1995 Honda RVF 400 – NC35

1995 Honda RVF 400

Location: Bellevue, WA
Price: $4,500.00 w/ no reserve
Mileage: 6,800

I’ve been told by a few RVF 400 owners that it is believed there are less than 20 of these in the states. But, that’s where it becomes a little fuzzy… 20 titled or 20 total with or without titles? This one’s a little fuzzy in that it’s unclear whether or not it has a title or not so you’ll have to do a little digging.

The auction specifics say: “Title – clear”, but then the seller goes on to state:

I also want to state that not only is this a rare bike but with paint and titling the value sky rockets.

So, I have to believe that this one does not have a title, but the starting price with no reserve reflects it. We have seen these priced anywhere from $5,500 to $10,000 with titles so at $4,500……

Have a look:

Oh, did I mention it doesn’t have lights either? Sorry about that- but, it does have lot to offer or I wouldn’t have allowed it to grace the spotlight on It has a laundry list of aftermarket parts and most of them are from our friends at Tyga Performance.

Full Tyga 211 body kit
Full Tyga pipes
Tyga rear subframe
Stainless brake lines
Tyga Rearsets
Tyga Front fairing stay
Tyga Carbon Air lid
Tyga Carbon air scoop (bottom)
Tyga Carbon L/R case covers
Tyga Carbon rear fender
AFAM rear sprocket
HRC needle kit (x3)
HRC jet kits (x5)
HRC overflow bottle (1 new)
HRC rear brake reservoir
HRC throttle body springs
HRC exhaust bushings
Dunlop Sportmax
Frame sliders
Woodcraft clip ons
Champion Plugs
extra full stock wire harness
Front/Rear Handy stands

Got Tyga? I think the RVF is a good looking machine without a bunch of upgraded parts installed, but I really like the Tyga parts on this one. Yes, I know you have to use a little imagination, but you only need to look at the potential to get the juices flowing.

Interested in a low mileage RSBFS with loads of potential and a copy of the latest Tyga catalog?



Honda September 4, 2010 posted by

1995 Honda RVF400rr NC35

1995 Honda RVF400rr NC35

Location: Aspen, Colorado
Price: $8,500.00 with no reserve

Thinking RVF? Maybe you should give this latest submission a look. Listed on ebay with a starting bid of $8,500.00 and no reserve in sight- A quick glance at the auction will tell you a whole lot of money has been spent on this NC. The list of distinguished upgrades include, but isn’t limted to, a HRC motor, Penske shock, Dymag wheels, various Tyga parts, Brembo master cylinder and Ferrodo rotors. All totalled, the owner states that there is $50,000 invested in this RVF. When you consider the asking price to what’s been invested this one could be the steal of a lifetime.

What does all this get you? How about 85hp out of a 400cc motor a suspension to handle it and brakes to bring it all to a sudden stop.

to jump over to the auction site for several more hi-res pix and a complete list of modifications.



Honda July 6, 2010 posted by

1995 Honda RVF 400 NC35 is pleased to bring you a very nice collection of rare and exotic sport bikes for sale. Dan gave you a little teaser with an earlier post and the wait is over.

Make: Honda
Model: RVF400 NC35
Year: 1995
Mileage: 6,800
Price: $9,500.00 plus tax

Honda RVF400 For Sale

For anyone who doesn’t know the RVF400 NC35 is the little brother to the RVF RC45. Honda brought the goods with the NC35 in that it upgraded the forks to upside down 41mm units, fitted a 17″ rear wheel to the massive single sided swing arm and upped the carb size to 30mm. You’ll also notice a set of huge air inlet tubes coming from the front fairing. These are highly sought after, but are very rare in the states in this condition. I’ve heard a nasty rumor that there are less than 20 registered RVF400’s in the states.

I just happen to know a guy who owns one of the beauties so I leaned on him for his opinion. Here’s what he had to say out his RVF400:

“Purrrs like a kitten, reliable like all modern Honda’s, handles like a lighter and smaller RC30. Very stable and surprisingly comfortable and I’m 5’11”. Has nice power once you get going and a very smooth power curve.”

From the seller:

You are looking at the most desirable 400cc sport bike/model in the world. It is the Honda RVF400 (NC35) and a baby brother to the homologation RVF750 (RC45). If you like attention, there is no US market bike for anywhere near this price that will get you the OOOH’s and AHHHH’s. Perfect for anyone who appreciates rare bikes and even more perfect for anyone under 5’8″. Girls pay attention!
This particular bike has 11,000KM (6800 miles) It is all original and comes with no stories. It sits in my garage in FL. alongside other similar bikes. I have been collecting and trading exotics for over 18 years now and can assure anyone interested that this bike, in this condition would be very difficult to find in Japan and even more difficult to import today. For good price references please search yahoo Japan. The demand has forced the price up to an average of 800,000 to 900,000 yen. I will sell this one for US$9500.00 with a title. You will have to pay the taxes and all title related fees. Approx $400.00 total. Please feel free to call me directly at 813-655-8470

Give Ozzie a call if you’re in the market for a low mileage RVF400 NC35.

Update: Ozzie notes the following: I have three of them 1995-96 all with 10,000KM (6000miles)


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