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Small Mountain: 1985 Moto Morini 350 K2

If I asked you to name a famous Italian motorcycle maker, who springs to mind? Laverda, Moto Guzzi, Ducati, Aprilia, Bimota? One of the gems that you may not have remembered in that impressive list is Moto Morini. Famous for popular v-twin sport designs in the 1970s – 1990s, Moto Morini history goes way back to the 1930s. Even the famed Giacomo Agostini started his racing career on a Moto Morini. With a fair number of ups and downs throughout their business history, Moto Morini was once owned by Cagiva, has gone through liquidation and receivership, and today exists as a private company still producing v-twin machinery. Today’s find, a pristine little 3 1/2, is the perfect example of what Moto Morini was capable of, and what they did best. Read on!

1985 Moto Morini 350 K2 for sale on eBay

An early take on today’s lightweight “entry level” bikes, the 3 1/2 was nearly 350cc (344 to be exact) of air cooled, 72 degree v-twin goodness. There is not a lot of high tech here, with pushrods and carbs, but there is a toothed rubber belt driving the cams, and the heads are novel in that most of the flame front is captured within the dome of the piston. With a whopping 35 horsepower you are not going to win any drag races, but you will be about on par with the current crop of like-sized machines. So too, the 330 lbs weight – again, right in the ballpark with contemporaries. Coupled with a six-speed gearbox, a narrow frame set and spiffy bodywork, the 350 K2 was a neat model that proved to be a rather popular seller for Moto Morini.

From the seller:
This is the finest looking, lowest mileage original Moto Morini 350 K2 I have ever seen. There are a few in the states, but this bike was never sold in the USA. It’s predecessor, the Moto Morini 3 1/2 (meaning 350cc) was sold in the USA.

This bike originated from a collector in Japan, then was bought and shipped to New York to it’s new owner, Alan Wilzig, owner of the Wilzig Racing Manor. He is a collector of an enormous display of fine Italian sports bikes, sports cars, and has them displayed in his personal museum. He’s also a semi-professional race car driver and philanthropist, well known in New York State. Look him up. A fine and honest man.

Alan sells very few of his bikes, but he did have few on ebay about one year ago, and I couldn’t resist this one when it came up. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my vehicles and bikes, and this was above my standards and expectations. The bike is an amazing piece of rolling art. When I received it, it had been idle as a collector/museum show piece for nearly all it’s life, so I decided to have everything gone over to make it a rider, even though my plan was to show it. I put over $1,700. into it, and I have all the receipts. Carbs, brakes, brake lines, fluids, new Perelli tires, tune-up, etc. All of the receipts can be provided upon request.

More from the seller:
Everything on this bike operates as it should other than the original gas cap which will not lock, although it does secure properly. The inside of the fuel tank did not require cleaning. It mostly shiny metal with very minimal and shallow patina speckled throughout. The swing arm once had small rock chips on it where the rear tire tossed road debris against it during the 2K miles on it’s clock. I wanted it perfect, so I had the swing arm removed, media-blasted, and professionally color match powder coated. I did the same thing with a very small black metal piece forward of the plastic chain guard, which had some light corrosion.

The bike starts with either the electric start or kick start, and runs, shifts and brakes just as it should. I test rode it once. Amazing bike for it’s time. 350cc V-twin, six speeds, with a maximum speed rated at 106 MPH. No, I never tried coming close to that. I’m too old. 🙂

My plans have changed. I’m getting into vintage cars, so I’m selling all three of my vintage, low-mile bikes, the most unique and rare first. Parts are not an easy find for this Moto Morini if you need them, but may be sourced easier in Europe. This bike needs nothing. It comes with the original owner’s manual (sorry, but it’s printed in Italian), very cool factory key fob, bike cover, and all pertaining paperwork.

I’ve received many “Oooos and Ahhhs” as well as “What is it?” over this bike. You will too. Man/Woman cave show-piece or ride. She’s a beauty!

I’m an ethical seller, and have disclosed everything about this bike that can think of. I’ll gladly entertain inspections, and will share additional photos if requested.

This is just about the cleanest M.M. 350 we have seen on these pages. With fewer than 2,500 miles, it is also the least traveled example. that shows in the photos – the bodywork is clean and the metalwork is untarnished and devoid of obvious hard use. Flat out, this is about the best I’ve seen – and I love these little bikes. Part of the problem here is that these are generally not very popular bikes with collectors or riders (they are a bit niche), and prices have generally been low. The opening ask for this gorgeous one is higher than the average sale price for most that we see, and the Buy It Now is nearly double. That may well be worth it given the condition that we find this bike in, but in general for the model this would be a trend setter. Check it out here if you wish to watch it along. These are wonderful motorcycles from a storied manufacturer, and depending on the outcome of this auction they just might be appreciating as well. Good Luck!!


Small Mountain: 1985 Moto Morini 350 K2
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Something Different: Low-Mileage 1986 Moto Morini K2 for Sale

Like rock and roll bands, manufacturers of premium motorcycle brands always have their eyes on the US market: a land of seemingly endless wealth to buy expensive, high-end motorcycles and wide-open spaces where big-bore motorcycles can roam free. In Europe, smaller motorcycles were very popular, owing to taxes that punished larger machines, expensive gas, and the fact that motorcycles were often used as economical transportation instead of as toys or lifestyle accessories. But while brands like Triumph and Laverda introduced larger-displacement machines with America specifically in mind, Moto Morini stuck with their “light and nimble” philosophy on both sides of the Atlantic, and bikes like their 350cc K2 languished in relative obscurity here as a result.

It may sound low-tech on paper, but the air-cooled 344cc pushrod v-twin that powered the K2 was actually very sophisticated: those pushrods were driven by a toothed rubber belt and the bike featured “Heron” heads that helped provide excellent fuel economy and simplified manufacturing. Heron heads move the combustion chamber from the heads themselves to the dished top of the piston, while the surface of the head is nearly flat, with small recesses for the intake and exhaust valves and the spark plug. The 72º v-twin produced a modest 35hp but a six-speed gearbox, a relative rarity in 1986 and absolutely exotic when it was introduced on the 3½ in the early 70s, allowed the rider to make full use of the limited power available.

Although this is a model year 1986 machine, it’s hardly in the same class as something like a GSX-R. European bikes of the period could rarely afford to be revolutionary and often had to settle for being evolutionary, but the original Morini package was so advanced when it was new that it could still hold its head up high in terms of handling, if not in straight-line performance. This particular K2 has just 1,200 miles from new and appears to be in very nice condition.

From the original eBay listing: 1986 Moto Morini K2 for Sale    

1,200 original miles   
Stored properly
Lafranconi mufflers mint condition
Awesome original paint

Everything works
None nicer
Original tires
Tool kit

A real show piece   One minute scratch near gas cap that’s it
You can see the 3 keys in pictures, seat, tank, ignition
I’m 67 now time to thin the herd

Moto Morinis have long been the undiscovered bargains of Italian motorcycling: with little to no modern presence and limited performance, they were never all that popular here in the USA. The original 350cc “3½” and 500 are classic bikes in every sense, and have been increasing in value significantly over the past few years. But the K2 is from that slightly awkward and very angular period of Italian biking that spawned the origami-styled Moto Guzzi LeMans Mark III. What are these really worth? It’s hard to say, since they’re rare as hen’s teeth, and this is the first I’ve seen for sale in a very long time. However, bidding is very active and up north of $3,500 with very little time left on the auction and the Reserve Not Met, so it looks like there are some Italian bike fans out there looking for a quirky bargain.


Something Different: Low-Mileage 1986 Moto Morini K2 for Sale
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Classic Sportbike Recap: Benelli, Moto Morini, and a Dunstall Norton

If your biking interests occasionally run to the historical, take a look at some recent entries over at our sister site: Classic Sport Bikes for Sale. This week featured a Benelli Tornado, the Italian alternative to big-bore British parallel-twins, a jewel-like Moto Morini 350, and a rare Dunstall Norton Commando

1974 Benelli Tornado 650S L Front

With a 642cc parallel twin and a top speed of 117mph, you could be forgiven for thinking you were reading about a classic British roadster. But this 1974 Benelli Tornado had a short-stroke engine that loved to rev and, even stranger, was actually oil-tight… Read more over at

1984 Moto Morini 350 K2 L Rear2

With a jewel-like 344cc v-twin, this Moto Morini 350 K2 emphasized brains over brawn, offering brilliant handling and a wealth of innovative technical details. Moto Morinis have long been bargains of the vintage Italian bike world, but prices are finally on the rise and this one is in amazing shape… Read the full article over at

1969 Norton Dunstall R Front

The 1960’s were a golden age of motorcycling innovation, when ambitious and talented tuners could knock up machines in their backyard sheds and compete against the world’s best. Some, like Paul Dunstall managed to turn their success into a thriving business, making go-fast parts for a whole range of British bikes… Read more about the Dunstall Norton over at

Classic Sportbike Recap: Benelli, Moto Morini, and a Dunstall Norton
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Cagivarini? 1989 Moto Morini Dart 350

dart front

This is only the second Moto Morini Dart I’ve ever seen for sale and the first 350cc version.  Maybe I just miss the the 80’s but damn it I’m really starting to like the looks.  This is a super nice example of a one owner bike with only 7,500 km’s/miles.  If you need a quick refresher, Cagiva owned Moto Morini at the time and stuffed a Moto Morini twin into a Cagiva frame.   

dart close
I keep thinking it’s a Suzuki with those colors.  Total production is supposed to be around 900 bikes with the 400 being the rarest.

dart screen
I’m guessing the guy who designed the Paso got stuck with this project on a Friday at 4:30 p.m.
dart left
More Paso lines and maybe a hint of 600 Katana?
dart muffler

That sounds like something the Japanese would come up with.

dart side

Are you going to be upset when I tell you it’s in the U.K.?  If you didn’t spot that euro license plate in the pic then it’s your own fault!  The asking price is 4,100 GBP.


Here is the listing.



Cagivarini?  1989 Moto Morini Dart 350
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Little Italy: 1984 Moto Morini 350 K2


Located in Texas is this tasty bit of Italy. This is actually the second time around for this particular bike, but still a great find for a rare model. While not exactly for the large of stature or turbo-super-nitrous-charged power hungry set, the Moto Morini 350 offers an interesting departure from the type of bikes normally posted on these pages.


The K2 is a neat little 90 degree vee twin with sporting intent. Offering triple disk brakes, a chin spoiler and bikini fairing, this 350 makes a great alternative to other smaller bikes available today, including newer “entry level” bikes. If your significant other is interested in riding and you are keen to add to your collection of rare and unique motorcycles, this could be a match made in heaven!


From the seller:
Very original, extremely fine running condition with very few cosmetic flaws. Please see pictures of the left side of the faring, right side panel and tail section which are the only flaws in otherwise superb Morini.

We have just serviced the bike, and replaced the tires with new Avon Road Riders, and new grips. The electric start works perfectly, it idles well, and runs cleanly through the entire rev range. It really is fabulous.

We sold this several months a go on ebay. When the buyer came to our shop he saw a Ducati 750SS we had, and took that home with him instead, so this 350 K2 is being re-listed. I had a chance to take it for a few rides and it runs and handles beautifully.

It is getting difficult to find any 350 Morini’s in even decent condition. We think it is as good an example as we have seen, clear Texas title.


The best part about a Moto Morini is that you are able to enter into the “exclusive and rare” club for about the same dosh as a far more common bike. This particular example has an opening ask of $4,000, with a BIN set at $4,500. Check out all of the details here, and then let us know what you think. Got anyone in mind who might look good on this little Italian scoot?



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Texas Bambino: 1984 Moto Morini 350 K2

Located in the great state of Texas is a unique Italian machine found only occasionally on the pages of RSBFS. Moto Morini, one of the other Italian purveyors of V-twin sporting motorcycles, continues to be a rare breed in the United States. This 350 K2 machine – the most popular of the models imported – looks to be in pretty good condition considering the age. While not exactly a hyper-sports bike, the K2 has a charm all its own.

With only 8,249 miles on the odometer, this 28 year old survivor has travelled fewer than 300 miles for each year of its life. No wonder it is looking so good! The seller does note some scratches on the plastics, but otherwise all of the pieces are there and looking good.

From the seller:
Very original, extremely fine running condition with very few cosmetic flaws. Please see pictures of the right side panel and tail section which are the only flaws in otherwise superb Morini.

We have just serviced the bike, and replaced the tires with new Avon Road Riders, and new grips. The electric start works perfectly, it idles well, and runs cleanly through the entire rev range. It really is fabulous.

It is getting difficult to find any 350 Morini’s in even decent condition. We think it is as good an example as we have seen.

The last K2 we listed on the pages of RSBFS was a similar colored 1986 model which sold for $3,547 – so you can use that as your baseline if this little jewel is on your Christmas list.

These are modest investments in addition to being modest performers, and you can expect to spend between $3,000 – $4,500 on a Moto Morini 350 depending upon mileage and condition. This auction is going on right now, with the current price at $2,025 (with reserve in place) and light bidding. For more information and pictures, click the link and jump over to the auction. Don’t forget to tell Santa you found it on RSBFS!


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Stumped Again: 1990 Moto Morini Dart 400

Stumped Again:  1990 Moto Morini Dart 400

I knew from the second I saw it, I had never seen one before or knew it existed for that matter.  Moto Morini isn’t exactly a household name and this bike comes from the Cagiva ownership era from the late eighties to early nineties.  By the way, if you thought Moto Morini was long dead, think again.


How about that for some picturesque scenery?  That isn’t Indiana, this is a French bike (Chamonix, France no less! You have to ski to be impressed) listed on Ebay UK. So what the heck is a Moto Morini Dart?  It apparently was a hastily produced model to fill a middle weight hole in the Cagiva conglomerate line up.  It shares a frame and suspension with a Cagiva Frecia 125 (think early Mito).  The engine is an air cooled Moto Morini V twin.  Earlier models were 350cc.



As cool as Cagiva’s grand prix bikes were I’ve never felt the machines they produced ranked very high on build quality.  The poor Dart has stress cracks in quite a few areas.


From the seller:

Only 900 of these bikes were made of which only 200 had the 400cc motor, so it is indeed very rare. This model is in France where only 17 were ever imported, but delivery can be arranged.
The bike has a few nicks and chips which you would expect for a bike of this age. I can send more photos of the minor flaws and also some much better quality images of the whole bike (I have to dig through an old computer to find them). 

The bike still runs really well, starts no problems, no knocks or vibrations. We have a lengthy service bill which was done by a Morini specialist in Germany.

I hate to admit it but the looks are growing on me.  I see details from several bikes in its’ styling.  It’s not perfect, it’s got some miles and you won’t win any races with it but I bet you won’t see another one; no matter where you ride.

Check it out.