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Yamaha July 29, 2018 posted by

Featured Listing – 1988 Yamaha FZR750RU

Update 10.18.2018: This bike has SOLD! Congratulations to buyer and seller. -dc

On the road to the OW-01, Yamaha made steady developments to the four cylinder FZR model, and for 1987 plugged the 5-valve Genesis engine into their Deltabox aluminum spars.  In time for the 1988 AMA Superbike season, the company made a few changes from the previous year, and brought the required 200 machines to their dealers.  This rare Yamaha has been treated to a high level of restoration and is now for sale.

1988 Yamaha  FZR750RU for sale in Portland, OR

The five-valve heads on the Genesis engine have great flow and combustion dynamics, and Yamaha's rocker-less valve actuation provides more linear response throughout the power curve.  For the DeltaBox, the company developed their own welding robots to seam the thin-wall stampings into a strong frame.  Steering head and frame connectors are vacuum-cast aluminum.  Brakes are substantial for a mid-size at 320mm, and Kayaba forks and monoshock are adjustable.  As per the fashion, wheels are staggered with a 17-inch front and 18-inch rear.

The owner commissioned a comprehensive rebuild in addition to a great cosmetic refurbishment.  Most all rotating parts outside of the engine bay are new or rebuilt.  Though the Genesis engine sounds complex, it was executed in a very straightforward way, and outside of a very long extension for your spark plug wrench, there's no reason to expect extra maintenance.  Here are Ethan's comments on the FZR:

This bike starts without hesitation, idles perfectly, has extremely crisp throttle response, and rides beautifully. It is truly a joy to ride, handles incredibly well, and pulls strong.

  • 26,000 miles
  • Carbs rebuilt and balanced by Vicious Cycle in Portland, OR
  • Factory original bodywork: all plastic was restored and all imperfections are gone, all paint is new in the original Silky White with clear-coat (tank has clear-coat over the decals), and all decals are new and factory correct. All work done by the skilled Paul Gardner of Image Concepts in Bend, OR
  • New EBC clutch friction plates and clutch cover gasket
  • New EBC rotors
  • New clutch pushrod oil seal
  • New wheel bearings
  • New shock linkage bearings
  • New fork seals and oil
  • New OEM hardware and grommets for all bodywork
  • New water pump, impeller circlip and oil seal, and coolant hose o-rings
  • New Metzeler tires
  • Media blast and new powder coat on wheels, exhaust midpipe, and subframe
  • Factory rebuilt and polished vintage Yoshimura pipe, new baffle and packing

The focus Yamaha put on superbikes led their build quality to new heights and prices joined them there.  The championships would have to wait, but the bikes are the stuff of legend.  Thankfully there are thoroughly freshened examples like this and we don't have to only read about it.   The asking price is $5,500.

Featured Listing – 1988 Yamaha FZR750RU
Yamaha January 2, 2018 posted by

New Year’s Resolution: 1992 Yamaha TZR250R

Happy New Year RSBFS readers! And being the beginning of a new year, it is time to get serious. What does one resolve to do for 2018? How do you commit to better yourself or those around you? Might I humbly suggest that adding a two stroke to your collection might be the way? I know what you're thinking: In the current age of electric cars, recycling everything, peace on Earth and good will to all cannot possibly involve blue smoke. But I disagree. You see, saving a deserving example of a near-extinct species makes the world feel good. And by adopting a "lightly used" example of a motor vehicle, you are participating in a global recycling program; you are keeping something out of the landfill. That should all weigh in on the positive side. Plus with the smiles you bring by hooning a smoker on the pipe - not to mention how it will make you a better, happier person - the world at large will become a better place. Budgets be damned; you cannot put a price on the betterment of the world. Thus, I propose that one of the RSBFS faithful save this TZR pound puppy and flog it mercilessly for the good of the planet.

1992 Yamaha TZR250R for sale on eBay

Born from the two-stroke racing DNA of the legendary RD series, the Yamaha TZ series began life as a liquid cooled parallel twin. By the time this 3XV6 example rolled out of the factory in 1992, the parallel twin was ditched for two cylinders in a vee formation. This was the defacto engine configuration for all successful 250cc bikes of the era, as the narrow presentation of the vee allowed for greater aerodynamic possibilities (not to mention perfect primary balance). Throw in Yamaha's interpretation of the ideal aluminum frame design, a curved swing arm to allow the right side pipe to tuck up close for optimal cornering clearance, YPVS powered exhaust valve to broaden the power curve of the notoriously peaky two-stroke, and tight, flowing bodywork to optimize streamlining and you have the makings of a streetbike with track day credentials.

From the seller:
Up for auction to the highest bidder with NO RESERVE is a 1992 Yamaha TZR250R 3XV6 with 17,677 kilometers (10,984 miles). Bike is in original unrestored condition. Bike looks beautiful and has tons of curb appeal but it has scratches, scrapes, a few small cracks, and touch up paint throughout the bodywork, from its original owner. Bike looks well cared for and was stored indoors. Lol, the owner just couldn’t keep the rubber side down. All fairings and components are 100% genuine Yamaha OEM. Bike is completely stock. This bike would be a great candidate for restoration since it’s all original and low mileage. This TZR is a great rider! Bike runs like the day it was new. Mechanically, this bike is solid. Full service just completed with new battery and new engine fluids. It’s ready to ride. Please text 801-358-6537 for more pictures and questions. Bike comes with Utah state title and is titled as a street bike for road use.

This is a third gen model for the TZR series; the lineup would be discontinued by 1996. The R model would remain one of the lowliest configurations of this time - but that is like pointing out a Bugatti Veyron is a lower spec automobile thanks to the introduction of the Chiron. While it is lacking trick front fork adjusters and makes due with a wet clutch, the TZR250R is no dog and nobody's fool. Japanese home market spec bikes may have appeared to be racier and did indeed have some added features, but given that regional regulations limited power output for all 250s the R model is hardly missing the goods.

This particular TZR250R comes from well-known RSBFS supporter and collector Gary. His Utah collection has slowly been thinned during 2017, but there appear to be a few bikes left. This one did not meet the strict standards for a Featured Listing due to its "slightly-more-than-lightly" used condition, but ticks all the right boxes when it comes to making the grade on New Years resolutions. It still looks good AND comes in many dollars below a more minty example. Somebody please recycle this thing and save the world. You know you want to be a better person in 2018. Check it out here for more details, and then sit back and smile knowing that you are making the world a better place for all of us. Good Luck!!


New Year’s Resolution: 1992 Yamaha TZR250R
Yamaha May 23, 2017 posted by

Welterweight: 1989 Yamaha FZR400R

The 400cc class of bikes is a special one. In the 1980s and 1990s these sub-middleweights provided a rare mix of compact geometry, light weight and just enough horsepower (if there is such a thing). The resulting motorcycles were outstanding rider machines, race-worthy platforms and lusted after by world markets. The US was privy to but one such example: The Yamaha FZR400. Created in 1986 as the "1WG" series of bikes, the FZR400 ran through numerous changes through 1990. Today the little Fizzers are the most common of the 400cc set in the States, and in many ways the best for those who prefer riding to collecting. Parts, knowledge and upgrades are available more readily for the Yamaha, making it an easy 400cc choice. And the ride is nothing short of fantastic.

1989 Yamaha FZR400R for sale on eBay

Everything on the FZR400R is a big bike on Slim Fast. The motor is a Genesis derivative - right down to the extremely canted cylinders - but only 399cc instead of a 750 or 1100. The chassis - a slick aluminum Delta Box unit - looks like an OW01 was given the shrinky-dink treatment. Ditto the bodywork (with the cool, double headlights), cockpit (yes, redline starts at 14k) and other pieces of kit. The FZR400R is no dog; there are some proper numbers in this beast, including 60 HP and a scant 352 pound dry weight.

From the seller:
Up for auction to the highest bidder with NO RESERVE is a 1989 Yamaha FZR400R with only 14,524 kilometers (9,025 miles).

This FZR has a crack in the windscreen, it had a crack in the lower left fairing and cracks in the mirror mounts that have been repaired, left side of the tank has been touched up and repaired, rear passenger seat is cracking and needs to be re upholstered, There is a small piece broken off of the tab on the underside of the fairing but still useable. The bike has scratches and scrapes throughout. Right side plastic liner piece is missing. Touch up paint here and there to hide the nicks and scratches. The bike has good curb appeal but the kid that probably owned it was on a budget so everything was repaired on the cheap by himself.

The good news is the bike is solid and only has 9,025 miles and under the plastic it looks clean. It runs like the day it was new. The lower fork tubes, radiator, exhaust headers, frame and swing arm are all clean and no damage. This bike would make an excellent candidate for restoration. A professional body guy could make this bike look perfect. Bike will come with new battery, fluids and filters. This FZR has a slip on muffler by O.V.E.R. but bike comes with stock OEM muffler also. All fairings are OEM Yamaha original.

Bike comes with Utah state title and is titled as a street motorcycle for road use. Happy bidding.

The seller has done a good job outlining the pros and cons of this particular example. The bike looks great in the photos, but there are some blems on this young 28 year old. It is likely that prior ownership has brought with it some errant issues that will need to be remedied if you want to show. If you just want to go, it looks like it could be more cosmetic than actual damage; ride the wheels off and have fun. Send us a postcard when you finally wipe the smile off your face.

This bike is being offered by the Utah collector with a number of tasty bikes - this one complete with title and tags. The auction format is No Reserve, which is a nice way of saying that the highest bidder wins (even if it is a low bid). At the time of writing, this bid is sitting in very affordable territory at $2,000 USD. I would not expect this to hang out in sub $5k circles by the end of it all, but it will be interesting to see where it ends. Check it out here before it's gone. Good Luck!!


Welterweight: 1989 Yamaha FZR400R
Yamaha March 2, 2012 posted by

Another 400: 1990 Yamaha FZR400

For Sale: 1990 Yamaha FZR400Link:

Wow - another Fizzer 400. I'm beginning to wonder how rare these little bikes are given the number I've run across recently. Of course to be fair I *have* been looking for them lately, as I think one of these 400cc scalpels would make a great track day bike for my wife. Shhhh - don't tell her I'm looking!

You can see some of the other recent 400cc machines we have posted HERE and HERE. This one is looking pretty good by most standards. It is not the pristine museum example that I would be afraid to track occasionally, but it is also not completely thrashed and modded like many of these we find. And let the pictures remind us that not all riding takes place in sunny Southern California with year 'round balmy weather!

From the seller:
Up for sale is a very rare, 2-owner 1990 FZR400. I have not seen another one on the road and very rarely see one up for auction. A little bit about the bike:

Runs great!! Fired it right up after a year of sitting in 29 degree weather!! From what I have read 1990 is a very hard-to-find year for these models

All original parts except for an aftermarket canister that was installed by previous owner. Deltabox frame. Always garage kept, oil and filter changed every riding season. Never raced. Light body damage but pretty good for an older bike (Pictures)

Very fast and fun at high rpm's. One of the best handling motorcycles I have been on. Air filter and fluids changed this year.
All electric features work...never have had any issues.
Purchased from a dealer in SE Wisconsin who new previous owner. Really took care of it.

Clear, clean Wisconsin title in hand!

With nearly 20k on the clock, here is a FZR400 that has been ridden. With low mods (I don't know much about Devil exhaust systems, though I had read somewhere that the parent company in France has declared bankrupcy?) and only minor damage this bike looks to be a survivor. No hooligan stuntahs here!

What really gets me is that this bike has had ZERO bids with a $2,800 opening ask. The BIN is a reasonable $3k. Neither of those are bargain basement numbers, but nor are they way out of line with the going rate for one of these bikes. Check out the auction, then contact the seller and make him an offer. This looks like a bike for which one of our readers can provide a good home. Good Luck!


Sport Bikes For Sale November 22, 2011 posted by

From the land of the Rising Sun: 1991 Yamaha FZR250R

For Sale: 1991 Yamaha FZR250R

Straight from Japan and imported into Canada comes this sporty little 250cc four stroker. While we in the US of A enjoyed the cheap thrills of the rather pedestrian Kawasaki Ninja 250R, the Japanese market literally overflowed with high-tech quarter liter hardware.

Due to licensing regulations and cost, Japan's major manufacturers waged a war at the 250cc level. Every one of the Big Four offered multiple bikes in this size range, and at least one of them was an all-out sport bike. And while we here in the States consider anything below 600cc to be an entry level scooter, the Japanese have always felt otherwise - and this aluminum Delta Box framed mini-FZR is proof. This little baby even has an EXUP valve in the exhaust to boost midrange power!

The fact that these bikes are relatively plentiful in Japan has a dark side; as inexpensive, common transportation for the young Japanese masses, these smaller bikes rarely have an easy life. And Japan, being extremely congested, rarely offers indoor or protected parking. Finally, being an island, the environment is heavy with sea air, which accelerates oxidation and corrosion. Looking closely at the pictures, this particular bike exhibits symptoms of each of these maladies. Still, it is a rare bike anywhere outside of Japan, and is far from a basket case.

From the seller:
Hi What I have here is a 1991 FZR250R that i had imported from Japan in 2007. It has never been registered in Canada. I imported it along with some other bike for the purpose of reselling, but with running my regular buisness I never have the time and now the desire to continue with the bikes that I have left. I had the bike running when I first iported but it hasn't ran i 3 yrs but it should run with out too much effort. When running it sounded great, like an F1 car due to the 18500 redline. It is a 4 stroke 250cc. It is a faily tall bike looks like a 400. The paint is getting old and faded. The rest of the bike like tires ,chain, brakes, sprokets seem to be in decent shape. If you have any questions e-mail me and I'll do my best to anwser. Oh also the bike has 17193km not miles, and u will get the Importation Papers with a bills of sale upon purchase.

We have posted a few of these little micro-lights on RSBFS in the past few years (you can click here for a FZR250 SEARCH) and reader interest is usually high. These are interesting bikes that are simply not available in many geographic markets. I cannot comment on how difficult it would be to register this little Fizzer where you live, but if you like your track days tight and twisty then this might be a great bike to look at!

This auction is going on right now, and bidding has been moderate. At the time of this writing, the price had only risen to $610 (!), with the reserve still in place. I am guessing that the seller wants at least $1k for this little bike, and probably much more than that. There is still time if you are interested. For more information and additional pictures, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!