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Ducati January 26, 2018 posted by

Glamourpuss – 1994 Ducati 888 in Britain

The 888 was designed by Pierre Terblanche and a light update to the muscular 851, Ducati’s first desmoquattro.  American Doug Polen had won the 1991 Superbike World Championship on an uprated 851, and the 888 homolagated the changes for the next year, returning with the #1 plate.  This 888 has been treated to a silky resto-mod and a day in the photo studio.

1994 Ducati 888 ( Britain ) for sale on eBay

The architecture of Ducati’s original four-valve desmo led to a distinctive sound, the rat-a-tat exhaust announcing 104 hp.  Often seen with number plates front and rear, the fairing has fresh air intakes and snug monoposto seat.  Showa forks and Ohlins monoshock were constants throughout the build, and for 1994 a carbon front fender was added, and wheels were painted to match the bronze frame.


Just about everything about this English 888 has been updated and/or re-finished to a very high level.  The robot-faced front end and engraved triple-tree won’t please everyone, but the owner says most stock parts are included in the eBay auction:

Some features include:
Twin injector throttle bodies.
Full 50mm race exhaust system. New.
Corse slipper clutch.
Alloy subframe.
Vented engine casing (clutch side).
Rear ride height adjusters.
New brakes (Braking rotors), pads and lines.
New Nitron race prepared rear shock.
Revised and updated front nose with new lights.
Extended/strengthened side stand. Now does not lean over too far or spring up.
AFAM alloy chain & sprocket set.
New Bridgestone tyres BT016.
Revised one off airbox with foam filter & 916 style bell mouths and 916 throttle.
Billet rear sets, handle bars, petrol cap, levers, pre-load, reservoir caps and clutch slave cylinder.
Carbon belt covers, front mudguard, hugger, instrument surrounds.
Engraved top yoke by Don Blocksidge. Plain mirror polished top yoke also sold with the bike.
Rear swingarm, yokes, suspension linkages and fork lowers have had casting marks removed and then mirror polished.
Paintwork brought back to top standard.
Every nut and bolt changed to stainless steel.
New hoses.
Heads removed from bike and full service with valves brought up to race specs with new belts.
There’s been a lot of bespoke parts made for this bike and 100+ hours spent on the build.


Hard to argue with a Euro-spec 888 – brawny, rare and championship-winning, and there are a lot of nice touches here.  The alloy seat frame and improved side stand are my favorites, and the undressed pictures are at least as interesting as the studio shots.  Finding the rider to pay this kind of premium might take a little doing, but the current owner can enjoy the view while the search goes on…



Glamourpuss – 1994 Ducati 888 in Britain
BMW December 27, 2017 posted by

Naked Aggression – 2007 BMW K1200R Sport

BMW’s niche of performance, clientele, and MSRP has given even their dabbles a certain credibility.  A marque that has always had a standard in the line-up ventured into musclebike territory in the mid-2000’s swapping some fuel economy for showroom excitement.  The owner of this mildly customized K1200R Sport gives a nod to the days when all BMW’s were black.

2007 BMW K1200R Sport for sale on eBay


Early oughties BMW developed a canted 1157cc inline four and put it in three models, S, GT, and R.  The K1200R for 2007 pushed 163 ponies, right up there for a semi-standard.  The box L-frame carried the stressed engine and was supported by BMW’s Duolever front end and Paralever shaft-drive rear, which had electronically adjustable suspension as an option.  Power-assist EVO brakes had ABS available but traction control was still just over the horizon.  The Sport model had a Supersport fairing which cut the wind and allowed a relaxed handlebar position.


Evidently curated by a knowledgeable Florida owner, this K1200R Sport was retro-modded to BMW black and has covered under 1,000 miles.  The usually bare engine has an aftermarket carbon fairing which is a nice improvement, as is the Puig windscreen.  From the eBay auction:

Response to Questions:
1. Original color was “White Aluminum Metallic M”
2. Factory options include: sport wheels, heated grips, white turn indicators, Integral ABS II
3. Original keys and manuals shown in updated photos are included
4. Original factory MSRP sticker has been added to photos
5. The tires are original
6. Bike starts, idles, and runs like new
7. Bike has all recalls completed by BMW in Orange CA. Work Orders provided
8. Factory tail light will be reinstalled prior to shipping.

The price is absolutely FIRM. This gorgeous 2007 BMW K1200R Sport is in perfect shape with less than 1000 original miles. It has spent 10 years on display in a motorcycle collection and it looks and rides like new.
The bike has been upgraded with gloss black paint (by local BMW painter), lower carbon fiber cowling, clear tail-light, raised bars, and Puig windscreen. Nothing else is needed on this incredible bike.


Collectability would be enhanced is this had been a factory special rather than a customer’s design, but very few of the K1200R Sports were made, and this one is pretty special.  Vertigo-inducing pictures show it to be flawless except for the peeled-off reflectors, and great options save ESA.  The ask is a third more than the Sport cost new, which will be a challenge for a brand that prides itself on longevity almost above all else…


Naked Aggression – 2007 BMW K1200R Sport
Kawasaki March 1, 2017 posted by

Commemorative Replica – 2003 Kawasaki ZRX1200 Custom

Extending the run of the ZRX1100 ( itself a harkening to the 1982 Eddie Lawson Replica KZ1000R ) the ZRX1200 wound the series down as only a carburetted 1200 cc naked superbike could.  This 30K-mile ZRX is the subject of a tasteful customization with a lot of heavy work done.  If a naked super / show bike has ever tickled your  fancy, this one deserves a look see.

2003 Kawasaki ZRX1200 Custom for sale on eBay

The ZRX1200R was kind of the ultimate Universal Japanese Motorcycle, with steel frame, four Keihin carbs, twin shocks, conventional riding position, but 122 hp and almost 83 ft.-lbs. torque.  Water cooling was an oughties concession to noise and emissions.  The headers on the  four-into-one exhaust were black from the factory.  With the added power came some weight however, and the handling was more sport-touring than sport, though an easy 5-speed to ride with all that torque.

As re-imagined by someone in the road racing business, this ZRX has a more European flavor, with Öhlins front and WP rear suspension.  Brembo calipers over Galfer rotors.  The Akropovic exhaust system is polished save the carbon muffler.  Relieved of the bikini fairing, the Kawi racing green paint does it justice in a way the original metallic green couldn’t.  Too much to list, as they say, but here’s a section of the eBay auction:

As a former race mechanic, now in my late 50’s, I built this bike in the spirit of a superbike road racing machine.  I bought the bike off the ZRXOA forum last summer and it was fairly close to stock. The bike has cost me just over $20K and that is doing all the work myself. I am selling the bike because I want to start another custom build, this time on a Z1.

The bike has no known faults whatsoever and runs perfectly. It is a 2003 ZRX 1200 with 30,078 miles. I have only put 140 miles on it in 8 months, just riding locally. All the below parts were fitted less than 40 miles ago, and as you will see from the build list, only the finest available components were used. The bike is located in Hollister, CA. Clean and clean CA title in my name. CA registration through June. The bike has three keys (keys fit all locks) and toolkit.

Although the motor is stock, the addition of Yoshimura TNR-MJN 34 flat slide carbs has transformed the response and midrange. The bike power wheelies very easily in first and second. Naturally the handling and braking have also been transformed with new suspension, lighter wheels, Brembos calipers and master cylinders, Spiegler brake lines, sinter pads and Galfer discs.

Going in my books as a light custom, this ZRX retains all the muscle-bike attributes and only improves the suspension and braking.  The updated carburettors is something only an experienced wrench would do, and the new owner would be advised to find filters for them if riding is the plan.  Not expecting a sky-high price since it is a 30K-mile bike, and might take a few rides on eBay before enough riders see it.  But the overall vibe is very enjoyable, not heavily personalized, and respectful of the original concept, a now 35 year-old ( ! ) replica of Fast Eddie Lawson’s 1981 AMA Superbike winner…


Commemorative Replica – 2003 Kawasaki ZRX1200 Custom
Yamaha December 18, 2016 posted by

Not Quite Stock: 1985 Yamaha RZ500 for Sale

We generally try to post relatively stock, good-condition bikes here on CSBFS but, every once in a while, we like to throw you guys a curve ball, and this highly-modified Yamaha RZ500 certainly qualifies as that. At a glance, there’s little left of the original, two-stroke GP-replica bike but the changes should make the bike handle like a much more modern machine. This one might generate some controversy and we want to hear from you, but keep the comments polite please!

The seller appears to be going for a 90’s YZR500 look for the bike, but he doesn’t indicate exactly where he sourced the bodywork. It seems like it retains the original RZ500 frame, but suspension front and rear has been updated to more modern spec, with the front using parts from a Yamaha R1. He mentions that the two-stroke V4 engine is by Rick Lance, which is a good thing as he’s a well-known name in the two-stroke tuning community. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really describe exactly what’s gone into it. Interestingly, you can see that the bike does feature a headlight tucked back in the fairing and it is claimed to be titled and street-legal!

From the original eBay listing: 1985 Yamaha RZ500 for Sale

Up for GRABS… My sweet 2 stroke! I’m done with bikes, I need a new plane. Wyn Belousky built and Rick Lance powered rocket ship. List of goodies as follows: Öhlins rear shock, R1 front forks with Öhlins internals, JMC custom mega braced swing arm, 28 mm Mikuni flat slides, brand new Jolly Moto carbon silencers on Jolly Moto GP pipes, ginormous ZX7-R radiator. Handles like my R6 just much lighter and then there’s the 2 stroke hit, lol! It’s a shame just to leave in my garage somebody needs to ride the hell outta this thing. Merry Xmas happy bidding. Oh! And I have a bunch of xtra parts to go with it, street legal clear and clean Florida title.

There are no takers yet at the $17,000 starting bid, and this is the second time the bike’s been up for auction. The asking price might be out of line, but I think the bigger problem is that the description is pretty vague: with something drastically customized, a list of the cool upgraded parts isn’t going to be enough. A video of the bike in action, and pics of the bike with the fairing off might help as well. For the most part, it looks pretty professionally put together, but those primitive tabs mounting the fairing to the frame cast a bit of doubt… It’s obviously a pretty cool machine, but not worth much to collector-types since it’s so far from original and, without more information on this one-of-a-kind build, folks are obviously going to be pretty hesitant to drop the kind of cash the seller is asking.


Not Quite Stock: 1985 Yamaha RZ500 for Sale
Honda August 7, 2016 posted by

Show Hawk – 1989 Honda NT650 Hawk

Slightly ahead of its time, the NT650 Hawk was an interesting mix of solid powerplant, sportbike architecture, perimeter frame, and lack of a fairing or for that matter much pizazz.  But its features were appreciated by some racers and congnoscenti, and though their run ended in 1991, the bikes maintain a fan base to this day.  The Hawk presented here has been lightly customized and nicely updated, and looks ready for a second tour.

20160807 1989 honda nt650 right

1989 Honda NT650 Hawk for sale on eBay

20160807 1989 honda nt650 left front

20160807 1989 honda nt650 right rear

Honda’s V-twin was warmed by a high-tech application of overhead cams and three valves per cylinder, and spoke for 56 hp and 43 ft.-lbs. torque.  Suspension was designed with sport in mind, with 41mm forks and single-sided swingarm, but economically built.  Braking was appropriate to the intended around-town use, with single disks front and rear.  Mid-rise bars and moderate seat height make the Hawk comfortable for short and long rides.

20160807 1989 honda nt650 right front

20160807 1989 honda nt650 left rear wheel

Offered by a Wisconsin powersports shop, this NT has been comprehensively updated with twin front discs, titanium exhaust, and wider tires, and red accents aren’t overdone.  The eBay auction offers these highlights:

  • Full Titanium M4 exhaust system with proper jetting
  • F3 front end with gold valve fork emulators
  • New rotors with radial master cylinder
  • Front and rear braided brake lines
  • VFR rear wheel
  • New Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tires
  • Fox rear shock
  • Woodcraft riser clip-ons
  • SV650 headlight
  • ProTek rearsets
  • Koso LED turn signals
  • Corbin seat and much more!

20160807 1989 honda nt650 left rear

20160807 1989 honda nt650 right rear wheel

The upgrades have the potential to transform the bike into a much better performer, addressing many of the usual squawks, and it’s certainly cleaned up nicely.  The model caught other manufacturers’ attention and the Monster and SV650 jumped onto the drawing boards shortly afterward.  While this NT650 has mid-life miles, the transformation has taken many years off its looks.  Might be just the Hawk for a past fan…


20160807 1989 honda nt650 dash

20160807 1989 honda nt650 rear

Show Hawk – 1989 Honda NT650 Hawk
Ducati September 23, 2015 posted by

Featured Listing: Custom 2007 Ducati Sport Classic “Bella” for Sale

2007 Custom Sport Classic L Side Front

For some people building their dream bikes, the ideal is to create something that’s truly new, something that’s never been seen before. Others take a different approach, building something that looks basically original, but is just subtly different. They’re asking, “What if the factory kept building my favorite bike, but updated it to keep it modern?” Today’s featured Ducati Sport Classic is exactly that kind of machine.

2000 Custom Sport Classic R Side Rear

Mechanically, you’re looking at a twin-shock sporting Ducati powered by their venerable but very effective air and oil-cooled, two-valve Desmo L-twin engine with twin-plug “DualSpark” heads. Dead stock, the engine produced a claimed 92hp, with plenty of midrange and real-world poke. It’s considered by many to be one of the very best streetbike engines ever made, and the extended service intervals of more recent iterations make them reasonably economical to own as well.

2007 Custom Sport Classic Dash

The earliest examples of the Sport Classic actually featured a monoshock rear suspension, with a single shock offset to one side for a vintage look with modern performance. Later bikes switched to the actual twin-shock rear as seen here, although with the very bling-y Öhlins rear shocks, I’d expect this will still outhandle plenty of more mundane sportbikes.

2007 Custom Sport Classic R Side Tank

At a glance, this bike might look almost stock, but a closer look reveals a laundry list of subtle updates and modifications that should improve the performance and looks, but stay true to the original spirit of the bike.

From the Seller: Custom 2007 Ducati Sport Classic “Bella” for Sale

Most people are familiar with the Ducati Sport Classic line designed by Pierre Terblanche, but they may not realize that the inspiration for these icon motorcycles was one of his earlier projects, the MH900E Mike Hailwood tribute. This was a limited edition hand-built bike that was carefully assembled in a separate corner of the Ducati factory. It featured one-off details and a fit and finish that was not available in the rest of the regular mass-produced models.

My vision for the Bella project shares that ideal. I imagined what the Sport Classic would look like if it was produced today with high-tech changes, modern improvements, and upgrades that spared no expense. It would be given the same attention to detail and hand-built treatment as the MH900E while being indistinguishable from a bike coming from the Bologna factory. I wanted only the educated and discerning eye to be able to truly appreciate the countless subtle changes that went into building this original machine. For this reason, almost every part and feature that went into the bike was adapted from other modern, high performance Ducatis or the MH900E itself. At the same time it had to be classy and timeless; no billet parts or carbon fiber. From the featherweight 999R forged Marchisini wheels wrapped in sticky Pirelli rubber, to the Ohlins Superbike front end with Brembo brakes, everything there belongs on a Ducati.

Asking price: $35,000. Contact Joe for details

Full ground up restoration and customization with minor frame modifications
iPhone compatible Bluetooth ignition
1098 Digital dash w/ custom ECU firmware, mapping, and wiring harness
Ohlins 1098s forks w/ Brembo radial calipers
999s polished triple clamps and clip-ons
Ohlins dual rear shocks
Brembo radial brake and clutch master cylinders
999r forged Marchesini wheels
Pirelli Diablo Rosso tires
Hypermotard mini handlebar switchgear
MH900E polished reasets, frame plugs, and reservoir holders
One piece hand-formed aluminum solo tail section fabricated by Ill Eagle Designs
Matching hand-stitched suede leather seat and rear pad by New Church Moto
Custom undertail dual tipped exhaust
One piece front fairing w/ recessed LED headlight
Hidden indirect LED taillight and turn signals
Ballistic Lithium-ion batter
All aluminum engine and body parts hand polished and brushed

2007 Custom Sport Classic L Fairing Detail

You can’t go wrong with a red frame for your trellis-framed Ducati, and the builder obviously tried to keep the build “in the family,” using as many parts from other Ducati models to stay in the spirit of a “what if” build.

2007 Custom Sport Classic Rearset

Personally, I think the cone-style mufflers look a bit small, and although I like how the bifurcated headlight echoes both the Diavel’s unit and Ducati’s “D” logo, I’d prefer something just simple and round, but that’s just picking nits: this is a meticulously built, beautifully prepared, and sumptuously photographed motorcycle that looks like it flat works on the road.


2007 Custom Sport Classic L Side

Photographs used with permission by the seller. Photo Credit: Pierre Robichaud

Featured Listing: Custom 2007 Ducati Sport Classic “Bella” for Sale
Ducati March 23, 2015 posted by

Very Classy Cafe: 1995 Ducati Leggero by Walt Siegl

1995 Walt Siegl Ducati 900SS R Side

We don’t often feature custom bikes here on RSBFS. Custom bikes are often so in love with their own custom-ness that they feel the need to shout about how special they are. Walt Siegl’s Ducati Leggero, on the other hand, has a polished, production-quality, as if Ducati continued making the Sport Classic line.

1995 Walt Siegl Ducati 900SS L Side Rear

The devil, they say, is in the details, and a Leggero may look fairly conventional, but the goal here is the motorcycle, simplified and perfected, according to one man’s vision.

From his website: “With the Leggeros, I’m using classic sport design elements that are clearly recognizable as such. That includes almost all aspects of the build, from exhaust to frame design. And with today’s brakes, modern suspension components and fuel injection systems, I’m able to build a truly contemporary motorcycle. I’m getting the best out of the really great characteristics that Ducati has engineered into their bikes, while making everything lighter and stronger. With the two-valve engine I need less components, so the design is much cleaner.”

1995 Walt Siegl Ducati 900SS L Side Rear

Frames are 4130 chrome moly steel tubing and styled in keeping with the original unit from the 900SS but lighter. Bodywork can be either full-kevlar or kevlar with laminated carbon fiber. The two-valve, air-cooled Ducati “L-twin” that powers the Leggero is obviously no powerhouse, but is considered one of the most charismatic engines of all time and can be tuned to provide real power with surprising durability. Engines are blueprinted and tweaked with traditional Ducati tuning tricks to make reliable horsepower with the characteristic Ducati midrange punch.

1995 Walt Siegl Ducati 900SS L Side Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1995 Ducati Leggero by Walt Siegl

You are bidding on a custom Walt Siegl Ducati that was built for Tyler Hays, owner of BDDW, in 2013. It is highly collectible, one of Walt’s first edition Ducati builds. Walt is a renowned mater builder and builds some of the most techologically advanced and tasteful custom motorcycles today. Estimated retail: $29,000

  • Donor Bike: 1995 Ducati 900 SS

  • Engine: Blue printed. Light weight Pistons. Light weight fly wheel. High performance 39 mm Keihin flat slide carburetors.

  • Suspension: Fully adjustable Showa fork. Fully adjustable Showa mono rear shock.

  • Brakes: Brembo front and rear calipers. Brembo hand controls. WSM rear sets

  • Wheels: Cast aluminum Brembos

  • Tires: Dunlop Q2

  • Exhaust: WSM stainless system

  • Body work: WSM Kevlar tank and tail

  • Frame: WSM light weight chrome moly tubing chassis

  • Electrics/electronics: Moto Gadget speedo ( analog and digital). WSM harness with Moto Gadget electronic M-unit ( eliminates relays )

  • Guaranteed running and a free tune-up and care-for demo from Walt Siegl himself

There’s a great clip of the bike rumbling away here.

1995 Walt Siegl Ducati 900SS Tank Detail

I might take issue with the seller’s claim that Walt makes “technologically advanced” motorcycles. I think the phrase he’s looking for is “beautifully crafted.” Based around Ducati’s venerable two-valve engine, these are obviously not state-of-the-art. But that’s hardly the point.

1995 Walt Siegl Ducati 900SS L Side Front

Depending on the specification, these bikes can use some stock components, such as rearsets and the coffin-style reservoirs and switchgear you see here. I’d change those up as soon as I got the chance with some later-model units, and considering the craftsmanship on display, I’d prefer something other than the refinished, but otherwise stock three-spoke Ducati wheels. But those are elements easily fixed, with a huge variety of options available. Want something classic? Alpina makes some very nice spoked wheels that will accept modern, tubeless tires. Something a bit more bling? Go with a set of nice, gold Marchesinis. Or go super-lightweight with set of black, BST carbon items…

All-in-all, you’re looking at a very rare motorcycle, and so far there’s plenty of interest in the bike, although it hasn’t reached anywhere near the seller’s stated “retail value” or the reserve, with just a couple days left on the auction.


1995 Walt Siegl Ducati 900SS L Side

Ducati October 29, 2014 posted by

Pared Down to Perfection: 2003 Ducati 999VX by Venier Customs

2003 Vernier 999 VX R Side

I saw this particular bike on BikeEXIF a while back and thought it was stunning, so I was very excited to see it up for sale. If you’re not familiar, Venier’s 999VX was basically a stripped-down Ducati 999 that turned the Italian firm’s ugly duckling into a swan.

From its introduction, Pierre Terblanche’s follow up to the iconic 916 was controversial. The aggressive face was replaced by stacked projector-beam headlamps, the slick single-sided swingarm was replaced by a stiffer, lighter dual-sided unit. And the bodywork was very technical, almost futuristic, with aerodynamic winglets and vents. In spite of a forward-looking design that addressed its predecessor’s many and well-documented shortcomings, there was something strangely un-sexy about it. Like Hajime Sorayama’s “Gynoids”, [do not Google that if you’re at work] the shapes, while superfically sexy, are maybe too clinical, not organic enough…

Or maybe I’m just overthinking it, and the 999 was just plain weird-looking.

2003 Vernier 999 VX front

But that tank. That sexy, sexy tank. It’s a beautiful shape, easily my favorite part of Terblanche’s design, next to the trellis frame. And apparently, I’m not the only one to notice. I’ve seen a couple other custom 999/749’s that strip away the fairing to reveal that heavily-sculpted piece, and Venier’s VX takes the controversial 999 and pares it back to the basics: two wheels, a tank, and an engine.

2003 Vernier 999 VX Tank

From the original eBay listing: 2003 Ducati 999VX by Venier Customs

I have always admired the subtlety and thoughtfulness with which Stefano Venier approaches his custom builds. They are never flashy, almost always black, and have a purity of form to them that is often lost when builders try to hard to make a statement. He does not use over-the-top components to grab the eye, but instead focuses on making a design that feels unified and whole.

Over the last few years, he has become one of the most well known and respected custom bike builders in the industry. Very few builders have had more bikes featured on BikeExif and other popular sites.

With this 999, he has taken that concept and applied it to a 999 that was formerly the race machine of fashion photographer Riccardo Vimercati. The bike was upgraded in many ways (listed below) and also has a brand new motor with only a 10 or so test laps on it. As a race bike it saw action on some of Europe’s most famous circuits, but Vimercati decided he wanted to create a street bike. We think the result is stunning. The bike is located at my shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

It’s likely that almost any design to follow the iconic 916 would have failed, but the flack the 999 generated was pretty shocking, for a machine that was a definite step forward in terms of both performance and comfort. All I know is that I like the 999 as a motorcycle, but not as a Ducati. I really loved the concept bikes Terblanche did for Moto Guzzi, and I’m disappointed those ideas haven’t found an expression in their production motorcycles.

2003 Vernier 999 VX Detail

This particular custom addresses the problems most people have with the style of the bike: it’s simple and classic, and shows off the beautiful frame and sculpted tank, while retaining the high-spec suspension and engine, shaving weight off an already lightweight machine. This should be a pretty amazing bike to ride, assuming it’s been properly set up: removing the fairing can play a bit of havoc with weight distribution. Not that anyone’s likely to ride a gorgeous one-off like this very aggressively.

There are two days left on the auction, with bidding up over $11,000 and the Reserve Not Yet Met. No surprise, since the level of craftsmanship and taste on display here is pretty hard to beat at any price. One of the best, classiest customs I’ve ever seen.


2003 Vernier 999 VX L Side

Pared Down to Perfection: 2003 Ducati 999VX by Venier Customs