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Aprilia October 6, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing – Historic 1999 Aprilia RS250 Challenge Cup with just 664 miles!

Update 10.6.2022: This bike has SOLD! From the seller, “I have sold the bike. Allow me to express my appreciation to YOU and RSBFS for your wonderful service and building such a large network of like-minded viewers.” Contact us for your own Featured Listing! -dc

Today RSBFS reader John M. brings us a fantastic bit of racing history. The Aprilia RS250 Challenge offered a true one make race series celebrating what was essentially the last of the two strokes. And for the occasion, Aprilia ran off a batch of Cup bikes that were devoid of pesky D.O.T. goodies such as 17 digit VIN numbers, lighting, etc. These were bikes that were only intended for track duty. And this particular one raced… and won. The winning rider for the 1999 US championship series – on this very bike – was John Hopkins. If you are newer to racing, you might recognize John Hopkins’ association with the American Racing entry in the Moto2 world championship (supporting American riders such as Joe Roberts and Cameron Beaubier as a coach). If you have a bit more history with racing, you will know him as a WSBK Superbike competitor, a British Superbike participant, an AMA Superbike rider and a genuine MotoGP racer, having tasted both the 500cc two stroke era, as well as the transition to four strokes on both 990cc and 800cc machines. Today’s Featured Listing is the RS250 that John rode to the 1999 Aprilia Cup championship. This bike was also a winner with Aaron Clark at the help in the 2000 Daytona Race of Champions. And if that is not enough historical significance, the bike was built, fielded and maintained – and ultimately sold – by the legendary Team Hammer crew.

Historic 1999 Aprilia RS250 Challenge Cup Racer for sale with just 664 miles!

From the seller:
1999 Aprilia RS250 Challenge Cup Champion

Price: $12,500

This is a 15-digit VIN Aprilia Factory Race Bike. John Hopkins (Hopper) won the U.S. Aprilia Cup Series Championship on this bike while racing for John Ulrich’s Team Hammer/ Roadracing World in 1999. Aaron Clark (of “Clarkie Tuono” fame) rode this machine to win the title at the Daytona ROC in 2000. The bike only shows 1068 KM’s / 664 miles.

I Purchase the bike from Team Hammer in 2002. It has been preserved in its original, glorious race-bike condition from when I received it 20 years ago. Although I start it and move it around a few times each year, It has not had any additional miles put on it since I acquired it (sans a stealthy ride around my old subdivision). It’s been properly stored inside my climate controlled shop. It’s a bit of a time capsule and I love it for that. I hope you will too.

More from the seller:
Being a factory, built-for-racing machine, it is not currently street legal. Original certificate of origin through Aprilia and Pro Italia Motors (Glendale, Ca) plus a bill of sale will be included in the transfer.

The sale includes all the spares and manuals that I received when I purchased it, please see the photos regarding those items. Original rear-stand included as well.

The bike is in very good condition. Essential, non-dispensable components like the frame and suspension parts are in great shape. There are minor scuffs on the right side bodywork and a very small spot on the lower of the two Arrow mufflers. In my opinion, they are just enough to give it some character without feeling the need to further repair. The bike is incredibly good looking.

I Could write a long dissertation about the history and features of the Aprilia RS250 Challenge Cup but I feel it’s safe to assume that if you are here, you already know!

More from the seller:
A bit about Hopkins himself:
During and after the ‘99 Aprilia Cup Championship he went on to compete in AMA 600 Supersport, AMA 750 Supersport (Champion), Formula USA Superbike, Formula Xtreme (Champion) and then of course, MotoGP, Including finishing fourth in points in 2007 with only Casey Stoner, Dani Pedrosa and Valentino Rossi ahead of him. Then World Superbike and British Superbike (where he racked up 5 wins). He was featured in the 2003 documentary film “FASTER” and later “The Doctor, the Tornado and the Kentucky Kid” in 2006.

It’s not every day that these bikes become available and for this one, it’s the first time in 20 years.
Here’s your chance to own a little slice of road racing history.

Go for it.

Price: $12,500

This amazing piece of racing history and heritage is currently for sale. While we do see Challenge Cup bikes come up for sale occasionally (many being converted and masquerading as street machines), none have had the star power or provenance of this one. And who would imagine you could purchase a Team Hammer race bike through a Roadracing World magazine advert back in the day?! The best part is this isn’t some trashed or used up bike – when John M. peeled away some of the black vinyl covering up distracting elements of the dash (such as the speedo), the odometer only shows 664 total miles! This is truly an amazing find, presented in “as it was raced” condition. Thank you John for supporting RSBFS with such an interesting chapter of motorcycling history!


Featured Listing – Historic 1999 Aprilia RS250 Challenge Cup with just 664 miles!
Aprilia March 18, 2014 posted by

1999 Aprilia RS250 Challenge with only 267 Miles!

3.19.2014: INCREDIBLE! This is the fastest sale on our site that I’m aware of: 23 hours after posting a deposit has been accepted and sale agreed on. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Aprilia RS250 Challenge for sale

Our next March Madness special Featured Listings is this great looking Aprilia RS250 Cup bike. These were used as a one make support series and thus sold as racebikes without lights, signals, etc… As most were used for that very purpose, there are few that remain like this one! These are based on the MKII RS250 which sports Suzuki’s VJ23 VJ22 power plant with massaging from Aprilia. The fairings are fiberglass and very lightweight.


We’d like to thank Tom for helping to support the site with a Featured Listing.


from the seller:

Up for your consideration: 1999 RS250 Cup. Only 267 miles from new. I bought this bike a few months ago with full intention to track it. I changed directions to another bike/class so I am offering the 250 for sale. Since I intended to track it I bought new aftermarket race bodywork and windshield which was installed/fitted and professionally painted. The original bodywork and windshield are in excellent condition and included. The bike was race prepped at SBK Corse in Laguna Hills, CA. This included brake and coolant flush, tuning, etc. The original tires (14 years old) were on the bike which I had replaced with new Dunlop slicks.

This is like buying a brand new factory fresh RS. Price is $8500 which I am offering here before going to Ebay auction. Race or display …

1999 Aprilia RS250 Challenge with only 267 Miles!
Aprilia March 3, 2014 posted by

2000 Aprilia RS250 Challenge Cup for sale in Georgia

Update 3.3.2014: This auction was ended early last month due to an error in the listing but it’s back on eBay. Links updated. -dc

2000 Aprilia RS250 Challenge Cup for sale

If one of your New Years resolutions is to finally get to the track to hone your skills, this Challenge Cup might fit the bill. These were sold by Aprilia in the states for their one make support series that followed the AMA racing calendar. They were not street legal but this one has been modified with a custom headlight and taillights. The seller includes a very detailed description of what to expect with the purchase in terms of what’s included and what it’s like to ride.


2000 Aprilia RS250 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

This is an Aprilia 2 stroke Cup Bike imported into the US for their racing series. I have owned this bike since new and have ridden it on the street (unregistered) and on intermediate level track days.
It is in very good condition and is beautiful, extremely light (309 lbs), flickable, with immediate snap in the powerband and a satisfying scream from its factory Kevlar mufflers. I find it surprisingly comfortable (I’m 5’10” and 160lbs). Ride it well and it will reward you with instant response and extremely exciting performance. It will make you a better rider as you maximize corner speed and learn to trust its ability to carve. Built in factory lap timer.
This is a future classic machine that is nearly impossible to find in this condition anywhere. If you’ve ever tried to find one, you know what I mean. I am reluctantly selling since I seldom ride it anymore.

[read more at the auction]

2000 Aprilia RS250 Challenge Cup for sale in Georgia
Aprilia June 20, 2012 posted by

It’s Moving Soon, Reserve Met: 2004 Aprilia RS250 Challenge Cup

It’s Moving Soon, Reserve Met:  2004 Aprilia RS250 Challenge Cup


Well here is your chance if you missed out on a RS250 Challenge Cup bike back in 04.  It isn’t brand spankin new but it is damn close.  Maybe best of all, the auction is for real now with the reserve already being met.  Plan your bidding strategy now.

Before you ask:

This motorcycle “IS NOT STREET LEGAL”. There is “NO TITLE”. It is being sold the same way I purchased it, with a “BILL OF SALE”.


Yep, it hasn’t been used much and here is the story:

Offered for sale is my 2004 Aprilia RS 250 Challenge Cup bike. This is one of my little jewels in my collection that I said I would never sell. The economy here in LasVegas is horrible and I need to generate some cash so I am forced to let it go to a new home. This bike was originally purchased new, by a friend of mine in 2004 from a Ducati/Aprilia/Motoguzzi dealer that I managed here in LasVegas. According to Aprilia, this was the very last RS 250 shipped out of the North American warehouse. The dealership received the bike on 11-13-03. The original owner did one track day with it and decided the power band, being use to the Ducati, wasn’t to his liking. I was thrilled to be able to purchase it from him, as I have always wanted one. In the last eight years, it has had a total of four mild track days on it. The odometer reads 408km or 254mi. Since I have owned this bike, it has either sat in my Ducati specialties shop on stands or displayed on stands in my home as pictured in this ad.  The stands are not included with the bike. The bike is in as new condition, never been damaged in any way. It looks like it did the day it rolled out of the crate.  I know this because I am the one that uncrated it and prepped it. This bike has never even gotten dirty, never been washed, the chain has never been adjusted. The slicks on it are just old and hard. They will need to be replaced before it sees another track day.  Also, the rear display stand is not kind to the rear tire due to the tight fit. The bike comes with the original owners manual, both original keys, and all the extra parts that came with it which are pictured. Including 41 and 43 tooth rear sprockets and the 13 and 15 tooth fronts, extra front fork springs and adjusting tool. These are all new and never been used. I just put a brand new Shorai Lithium race battery in it today.



More Proof



This photo got me thinking.  Kick starting; gone.  Carbs; gone.  Two strokes; gone.  This thing is already a museum piece.  If you are new to the two stroke 250 scene, that is a RGV250 engine tucked in there.



Yikes, who stuck that there?



If you are still on the fence about bidding, the bike is located in Las Vegas.  Work it the right way and you could come away with a hell of a weekend and a shiny RS250.  Work it the wrong way and we see you on Pawn Stars pawing a shiny RS250 to pay off your casino debt.


The auction is here.